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					                          The Directory for Church Government

This working bibliography contains works about the Directory for Church Government. Note
that this bibliography does not contain works by the Assembly or its members unless it is
about the Directory. Nor does it contain works about the later adherents of or disputes about
subscription to the Directory unless those disputes contain expositions of the Assembly’s
history or texts.

If you are able to able to correct or supplement this bibliography please email your
corrections to the managing editor of bibliographies, Mr Billy McMillan, at

Anonymous. A directory of church government anciently contended for and, as far as the
times would suffer, practised by the non-conformists in the days of Queen Elizabeth. Found in
the study of ... T. Cartwright, after his decease, &c. 1644. [DCG]

Boughen, E. Observations upon the ordinance of the Lords and Commons at
Westminster after advice had with their Assembly of Divines for the ordination of ministers
pro tempore, according to their directory for ordination and rules for examination therein
expressed, die Mercurii 2 Octob., 1644. Oxford : Printed by Leonard Lichfield, 1645. [DCG]

Smith, P. J. “The Debates on Church Government at the Westminster Assembly of Divines,
1643-1646.” PhD diss., Boston University, 1975. [DCG]

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