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									DEA Raids State Complaint Legal Marijuana
Executive Summary - The DEA raided a Denver Man, Chris Bartkowicz, for growing
medical marihuana in the basement of his Denver home. He was complaint with the state
law. He appeared on a TV show the previous day. Obama has said openly he would not
interfere with the state marijuana laws making marijuana legal in certain states. Either the
DEA considers Obama such a joke and do not feel they have to listen to him or Obama is
out there slinging more lies. You cannot believe anything Obama says. No wonder China
and Russia are finished with the guy. Imagine if Obama turns on the DEA and they release
documents supporting allegations that he is not qualified to be President. The problem with
putting an unqualified stooge into office is that he is blackmailable. Of course he will be
easily controlled, but his handlers missed the concept of others controlling him through
blackmail. People in glass houses should not throw stones. I doubt Obama will ever serve
out his term of office gotten unjustly. He is too much of a liability. The DEA can do nothing
more if the US Attorney there in Denver refuses to file charges against this Mr. Bartkowicz.

Analysis – Here is what the real issue is. The large corporations cannot sell Medical
Marijuana. It is too controversial for them to touch at this time. The US has for twenty-five
years been stifling new start-up businesses allowing the monopolies to grow. Now here is a
window where someone not in the old boys network can get rich and maybe even powerful
selling medical marijuana. So they keep the business shaky and iffy to prevent anyone from
investing any capital in it. So it looks like Obama did not see the risk of letting a nobody
make a name for themselves in medical marijuana. Now he is appearing to make unfulfilled
promises. Let’s see how this plays out. Either way Obama will lose. The guy is just not that
sharp and is in way over his head.

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