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					                           Chester Creek Sports Complex Master Plan
                                   Public Open House (1 of 3)
                           Spenard Recreation Center, 9 November 2005

                                     MEETING INPUT SUMMARY

ATTENDEES                                                    Shuttle service from external site to
Public Participation                                         8-10 times per football season conflict
- 950 public notices were mailed to property                  with Sullivan Arena events
  owners and business in a half-mile radius                  Parking line delineations (loss of parking
- 2 banner advertisements were placed in the                  space)
  Anchorage Daily News (2.5” x 11”) the Sunday               Exit at existing curb cut north of Cal
  and Monday leading up to the meeting in the                 Worthington (DOT permission)
  Life section                                               No parking on sidewalk!!!
- 12 members of the public, primarily neighbors,             Traffic flow to residential area is
  attended the event                                          dangerous during events

MOA Parks & Recreation Dept. Staff                       Station 2. ANCHORAGE FOOTBALL
Monique Anderson, Anchorage Parks                        STADIUM, OUTDOOR HOCKEY &
  Superintendent                                         SKATEBOARD PARK
Doe Anderson, Northwest Park District
  Supervisor                                             Public Input & Discussion Points
                                                          Keep football at Chester Creek
Consultant Team                                           Skate park is needed, but current
Dwayne Adams, LDN                                           location not good due to poor visibility to
Sara Wilson Doyle, LDN
                                                            site and close proximity to camps
Mark Kimerer, LDN
Travis Taylor, LDN                                        Have closed space for public walking,
Jim Huettl, USKH                                            dogs, i.e. park space fenced from
Robert Droll                                                Chester Creek
                                                          Clean up Chester Creek Greenbelt and
OPEN HOUSE STATIONS                                         ensure better safety and security
Four stations with aerials and informational              Eliminate unsafe, secluded areas.
posters were set up. Each station had                       Example: SW corner of Mulcahy
consultants facilitating discussions and                    Stadium
writing down public comments on the topics                Develop park/open space south of
covered by the station.                                     proposed skate park
                                                          Speed skating area, possibly around
Station 1. SULLIVAN ARENA & BEN                             football
BOEKE ARENAS                                              Broaden Chester Creek to recreate its
Public Input and Discussion                                 natural channel.
 No parking garage fronting on 16
                                     th                   Clear path, make trail wider
    Avenue (loss of southern exposure)
 Enforcement of using garage when free                  Station 3. MULCAHY STADIUM &
    parking in neighborhood                              KOSINSKI FIELDS
 Eagle/16 terrace – block for fire access
              th                                         Public Input and Discussion
 Connection to greenbelt from 16                         New Mulcahy Stadium – on site

 Sullivan Arena is good neighbor, but                    Better access – East/West
    general public misconception that CCSC                Closer parking to Sullivan Arena
    is area for NOISE                                     General infrastructure improvements
 Right turn lane only for residents                      Baseball ownership financial
 Sound system affects neighborhood                          participation in new Mulcahy must be
 „Residential‟ signage for no parking (and                  required!
    enforcement ) is needed                               Develop/clean up Charles Smith
                                                             Memorial Park

   Move Mulcahy Stadium offsite and keep                   Outdoor Hockey Rinks (0)
    Kosinski Fields where it is!                            Mulcahy Stadium (1)
                                                            Anchorage Football Stadium (1)
Station 4. SITE ISSUES
                                                            Kosinski Fields (0)
Public Input and Discussion
                                                            Skateboarding at outdoor rinks (0)
 Having open space in the
    neighborhoods works                                 2. What is your highest concern or desire
            o Ball fields, etc                          you would like to see addressed at
            o Not buildings                             CCCD:
            o Not necessarily woods
                                                            • Fix traffic flow and on ramp onto
 Parking garage would ruin views from
    16 Ave if close to 16
                          th                                • Skating and speed skating area
 Vagrancy problems – open up forest                        • Chester Creek needs room to meander
 Chester Creek improvements                                • Parking
            o Meander channel
            o Ponds/basins                                  • Upgrading Anchorage Football
 Use University Center for shuttles                          Stadium and Sullivan Arena
 Legal restrictions on location of                         • Moving skateboard park
    Mulcahy?                                                • Teardown and rebuild Mulcahy
 “Resident Only” permit parking                               Stadium
 Sound issue from Mulcahy Stadium
                                                            • Safety on trails around sports complex
            o Impacts residences
 Need fenced dog park (Adopt-A-Park)                       • Possible parking garage or similar
            o Winter multi-use of Kosinski                    facility
 Trash pick up after events is an issue                    • Meet with Worthington about use or
            o In parks                                        land grant
            o In neighborhoods
                                                            • New Mulcahy Stadium
 Need sidewalks along A street for local
    residents to walk to events (through the                • Bettter access from East & West
    woods on the trail does not feel safe)                  • Closer parking to Sullivan Arena
                                                            • General infrastructure improvements
Questionnaire Responses
                                                            • More exits in more directions, perhaps
Attendees were asked to fill out a                            at southeast corner of Boeke east
questionnaire after visiting the stations.                    side parking
Responses follow (to date 4 have been                       • Move Mulcahy to west end to make
returned).                                                    middle of area parking

1. What is your relationship to the                     3. Do you agree that more parking is
Chester Creek Sports Complex (CCSC)?                    needed at the complex?
Check all that apply:                                       Disagree (0)
- I am a neighbor of the Complex (2)
                                                            Agree (0)
- I attend events at:
     Sullivan Arena (3)                                     Strongly Agree (4)
     Ben Boeke (1)                                          No Opinion (0)
     Mulcahy Stadium (2)
     Anchorage Football Stadium (1)                     4. If you agree that more parking is
                                                        needed, how would you propose solving
     Kosinski Fields (0)
                                                        the problem?
- I am a Chester Creek trail user (2)
- I participate in sports at:                               - Better mass transit and shuttle system
     Sullivan Arena (1)                                       (1)
     Ben Boeke (0)

    - Remove some activity on-site to make                       sheet, per hour
      room for parking (4)
                                                            o    Anchorage teams often must travel
                                                                 to Wasilla or Palmer for practice ice
    - Other (please explain):
                                                                 availability. We simply no not have
      (1) Move Mulcahy (rebuild it) at West                      enough ice in Anchorage.
                                                            o    Boeke‟s changing rooms are
5. If anything is going to be moved off-                         ridiculously small, outdated, and old
site to provide space for parking, what                     o    Instead of spending a fortune
criteria would you use to decide what                            renovating the Boeke, if the city will
facilities should stay or go?                                    please consider bulldozing it and
• Remove skate park - may also provide                           building it elsewhere??
  more parking.
• Reconfigure roads to accommodate event
• Fewest number of people affected
• Make sure no activities are cut
• Out of code baseball fields

Additional Public Input
Members of the public who could not attend
the event called in, or provided additional
comments by email:
- 16 Avenue: When the city raised this
    road they created new problems
    (drainage, etc.). This road could be
-   Cordova: It is nice now that they close
    this street off before events
-   Ben Boeke:
    o   There are over 120 youth teams
        using the Boeke, Dempsey, and
        Tesoro. This includes 94 house
        (non-competitive and at least 25
        competitive teams); this does not
        include the boy's and girl's high
        school, or any of the local adult
    o   The poor conditions of the Boeke for
        our local high school teams are
        terrible for holding games. There is
        rarely if ever room for people to
        watch the game. The Boeke is far
        too small for our growing
        community. The building is an
        embarrassment for every player that
        uses the facilities.
    o   The cost per month for any child in
        Anchorage playing hockey for Ice is
        generally $250.00 to $400.00 per


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