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					     Surrey Sports Development Officers Forum (Minutes)
Date:        16 October 2008
Venue:       Woking Leisure Centre, Kingfield Road, Woking, GU22 9BA
Time:        10am – 12pm
Chair:       Paul Wycherley (Elmbridge) Vice Chair: Christina Hales (Waverley)


   Name                          Minutes     Role and Organisation
   Paul Wycherley                PW          SDO – Elmbridge BC
   Christina Hales               CH          SDO – Waverley BC
   Rich Artlett                  RA          SDO - Mole Valley BC
   Barry Young                   BY          ASDO – Elmbridge BC
   Jill Dixon                    JD          SDO – Woking BC
   Kate Carey                    KC          SDO – Runnymede BC
   Richard McVittie              RMc         SDO – Guildford BC
   Claire Thrussell              CT          SDO – Spelthorne BC
   Kelly Morgan-Pugh             KM-P        SDO – Surrey Heath BC
   Rob Cook                      RC          Active Surrey
   Nicola Gray                   NG          SDO – Epsom and Ewell BC
   Sandie Barker                 SB          Royal Borough of Kingston
   Sue Frett                     SF          Special Olympics Surrey
   Bob Bilson                    BB          Special Olympics Surrey
   Campbell Livingston           CL          Active Surrey
   Andy Gray                     AG          NGB – Canoeing
   Clare Nichols                 CN          Active Surrey
   Steve Edwards                 SE          Surrey FA
   Peter Ackred                  PA          Active Surrey
   Laura McGauran                LMc         Active Surrey Voluntary Internship

   1. Welcome

      PW welcomed the group.

   2. Introductions

      New members were introduced to the group.

   3. Apologies

      Apologies were received from Fay Granville, Su Freeman, Zoe McKinnon,
      Linda Jacks, Laura Wilson, Michelle Berry, Charlie Hutton, Laura Smith,
      Lesley McIntosh, Jennifer Mills, Angela Vahey, Wendy Newton.

   4. Minutes of the Last Meeting

      The minutes were taken as an accurate representation of the meeting and
      passed without amendment.
5. Matters Arising


6. Partnership Update – Active Surrey (AS)

      CL explained that following the launch of Sport England’s strategy in June
    there is uncertainty about funding for Active Surrey Sports Partnership after
    the end of March 09.
    The current funding set up is a mix of Sport England, Surrey County
    Council, the 11 Districts & Boroughs, various sport NGB & County
    Associations, and Surrey County Playing Fields Association.
    Chief Leisure Officers and Leisure Development Managers have received
    the same update to establish if they will continue their funding or even
    increase the funding that LA’s give AS.
    NGB’s won’t be able to commit until Dec 08 due to finalising development
    National CSP network submitted questions to Sport England which
    resulted in the FAQ document which was forwarded to all SDO’s by CL.
    Redundancy procedures have started at AS though there is optimism that
    funding from Sport England and Local Authorities will continue.
    SYG 2009 is safe (though there is a funding shortfall to make up).
    Linda Jacks is pulling together a document to show how SYG links into
    our development work which could be used by SDO’s to justify supporting
    If you value AS and the support they give our work, now is the time to let
    your Chief Leisure Officer and LDM know!!

7. Special Olympics Surrey Presentation
       Bob Bilson, Sue Frett and Sandie Barker.
       See OHP presentation
       Special Olympics Surrey would like a representative from each
       borough on the committee.
       Finance is available for taster days (pan disability).
       Football coach is available and ready to start!
       Support and in some cases funding is available to all LA’s who would
       like to get involved with disability sports or set up a disability sports club.

8. Women’s Football Presentation – Clare Nichols
   Will now be given in Jan 2009 meeting.

9. SCLOG and SLDM Updates

       Received a presentation from CL on future of AS
       Received a presentation from Wendy Newton on Competition
       Discussed SuSDOF benchmarking

      Received a presentation from Sarah White on future of Active Surrey
      with regard to funding.
10. Member Updates

       New STP being built, expected to be finished in Spring 09. Working
       on implementation of football development plan.
       Sport in the Park (free play in local recreation grounds) took place in
       August and September and was a mixed success.
       Extending Activities Club at Excel is going well, 4 state secondary
       schools involved. Submitting 2 bids for Sport Unlimited Spring 09 (1 in
       partnership with MV and E&E).

Epsom and Ewell
       Tennis For Free back up and running and numbers are excellent.
       October half term activities include Kick It Out tournament and official
       opening of the Auriol MUGA.
       Court Rec Football is also back, for both boys and girls run in
       partnership with Fulham FC.

        Sport For All Day @ Spectrum – minimal cost taster sessions being
        held to break down barriers to people participating in sport such as
        finance, distance etc.
        Undergoing a restructure at the Council and Sports Council which
        may lead to a separate Sports Council website.

Mole Valley
        Holding their Sports Awards which will feed nominations through to
        Surrey Sports Awards.
        Extending Activities funding bid to be completed in partnership with
        Elmbridge and Epsom and Ewell.

Reigate and Banstead
        No Update.

      Currently working with 3 clubs on ASCA.
      Extending Activities project, Runnymede Partners, going well with 33
      children booked on. Hopefully submitting 3 Sports Unlimited projects for
      Spring 2009.
      Working on a new quarterly Sports Update newsletter.

        Working with Football Focus and Brentford FC on provision of sports
        for children and young people with disabilities.
        Santa Sprint, fun run through Staines Town Centre.
        Second MEND scheme starting in Jan 09.

Surrey Heath
        SYG Sports Working group – details below (section 11 – SYG
        Working Group)
        Primary Schools hockey festival.
        Three Extending Activities projects currently running.
        No Update.

       Changes in staffing at Waverley include a new Head of Leisure and
       the loss of Active Communities Officer.
       Sport Godalming are in the process of re-issuing grants to
       international athletes of £750.

         Squash Extending Activities project going really well and is running at
        capacity. Will be submitting 3 or 4 Sports Unlimited bids for Spring 09.
        Working on the Community Sports Coach Scheme to try and
        encourage more children to attend the sessions as numbers have been
        quite low recently.
        Half term activities in October include a sportshall athletics course,
        netball, snowboarding and horse riding.

       Active Surrey
        New coaching courses are available
        New Community Football Coach for Girls has started and will be
         working 20 hours per week.
        Working with Chelsea Ladies FC to promote their matches in the
         borough by offering free tickets to their games – contact Clare Nichols
         for details.
        New Coach Ed programme available in November
        Futsal taster session @ Raynes Park (details on website)
        Coach training day on 27 Nov for Charter Standard Clubs along with
         a Charter Standard Awards evening to present certificates to those
         clubs who have already achieved Charter Standard.

       Several Sports Unlimited bids going to be submitted.
       Regional Day 15 Nov @ Shepperton.
       Regional team for the British Open has been selected with 6 out of
       the 12 coming from Surrey.

Principal Similar Issue
        Recruitment of volunteers and coaches.

11. Working Groups

          Last meeting held at the end of previous SuSDOF.
          Forums, Clubmark, ASCA were all discussed along with School Club
        90 clubs are interested or working towards ASCA.

Coaching Leadership
       No feedback available (no meeting since last quarter)
   Surrey Youth Games
           Group felt that optimum level of sports has been reached – we will
           work on the sports that currently take part in SYG.
           Monitoring and evaluation forms were sent out to all NGBs to
           establish if they were meeting their development objectives and from
           this the sports for SYG 2009 were discussed and the following decided:

    o Athletics – will be taken out of the SYG as it doesn’t meet a development
      objective, with a view to a possible disability competition.
    o Badminton – meeting its objectives, will be included in 2009.
    o Basketball – meeting its objectives, will be included in 2009.
    o Boccia – included in 2009 with a view to possibly splitting into SLD and MLD
    o Girls Football – excellent example of a sports form from Clare! Included in
    o Futsal – despite Clare’s best efforts it was decided to remove Futsal from
      SYG until more interest has been established.
    o MLD Football – included for 2009 with more development work through the
    o Hockey – included for 2009 with the recommendation that either all year 9’s
      are included or no year 9 girls in order to simplify rules.
    o Judo – still awaiting the form back from the new organiser. To be included in
      2009 with possibility of lowering the standard of competitors.
    o Netball – Hi 5 upgraded to a full sport for 2009, netball included in 2009.
    o Tag Rugby – to be included for 2009 with possibility of girls only comp in
    o Tennis – has not met development requirements so have been removed from
      SYG 2009.
    o Fencing – has not met development requirements so have been removed
      from SYG 2009.
    o Squash – Needs more development but will be included in 2009 SYG.
    o Swimming – included in 2009 SYG but reduced to only 2 age categories.

Sports in for 2009                         Sports not included
   o Badminton                                o Athletics
   o Basketball                               o Tennis
   o Girls Football                           o Futsal
   o Hockey                                   o Fencing
   o Judo
   o Netball
   o Hi 5 Netball
   o Tag Rugby
   o Squash
   Disability Sports:
   o Boccia
   o MLD Football
   o Athletics?

             In many cases the Sport Organisers can offer help but BTO’s need to
            ask for it!! For example Clare Nichols offers grants towards football but
            no-one asked for help from her.
            Rules will be simplified, age will be categorised by school year rather
            than age (with the exception of Judo for insurance reasons).
            Entry requirements – there are less sports this year so each borough
           needs to enter 2 disability sports +6 full sports to meet the requirements.
           Other sports that may be looked at in future include Biathlon and
           SYG 2009 is safe and will be funded even if AS go down to just a
           core team.

          Meeting held after SuSDOF where a benchmarking document was
          discussed. Copy of the document has since been emailed by CT,
          please send replies by the end of Oct.

   12. Training Needs and Conferences
            Sport Development Week (Birmingham) had mixed reviews. Copies
             of presentations available on their website.
            National Sports Development Conference (ISPAL) – NG attended,
             presentations available from ISPAL website.

   13. AOB.
             Training for Club Mark is available see Rob Cook.
             Paul Wycherley announced he was leaving his post at Elmbridge to
           work for Millwall. We are sad to see him go and wish him all the best for
           his new job. Christina Hales will now be acting Chair of SuSDOF.
           Laura McGauran is in place as an Assistant Sports Development
           Officer at AS as part of a voluntary internship.
           Paul Ackred has started his new role at Active Surrey as Disability
           Sports Development Officer.

   14. Date of Next Meeting

          15 Jan 2009 at Guildford.

PW thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

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