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									         Field        Validation            Notes                                                                          Priority 1             Priority 2     Priority 3                  Priority 4             Priority 5
ContactName           Optional                                                                                             First & Last name      ContactName
                                            Put in the Contact First and Last Name here or fill in the columns for the ContactFirstName and ContactLastName      Left Blank
ContactSalutationCode Lookup                                                                                               Field (in Lookup)      Left Blank
ContactFirstName      Optional                                                                                             Field                  ContactName    Left Blank
ContactMiddleName Optional                                                                                                 Field                  Left Blank
ContactLastName       Optional                                                                                             Field                  ContactName    Left Blank
ContactSuffixCode     Optional                                                                                             Field (in Lookup)      Left Blank
Entity Code           Optional                                                                                             Field contacts, enter User Code
                                            Must be the entity code e.g. CUST-000001 and not "A US Customer". For personal (in Lookup)            Left Blank
ContactType           Optional                                                                                             Field (in Lookup)      Left Blank
                                            Options are: CustomerContact, CustomerShipToContact, SupplierContact, WarehouseContact and PersonalContact. Must be corresponding to the selected entity, e.g. CustomerContact
JobRole               Lookup                Full description e.g. Systems Administrator                                    Field                  Left Blank
BusinessTitle         Lookup                Can be the Business Title Code, CEO or description Chief Executive Officer Field (in Lookup)          Left Blank
Department            Lookup                Full description e.g. Customer Service                                         Field (in Lookup)      Left Blank
Address1              Optional              Address 1 - 4 are all put in to one field                                      Field                  Left Blank
Address2              Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Address3              Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Address4              Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
City                  Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
State                 Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
PostalCode            Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
County                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Country               Lookup                Full name e.g. United States of America                                        Field (in Lookup)      Class Template Default Customer Class Code Default to Dataset Country
BusinessTelephone     Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
BusinessTelephoneExtension                                                                                                 Field                  Left Blank
BusinessFax           Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
BusinessFaxExtension Optional                                                                                              Field                  Left Blank
HomeTelephone         Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
HomeTelephoneExtensionOptional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
HomeFax               Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
HomeFaxExtension      Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Mobile                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Pager                 Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Email                 Optional                                                                                              and
                                            must be a valid email format e.g. otherwise would reportField error                 Left Blank
TimeZone              Optional              must be a valid time zone format                                               Field                  Left Blank
ManagerName           Lookup                must be an existing entity contact. Enter contact full name                    Field                  Left Blank
AssistantName         Optional              Enter Assistant Full Name                                                      Field                  Left Blank
AssistantTelephone    Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
AssistantTelephonExtension                                                                                                 Field                  Left Blank
Notes1                Optional              Notes 1 - 5 will be put in to one field                                        Field                  Left Blank
Notes2                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Notes3                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Notes4                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
Notes5                Optional                                                                                             Field                  Left Blank
AssignedTo            Lookup                                                                                               Field (in Lookup)      Left Blank


As long as you put the column header onto your existing spreadsheet they do not need to be in the same order.
Columns can be missed off altogether.
ContactName is the field that overiddes the Saluation, FirstName, Middlename, LastName. i.e. if you enter something in the ContactName field and the first name, last name it will use the contactname only.
Data comes in different formats, if you buy a database in then you are likely to get it in firstname, lastname in separate columns. However, from some systems its one field.
So we allow you to enter either but if you enter both on the same row its priority will be to use the contactname field only.
Please note that if there are any errors in the import then NO records will be imported.
The system looks for errors in the file, if it finds up to 5 it will stop and report them. This is to save time rather than carry on with the whole file and report 1000s of errors.
One error will stop it importing altogether, this means you can sort out the file and try again, rather than have to pick out the data that did and did not get imported.
The error report should identify the field row and column that is causing an error.
Any field that has data within it that is bigger than the allowed value of the field will stop the import and report an error.
If a field contains a lot of numbers, it can't look like this '1.23457E+18'. Instead, format the column to be in 'Text' to avoid losing the actual value you placed.
Timezone field will accept even with just the city name, provided it is in the TimeZone list.
In the case of PersonalContact, EntityCode refers to the UserName.
Should you choose to use this particular worksheet in your import routine, please remove all the notes written here.

Optional – field may be skipped
Required – field should not be left empty
Lookup – data entered should be in the list of options e.g.entity, job role and departments specified in the import template must be setup prior to properly importing the import file

Size – no of characters to accommodate in each field
Usually up to 30 characters in default for most fields
Up to 5 characters only for the State fields
Will report if the value exceeds the recommended size

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