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					          On behalf of the International Skating Union and the Bulgarian Skating Federation,
              the Organizing Committee has the honor and pleasure to invite you to the

                      World Short Track Speed Skating Championships® 2010
                                  Sofia, March 19th – 21st, 2010

                         to be held at the Winter Sports Hall – Sofia, Bulgaria.


The ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2010 will be held over distances of 500,
1000, 1500 and 3000 meters individual for Ladies and Men and relay races over 3000 meters for Ladies
and 5000 meters for Men. The program will be according to Rule 281, paragraph 1 g) of the 2008 ISU

(The below program is subject to change depending on the final entry of skaters and the actual agreement
with the host broadcaster.)

Thursday, March 18th, 2010
09:00   Official Training
19:00   Welcome Meeting
Friday, March 19th, 2010
12:30    Opening Ceremony
13:00    1500 meters Ladies/Men
         Relay Ladies 3000m, Semi-Finals

Saturday, March 20th, 2010
12:30    500 meters Ladies/Men
         Relay Men 5000m, Semi-Finals

Sunday, March 21st, 2010
11:00   1000 meters Ladies/Men
        3000m Super Final Ladies/Men
        Relay 3000 meters Ladies Final
        Relay 5000 meters Men Final
        Awards Ceremony
20:00    Closing Banquet


The Winter Sports Hall features an artificially refrigerated indoor ice surface of 60 x 30 meters.
Protective Padding will cover the boards in accordance with Rule 280, paragraph 5 and ISU
Communication No. 1512. The standard track will be laid out at 111.12 meters to the lap.


Preliminary Entries with provisional names and requirements of accommodation and training must reach
the Organizing Committee office by February 19th, 2010.
Final Entries must reach the Organizing Committee by letter, fax or electronic mail not later than March
14th, 2010 (see Rule 295, paragraph 4).
Entries must be accompanied by the official “ISU Declaration Form” as per Rule 131. Entries by fax or
e-mail must be confirmed by a letter sent out simultaneously to the Organizers (Rule 115, paragraph 5).
The completed Declaration Form must be signed by the competitors and also by all officials (including
team officials) appointed by the Member serving at an ISU Event (Assistant Referees, Assistant
Competitors Steward, Team Leaders, Coaches, Team Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Team Officials
who are requesting accreditation for the Event).
In case of competitors who are not full of age (under 18), such Declaration must be co-signed by at least
one of the parents or other guardian at law.
Each Entry Form and Declaration Form must be signed by an authorized ISU Member Representative such
as President, General Secretary, Executive Director, CEO (Rule 104, paragraph 4). For more details please
refer to Rules 115, 131, 295 and ISU Communication No. 1523 or any update of these Communications.
Competitors must be present in Sofia at the latest at 18:00 h on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 or the
Organizing Committee must received documented proof that the competitors are in transit and will arrive
in due time for the Championships.
Competitors who do not comply with these requirements will be excluded.
Individual entries:
a) Each Member has the right to enter at least two competitors in each category;
b) Each Member may enter the names of substitutes corresponding with the number of ordinary entries.
In accordance with Rule 281, paragraph 2 a) and ISU Communication No. 1565, the following list of ISU
Members may enter more than 2 competitors:

Ladies                                                 Men
Canada                     3 competitors               Canada                      3 competitors
China                      3 competitors               Japan                       3 competitors
Republic of Korea          3 competitors               Republic of Korea           3 competitors
USA                        3 competitors               USA                         3 competitors

Relay entries:
The entry quota for the Relay competitions at the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships
2010 will be determined by the World Cup classification in accordance with Rule 281, paragraph 2. Special
attention must be paid to Rule 286, paragraph 4, in regard to the requirement that relay participation is
known before the start of the last World Cup Competition of the season.

The drawing and seeding procedures will be carried out in accordance with Rule 281 and Rule 296.


Final points will be awarded in the final races only. No points will be awarded to skaters or teams if
disqualified or unable to finish the race. The points 34, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1 are awarded in descending order
commencing with first place (according to rule 295 paragraphs 5, 6, 7 and 8).


Anti-Doping tests will be carried out in accordance with the valid ISU Anti-Doping Code (ISU
Communications Nos. 1520, 1546 and 1547, or any further update of these Communications).


                                     Kempinski – Hotel Zografski
                                   Address: 100, James Bourchier Blvd.
                                          1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
                                        Phone: +359 2 969 2222
                                         Fax: +359 2 969 2223


The Organizing Committee will provide meals and lodging (starting with lunch on Thursday, March 18th
until lunch on Monday, March 22nd) for all entered skaters and one team leader from each participating
Member. All teams arriving before Thursday, March 18th or leaving after Monday, March 22nd must pay
for the extra cost directly to the O.C. upon arrival. Method of Payment: Cash in EUR or Credit card –
Maestro, Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron, and Diners Club International.

Hotel prices:
€105 - Double Occupancy room (incl. three meals),
€135 - Single Occupancy room (incl. three meals),
The listed rates are per person, per night and including taxes.
1 meal /lunch/ will be provided at the ice rink on competition days (Friday-Sunday).
Accommodation requests must be made directly to the Organizing Committee according to the attached
form not later than February 19th, 2010.

Please note that all arrangements for accommodation must be made through the Organizing Committee.

The winners of the Championships (according to Rule 133 paragraph h and j) will bear the following titles:
“World Short Track Speed Skating Champion or Lady World Short Track Speed Skating Champion for
2010”; World Short Track Speed Skating Champion or Lady World Short Track Speed Skating Champion
500/1000/1500 meters for 2010 and will receive the ISU gold medal. The second and third placed skater
will receive the ISU silver and bronze medals respectively.
The winning Team of the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2010 for the relay event
will bear the title “World Short Track Speed Skating Relay Champions or Ladies World Short Track Speed
Skating Relay Champions for 2010” and will receive the ISU gold medal. The second and third placed
relay teams will receive the ISU silver and bronze medals respectively.


In accordance with ISU Rule 119 paragraph 2, the International Skating Union, the Bulgarian Skating
Federation and the Organizing Committee assume no responsibility or liability for bodily or personal
injury or property loss or damage incurred in connection with the competition. Each Member is solely
responsible for providing insurance coverage with respect thereto.


It is the sole responsibility of each Member participating in an ISU event as defined in Rule 107, to provide
medical insurance for their athletes. Proof of such can be requested by the Organizing Committee.

Should you need assistance to obtain a Bulgarian entry visa or require a specific letter of invitation, please
contact the Organizing Committee.


All practice sessions will take place at the competition venue. The Official Practice Session will be held on
Thursday, March 18th, 2010. The Official Training will be scheduled by the Organizing Committee after
receiving the final entries. Additional practice sessions starting Monday, March 15th, 2010 may be booked
through the Organizing Committee. Each training session (50 minutes) will be charged €115. Payment for
practice ice time must be paid in EUR to the Organizing Committee upon arrival. For practice ice prior to
Thursday, March 18th 2010 please contact the Organizing Committee as early as possible as requests will
be taken in the order in which they are received. Please notify the Organizing Committee of your request
for ice training session using your Preliminary Entry Forms.
Medical coverage will be provided for official and unofficial practice sessions in accordance with Rule 140.


The Organizing Committee will provide transportation from and to Sofia International Airport. Shuttle
service will also be provided between the hotel and the Winter Sports Hall during the official competition
period at no expense to the participants. The date, airline, flight number, expected time of arrival and the
date and time of departure should be communicated to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but
not later than February 19th, 2010.
Transportation for additional practice sessions could be arranged on request by the Organizing


The Organizing Committee will post a special form in regard to the media accreditation procedure on the
website of the competition at
All correspondence and Entries must be addressed to:
Address:             75 Vassil Levski Blvd., floor 7, room 716
                     1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone:               +359 2 93 00 577,
Phone/Fax:           +359 2 980 94 58
Website:             http//
Additional information will be available on the website of the competition.

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