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					   Professional Inline Hockey
                               By Laws
          “Look Professional – Act Professional – Be Professional”

                            Table of Contents
Section          Materials____________________________________________

  1              By Laws
                 a. Tryout Camps and League Play
                 b. Roster Policies
                 c. League Meetings
                 d. Players Membership/Insurance
                 e. Fines
                 f. Equipment Rules and Travel
                 g. Dress Code for Players & Non-playing Personnel
                 h. Referee Qualifications and Payment
                 i. Appeals Process and Committee
                 j. Game Operations
                 k. Team Names, Logos, Colors/Designs and Merchandise
                 l. Medical Equipment and Staff
                 m. Playoff Format
                 n. Prospects Draft, Showcase and Combine
                 o. PIHA International
                 p. Fan Entry Fees

      2           Costs, Income and Payment Schedules
                 a. League Costs
                 b. Payment Schedule
                 c. Organizations Cost and Income
Section 1a:

Tryout Camps and League Play:

Teams may begin camps anytime after the league has received their signed owner’s
agreement, organization application sheet, team entry fees have been met and the
approved agreement has been returned to the owner.

The following time line is for the 2009 season:

Division                    Dates             Type of Play                Location

Pro/Minor/Women/Master      1 Nov 08         Regular Season               Various
                            5 Apr 09

Pro                         11/12 Apr 09     Division Semi-finals         Highest Rank
                                             (Best of 3)

Pro                         18/1 Apr 09      Division Finals              Highest Rank
                                             (Best of 3)

Minor/Master/Women          11 Apr 09        Division Playoffs            Highest Rank
                            Thru             (Best of 3)
                            17 May 09

Pro                        9/10 May 09       Conference Finals            Highest Rank
                                             (Best of 5)

Pro/Minor                29/30/31 May 09   League Championships           St. Louis, Mo.
                                             Draft Showcase
                                             (Pro Best of 7)
                                           (Minor Semi Best of 3)
                                           (Minor Finals Best of 5)

All Pro teams will play a (32) thirty-two game regular season with (16) home games and
(16) away games. Each Pro game will be two (12) twelve minute stop time periods. All
Minor league teams will play a (32) thirty-two game regular season with (16) home
games and (16) away games. All women and master teams will play a (16) game regular
season with (8) home games and (8) away games. Each Minor, women and master game
will be two (10) ten minute stop time periods. No team may play more than (4) games in
any one day.

Roster Policies:

Each organization may select (17) seventeen players in for each team from their
tryout/training camps for their one Pro, two Minor, one Women and one Master teams.
Of the Pro players selected, each team must select (6) six players and (1) one goalie as
their franchise players. These players must be approved by your Division Coordinator
prior to the teams first regular season game and may not play in the minors. The league
may change teams franchise players if in the best interest of the league. All other
Pro/Minor players/goalies will be known as two-way players that may play either Pro
and/or Minors on any given night. The only exceptions are those players (16&17) years
of age, they may play Minors only. Only (2) two players and (1) one goalie per series
may play both Pro and Minor games. Women and Masters may also play in the Pro or
Minor divisions if eligible. Seventeen players/goalies may be on a roster each game. All
rosters must be to the Division Coordinator by your team’s first game. On Sunday 11 Jan
2009 all Pro teams may make two roster changes and all minor league teams may make
one roster change. If organizations have two minor league teams, they may not use
players between the two and when a Pro player moves down they must only play for that
minor league team or the Pro team for the rest of the season. Playoff rosters for all teams
will be to the Division Coordinators by Monday, 6 Apr 2009 or the league office will set
your roster for you. All Pro players on a playoff roster must have played in (20) twenty
or more regular season PIHA Pro games, and Minor players (20) twenty or more regular
season PIHA minor games. Women and Master division players must have played in (6)
six or more regular season games to qualify for the playoffs. All Pro players must be 18
years of age or older and all minor league players must be 16 years of age or older.
Women (14) or older may play in the Women division and men (30) or older may play in
the Master division. All Pro teams at the beginning of the series must have a minimum
of (8) eight players and (1) one goalie or will be fined. An injured reserve (IR) list will
be available by the league on a case-by-case basis. No player may have more than (8)
eight games on the IR list and no team may have more than (1) one player on the IR at
any time.


League Meetings:

  All organization must have a representative at the divisional scheduling meetings.
Organizations will attend this meeting prepared to schedule all home and away regular
season games. On Sunday 9 Nov 2008 and Sunday 5 Apr 2009, a conference call for all
owners with league management will take place at 7:30pm EST. Also on the following
dates a conference call for all Division Coordinators and league management will take
place at 7:30pm EST:

Dec 21, 2008 - Jan 18, 2009        -   Feb 15, 2009    -   Mar 15, 2009

Players Membership/Insurance:

All Pro, Minor, Women and Master players must become PIHA/USA Hockey Inline
members at the cost of $30.00 per player. No player will be allowed to participate in a
PIHA game until he/she has become a PIHA/USA Hockey Inline member. Members can
register online at Any player caught playing in a game
without being a PIHA/USA Hockey Inline member which includes insurance coverage
will be asked to leave playing surface and the team owner will be fined.



All fines that are imposed on PIHA teams must be paid by the end of the regular season
or all teams in organization will be ineligible for awards and the playoffs. PIHA has the
authority to levy fines where it deems necessary. Warnings will be handed out where
applicable, but more serious infractions will automatically receive fines. Statements,
video, eyewitnesses, etc. may be used in the fine structure process. The following are
reasons a team owner could be fined with amounts:

$500.00 – Forfeiting a league game at any level
$250.00 - Players and/or team members abusing referees or league officials
$250.00 - Not supporting the league and its events, rules and regulations
$50.00 – Pro teams not having eight players and one goalie to start a series on time
$50.00 – Players not wearing and/or using approved equipment
$50.00 – Not having a coach dressed appropriately behind the bench for all games
$50.00 – Not updating game stats within (24) twenty-four hours of game completion
$50.00 – Not having medical staff/kit at home games
$50.00 – Having players without PIHA/USA Hockey Inline membership completed
$50.00 – Organizations not providing the league office with provided financial
summary’s on dates indicated in paragraph 2d.

If a game is canceled for any reason, the league office will reschedule that game. If a
team does not show for the rescheduled game the owner will be fined and all players and
coaches of said team will be ineligible for awards and the playoffs.

Equipment and Travel Rules:

All equipment that is visible to the fan must be PIHA sanctioned. All Pro players must
wear the same colored authorized jerseys and pants. If these rules are not followed
players must leave the floor, their team could receive a penalty, and the team owner will
be fined. Organizations may use whichever equipment manufacturer they desire as long
as equipment is approved by the league office and the PIHA logo is predominantly
displayed. Each PIHA team is responsible for their own travel arrangements, except for
the Pro level Conference Semi-finals, Finals and the League Finals. At the Conference
playoffs, if a team is within 400 miles of the Conference playoffs location, said team will
receive ($ TBD) per mile plus $50.00 per player and (1) one coach for lodging per diem.
Per diem will only be paid when a complete team arrives at said location. If said team is
over 400 miles from location air transportation will be provided. At the League Finals if
a team is within 400 miles of the Finals location, ground transportation and lodging will
be provided. If said team is over 400 miles from the Finals location air transportation and
lodging will be provided. If a team is within 50 miles of the Conference and/or League
Finals location, no transportation or lodging will be provided.


Dress Code for Players & Non-playing Personnel:

All players should wear a minimum; nice pants with button up shirt tucked in with tie, to
all home games and clean, neat outfit to all away games. Coaches on the bench may not
wear jeans or hats and must wear a minimum button up shirt tucked in with tie. Other
personnel on the bench should wear shirts that are league or team apparel. Any personnel
not obeying these rules may be asked to leave the bench and fines could be assessed. All
individuals under the age of 18 on the bench must wear a helmet with facemask.


Referee Qualifications and Payment:

All league referees will be qualified and sanctioned by USA Hockey Inline and the
PIHA. Referees will be paid by the home team in accordance with the approved 2009
pay schedule. Payment of referees will occur immediately following the games for that
series. PIHA will use a two-referee system for the 2009 season.

Appeals Process and Committee:

Any individual that has received a suspension of (4) four games or more, may appeal the
length of their suspension through the Appeals Committee.

Game Operations:

Off floor officials shall be supplied by the home team. Game stats must be updated on
the web site during or immediately following the game. Failure to do so will lead to team
fines. All home teams are required to adhere to the PIHA music policy. Proper dressing
areas and security for visiting players and referees coming to and from the locker room is
required. The public announcement system and scoreboard must be in working order
prior to the start of the game. All teams must have a non-playing coach on the bench for
all games. All teams must videotape all Pro games and should have a staff
photographer/writer at all home games. The IDS pro shot puck, (black or red only unless
approved by the league office), will be the PIHA sanctioned puck for the 2009 season.
All home teams must have no less than (20) sanctioned pucks for visiting team’s warm-
ups and enough of a supply of sanctioned pucks and water bottles for the games. The
following are game time rules for the upcoming season:
All games are double headers

Pro games will be (2) 12 minute stop time periods. Two games should take appox. 2
hours of floor time.

5 to 7 minute warm-up / 5 minute break / introductions
12 minute 1st period / 2 minute halftime / 12 minute 2nd period
Appox. 10 minute break – than game #2

Minor games will be (2) 10 minute stop time periods. Two games should take appox. 1
hour of floor time.

3 minute warm-up / 10 minute 1st period / 1 minute halftime / 10 minute 2nd period
Appox. 2 minute break – than game #2


Team Names, Logos, Colors and Merchandise:

Each team shall be required to submit its proposed team name, nickname if any, team
colors, logos and insignias to the league office. In the event of any conflict among teams,
the league office shall determine who shall be entitled to the use of the name, nickname,
colors, logo or insignia in conflict. No team shall change its name, nickname, colors,
logo or insignia without first obtaining the approval of the league office.
The PIHA shall retain all rights, title and interest to team’s trademarks, insignia’s, logos
and uniform colors/designs. No team may use their official PIHA uniforms; jerseys and
pants, in any game except PIHA sanctioned events unless obtaining approval from the
league office first. All merchandise for promotion must have the official PIHA logo
displayed and must be approved by the league office prior to the promotion. All PIHA
league apparel will be available through the league supplier at wholesale prices.


Medical Equipment and Staff:

At each home game a medical kit with the minimum of, regular and butterfly band-aids,
gauze, wraps, scissors, ice packs, wipes and arm and leg splits must be available, along
with a non-playing member of the home organization that at a minimum has first aid
training. Fines will be assessed if the preceding is not available.


Playoff Format:

The tiebreaker system for entry into the playoffs is as follows:

Total Points - Head to Head - Most Wins - Goals Against - Goals For
Least Penalty Minutes - Coin Flip

Divisional playoffs will be a best of three series with the highest seeded team(s) having
home floor advantage. If a division has four (4) teams, (3) three teams make the playoffs.
If a division has (5) five to (9) nine teams, (4) teams make the playoffs. Conference
playoffs will be divided into the Eastern and Western Finals. The division winners will
compete in the Conference Playoffs. Conference Semi-finals will be a best of three
series. The Conference Finals will be a best of five series. League Finals will be a best
of seven series.

(Sponsor) Prospects Draft Series:

2009 Draft - The 2009 draft will be for players born in 1994 only. Interested players
may sign up online anytime during the 2008/09 season. The draft will take place
following the Prospects Draft Series at the PIHA Finals in 2009. The first round will take
place live at the Finals. Only players that are present will be selected in the first round.
Additional rounds of the selection process can be followed in it’s entirety on the PIHA
website, The Prospect Draft Series will be a number of games for
teams with players that were born in 1994 & 1995 only. This series will showcase the
talents of these players for scouts from PIHA teams and Colleges throughout the country.


PIHA International:

What is PIHA International? It’s inline hockey at a higher level for our players, our fans
and our sport. Teams of players made up of mostly elite PIHA Pro players from
throughout the league plus a select hand full of other international world class players
will participate. Game format will be similar to PIHA Pro games except for limited
checking will be allowed by the boards. Games will be broadcast world wide via the
internet and throughout North America on national television.

With major sponsorships from outside the hockey community new and old fans will be
able to enjoy our sport performed by top players from throughout the world, outdoors,
thru multiple mass media outlets. PIHA International - Good for our fans, good for our
players, but more importantly it will be good for our sport!


Fan Entry Fees:

A league wide policy of all children 8 years of age and younger will be admitted to PIHA
games at no cost. The price of all other admission fees will be left up to the home team.


League Costs:

League costs per organization for the 2009 season will be $4,500.00 for (1) one Pro, (2)
two Minor, (1) one Women and (1) Master teams. $500.00 per team league cost will be
charged for each additional Women and/or Master teams.

Payment Schedule:

Initial $500.00 money order or cashier check is due at the scheduling meeting or before.
Three other checks must accompany the initial payment for the following amounts and
dates. The first will be dated 1 Oct 2008 and be in the amount of $1,500.00. The second
will be dated 1 Nov 2008 and be in the amount of $1,500.00. The third check will be
dated 1 Dec 2008 in the remaining amount of league fees due. Additionally, a personal
refundable Performance Deposit in the amount of $1,000.00, which will be held until the
end of the season unless your organization does not follow all rules/regulations and/or
by-laws. This check must be a personal or business check from ownership and not a
team check. Also if any dated check does not clear on said dates, a $100.00 fee will be
charged by the league, all following payments must be by certified check or money order
and all team players/coaches will be ineligible for awards and playoffs until payments are
made in full. This payment schedule may be altered by the PIHA in the best interest of
the league.


Appox. Organization Costs and Income:

Total Costs = $18,000.00

League Fees = $4,500.00
Referee Fees = $2,500.00
Floor time = $7,000.00
Game Day Expenses = $2,400.00
Travel Expenses = $1,600.00

Total Income = $19,775.00

Tryouts = 85 players @ $50.00 = $4,250.00 (-$15.00 per player expenses) = $2,975.00
(14) Pro players @ $300.00 = $4,200.00
(28) Minor players @ $300.00 = $8,400.00
(14) Women players @ $150.00 = $2,100.00
(14) Master players @ $150.00 = $2,100.00
Other Income from League/Team Sponsorships, Advertisements, Ironman Tournaments
and Game Day Receipts