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					The Mountain

A place of pleasure and freedom, Le Massif offers 410 acres of skiable terrain and a 770 meter
vertical drop, the largest difference in altitude east of the Canadian Rockies. Locals and visitors
alike ski in Charlevoix to enjoy the visual beauty of the region and the neighbouring islands.
Flying down the slopes, you have the impression of sliding right into the St. Lawrence, there
where the water turns salty, at the gateway to the ocean.
Forty-eight dazzling ski trails share the snowy expanse, while glades of varying levels of difficulty
ramp up the challenge. There are runs for absolutely everyone, from beginner to expert. In fact,
an Olympic-sized training trail allows athletes to surpass themselves day after day in preparation
for the international competitions that are held there.

Beyond its exceptional ski area, this impressive mountain offers lodging, restaurants with a
distinctive, healthy menu (no fried foods!), and an après-ski that is worth the trip, places of
learning and entertainment and much, much more. La Base, at the foot of the mountain, and Le
Sommet at its summit, will provide a departure from the ordinary by their typical environment and
multitude of original activities, along with the memorable experiences and atmosphere that will be
created there.

Facts about the existing skiable terrain
        Natural annual snowfall of more than 600 cm
        Terrain Park and beginners’ slope
        Permanent exhibit of works by local painters
        Three panoramic chalets and a mid-mountain terrace
        Free guided tours of the mountain
        Exclusive Rossignol boutique and equipment rental
        Snow school
        National alpine skiing training centre where speed events (downhill and giant slalom) are
        held on slopes that total 2 200 metres in length and where the steepest incline is 64%

Facts about the planned development
        30% extension of the skiable terrain
        Development of Mount à Liguori, another skiable area of the mountain, and guided off-
        piste skiing
        New slopes, new lifts
        Food service halfway up the mountain
        10-km long family luge trail (becomes a bike trail in summer)
La Base (the Base of the Mountain)

Located at the west end of the charming village of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François alongside the St.
Lawrence, La Base offers numerous services and activities. This breathtaking spot meets every
expectation by offering lodging for every taste, with unique signature housing, creating
memorable experiences in the great outdoors and absolute well-being. In addition, its layout and
programming invite visitors to discover the beauty of the riverside and learn about its natural
La Base is also a place to pass through and stop over in, conducive to an appreciation of the river
and mountainside. It is where the train station, funicular and four-season ski lifts are located. A
place of affluence and splendour, La Base promises healthy liveliness or a well-deserved rest,
depending on what you are looking for.

        Chalet with panoramic view
        Very unique lodging (bridge houses, tree houses, tide houses, sleeping cars)

        Grande-Pointe train station (railway platform and ticket counter)
        Ticket counter (concierge service)

Other places to discover
        Cafés and bars
        Indoor pool
        Public terraces
        Luge platform

        Scandinavian baths, heritage discovery, cruises among the islands, sea kayaking, shows,
        skating, biking, ice interpretation, Via Ferrata-style aerial adventure, insect-discovery
        trail, horseback riding and more.
Le Sommet (the Summit of the Mountain)

Perched on the mountaintop, Le Sommet promises a memorable experience celebrating
Quebec’s northern climate. Inspired by the villages in the Great North, its public micro-
environments provide unique and simple lodging structures as well as facilities made from living
material gathered in the forest.
At a very high altitude, battered by the strong wind, Le Sommet invites you to embark on an
adventure that is both sensory and scientific. Besides being able to stay overnight, eat and enjoy
sports and outdoor sports activities, visitors can also gain technological and environmental know-
how thanks to a unique concept of experimentation areas where certain mysteries surrounding
singular natural phenomena are unveiled. The climate, isolation and Nordic atmosphere provides
a completely unique experience.

        Fifty chalet units
        Signature houses (wind houses)

        Snow school
        Ticket counter (concierge service)

Other places to discover
        “Le Sommet” promenade
        Cafés and bars
        10-kilometre family luge trail (becomes a bike trail in summer)
        Network of hiking trails leading toward Baie-Saint-Paul
        Mountain refuges

        Luge, snowsports (downhill skiing, guided off-piste skiing, cross-country skiing, telemark
        skiing, snowboarding), mountain biking, scientific tourism, mountain climbing, hiking,
        unique centre for the interpretation of natural phenomena.

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