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									                              Future of computer-character
                                         Shi-zhao Zhang
                           Meteorological Bureau of Shaanxi Province
                                   Xi'an Postalcode:710015
       The character was written on paper with pen, in printing age, a great lot of character was
printed on paper with the type. This however improves the function of the character in storing
and spreading abroad, but it lose the function in signature and calligraphy that represent
individuality. The mainstream character in information age become invisible state of
electromagnetism now, we must use monitor to read it. Computer character is republication of
printing character, in other words, it is the method of "storage and code", different type
correspond to different code. But the shortcoming of printing character remain as before,
future more, reading printing character do not need type, but reading computer character must
use whole types(storage). If there was only a spell character (example English), it is never
mind. But in Chinese, types are various, the problem will appear first, and in internet age, the
problem is more and more serious. The requirement of using characters of different countries
at same page makes it necessary of using Unicode. Currently the improvement of hardware
can easily afford the increasing code length and storage. The problem is that: there are too
many character various and they are continually developing, but to collect all of them for ever.
Due to the Code Table can't arranged beforehand, and to make sure that character data is not
invalidation, the codes that were collected before must be unchangeable, so, in the beginning
it is in confusion case. On the other hand, with the increasing of the number of type in storage,
it is more difficult to choose the needed character. Even one-fold Chinese, totally depend on
especial input method, although the input methods is various, there are still some seldom type
can't be inputted. The Number of Chinese type about 100000, currently storage has reached to
the 80000 types£¬but the shortage of some type is still a question. We find that the huge
Unicode is not a efficiently method£¬so the methods£¬IDS,CDL are brought forward£¬the
method construct new character with old character, in principle, it need nothing but only a few
etymon, or merely strokes. But the method needs additional structural character and data in
appointment position of components. For length of character string for new character is too
long, it can not be used as code of character.
       The system of Chinese without storage that I developed at 1984 only need 240 etymons
without additional character (only few Chinese character needs structural character), the
etymon string itself is the code of the Chinese character. In 2003, the demo software on PC
Chinese character had been developed; it only used 50 genus strokes. I think that the way of
the solution in computer-Chinese area is building up characters with strokes, and then all
character of whole world may be built up with a few element strokes. The first test, 7 element
strokes had been used to buildup all ASCII character and many map chart. In fact the 7
element strokes is the 7 subroutine. Character is not a picture, it is made up with single lines
(strokes). With the foundation of study about all strokes character of countries and the
advanced software and hardware, it will come to truth that we can write all character type
with keyboard but not electronic pen. It is the future of computer-character.
Keywords: Unicode, inside code, storage of character type, computer character
Brief of author: Shi-zhao Zhang, male, born in 04-22-1937, retired high-grade engineer,
       develop system of Chinese without type storage in 1984, research about that it is
       correct method to solve problem of computer Chinese. Web build in 2001, detail refer
       to http://www.chancezoo.net, http://www.chancezoo.org
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