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Understanding Many Aspects of Website Development


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									Understanding Many Aspects of Website Development
It is always better to do 'Groundwork' before you start developing a website. It is good to define the scope of your website first. When you start
developing a website, the stepping stone would be a scope of a website. The carefully developed scope will define your business needs and what
needs to be included and what needs to be excluded. The goal of a scope will be how to transform your vision into a website which satisfy your
requirements. The scope will filter "Not Required" or "Not Happening" ideas and will keep only those ideas which are really helpful for effective
website. In scope you will mainly decide about, how many pages will be there? What content needs to be kept on each page? What will be the design
of the website? These are high level thoughts to start with.

Once you have developed the scope of work for website and are clear about the requirements, Now the main question will arise. How to fulfill your
vision? The second step will be to develop a plan where you will define milestones to achieve a final goal. In your plan you need to take care of each
and every aspect of the website development starting from design issues to technical issues. A plan will consist a list of tasks and a responsible
person against each task. Many of your problems will be solved once you have laid out a well developed plan. This plan will help you to set practical
milestones to achieve your goal.

Now the time has come where the things will start moving and your plan will start taking shape in the internet world. There will be many persons
working around the table and you will be monitoring them rather sitting at the center point to deal with them. There will be person like web designer
who will provide you design and you need to review it. There will be content writer, Developers, analysts and few other guys who are working on your
plan to make things happen for you.

After all hard work, once the website is developed you can perform couple of revisions before making website live. Take a deep look on finally built
website and try to find out if there is any scope for the optimization on any of the department? This will help you to get complete idea of your website
and you can judge, how is the finally built product?

After all revisions and hard work, once you publish website, it is a good idea to take opinions from the end users to know whether you have developed
a website which satisfy their needs or not? Once the website goes live it does not mean your effort will come to an end. You need to review and revise
your website time to time to stay on top.

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