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                                        Case 5: Tradelink


        Our consultants here at Anonymous Online have reviewed Tradelink’s current status as a
premier electronic trade network and have developed recommendations to further improve its
services. This analysis covers the importance of network value, balancing of buyers and sellers,
creating alliances with other networks, and creating standards for transaction processes.
Adhering to our recommendations will not only improve services, but in turn will help make
Tradelink compete more effectively with other similar trade networks.

Network Value

         Tradelink’s network as it stands today is large and well established. It has been able to
maintain a niche in the electronic trade market with unique e-commerce services that has allowed
it to grow. Its expansion in the Asian Pacific region has only added value to the network; with
each new service and partner that is added, the value of the network will increase. Tradelink is a
leading e-commerce provider for Hong Kong and the Asian Pacific region; however, it must now
focus on reaching traders in the global market. Tradelink is familiar with using third-party
services and partnerships to increase its network value, TradeCard is such an example. In
addition to TradeCard’s services, we recommend Tradelink to offer a tracking service for
international customers, along with extensive online and real-time services. By investing more
resources into TradeCard and increasing the services it provides, Tradelink and its entire network
will benefit from improved efficiency in regards to global trade and will become more
competitive in the global market.

Balance of Buyers and Sellers

       Having already developed the seller side of the trade market, Tradelink now needs to
focus on attracting more buyers so that it can find a balance between buyers and sellers.
Increasing the amount of sellers can prove to be a negative effect on the network. That is, having
too many sellers to buyers creates more competition between sellers—which is good for the
buyers. Sellers could decide to leave the network due to the high competition. Currently the
pan-Asian Portal is a tool proposed to attract more buyers. We recommend expanding the portal
to provide more promotional and advertising services as well as moving ahead with the plan to
provide a link to U.S. and European portals. This will aid in attracting buyers and will continue
to make Tradelink more competitive by offering some of the services that potential rivals, such
as Transact Link, currently offer.
Alliances with Networks

        Tradelink has been forming partnerships and alliances very effectively, increasing
services, increasing network value, and achieving cross-border trading. While increasing the
network can cause a negative effect due to high costs in managing a large network, we believe
that Tradelink can still benefit from positive feedback by continuing to increase its network.
Tradelink needs to identify networks that will provide a benefit to current partners without a high
cost and without causing competition. In particular, Tradelink needs to identify networks from
abroad to further expand their global trade ambitions. For example, creating an alliance with a
North American trade network can extend the reach of Tradelink users into the U.S. and
Canadian markets.

Standards for Transaction Processes

         Creating alliances can lead to the creation of standards which benefits all parties.
Industry standards, secure networks, and trusted service lead to more potential for buyers and
sellers to use the system and it also creates a more efficient network. This gives Tradelink a
competitive edge as its network continues to increase in value, at the expense of competitors,
causing a positive feedback. In the global market, it is important that Tradelink find a medium
between compatibility and performance. Creating a mutual recognition of digital certificates in
the Pan-Asian Alliance was successful due to necessary compromises to address compatibility
issues; these compromises resulted in standards. Tradelink needs to apply the same methods
when dealing with U.S. or European partners and/or networks. By ensuring interoperability,
compatibility, a competitive level of performance and developing standards Tradelink will
maintain its status as a premier electronic trade network.

Conclusion/ Recommendation

       Tradelink is currently positioned well in the electronic trade market. The network
continues to gain value as more users and partners enter the network. However, optimizing the
network is key to maintaining a competitive edge. The following list provides a summary of our

   (1) Focus in the global trade market - Shifting from a regional to a global scale market and
       enhancing TradeCard services will provide a competitive edge.
   (2) Promotional Service and Portal Expansion - Expansion of the Pan-Asian portal to
       provide promotional services as well as having it be compatible with U.S. and European
       portals will aid in attracting new users, especially buyers.
   (3) New Network Alliances – Tradelink needs to identify networks from abroad that will
       benefit current partners which will in turn increase network value.
   (4) Striving for industry standards -In order to increase efficiency and network value,
       Tradelink should strive to form standards amongst its partners.

   We here at Anonymous Online believe that Tradelink has potential to do much more and
   wish Tradelink the best in its future endeavors.

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