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					  Surprise your love with an
unusual present on Valentine's
    Valentine's Day is coming up and you are looking to get her a perfect
gift for this one special night romance. It is important to find the right
present that fits her style and ideas. Depending on where you guys are in
the relationship, there are different type of gifts to consider.
    For example, you can make by hand a floral decor painting made from
only real flowers and leaves. You will love how simple is the project and
sweet the result.
    But here, we will present how to create a very easy to make a nice
floral composition from tulips.

                                We will need:
                                   Cylindrical Vase
                                  Leaves bergrassa,
                              Decorative glass pebbles
                                     Flower glue.
                             How to do:

1. Cut tulips, so they were all different lengths. It is better to cut them
   obliquely, so that they could receive as much moisture. In short cut
   off tulips removed all the foliage, a few long stems can be left behind.

2. Spread in the vase pebbles. Put the tulips in a vase, starting with the
   shortest, the longest inserted last. Pour water into the vase.

3. Cover the bottom of the vase with leaves up to the water level. If
   necessary, you can apply a vase floral adhesive for better fixation.
4. The resulting composition looks very original through a combination
   of smooth curves of stems of tulips and the cylindrical vase.

You can also make by hand a floral decor painting made from only real
                        flowers and leaves.

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