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									Top 10 SEO Services
Although many SEO companies offer a wide range of SEO services, there are five services that are more frequently employed or availed by clients
than others. These are the following: (listed in no particular order)

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart and root of all SEO campaigns. Figuring out which keywords works best is the most crucial decision you'll have to make
when it comes to good search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords can dictate the difference between a single visitor a day and 1000
visitors a day, or a single dollar in sales versus a sale of a thousand bucks.

Since keywords would largely determine how interesting the content is, they should be chosen carefully and deliberately. This particular keyword
selection service is offered by most San Diego seo companies.

Meta Data Customization

Since meta tags or labels are used by crawlers to identify the content of a site, they can also be manipulated in order to make the site more attractive
to search engines. A lot, if not all, seo companies can and will want to customize this particular portion of the site to make the site more visible to
search engines crawlers so as to promote higher ranking in the list of query results.

Usually, this particular service involves changing the title tag, meta description keywords, robots, etc. into the most search engine friendly data
possible. By rule of thumb, the META data section should be the most keyword-rich and descriptive section of the site, aside from the actual content.
This service is not only confined to San Diego seo companies but is also offered by all other seo companies.

SEO Web Design

Readers are inherently more attracted to visually-appealing sites. Usually, the more exciting the design of the site is, the easier it is for the site to get
more visits. SEO companies make sites more visually-stimulating by inserting appropriate and well-planned graphics and animation throughout the
page. This combined with a sleek look and deliberate placing of links make the site more pleasing and easy-to-browse-through for visitors.

Website Indexing and Submissions

Because having just backlinks or a sitemap isn't enough to be indexed in every major search engine, most seo companies offer to index your whole
site. After making sure that the site is predominantly search engine friendly, an seo company can submit it to all major search engines. By doing so,
the site not only becomes visible to all engines, but every last one of its pages will be indexed by search engines as well. A typical San Diego seo
company has access to most, if not all, major search engines.

Link Building

Locating a site through other sites is what link building is. SEO companies build links by posting them in known networks in order to increase both
incoming and outgoing traffic. This particular aspect is something that Google puts great emphasis on.

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