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									                       CITY OF SHAWNEE
                     SHAWNEE CIVIC CENTRE
                          May 4, 2006

Committee members present: Amy Ruo, Rebecca Bailey, Pam Cremer, Kevin Fern, and
Doris Yantis. Others present: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director and Deputy
Parks and Recreation Director Lecuru.


      Amy Ruo, seconded by Rebecca Bailey, moved to approve the April 6, 2006
      Parks and Recreation Advisory Board minutes as corrected. The motion carried


      Neil reported that the bids were in and that Feyerherm Construction, Inc. has been
      awarded the bid for $4.1 million. The bid will allow all of alternatives to be

      Amy asked about the street improvement. Neil stated that the street will be on a
      separate contract.

      Doris asked about the cost of the street. Neil reported that it would be $1 million
      and would include the ice house parking lot.


      Kevin Fern stated a few people who were involved with the previous Historical
      Society were in attendance, along with Linda from the Chamber of Commerce,
      and two or three other new faces. Parks and Recreation Director Holman serves
      on the Friends of Shawnee Town board as well.

      Kevin stated they basically decided to take over where the Historical Society left
      off, but the idea is, over a period of time, to mainly be a support group for
      Shawnee Town. They hope to raise money and sell memberships. He stated after
      yesterday‟s long discussion, they decided on two levels of membership. One will
      be the Business Friends which is a $100.00/year membership, and the other will
      be the Member Friends which is a $35.00/year membership per household. They
      decided to make dues paying members of the Historical Society pay $15.00 and
      have them become members of Friends of Shawnee Town for that continuing
      $15.00, so that would be a lifetime membership for them with regards to the fact
      that they were the ones who started it in the first place.
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 2

       Kevin stated they left the $75,000 in the bank from the Historical Society and
       basically inherited that money. He stated it keeps the proceeds from the Crafts
       Fair which generate around $6,000 to $8,000 per year. He stated there is a plan
       to convert Shawnee Town into Shawnee Town 1929 and there will be an
       additional need for funding.

       Kevin stated they adopted a logo and will do a brochure for Old Shawnee Days
       outlining what the group is and make it possible for people to start signing up.
       They had a lot of discussion at the meeting and decided to start slowly. One big
       issue is the question of the benefits of being a member, as there is not a whole lot
       of benefit today. Currently, there are not a whole lot of things to offer members
       except free admission to Shawnee Town which would save them a dollar, but he
       believes that mainly in the beginning they are going to see people who have been
       community-minded in the past and just want to be a member of this organization
       because they want to contribute to this community and keep Shawnee Town as a
       vibrant part of this community. They discussed starting a barbecue or some type
       of event that would be a member-only type thing to be held probably in the fall
       some time. They are off to a good start.

       Donna asked if they plan on having the brochure ready this year for Old Shawnee

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman answered, yes. He stated they met for two
       hours yesterday trying to get the brochure put together.

       Kevin stated the idea is that Old Shawnee Days is the best opportunity to get the
       word out, along with a barbecue event/fried chicken dinner of some sort to get
       people excited about joining. He stated a good goal for next year, is to maybe get
       80 to 100 people to sign up; they are not talking about thousands at this time.

       Amy Ruo stated they will do something at every event, like Old Shawnee Days
       and Historical Hauntings, and have some type of presence.


       Neil handed out the new green books for the comprehensive plan and noted the
       Parks section. He asked the Board to pitch the old section and insert the new. He
       stated it includes the new phone numbers. The citizen‟s survey will be coming up
       some time for the Aquatic Needs Assessment. It will show the needs for the
       Aquatic Center, the new pool, and the far west pool. That will, at least, answer
       some questions because they are in the process of looking at three pieces of
       property. They are trying to keep the west pool in the Woodland/K-7 corridor;
       somewhere in that area. He stated there is one piece of property south of Hedge
       Lane, but the County library is also looking for a site.
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 3

       Doris asked if they are tying it in with the DeSoto School District.

       Neil replied, not at this time. They are looking at the library.

       Neil reported they are still looking at the budget. There is the CIP to consider,
       along with everything the department is looking to do down the road.

       Neil stated there is an issue with the skate park. Some councilmembers want to
       make it mandatory to wear helmets, so that will be decided at a later date. He
       stated Shawnee would be the only city in the State to make helmets mandatory.
       They have no liability and recreation is because of the Tort Claims Act and that is
       why they were able to build the park. Recreation is exempt from those types of
       accidents, unless a City just lets their facility go for whatever reason.

       Doris asked who would be responsible for enforcing helmets.

       Neil replied the Parks Department and the Police Department. He stated it would
       be very hard. He stated this issue was brought up by a councilmember. The park
       has been very popular and there has been no graffiti.

       Kevin stated he would think making it mandatory to wear helmets would not
       make the park very popular for the kids who actually do the skating.

       Neil stated that probably about 5 percent of the users wear helmets and he
       personally thinks it is more of an issue for the parents to make that decision. He
       stated the rules at the skate park have been set up to not be hard core. They made
       the sign to be more along the lines of being “suggestive” with regards to safety
       issues. There is always a chance that someone will get hurt because they are
       actually skating at high rates of speed on concrete. He stated if that does not get
       someone‟s attention, then he does not know what will. The posted signs strongly
       suggest helmets, along with other safety gear.

       Tonya noted that a lot of the skaters are adults.

       Neil stated they had the dedication meeting and are thinking about having the
       dedication some time in June. They have three pro skaters lined up to attend,
       along with one bicycle pro. He stated it will be an „old guy‟, one „middle of the
       road guy‟, and a female skater, so they are mixing it up. Kenny Foster, the biker,
       lives here in Shawnee. Recently, there was a 51-year-old man up there skating.
       He stated with the bowl, it brings out the older skaters. Word has it, it is the most
       popular thing from Colorado to Louisville. Shawnee is on the map!

       Doris stated she drove by the park and saw a lot of license plates from out of

       Tonya added that a lot of people have been doing road trips to Shawnee.
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 4

       Neil stated they received a lot of calls from out of town. A lot of kids from the
       University of Iowa got in a van and drove down. He stated they have had calls
       from Colorado, South Dakota, and a guy from New York who saw it on the

       Doris stated she stopped a few times to observe and it is amazing to her how
       courteous they all are to each other. They take turns and the older ones watch out
       for the younger ones. It is a really nice group out there.

       Neil agreed – it has all been really nice and they all seem to get along. He stated
       that usually the bikers and skateboarders do not get along, but are at this park.
       There are inline skaters as well, so there are three different types of skating going
       on out there.

       Kevin asked if they have set a date for the dedication.

       Neil said they are throwing around the date of June 24th, but he needs to check
       with the Mayor, City Manager Gonzales, and the City Council before he can
       make that date firm.

       Amy asked about the dedication for Pioneer Crossings.

       Neil stated they are working with the Brickstone Studio engineer. The City has
       made comments and are waiting for the artists‟ reply., Unfortunately, the progress
       is slow moving.

       Kevin backed up to the CIP and asked for an update.

       Neil stated they are currently holding CIP meetings. Every year CIP projects go
       up and down; some get dropped. He stated a lot of the Parks items will probably
       stay on the CIP, because they are not using General Fund money and taking
       money from any other project. He stated they have the liquor tax, the land use
       tax, and Parks and Pipes. Those accounts have funds and they will take those
       funds to do their projects. He stated the City can not use their funding for streets.
       They also have the cemetery fund and are working out the CVB Fund that would
       maybe go to Shawnee Town and that budget will be reduced and picked up by the
       CVB Fund.

       Kevin stated the water tower was on the 2006 CIP.

       Neil stated that for some reason, they are having a hard time with the Water
       District on getting that deed sent over, but everything is fine and they are going to
       get that over to the City.
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 5

       Neil reported that some of the park improvements being added for 2007 are West
       Flanders and Gum Springs. They will try to break those out. Finance Director
       Kidney is making a chart for each of those funds and will tell each department
       how much money they have each year to spend. They will then take the Parks
       CIP and plug that into each of those funds and when that happens, he will be able
       to give the Board a better idea of what year they will do each project.

       Moonlight Golf Tournament - Tonya reported this tournament it will take place
       next Saturday night, May 13, 2006. Currently, they have about 40 golfers signed
       up and hope to end up with 60, which would be a full event. They still have a
       couple of hole sponsorships to fill and things are coming in a little slower this
       year because there are a lot of people asking for money for different things around
       town. She stated they need volunteers and will start setting up in the early
       afternoon, around 4:00 p.m. They will set things out on the course and go out
       later and actually light it, which is basically a snap and a shake. She received the
       supplies this week. She stated they have nine holes to light, so she would like to
       have nine sets of volunteers to go out and be responsible for their own hole. She
       thinks that will make things go quicker and people will not have to be rushing
       from one hole to another. The volunteers will be needed from around 5pm to

       Aquatics – Tonya reported they had the open house last night (5/3/06) for the
       swim team and registrations went well. They will continue to take registrations
       until June 2, 2006. She stated on Sunday, May 14, 2006, they will hold the Swim
       Lesson Open House. They are trying to do it live this year with Rec Track. They
       will have four stations set up and hopefully make things more streamline and
       quicker for both the participants, as well as the staff. They usually process around
       750 to 800 registrations and it will be nice to do it all at once, not do it by hand,
       and in the computer.

       Web Trac – Tonya stated she planned on sending a back door to the Board last
       month, but IT changed it and it took a while to get all of that fixed and available.
       She stated the new plan for the next week, is to get that information sent out along
       with a copy of the letter, so they can proof it and make sure it is self-explanatory,
       then go from there. She made a presentation to Neil, City Manager Gonzales, and
       Jerry Doherty with IT. She reported that everyone is on board with how it looks.
       They are still finalizing the financial accounting side of it.

       Amy asked about the scholarships.

       Tonya believes, to date, they have given away three scholarships. She received
       applications from six or seven individuals. Currently, they have $1,500 to give
       away and that is a 50/50 match. She stated they are having people use them for
       family pool passes, which she thinks is a good use of the money. They are also
       using the scholarship for lifeguard training, so not only are the recipients doing
       the training, but then get a job because of it; that is a $140.00 class, so it pays
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                           PAGE 6

       $70.00 and gets $70.00 back. She stated they have received a lot of requests from
       the new brochure.

       Kevin asked if the proceeds from the golf tournament go to the scholarship.
       Tonya answered, yes, as that is the purpose of the golf tournament. She stated
       scholarships are not necessarily just for kids or families with kids, but noted it has
       very low income guidelines and is serving its purpose.


       Kevin asked if any of the students present this evening had any questions for the
       Park Board.

       Doris asked the students if they know of a park near their home.

       [Student] stated West Flanders is near her home.


       Old Shawnee Days – Tonya stated Old Shawnee Days will take place June 1st
       through 4th this year.

       Tonya reported that they will hold the fireworks display on July 4th at Shawnee
       Mission Park.

       Kevin asked for the final lineup on entertainment for Old Shawnee Days.

       Tonya stated the entertainment is complete.

              Thursday – A Day in Attica (teen band)
              Friday (Country Night) – LoCash Cowboys and Trent Lowman (main
              Saturday night – The Little River Band
              Sunday – Hotel California (Eagles music)

       Kevin asked if anything is new or different this year.

       Tonya stated the high wire act, the Fearless Flores‟, are back again this year. It is
       the 40th Anniversary. They have radio stations lined up for all the concerts. It
       should be a good event.

       Tonya stated if anyone knows any juniors or seniors, please mention to them that
       scholarship applications are due May 18th and only Shawnee residents are
       eligible. She stated it is a $1,000 scholarship and the theme this year is
       Celebrating 40 – Where will you be at 40? The applications are available online.
MAY 4, 2006           PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                        PAGE 7

       Tonya stated the first summer concert will be on July 14th. It will be held at West
       Flanders Park. The second concert will be at Stump Park on July 28 th with
       fireworks. The last concert will be on August 11th at Pflumm/Bichelmeyer.

       Tonya stated the New Interest Bank is the new sponsor this year for the third
       concert. She stated the downtown businesses are sponsoring the downtown
       concert at West Flanders and Shawnee Mission Ford is sponsoring the Stump
       Park concert.


Amy Ruo, seconded by Rebecca Bailey moved to adjourn. The motion carried 5-0. The
meeting adjourned at 6:12 p.m.

Minutes prepared by: Cindy Terrell, Recording Secretary


Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation Director

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