Speed Skating Canada House Volunteer Positions by tyndale


									Position Title:               Communications and Interpretive Assistant
Location:                     Speed Skating Canada House, Richmond BC
Positions available:          3–4
Work Schedule:                TBD
Application Deadline:         December 21, 2009

Position Overview

Speed Skating Canada House Communication and Interpretive Assistants will play a pivotal role
in supporting activities in and around Speed Skating Canada House as well as promoting the
sport of speed skating to the population at large. The communication and interpretive assistants
will be responsible for greeting and accompanying media when visiting SSC House, regularly
updating and monitoring content on Speed Skating Canada’s websites, Facebook Groups, You
Tube Channel and Twitter feeds as well as generating content for these platforms. Applicants
should be creative and self-motivated and willing to work long hours.

Additional responsibilities may include writing and laying printed documents for specific SSC
House events, managing and updating electronic displays at SSC House, troubleshooting
problems with SSC House Internet Cafe and responding to general email inquiries about how to
become involved in speed skating as well as assisting with daily take-up and take-down tasks at
SSC House.

Organizational Structure

Communication and Interpretive assistants will report to the communications coordinator for
Speed Skating Canada House. They will be supported by SSC’s web developers and will
generally work in pairs, one English and one French content lead. It is expected that all content
generated will be done in a manner which is consistent with SSC’s core values, policies and
procedures. Final discretion on all content generated will lie with SSC’s Manager of
Communication and/or Director General.

Application Requirements
    Completed     Application Form
   A     resume
       A one page, 500 word maximum, article describing your most memorable speed skating
        moment. The article should be written in the language in which you are prepared to
        work, if you are applying to work in both English and French please submit an article in
        each language.
       A current police background check, if you do not have one, you will be required to
        provide one within 30 days of your application being accepted.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Meeting and accompanying members of the media when visiting the house
2. Regular communication with SSC team officials to confirm interviews and parent availability
3. Accompanying SSC family and friends when they are conducting interviews with the media
   at SSC house
4. Providing general information about speed skating, Olympic events and Speed Skating
   Canada House to Family and Friends, members of the media and SSC Sponsors
5. Posting and email distribution of official Speed Skating Canada communications provided by
   SSC media attachés
6. Regular updating of daily activity and special event calendars on-line and on on-screen
   displays at SSC House
7. Posting of status updates with regards to activities around SSC House to multiple media
8. Producing web content documenting the activities at SSC House, this can include but not
   limited to articles and pictures of house events, video of general activities, positing of quotes
   from people at SSC House
9. Prepare daily press clipping reports for speed skating team, circulate to team, post major
   articles at SSC House and on-line
10. Monitoring web traffic for any major issues and advising communication coordinator and
    moderating on-line discussions forums under SSC’s jurisdiction
11. Proofread/editing of SSC House Communications and general documents

Language Skills
   Bilingual English & French – Written & Oral

Specific Skills
       Excellent writing skills (English or French) – candidates will be retained in a manner that
        ensures that an individual with skills in each language are on duty at all times.
       Ability to work with a Content Management System and web based communications
        tools for the updating of web pages and the distribution of communications
       Use of MS-Office applications as well Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design,
        Dreamweaver, Premiere etc…
       Familiarity with HTML, Cold Fusion and other web programming languages is an asset
       Ability to use a video camera and perform basic video editing
       Familiarity with social networking environments including You Tube, Facebook and

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