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									The National Collection of Papaver orientale

Papaver orientale - Our Award-winning collection

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Of all the perennials in our collection, these are my favourite. I am overawed by
their beauty and I never tire of studying their different shapes and form. They are
such versatile plants looking at home in both inner city gardens and country

Our special collection of Papaver orientale, which numbers over 150 different
varieties, is set in amongst mixed borders and presentation beds at our Nursery.
We have gathered our collection from many parts of the U.K., Europe and the
USA. These include the new and exciting R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit varieties
of ‘Aglaja’, ‘Effendi’, ‘John III’, ‘Khedive’, and ‘Leuchtfeuer’.

The newer varieties have been bred with care and consideration to promote
shorter, strong sturdy stems, longer flowering upright facing blooms, and
tolerance to our climatic changes of sun, rain and wind. There are now several
lower height poppies (12 to 24 inches. 30 to 60cm) which are well suited to the
small garden and which can still look very impressive in a large herbaceous
border as a front feature plants in country homes.

The colour combinations of the newer poppies are endless ranging from the
purest white, palest blush pink through the colour spectrum of pink, both
warming to salmon and cooling to old rose shades, and of course covering the
fashion shade of plum to purple.

For personal visitors our display beds and borders will be brimming with their
colour during May, June and July. Many Horticultural Societies from around the
U.K. and the continent of Europe visit us at this time of year.

Since 2000 we have introduced new poppies that we feel are different enough
and an improvement on the existing poppies for one reason or another example..
new colour breaks, lower growing height, upward facing flowers on firm stems,
with very good form, and most importantly longer flowering season.

Millennium 2000 releases. Brand new poppies bred in Hampshire which we think are
stunning. Think of a mid raspberry shade mixed with a little grey and you have
‘Raspberry Ruffles’. ‘Lauren's Lilac’ Magnificent blooms ( a x from its parent
Patty's Plum) A ruffled large pinky red named ‘Fiesta’

2001 Saw the arrival of

         Pure White,& lovely ‘Snow Goose’
         Large flowering warm and pale, ‘Pink Panda’
         Oranges & Lemons 'Flamenco' from Germany
         Elegant pastel pink, water lily shaped ‘The Promise’

Each year we introduce more in the hopes that we fulfil the gardeners dream.
Longer lasting flowering season, new colour breaks ( I’m still searching for a Blue
P. orientale! or to breed a Black! Listed below you will find all the poppies we

Enjoy your garden, Sandy Worth

Water Meadow Nursery, Water Meadows Cheriton. Hampshire

Papaver orientale list of varieties available.
PAPAVER       mostly           clump forming        perennials
   bracteatum                  Tall, lovely deep red ,black blotch.    6-7    48   jmp
   or: 'Abu Hassan'            Salmon red, serrated edge, upright      5-7    30   osu
   or: 'Aglaja'                Good mid pink double row of petals      6-7    28   mp s
   or: 'Aladin'                Deep crimson. Large frilly petals.      6-7    36   mp s
   or: 'Ali Baba'              Deep crimson red flowers                6-7    32   mp s
   or ‘Alison’ New             Vivid, vibrant stunning like the girl   6-7    32   mps
   or: 'Allegro'               Large red blooms.                       6-7    24   dgi
   or: 'Arwide'                Sturdy apricot red paling to centres    5-7    32   mp s
    or: 'Aslahan'              Salmon pink & white very beautiful.     5-7    32   osu
   or ‘Atrosanguineum’         Dark red flowers on tall stems .        5-7    40   ikn
   or ‘Avebury Crimson’        Tall and majestic. Crimson petals.      5-7    40   osu
   or: ‘Balikeid’              Pretty pink petals                      6-7    32   k mp
   or: 'Beauty of Livermere'   AGM Dark red fls. with black blotch.    6-7    30   jmp
   or 'Beauty Queen'           Shades muted bronze pale orange.        5-7    40   ikn
   or: ’Bergermeister Rot’     from Belgium like Patty’s Plum?         5-7    34   loq
    or: 'Big Jim'              Awful name! Tall, deep red blue         6-7    36   mp s
PAPAVER                        DESCRIPTION                             Date   Ht   Cost
……or: 'Black & White' AGM      Large white with black centre.          6-7    20   gIk
wrong!    Blackberry Queen’       Bought as an improved Patty’s Plum         6-7    36   ---
    or: 'Blickfang'               'Arresting sight'-it's that type of red.   6-7    30   osu
    or: ’Bonfire’                 Bright red black blotch sturdy & tall      6-7    36   gi k
     or: ’Brilliant’              Not flowered yet strong red orange         6-7    34   ik m
     or ’Brooklyn’ New 2004       Ruby red flowers fade at petal edge        6-7    32   mps
    or: 'Catherina '              Large salmon ,with black blotch,           6-7    32   mp s
    or: 'Carnival '               Colourful red and white flowers            5-7    32   mp s
    or: 'Cedar Hill'              Small growing. Pink flowers.               5-7    20   jmp
    or: 'Cedric Morris' AGM       Huge, grey-toned pink poppies.             6-7    24   koq
    or: 'Charming '               Pale pink with mauve base beautiful.       6-7    24   imp
    or: 'China Boy '              Orange /white flowers, not seen yet        6-7    30   mp s
    Or: ‘Choir Boy’               White flowers, can vary seed grown         6-7    32   mp s
   or: ‘Clochard New 07           Ruffled apricot pink pale base             6-7    32   nqt
   or : ‘Coral Reef’              New Vivid coral pink 5 “ flowers           6-8    26   k mp
    or: ’Corrina’                 Salmon pink flowers dark red blotch        6-7    32   i km
    or: 'Curlilocks'              Serrated orange-red, black blotch          6-7    24   hjm
   or:: ’Diana’                   Palest pink almost blush white             6-7    34   k mp
    or: 'Derwisch'                Deep salmon red flowers incredible         5-7    32   mp s
    or: ‘Double Pleasure’         Not Double! Mid pink disfigured            5-7    30   mp s
    or: 'Doubloon'                Showy large double orange flowers.         5-7    32   gik
   or: ‘Earl Grey’ New            Palest Pink/Grey simple style petals       5-7    28   mpr
    or: 'Effendi'         AGM     Huge flowers of pinky salmon.              6-7    28   osu
    or: 'Elam Pink'               Good mid warm pink blooms.                 6-7    30   ikm
    or: ‘Erste Zuneigang’         Beautiful pale pink & fully double         6-7    32   k mp
    or: ‘Eskimo Pie’              Best thing is its name! from U.S.A         rub    bi   sh!
    or ‘Fancy Feathers’ 08        Well cut serrated edges in pink            6-7    24   mpr
     or: 'Fatima'                 Frilly white, pinky salmon edge.           6-7    24   mp s
    or: 'Feuerriese'              Fire red and beautiful.                    6-7    32   mp s
    or: ‘Feuerzwerg’      2000    Fire dwarf brilliant red miniature         5-7    12   psu
    or: ’Fiesta’       New 2000   Ruffled edge sturdy salmon orange          6-7    32   mp s
    or ‘Firefly’       NEW 08     Lots red flowers low growing               6-7    15   mpr
    or: 'Flamenco'                Oranges lemons & cream, stunning           5-7    30   osu
    or: ‘Flamingo’                Like its name hopefully! ( not seen. )     5-7    32   k mp
    or ‘Fornsett Summer’          Salmon pink serrated & ruffled edge        6-7    30   k mp
    or: 'Garden Glory '           Pinky salmon flowers.                      6-7    36   i km
    or: 'Glowing Embers'          Vivid deep red blooms                      5-7    32   ikm
    or: 'Glowing Rose'            Erect. Deep rose coloured flowers.         6-7    28   m ps
    or: 'Goliath '                Erect. Huge crimson red flowers.           6-8    40   hjm
  or: 'Graue Witwe'               Beautiful pale grey. Unstable!             6-7    24   k mo
  or: 'Halima '                   Salmon pink with red to base, sturdy       6-7    20   osu
  or :’Harvest Moon’              Semi double deep orange very bold          6-7    44   ilo
  or: ’Heidi’                     New soft pink low growing.                 6-7    24   k mp
  or: 'Helen Elizabeth'           Satin pink open flowers.                   6-7    24   ikm
  or: ’Harlem’ New 2004           Muted dark pinky maroon                    6-7    36   npr
 or: 'Hula Hula'.                 Pink, black blotch. Frilly cut petals      6-7    28   osu
 or ‘Indian Chief’                Dark red blooms                            6-7    32   mps
 or: 'John III'          AGM      Small & prolific blooms . Vivid red.       6-7    28   mp s
 or: 'John Metcalf'               Satin pink, open base with red spot.       6-7    32   i km
 or: 'Juliane'                    Delicate rose colour sturdy stems.         5-7    32   i km
 or :'Karine'            AGM      Smooth, pale salmon pink. Erect.           6-7    24   i km
 or: 'Khedive '         AGM       Upright, Pale pink fading to blush.        6-7    24   osu
 or: 'Kleine Tanzerin'            Dark pink flowers. Sturdy Lower            6-7    20   ikm
PAPAVER                           DESCRIPTION                                Date   Ht   Cost
 or: 'King George'                Serrated edge bright red, black spot.      6-7    36   mp s
  or: 'Kollebloem'                Blood red flowers Well formed.           5-7    32   mp s
  or:’Ladybird’                   Vermilion red, large black blotches      5-7    60   gik
  or:'Lady Frederick Moore'       Pretty pink, smaller flowers.            6-7    24   i km
  or: 'Lady Roscoe'               Orange red with dark blotch.             5-7    30   mp s
 or: 'Lambada'          NEW       Red with white. Wonderful.               6-7    24   mp s
 or ‘Laurens Lilac’               In Vogue mauve purple black spot.        5-7    40   koq
or: 'Leuchtfeurer           AGM   Lovely orange toned pinky red.           6-7    28   mp s
 or:' Lighthouse            AGM   Large pale pink/deep red blotch.         6-7    32   mp s
 or: 'Lilac Girl'                 Very pretty pale lilac flowers           6-7    30   i km
 or: ‘Little Candy Floss 08       Pale Pink with blotch v. pretty. Low     6-7    14   mpr
..or ‘Louvre’ NEW                 Beautiful white (Holland) not seen.      6.-7   28   jmp
 or: ’Maiden’s Blush’             Soft blush pink blooms                   6-7    32   jmp
 or: ‘Manhattan’ New 2004         Open Crinkle edged mauve petals          6-7    32   k mp
 or:: 'Marcus Perry'              Soft, satiny orange flowers.             6-7    24   i km
 or 'Master Richard'              Rose pink with serrated edges.           6-7    28   osu
 or: ’Mary Finan’                 Old American variety .Red flowers        6-7    32   gik
 or: ‘May Queen’                  Double orange scarlet flowers            5-7    30   gik
 or: 'May Sadler'                 Blush pink and delicate looking.         5-7    28   i km
 or ‘Midnight ‘                   V large muted orange, white edges.       5-7    32   jmp
 0r: ‘Miss Piggy’                 Very pale pink with serrated edges       5-7    28   mpr
 or: 'Mrs Perry'                  Pale salmon pink with black blotch .     6-7    24   i km
or: ‘Mrs. H. G. Stobart’          Old variety, v. good rose colour         6-7    36   k mo
 or: 'Noema'                      V.NEW. Fern like foliage                 6-7    30   osu
 or: ’Orange Glow’                Glowing orange like its name             6-7    34   iko
 or: ‘Orangeade Maison’           Orange apricot shade                     6-7    32   hjm
  or: 'Oriana'                    Orange red with dark purple blotch.      5-7    30   i km
‘ rubbish’ or: ‘Oriental’         U.S.A. Large orange red flowers.         5-7    30   ----
 or: 'Pale Face'                  Soft pink shading to pale pink base.     6-7    30   k mo
 or: 'Patty's Plum'               Burnished plum tones.                    6-7    28   jlo
 or: 'Perry's White'              Very light blush white .                 6-7    24   gik
 or: 'Peter Pan'                  Red orange double blooms low             6-7    15   i km
 or: 'Petticoat’                  Dark pink with white edge, stunning      6-7    28   osu
 or: 'Picottee'                   White base, frilled orange red petals.   6-7    24   gik
  or: 'Pink Lassie''              Deep cupped pale pink, red blotch.       6-7    32   mp s
  or: ‘Pink Panda’ NEW 2001       Huge warm blush pink, black blotch       5-7    36   psu
…or: ’Pink Pearl’ New             Pretty pink flowers lower growing        5-7    20   mpr
  or: ‘’Pink Ruffles’ New         Pale pink dark eye ‘Shaggy edged’        5-6    34   k mo
  or: 'Pinnacle'                  Bi-colour, cream with red edges.         6-7    30   i km
  or: 'Pizzicato '                Multiheads, Prolific Mixed colours.      6-7    20   gik
  or ‘Place Pigalle ’ New         White with red pink edges                6-7
  or: 'Polka '                    White base, pretty orange red edge.      6-7    28   mps
   or 'Prince Eugen '             Crinkly salmon red petals. Upright       6-7    28   mp s
  or: Prince of Orange            Muted orange with a glow.                6-7    36   gik
  or 'Princess Victoria Louise'   Pale pink, dark blotch to base.          6-7    24   i km
  or: 'Prospero'                  Red flowers. Not flowered yet.           5-7    30   mps
  or: ‘Raspberry Ruffles’         Muted raspberry double row petals.       5-7    36   psu
  or: 'Raspberry Queen'           Raspberry pink, ‘running mascara ‘.      6-8    24   jmo
  or: 'Rembrandt'                 Lovely, dark red flowers dark eye.       5-7    32   mps
  or. ’Ruffled Patty’ NEW         Double row mauve cut edge flowers        5-7    28   mpr
  or: ‘Rose Queen’                Rosy pink flowers old lost variety       5-7    36   kmo
  or: 'Rosenpokal'                'Pink Goblet'. Good description.         5-7    30   mps
  or: ‘Rotezwerg’                 Low growing red for front of border      5-7    15   k mp
PAPAVER                           DESCRIPTION                              Date   Ht   Cost
Royal Chocolate Distinction       Deep brown toned red.                    5-7    30   psu
     or: 'Royal Wedding'           Pure white flowers, black blotch.      5-6   32   i km
     or: ‘Saffron’,                Palest orangey yellow med: blooms      5-6   32   i km
     or: 'Salmon Glow'             Salmon, pink- orange flowers.          5-7   30   i km
     or: 'Salome'                  Early. Large rose coloured flowers.    5-7   28   mps
     or: 'Scarlet King'            Large scarlet red flowers.             5-7   34   gik
     or: 'Showgirl’          AGM   .Mid pink. Double row, crinkly.        5-7   32   kmo
     or: ’Silberosa’               Silvery muted purple pink beautiful    5-7   30   mps
     or: 'Sindbad'                 Signal red. Sturdy, tall & upright.    5-7   44   mp s
    or ‘Snow Goose                 Frilly double row with maroon base     5-7   36   mp s
     or: 'Spatzunder '             Cut edged petals in red with           5-7   28   mp s
     or: 'Springtime'              White base, pale salmon self / edge.   5-7   28   hjm
…….or: ‘Sunset’ New 08             Beautiful red flowers good form        5-7   26   mpr
     or: 'Sturmfackel'             'Stormtorch'. Red orange flowers       5-7   28   mps
     or: 'Suleika'                 Deep pink-red white edged open         6-7   28   mps
     or: 'Sultana'                 Large rose-pink flowers. Upright       6-7   30   mps
     or: ‘The Promise’ New         Sturdy growth v .good form in pink     6-7   32   psu
     or: ‘Tiffany’ New             Pale maroon pink . with black blotch   6-7   32   mps
     or: ‘Trinity’ New 2003        Good pink with triangular d .blotch    6-7   32   psu
     or 'Turkenlouis'              Red serrated petals L. black spots     6-7   24   gik
     or:' Turkish Delight'         Small growing, soft pink,& pretty      6-7   24   i km
     or 'Tutu'                     Double flowers, orange, upward.        6-7   28   osu
     or: ‘Victoria Dreyfuss’       Orange red pleated boom black spot     6-7   36   k mp
     or:' Water Melon '            Deep magic raspberry .Better staked    6-7   32   i km
     or ’ White Knight’            This one needs checking as above.!     6-7   30   i km
……or: ’White Ruffles’ NEW          Double row cut edged flowers low       6-7   16   mpr
       ‘Wisley Beacon’ NEW         Clean ,clear orange, black button.     5/8   24   k mp
     or: 'Wunderkind'              Bright cerise pink flowers             5-7   32   mp s
     rhoeas ‘Angels Choir          Double form. Beautiful colours.        6-8   15   egi
     rhoeas Mother of Pearl        Grey-white with pink shimmer.          6-9   15   egi
PAPAVER somn. (our own )           Mixed & Paeony double, all shades      ann   30   egi

Example e g k            e = 9cm pot. (the smallest size)
g= Med pot size 1:Lt volume. k= the largest size.

*          £1:85                          l          £5:30
a          £1:00                          m          £5:60
b          £1:95                          n          £6:00
c          £2:30                          o          £6:30
d          £2:60                          p          £6:90
e          £3:00                          q          £7:30
f          £3:30                          r          £7:90
g          £3:60                          s          £8:30
h          £3:90                          t          £8:90
i          £4:30                          u          £9:60
j          £4:60                          v          £10:30
k          £5:00                          w          £11:30

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