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					                                    Practice # 3
                             AB1 W/ AB5 – Ross Miller
                      Dulude Arena at 8 AM on Sat, Oct. 4, 2008
                     Quote: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”
     Scott W, Shaun & Goalie (Kevin) - (0:06 to 0:25) - Btw blue and red line during game
     and stations. Work with goalie on basic stance and positioning, getting down and up, going side
     to side, etc. and take shots (from different angles) to start giving a feel for puck and tips.
6 mins
(to 0:06          SKATING DRILLS / EDGES – Warm-up
Coaches set       Skating around ice doing a series of exercises in 60-second stints.
up on blue
                    Free skate – stretching to warm up a bit.
lines and
encourage           Backward C-cuts btw bluelines –
the players to      Knee Walk
do the            Change direction:
assigned drill
                    Drop to knees – at each blue line
                    360° spin - at each blue line
                    Torpedo skate – 2 laps as fast as possible
                Coaching principles:
                 We want them to skate with head up and one hand on stick when skating;
                 Skaters should be encouraged to bend knees (get lower) and start lengthening strides
                     – LONG     STRIDES.
Stations (to 0:18)
5 mins
(to 0:11)       Station #1 –Garbage Pick up& Stick Switch (outside blueline)
Ian to lead     Garbage Pickup – Race to move “garbage” quickest.
                    Pick up pucks from one location. Skate and drop off in other.
                    Rules: one piece of garbage at a time; 2 foot stops;
                    1st time –forwards, 2nd time backwards, 3rd time forward/backward
                Stick Switch:
                    Partners turn sticks over and stand up on butt end;               Group 1
                    On whistle players let go of there stick and grab partners’ stick Pierce, Liam
                      before it falls;                                                 Michael N,
                    Increase distance to increase challenge                           Tim,
5 mins          Station #2 – Puck handling and shooting
(to 0:16)
                                                                                         Group 2
Chris to         Stickhandle figure 8’s (around pucks)                                  Vanessa, Evan, Martina,
lead             Wrist shoots off boards from 10’                                       Jessica, Matthew,
9 mins                                                                                   Michael L,
(to 0:25)       SKATING & Puck Control
Scott &         All players line up across goal line without pucks:
Chris to        1.Speed jump ¼ turn; Speed jump ½ turn;
lead            2.Speed jump ½ turn – Explosive dive
                3.Suicide drill – Cross over starts / two foot stops
                4.Backward to blue line / forward to ringette line / Backward
                  to red line / forward to blue line / Backward to far blue line
                  / forward to goal line
                Repeat # 2 & 3 with pucks
                                  Practice # 3
                           AB1 W/ AB5 – Ross Miller
                    Dulude Arena at 8 AM on Sat, Oct. 4, 2008
Stations: (to 0:45)
7 mins
(to 0:31)      Station #1 – Stick handling, skating with puck and shooting
Chris to        Tight & Wide stick handling in place– Practice rolling wrists &
lead              cradling the puck – 2 min
G1: Pierce,
                Stick handle around rings – shoot puck off boards at other end, pick up
Liam, Calum,
Marshall,         puck and skate as fast as possible to other side pushing puck
Michael N,        ahead)– shoot puck off boards, pick up and repeat – 3 mins
7 mins
(to 0:38)      Station #2: Shoot out on the goalie (Left side of ice)
Scott W to      Player starts with puck in corner, passes to coach at face-off
lead              dot receives pass back at hash marks and skates up boards.
Group 2:          Makes bounce pass off boards (around coach) then picks
Vanessa,          puck up and skates to middle of ice and back in for shot on
Martina,          net (5’ inside blue line equal to face off dots) comes back in
Matthew,          for shot on net before lining up to go again. Next player goes
Evan, Katie
                  when previous player gets by pylon.
7 mins         Station #3: X overs on & passing around circle (Rt side of ice)
(to 0:45)
Jim C to        Forward crossovers around
lead             circle in both directions (2 mins)
G3: Tim,
Anthony,        Backward crossovers around
Michael L,       circle in both direction (2 mins)
Jessica,        Passing across circle
                If passing is going well introduce
                 a monkey in the middle. (NB.
                 bad passers become monkey

5 mins
Until buzzer      Shoot-out on Goalie
 P1 skates out around face off dot outside
blueline and back in up the middle
 P2 passes to P1 just inside blue line and
then starts skating - out around face off dot
outside blueline and back in up the middle
 P3 passes to P2 and starts skating

NB. After shooting players line up on opposite


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