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The OECD and the Tax Havens


									The OECD and the Tax Havens
Introduction – There has been a lot of press on the tax havens and the OECD with talk of
black lists etc. This is all nonsense and noise in the G20 police state controlled media. We
will take a harder look at this to show you it is just a distraction to try to throw blame on
the tax havens for the stupid financial practices of the G20 and their fiat money. The tax
havens are responsible for maybe 1% of their problems at most, probably much less than

Panama - Panama publicly said that they would comply with the OECD request recently to
make bank records available with probable cause for tax evasion on a case-by-case basis
ONLY after the other 70 OECD countries signed it. No blanket turning over of records. Do
not hold your breath for this to happen. The term for this is called a level playing field;
every country has to compete on equal footing. At the meeting of G20 as a condition of
agreeing to the proposal China got a black list exemption for Hong Kong and Macao, as did
the UK for Jersey and Isle of Mann.

Since the OECD does not wish to have a level playing field this will go nowhere. Please also
note that Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, the Arab nations and others appear on
none of their lists at all. Do not for one second believe that Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba,
Ecuador, the Arab nations etc. cooperate with the USA for exchange of information. Never
happen. Shows you how superficial the OECD is. Many countries will not agree to this latest
nonsense from the G20 controlled OECD and they can be on a list of all the colors of the
rainbow for all they will care.

What about the Swiss, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg – Do not believe the mainstream
media, which is controlled by the G20. These countries have said they will agree in principal
to treating tax evasion as a matter that justifies the opening of bank records on a case-by-
case basis with probable cause. No blanket opening of records. The next thing is that each
of these countries has to execute treaties to this effect with all the 70 nations (69 others)
and these treaties need to be ratified by their legislatures. Imagine trying to agree on the
wording, terms, conditions etc. Think 70 countries could do this in what two years, three
years, maybe five years. How one would get probable cause with an anonymous bearer
Share Company is a good question that we cannot find any answers for.

If you set up a new identity with citizenship ID, Driver license and Passport in another
country with a name change sealed in judges chambers (we can arrange this in several
nations) then all these proposed changes would have no effect on you with your new
identity assuming it was from a country which did not tax income or did not tax income that
was offshore derived. Of course the countries we use do not tax offshore income so the
treaties have no effect on a bank account opened with identity documents from such a
country in that there would never be any probable cause to get into the bank records for tax
evasion – no taxes due. Do you know how many millions of people in the world have
multiple citizenships.

I have met people with seven citizenships and passports. What these countries are doing is
called paying lip service to the USA, UK and waiting for the other shoe to drop which is the
serious devaluation of the currency of the big G20 nations like USA and UK thrusting them
into hyper-inflation. This is the end of their dreams of world domination by passing off
bogus fiat money on the world as if it was real. Their military empires will become
unaffordable. They will need to convert their fiat money into other currencies and then
every time they water down their money supply they need more of their currency to buy
other currencies.

The USA, UK, Germany are acting as if everything is the same and it is not. They are all
broke. This is best evidenced by Gordon Brown the PM of UK clamoring about screaming
one world order after the G20 meeting. Nothing could be further than the truth. These goofs
are incapable of establishing a one-world order let alone keeping one running. They always
seem to destroy themselves with their limitless greed, corruption, infighting, secrecy,
paranoia, never admitting they were wrong about anything and a strong tendency to deny

What is to Come - This was a lot of hot air the so called tax havens spouted forth to shine
on the USA and UK who are basically clinging to the offshore havens as a scapegoat to
distract people from their greed and stupidity that has bankrupted them along with several
other nations and caused a general financial crisis in the world. Nice going fellas. You can't
fool all the people all the time. Not too many world leaders are dumb enough to think the
people that caused this crisis are capable of fixing it. Before the end of the year you will see
one new global currency emerge. It will be asset based. It will also have a new wire system
that the USA and EU cannot monitor or exert any control over.

The USA, UK and the other big G20 players will not be involved. It is impossible to run a
sound economic system with these countries, they try to control and corrupt everything
they touch. We are not talking about anything going through the IMF. The collective
populations of the nations participating will be in the billions. The propaganda media
controlled by the G20 players will not mention this to you until it is operating openly and
then they have no choice.

Once this happens the USA controlled OECD will be well on its way down memory lane. This
will mean a slow but certain economic death for the G20 fiat money guys who think the
world is stupid enough to let them control the world by running their printing presses. They
have proved themselves to be untrustworthy, deceptive in the monetary practices, using
their fiat money to conduct wars constantly while attempting to disarm civilians so as they
cannot offer any resistance, prevent nations from developing nukes while they increase
their own arsenals while they tout a one world order without telling you it is their one world
order that they will run and control. The scariest thing is these countries treat their citizens
as if they were their enemies, which makes one wonder.

China and Russian Federation – This is the nemesis of the USA and UK. China and Russia
have had it with the USA freely and recklessly printing money and messing with the world
economy while using this money to build a military and bait them with cold wars. This was
their big mistake. Now these two countries want away from the USD as a reserve currency
and on this they are firm. So that is where the USA and UK went astray by arrogantly
alienating Russia and China. Please bear in mind when you are in a cold war with another
super power you do not want them monitoring all your international wire transfers as the
USA has been doing since 2002.

Actual Latest OECD List – Please note that amongst many others the following countries
do not appear on the list anywhere: Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Lebanon and
the other Arab nations and we could keep going. Don’t think these countries are sharing
information with the USA. Costa Rica and Uruguay are on the black list and you can send
and receive wires freely from and to these countries. The OECD is a civil organization just
like the Auto Club, or Sierra Club. It can exert influence but is has no legal authority to do a

Jurisdictions that have substantially implemented the internationally agreed tax

    Argentina                     Korea
    Australia                     Malta
    Barbados                      Mauritius
    Canada                        Mexico
    China                         Netherlands
    Cyprus                        New Zealand
    Czech Republic                Norway
    Denmark                       Poland
    Finland                       Portugal
    France                        Russian Federation
    Germany                       Seychelles
    Greece                        Slovak Republic
    Guernsey                      South Africa
    Hungary                       Spain
    Iceland                       Sweden
    Ireland                       Turkey
    Isle of Man                   United Arab Emirates
    Italy                         United Kingdom
    Japan                         United States
    Jersey                        US Virgin Islands
Jurisdictions that have committed to the internationally agreed tax standard, but
have not yet substantially implemented. To show what stupidity this is Panama
sent a one-page letter of intent to the OECD in 2002, which they never did
anything about. 24 other countries reacted the same way, sending letters of intent
that were never acted on during years 2000 to 2003:

       Andorra                            Liechtenstein
       Anguilla                           Marshall Islands
       Antigua and Barbuda                Monaco
       Aruba                              Montserrat
       Bahamas                            Nauru
       Bahrain                            Neth. Antilles
       Belize                             Niue
       Bermuda                            Panama
       British Virgin Islands             St Kitts and Nevis
       Cayman Islands                     St Lucia
       Cook Islands                       St Vincent & Grenadines
       Dominica                           Samoa
       Gibraltar                          San Marino
       Grenada                            Turks and Caicos Islands
       Liberia                            Vanuatu
Other   Financial Centers

       Austria
       Belgium
      Brunei
      Chile
      Guatemala
      Luxembourg
      Singapore
      Switzerland

Jurisdictions that have not committed to the internationally agreed tax standard
Jurisdiction. Rest assured you can readily send and receive wires from these
countries all over the world. Again this has as much power as the auto club.

      Costa Rica
      Malaysia (Labuan)
      Philippines
      Uruguay

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