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					3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON   Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009
IBU CUP Biathlon

Prof. Peter Schröcksnadel

Every success in high performance sports is based on qualified early stage training
and youth development. Hence, the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Federation) fully appreciates
the professional work of its entire coaching and administrative staff on national, re-
gional and local level. Their efforts guarantee the level of youth development oppor-
tunities required, to build and sustain world-class performance in the future.

While it is not hard to find a venue for world-cup events, the organization of a euro-
cup (or in case of biathlon IBU cup) is not experiencing similar demand. Therefore, I
would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude that the Biathlon Organiz-
ing Committee Obertilliach with its president Christian Scherer decided to host the
upcoming IBU-Cup events. This provides an opportunity for our talents to demon-
strate their ability back home in front of relatives, friends and fans.

In the meantime, the events in Obertilliach became an inherent part of the annual IBU
schedule and are highly appreciated due to its outstanding organisation. This profes-
sional work of all people involved was also one main argument when selecting Ober-
tilliach as the host of the IBU Biathlon Youth and Junior World Championships 2013.
Exciting competitions with international participation will be guaranteed.

Therefore, many thanks to the commune of Obertilliach, the local and regional tour-
ism organizations, all sponsors without their financial support those thrilling events
won’t be possible and – last but not least – to the organizing committee, its support-
ers and administrative staff.

Best Regards,

Prof. Peter Schröcksnadel
President of the ÖSV

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON              Obertilliach (AUT)                  16 – 19.12.2009
Welcome to Obertilliach

Welcome to Obertilliach the third venue of the IBU Cup Biathlon Season 2009/10.
Obertilliach is a regular organizer of international biathlon events.

It is to a big extent the athletes, their coaches, sports clubs, friends and families to
whom the sporting success must be attributed. And many highly motivated volunteers
contribute their share to provide the best conditions possible for the athletes and to
ensure that the competitions can be carried out without problems. We cross our fin-
gers that all athletes will be able to show the performance they wish to show. On be-
half of the organizing committee and the community of Obertilliach we would like to
invite all national federation very cordially to compete in this IBU Cup Biathlon event
and we wish you much success in fair and thrilling competitions.

             Christian Scherer                                Matthias Scherer
            President of the OC                              Major of Obertillach

Organizing committee                           Competition doctor
                                               Dr. Josef Obmascher
Representative of the community
Bgm. Matthias Scherer
                                               Competition committee
President OC
Christian Scherer                              Chief of competition
                                               Alois Scherer (IR)
Vice - President OC
Logistic & Finance                             Competition secretary
Dieter Moosmann                                Hansjörg Schneider (IR)
Secretary OC                                   Chief shooting range
Hansjörg Schneider & Josef Auer                Thomas Scherer (IR)
PR & TV                                        Chief of tracks
Hannes Ganner                                  Matthias Scherer (IR)
Competitions                                   Timing
Alois Scherer, Franz Stark                     Josef Auer (IR)
Catering                                       Chief of Start/Finish
Alois Fürhapter                                Peter Obrist (IR)
Shooting Range
Pepi Scherer & Andreas Bucher

Virgil Schneider & Josef Schneider
Access control
Polizei Obertilliach und FF Obertilliach
FF-Kdt. Alexander Ebner

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON               Obertilliach (AUT)                    16 – 19.12.2009
                                              Contact - President of the OC
                                              Christian Scherer
                                              Mobile: +43 664 39 04 105

                                              A4 Reporting upon arrival

                                              Before moving to the accommodation
                                              all teams must report to the Competi-
                                              tion office or to the accommodation
                                              office (tourist office – next to Hotel

A General Information                         A5 Liability, insurance

A1 Competition venue                          All participants must be in possession
                                              of a sufficient accident, health, and
Biathlon competition area Obertilliach        liability insurance. With the Entry by
(AUT) - 1385 meters above sea level           Name each National Federation con-
Highest point of the course: 1405 m           firms to be in possession of the neces-
Lowest point of the course: 1369 m            sary insurances for damage to persons
                                              and properties (in accordance with
                                    , IBU Event and Competition
A2 Postal adress                              Rules). The organiser assumes no li-
                                              ability for damage to persons and
Biathlon OK Obertilliach                      properties.
zH Herrn Christian Scherer
Dorf 70
9942 Obertilliach - Austria
                                              A6 Regulations of medicines
A3 Contact address                            When entering the Austria the teams
                                              are required to prove convincingly any
OC-Office                                     needs for medicine that will be im-
Hansjörg Schneider: +43 4847 5255             ported into the country.

                                              A7 Import and export of rifels
Tourismusbüro Obertilliach
Tel.: +43 4847 5255                           and ammunition
                                              All athletes and officials belonging to a
Competition office (at the stadium)           member federation of the European
opening times: 08:00 - 17:00                  Union, who carry a rifle must be able to
opened daily from Tuesday -                   present a European fire-arm certificate.
15.12.2008                                    Athlets and officials from the following
                                              nations (ALG, AND, AUS, BLR, CAN,
Contact info Competition office               CHN, CRO, CYP, IND, JPN, KOR, LIB,
Tel: +43 4847 20060                           MAR, MGL, NOR, NZL, ROU, RUS,
Fax: +43 4847 20060                           SRB, SUI, MKD, TPE, TUR and USA)                can import and export the rifles and

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON              Obertilliach (AUT)                       16 – 19.12.2009
ammunition with the Carnet ATA-                Further information:
Procedure. All the other nations have
to complete a customs application and          ,en,SCH1/objectId,RGN628at,season,
deposit a safety sum of 20% of the             at1,selectedEntry,arrival/arrival.html
weapon‘s customs value, which will be
paid back at the re-export of the weap-
                                               B2 Team leader meetings
ons. Rifles and ammunition can be
kept in the hotel.                             The team leader meetings and the
                                               draws of the bibs are in the Kultursaal.
A8 Regulations of radio equip-
ment                                           B3 Accomodations
The import, export and the operation of
radio equipment in Austria is free of          categorie B (till 60 €)
                                               Hotel Weiler (
A9 Regulations of Visa                         Hotel Unterwöger (
The following nations require visas to         Gasthof Andreas (
the enter and stay in Austria (Annex 1):       Hotel Waldruhe (
                                               Pension Oswalderhof (
ISV, KAZ, KGZ, LIB, MAR, MDA, MKD,             category C (price depends on the
MGL, RUS, SRB, UKR, UZB, TPE.                  accomodation- appartment or single
If you have any questions please don’t
hesitate to contact the OC Obertilliach.       Lienharterhof (
A10 Waxing cabins                              Zollhaus ( )
There are at least 30 waxing cabins            Weilerhof (
                                               Mitterdorfer Maria (
available at the stadium, next to the
ski-testing area and competition tracks.       Ebner Johann (
                                               Lechnerhof (
The cabins will be distributed among
the competing nations, by the Organiz-         Scherer Konrad (
                                               Lienharter Peter (
ing Committee.
                                               Auer Peter (
                                               Schneider Peter (
A deposition-fee of 50 euro will be re-
                                               Obererlacher H. (
quired in order to obtain key(s). The
                                               Lugger Ulrich (
deposition will be refunded upon re-
                                               Altenweisl Josef (
turning the key(s). If the key(s) is lost
                                               Annewanter Martin (
no refund will be possible.
                                               Scherer Gerald (
B Logistics
                                               The accomodation must be paid di-
B1 Arrival                                     rectly to the hotels. If you have any
                                               questions please don’t hesitate to con-
                                               tact the tourist office.

                                               Contact details:
                                               (Tel. +43 4847 5255 or E-Mail:

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON               Obertilliach (AUT)                        16 – 19.12.2009
C Competition info

C1 Competition regulations

The competitions will be performed
according to the IBU-rules as in effect.

C2 Official functions

Ass. Race-Director IBU
Ventzeslav Iliev (BUL)

Karl Heinz Wolf (GER)

IR (Material)
Gilbert Gonet (SUI)

IR (Shooting range)
Manfred Neumayer (AUT)

IR (Start/Finish)
Hanspeter Krepper (AUT)

IR (Courses)
Robert Eppacher (AUT)

C3 Targets
30 mechanicals Kurvinen targets
1-15 prone
16-30 standing

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON              Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009
C4 Competition program
Tuesday, 15.12.2009

Wednesday, 16.12.2009
09:00 - 12:00 hrs     Unofficial training Men
12:30 - 15:30 hrs     Unofficial training Women
19:00 hrs             team leader meeting, election of the jury

Thursday, 17.12.2009
09:00 - 12:00 hrs        Official training Men
12:30 - 15:30 hrs        Official training Women

17:30 hrs                team leader meeting, draw of the bibs

Friday, 18.12.2009
09:00 - 09:50 hrs        Zeroing Men
10:00 hrs                Start Sprint Men

12:45 hrs                Price giving ceremony Sprint Men (stadium)

12:30 - 13:20 hrs        Zeroing Women
13:30 hrs                Start Sprint Women

15:30 hrs                Price giving ceremony Sprint Women (stadium)

19:30 hrs                Invitation for the Team Leaders

Saturday, 19.12.2009
09:00 - 09:45 hrs        Zeroing Men
10:00 hrs                Start Pursuit Men

11:30                    Price giving ceremony Pursuit Men (stadium)

11:00 - 11:45 hrs        Zeroing Women
12:00 hrs                Start Pursuit Women

13:30 hrs                Price giving ceremony Pursuit Women (stadium)

19:30                    Athletes party
Sunday, 20.12.2009

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON            Obertilliach (AUT)                16 – 19.12.2009
D. entry deadlines
Registration by number
Online not later than 16.11.2009

Registration by names
Online not later than 03.12.2009

The team entries have to be made
electronically. Only if internet access is
impossible or if technical problems in
the use occur our classical forms can
be requested from the organizing sec-

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON                Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009
E. tracks and planes



3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON     Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009


                           Wax cabins

                       VIP & Team Catering

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON       Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009
Annex 1 – embassy and contact
Embassy Moskau for Belarus: Phone: +7 095 5029512
Embassy Sarajewo: Phone: +387 33 279400
Embassy Peking: Phone: +86 10 65329269
Embassy Almaty: Phone: +7 327 2501222
Embassy BMaA Wien: Phone: +43 501150 3501
Embassy Bukarest for Moldova: Phone: +40 21 2100271
Embassy Skopje: Phone +389/2 310 95 50
Embassy Moskau: Phone: +7 095 5029512
Republic of SERBIA
Embassy Belgrad: Phone: +381 11 3031956
Embassy Kiev: Phone: +380 44 2443942
Embassy BMaA Wien: Phone: +43 501150 3501

3rd IBU CUP BIATHLON             Obertilliach (AUT)   16 – 19.12.2009

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