LAP Student Identification Process by malj


									  LAP Student Identification Process
1. Student Identification: LAP students are students who score
   below standard for his/her grade level on the statewide
2. Priority One: Level 1 students
              In each subject served by LAP (math, reading &
                writing) list the students in level 1 from the
                current WASL
              Rank order the students by WASL scores
              Starting with the student with the lowest score,
                gather additional data: (DIBELS, District Math
                Assessments, Special Ed. Identification, & ESL
              If you are bypassing a student in your rank order
                list DOCUMENT on the list the reason for not
                serving a student.
              Send parent notification letters. If parents do not
                respond to written notices, consent will be
                assumed. Keep copies of written notification to
                parents in student LAP record folder.
              Complete and Share an Accelerated Learning
                Plan for each LAP student at the October
                Partnership Conferences.
3. Priority Two (if time/staff permits) Level 2 students
   (follow procedures for Level 1 identified students)
4. The rank order list must be kept on file at the school for
   auditing purposes
5. NEW Students: Services will be determined by available
6. As students are exited or move, please refer to your rank
   order list to add the next qualified student.

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