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									Difference between Website Design and Website Development
Web design and web development are two elements going hand in hand behind a successful website. The working of these two may be different, but
their basic purpose remains the same, i.e. to produce good functioning websites.

Web designing refers to all the eye-candy we see on the surface of a web page, while web developing refers to the efforts making that eye-candy
worth navigating. However minor, but it's important to know the difference between the two so that you know what to ask for while getting your website
designed and developed.

Web design basically involves making good-looking websites with good usability. Good web designers are experienced in graphic tools and and a little
bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web designing signifies the practice of crafting a website layout using the graphics program such as Photoshop,
Flash, Fireworks, and Corel Draw etc. It basically lays down the foundation for how a web page would appear. The web design result does not usually
contain code and it symbolizes only the graphical representation.

Web development on the other hand deals with the working aspect of the website. A good developer can create anything you can imagine online,
giving you a workable website that is also competitive. Websites that require a login, provide e-commerce features including a shopping cart or online
payments, online forums etc are some good examples of web development. Primarily, web developers help you build your website through coding
(also called back-end programming). Coding is the crux of any website development and must be handled by experts if you want fast, reliable and
secure baseline for your website.

Web designing is visible and helps in attracting visitor interest towards your site in first instance, while the unseen development process is crucial to
increase visitor's experience while browsing within your site. Good usable websites are those that give equal concern to Web design and development.
So if you're planning to get your website done, you must by know what difference there is between web design and web development, and how
necessary they are together for your website.

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development and Web design Firms. He can be approached at jamesparker.cdz@gmail.com.

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