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                                 NHS National Staff Survey

    In order to share with everyone the results from the staff survey and our aspirations for
    involving you in how you would like us to improve our responses we are organizing a
    series of interactive forums for LCHS and one for NHSL Commissioning.

    You are invited to come along to these to hear a brief summary on what the survey told
    us and to take part in a discussion about what is already happening to address some
    of the views the survey highlighted, and to give us more ideas of how we can work
    together to resolve other key priorities.

    I do hope many of you will take the opportunity to come along to the Staff Survey
    Workshops we are holding during May and June (see my mail and workforce directory
    to book a place) and add your weight to the discussion and ideas we have for
    responding to what you have told us via the survey.

    If you can’t make these then we would be happy to try to attend staff meetings or
    briefings, please contact Sheila Manning to request this.

                           How anonymous is “anonymous”?

    Many of you told us that you didn’t believe the questionnaires were
    confidential because they were addressed to you personally and because
    reminders were sent if you hadn’t returned them.

    Contrary to popular belief this organization (NHS Lincolnshire/LPCT/LCHS) has
    nothing to do with the compilation and analysis of the results. We appoint an external
    organisation, which possesses vast experience in this specialist field and plays a major
    part in ensuring confidentiality is maintained and that individuals cannot be identified
    so that you can really have the chance to be open and honest in your opinions.

    The organization that NHS Lincolnshire has appointed for both 2008 and next year’s
    random survey is called Quality Health

    Process / Barcode

    We provide Quality Health with a list of our employee’s names and addresses which
    they sign for under the Data Protection Act. This means that if they use the information
    for any other purpose they can be prosecuted. Quality Health then use a data capture
    system to process the questionnaires as they are received. The bar code on the back
    of the questionnaire allows the system to identify which organisation it belongs to, so
    they can calculate response rates. It is much more accurate than counting by hand the
    number of questionnaires they have received. The bar code also puts a ‘tick’ against
    the name so that they know not to send you a reminder. The bar code reader is simply
    attached to a database with a list of staff. The processing of the completed
    questionnaires is then processed quite separately and the staff list destroyed. Your
    responses are never linked to your name. Quality Health only use the staff names
    from the staff list for addressing and reminder purposes.

    Those of you who may be concerned about being recognised because you have a
    unique role or contract arrangement need not worry. The reports that are publicised by
Quality Health and the Healthcare Commission only report on the views of ‘groups’ and
do not report on the views of individuals.

If you would like to see NHS Lincolnshire’s full format results from last year (2008) you
can visit:-

These can be found under Lincolnshire PCT and hopefully you will be reassured that it
is impossible to identify any individual results.

Sheila Manning
Staff Survey Forum (Chair)

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