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 Raw, Provocative New Film from Underground Auteur Todd Verow,
 To Play Limited Engagement at the Pioneer Theater June 16th – 22nd
ANONYMOUS, the new film from acclaimed underground filmmaker Todd Verow (FRISK, LITTLE
SHOTS OF HAPPINESS), will play a limited engagement June 16th – 22nd at the Pioneer Theater.
A graphic, uninhibited story of a man whose sexual addiction threatens to take over his life,
ANONYMOUS premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival in February.

After 5 years, Todd (director Verow) escapes from his stale relationship by secretly prowling
public toilets and the Internet looking for anonymous sex. When his boyfriend John (Dustin Schell)
catches Todd in flagrante in the bathroom at his workplace, he beats Todd up and throws him
out of their apartment. Homeless, Todd is forced to live at his office, but his compulsion for sex
throws his job into jeopardy too.

Filmed on digital video in a gritty, improvisational style, ANONYMOUS pulls no punches in its
depiction of the attractions—and the costs—of easy, no-strings hookups in the Internet age.
While it charts the down-and-dirty life of its protagonist, ANONYMOUS also poses tough questions
about the nature of attachment and emotional involvement, and the ways that we lose a
connection to someone we love. ―I set out to make a film about relationships and the
impossibilities and complexities of monogamous sexuality,‖ explains Verow. ―I had been
developing the character for a few years: a lonely man who works in a movie theater and has
anonymous sex in public places and via the internet. It seemed natural to me that my first gay
feature after FRISK would be about love—real love—not the kind that we see in most movies but
the kind that requires a lot of blood, sweat, and work.‖

Called ―New York’s underground cinema poster boy‖ by Time Out New York and ―the Spielberg
of film’s new digital age‖ by CBS’s 48 Hours, Verow is one of the country’s most noted and
prolific independent filmmakers. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown
University, and the American Film Institute, he made a string of widely screened and praised
short films and in 1996 his feature debut with FRISK, a controversial adaptation of Dennis
Cooper’s novel of the same name. His other features include LITTLE SHOTS OF HAPPINESS,
ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN, which have been shown in film festivals around the world, including
Sundance, Locarno, Berlin, Singapore, South by Southwest, Los Angeles, and Toronto.
ANONYMOUS is his 12th feature.

ANONYMOUS was written, produced, and directed by Todd Verow, executive produced by Jim
Dwyer, edited by Frances Collins, and shot on mini DV by Elliott Kennerson, with additional
photography by Shawn Durr and Lee Kohler. The original score is by Jim Dwyer. The cast
includes Todd Verow, Dustin Schell, Jason Bailey, Noah Powell, Shawn Durr, Sophia Lamar, Philly,
Craig Chester, Lee Kohler, and Florian Sanshisthal.

The Pioneer Theater is located at 155 East 3rd Street (at the corner of Ave. A) NY, NY. 10009. tel.
(212) 254-3300. ANONYMOUS will be screening nightly at 9pm June 16th – 22nd. Todd Verow and
members of the cast will be at the screenings for questions and answers after the screenings.

                               ANONYMOUS USA, 2004, 84 minutes

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