Dear Stakeholders in Washingtons Future of Farming by mirit35


									Dear Stakeholders in Washington’s Future of Farming:

      As requested by Governor Gregoire and the State Legislature, WSDA is preparing a statewide strategic
        plan for Washington agriculture. With your support the draft plan will be ready in September 2008.
    The plan will reflect the vision of producers and realities of the industry now and into the foreseeable future.

The strategic planning process is in Phase Two and entering Phase Three. The web page is ready for use! Please join the process by
involving your producers and close industry linkages using the materials provided. This message is to restate the mandate of the
project, provide you with the most up-to-date materials, summarize where we are in the process, and invite you to make the Future of
Farming in the state of Washington a major priority.

Please involve your network; send the news to your contacts. The project website:

The Future of Farming press release can be viewed here:

A Future of Farming advertisement can be found here: Bring the Future of Farming
project to producers through your newsletters or other media.

Every producer is invited to provide their input for the Future of Farming strategic planning process; from the urban-edge micro-farm
serving local demand to the large-scale conventional farmer supplying national and international markets. This is a once-in-a-
generation chance to guide the future of Washington agriculture.
The most efficient way to engage producers in this work is through the survey. Every response is incorporated into a data matrix. The
matrix is a topic prioritization guide for the project Steering Committee. The survey is on-line:
A paper survey is available here: for use during classes or meetings. Future of Farming survey
brochures are mailed to you upon request. Contact us at or 360-902-7549

Summary of Project Phases:
During Phase One, launch of the project, we formed the steering committee out of a diverse set of Washington producers. The list of
members can be seen here: Concurrently, we completed a review of AG 2000, the strategic plan for
Washington agriculture written in 1988. AG 2000 is available in PDF format on the website:
Phase Two, primary data collection, includes this invitation to involve your network in the Future of Farming survey.
Phase Two is about listening to a wide breadth of producers and closely linked industry players. For this, Future of Farming staff is
travelling around the state taking part in meetings every week through June. Venue permitting, the location is announced here: Any member of the public wishing to attend the announced sites may do so. To reserve a seat
contact Carrie Coineandubh, Project Specialist:
Phase Three of the project is to form groups of specialists who develop prioritized topics (identified in Phase Two). From these groups
position papers will be written.
Phase Four begins in July 2008 when information will be compiled and documented for the draft strategic plan due in September.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Jennifer Harte, Future of Farming Coordinator                         Tel: 360-902-7740
Washington State Department of Agriculture                            Cell: 360-507-2462
Olympia, Washington 98504-2560                              

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