Cheat Sheet for Registration Term 200920

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					                                           Cheat Sheet for Registration – Term 200920
To Add or Re-Register from a Financial Drop
    • First week:                     advisor approval or alternate pin;
    • Second week and beyond:         advisor, instructor and dean for all students
    • Re-Registration from a Financial Drop requires 2nd week rules and Financial Aid signature
                        Students need to obtain alternate pin from their advisor.
                 The office of the Registrar does not distribute pins directly to students
If students drop all courses after the first day of class please change the status field located in the
Enrollment Information block of SFAREGS from “EL” to “WS”. This is for Title IV purposes.
Term codes for Spring 2009: General Term: 200920; Med Term: 200925
Use form SFAREGS to register students by course reference number (CRN) or by course information
(SSASECQ), provided the student has tried to use Self Service and has encountered problems.
The date field of the Keyblock of SFAREGS is not be modified.
CRN numbers can be referenced using the form SSASECQ
Undeclared or unclassified Graduate students receive permission to register (in writing) from the
department offering the course. Undergraduate non-degree seeking students receive permission
from an University College advisor. The Office of the Registrar must have a registration form with the
appropriate signatures to process these registrations.
All Law and Medicine registration changes and questions are directed to their registration offices.
 Permission for Closed Classes
 Allied Health            Department Chair
 Arts & Sciences          Department Chair or
     ENGL                     Instructor
     MATH                     Dennis Wacker
     THEO                     Instructor
 Business                 Department Chair & Advisor
 Graduate                 Dept Chair (See A&S Rules)
 Nursing                  Judy Carlson
 Public Service           Department Chair
 Parks College            Department Chair
 Philosophy & Letters Father Hallet
 Professional Studies Mary Walker
 Social Service        Patricia Swatek (UG)
                       Pam Huggins (MSW)
 Persons acting for deans
 AS: Stephen Dina       PK: Jessica Matistic
 BA: Advising Office    PS: Mary Walker
 ED: Patricia Swatek SS: Patricia Swatek (UG)
 GR: Ron Rebore                Pam Huggins (MSW)
 NR: Judy Carlson