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									Understanding dedicated server hosting
Dedicated server hosting is a secure and efficient way of storing company data, in a way that is easily accessible. Rather than company data being
held on the business premises, it is held at a data center. Also called a server farm, this is a specialist facility housing computer systems and their
associated components, on behalf of other companies.

Data centers often occupy entire rooms, or even floors, of buildings. Air conditioned, they consist predominantly of web server units mounted in large
cabinet racks, separated by corridors to allow easy access. The server units will each offer either a shared or dedicated server hosting service. Of the
two, it is infinitely better to have dedicated server hosting.

With shared serving, a single web server is occupied by multiple websites, each sitting in its own “slot†to keep it isolated from all the
others. Although this is cheaper, as the cost of hiring the server is shared between the website owners, it is arguably not the most effective solution.

Dedicated server hosting, by comparison, is leased by a single website owner, meaning no other companies can gain access. As well as offering
heightened security, it also allows more flexibility. With the help of the hosting company, the website owner can control every aspect of the server,
including the hardware and operating system used.

Some companies offering dedicated server hosting are located offshore, often in countries like Switzerland or Lichtenstein. This can mean the
companies they are serving get the benefits of enhanced security with lower overheads.

We at Artmotion are a private offshore dedicated server hosting company. We are located in Zurich, Switzerland and have connections to almost 700
Internet partners.

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