Beginner PHP Course by malj


									Beginner PHP Crash Course

This course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of PHP. The course is
designed to be a intensive course to get the participant up and running in coding
in php.

No knowledge of php is needed. But participant needs to understand basic
programming concept. Such as the concept of variables and control structures.
And understand basic HTML.

Course last for 2 days during the weekend. Course starts at 9am and ends at
5pm. Course will stop for lunch break.

1. Intro:
       a. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
       b. Basic Syntax
                i. HTML<-->PHP
               ii. Variables
              iii. Superglobals
             iv. Data types
               v. operator
             vi. control structure
             vii. functions
2. forms data
       a. GET
       b. POST
       c. COOKIE
       d. REQUEST
       e. FILE
3. mysql basic functions
       a. connections
       b. select queries
       c. update/insert queries
       d. database/table creation
4. Sessions and cookie
5. Writing a Sample php application
       a. Login system
       b. Forum system

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