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					Do explain the language of NA. We
use “addict, clean time, recovery, etc.”                              Recovery Coast
Explain why we use it as the First Step
and Sixth Tradition reveal.
Do emphasize that NA recovery is
available to any addict, regardless of the
type of drugs used.
Do emphasize the importance of
getting to a NA meeting the FIRST day
 Do emphasize the importance of
getting a sponsor, home group, the
ongoing nature of recovery, and
attending 90 meetings in 90 days.
                                              WHAT IS OUR
 Do read and use the NA literature
recommended for H&I work. Encourage
                                               MESSAGE?                    HOSPITALS AND
residents to read the NA literature on                                          (H&I)
their own.
Don’t break another person’s
                                               The message is              PANEL MEMBER
anonymity or tell his or her story.
Don’t debate any issues involving the         that an addict,                  AND
                                                 any addict,
facility’s rules or regulations.
Don’t discuss conditions within the                                        ORIENTATION

                                                  can stop
facility or opinions about the staff.                             To assure that no addict in a hospital or
Don’t discuss or debate outside                                   institution seeking recovery need die
issues. Keep the focus on the positive
                                                using drugs,
                                                                   without having had a chance to find a
and unique qualities of NA.                                       better way of life. From this day forward,
Don’t put too much focus on what it                              may we provide the necessary services.
was like. They already know.
Don’t carry excessive cash or wear           lose the desire      CALL THE HELP LINE FOR MEETING UPDATES

                                                  to use,
expensive or flashy jewelry.                                              727-842-2433
Don’t show favoritism, collect any                            
money, take messages in or our or carry
any weapons.
Don’t give out any other person’s
                                                 and find             NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS HAS
                                                                     NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY OTHER

                                             a new way of life.
                                                                   ORGANIZATION AND NO ENDORSEMENT
address or phone number or give out
                                                                                IS IMPLIED
your address or phone number.                                                   (September 2007)
Hospitals and                                       What is expected                             “Having had a spiritual
Institutions                                 hall have a good understanding of the
                                             S                                                  awakening as a result of
                                            fellowship and policies relevant to the H&I
Panel Member /                              meeting                                          these steps, we tried to carry this
Speaker Orientation                          hall adhere to the rules of the facility –
                                            since we are guests in the facility
                                                                                                     message to addicts
                                             hall conduct one’s self responsibly.
                                               S                                                   and to practice these
              Purpose                       Remember, you are a representative of NA           principles in all our affairs”
                                             hall use the language of NA.
The purpose of an H&I presentation or       Identify yourself as an addict, clean from all
meeting is to carry the NA message of       mind and mood altering substances and in               Do’s and Don’ts
recovery to addicts who do not have full    recovery.
access to regular Narcotics Anonymous                                                             The Do’s and Don’ts
meetings. This is accomplished through            Take an active role                           are compiled based upon
the operation of panels that visit                                                              the experience of the H&I
facilities on a regular basis. These        The panel member or speaker takes an              subcommittees. They provide
panels are made up of a panel leader,       active role in a presentation or meeting in       some very helpful guidelines,
and one to three panel members              whatever acceptable capacity as may be
                                            requested by the panel leader. Being a             and should help you avoid
(speakers / observers). The purpose of                                                        some of the common pitfalls.
                                            panel member or speaker is a personal
this orientation is to acquaint the Panel
                                            commitment, so please do not volunteer if
Member / Speaker with the policies          you are not sure that you want to attend. If     Do start and end on time.
relevant to a H&I presentation or           you are not sure you will be able to attend a    Do briefly explain what H&I is.
meeting.                                    meeting or presentation you have                  Do make it clear that NA is separate
                                            committed to, you are to give the panel          and distinct from the facility as well as
         Requirements                       leader at least forty-eight hours notice.        other fellowships.
                                                                                             Do try to get residents involved,
 inimum of 6 months of uninterrupted
 M                                                 What you can do                          especially those in long-term facilities
clean time                                                                                   (literature person, coffee maker, etc.)
 inimum of 1 year of uninterrupted         What NA offers is to carry a message of           Do obey all dress codes. Exercise
clean time for jail facilities              recovery from the disease of addiction           some common sense and dress
 ust meet the clean time requirement          through the twelve steps, twelve              appropriately.
                                               traditions and twelve concepts of             Do bring stamped literature into the
of the facility
                                                     Narcotics Anonymous.                    facility with the local phone line number.
 ust have a willingness to share your
experience, strength and hope!                                                                                  Continued

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