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									                                                                                                                                              Labatt Blue


                                                                                                                                             Pond Hockey


Saturday Feb 27, 2010 Pond Schedule                                                                                       *** 10 am - 2 pm 103.3 The Edge Live Broadcast on Saturday ***

Rink 1                                                Rink 2                                                 Rink 3                                                Rink 4
  7:15 AM Icy Red South         Black Knights           7:15 AM Cyclones            Ice Road Puckers           7:15 AM Growlers              Texas Roadkill          7:15 AM Jesters                 Green Machine

  8:00 AM Jake's                Underdogs               8:00 AM Gecko's             Gabels                     8:00 AM Whalers               Dangleberries           8:00 AM P22 South               Ft Hell Fish

  8:45 AM Bar Bill Bruins       Crist-Like              8:45 AM Ice Jag Dads        Ulrich's AC                8:45 AM Labatt 50's           Grey Fire               8:45 AM LanTrax Media           Double Runners

  9:30 AM Buffalo DPW           Buffalo Blue Devils     9:30 AM Blues               Integrated Controls        9:30 AM Ice Rats              Rink Rats               9:30 AM 43lat79long             Lost but not forgotten

 10:15 AM Ice Time ProShop      Polish Falcons         10:15 AM K                   Ice maint.               10:15 AM K                      Ice maint.             10:15 AM Glen Falls Bare Bones   New Hampshire Mules

 11:00 AM K                     Ice maint.             10:30 AM Dave&Adam CardWorld The Violators            10:30 AM 103.3 The Edge         Adirondack             11:00 AM K                       Ice maint.

 11:15 AM Buffalo's Best        Red Fire               11:15 AM The Glaciers        WNY Ford Dealers         11:15 AM Ice Hounds             Wolves                 11:15 AM Consumer's Beverage     Great Lakes Bldg Sys

Noon      Cozumel Grill         Icemen Red            Noon      Charlie O'Brien's   South Buffalo (EA)       Noon      Inergex Icemen        Sunny L.A.            Noon      Vt Granite Stators      Rochester

 12:45 PM Polar Bears           Double Runners         12:45 PM Pesci Pizza         Thirsty Buffalo           12:45 PM Ft Trout              Trout Deux             12:45 PM Installs                MMS

  1:30 PM K                     Ice maint.              1:30 PM Five Holes          Rural Metro                1:30 PM Wilson Farms          Wilson Farm winner      1:30 PM K                       Ice maint.

  1:45 PM P22 North             Coughlans Pub           2:15 PM K                   Ice maint.                 2:15 PM K                     Ice maint.              1:45 PM WGR550                  Icy North

  2:30 PM Americans             Colter Bay              2:45 PM Pond Scum           Buffalo Blue               2:45 PM Metzger's Pub         Ale House               2:30 PM Team Robo               Frozen Seamen

  3:15 PM Advantage Attackers   New England Pirates     3:30 PM Handful of Clams    Wheatfield II              3:30 PM Pink Panthers         Angry Penguins          3:15 PM Wheatfield I            Fontana

  4:00 PM Rusty Blades          Yankee Dogs             4:15 PM Maryvale Prep       Moog Flyers                4:15 PM Buffalo Old Boys      Thompsons               4:00 PM Crickett                Willvale A's

Rink 5                                                Rink 6                                                 Rink 7                                                Rink 8
  7:30 AM Ice Jag Dads          Bar Bill Bruins         7:30 AM Crist-Like             Ulrich's AC            7:30 AM LanTrax Media          Labatt 50's             7:30 AM Grey Fire               Double Runners

  8:15 AM Buffalo DPW           Blues                   8:15 AM Integrated Controls    Buffalo Blue Devils    8:15 AM Ice Rats               43lat79long             8:15 AM Rink Rats               Lost but not forgotten

  9:00 AM Icy Red South         Ice Road Puckers        9:00 AM Black Knights          Cyclones               9:00 AM Texas Roadkill         Jesters                 9:00 AM Growlers                Green Machine

  9:45 AM Jake's                Gecko's                 9:45 AM L                      Ice maint.             9:45 AM L                      Ice maint.              9:45 AM Whalers                 Ft Hell Fish

 10:30 AM L                     Ice maint.             10:00 AM Underdogs              Gabels                10:00 AM P22 South              Dangleberries          10:30 AM L                       Ice maint.

 10:45 AM Double Runners        Pesci Pizza            10:45 AM Polar Bears            Thirsty Buffalo       10:45 AM Ft Trout               Installs               10:45 AM Trout Deux              MMS

 11:30 AM Five Holes            P22 North              11:30 AM Rural Metro            Coughlans Pub         11:30 AM WGR550                 Wilson Farms           11:30 AM Icy North               Wilson Farm winner

 12:15 PM Advantage Attackers   Wheatfield II          12:15 PM Handful of Clams       New England Pirates   12:15 PM Pink Panthers          Fontana                12:15 PM Angry Penguins          Wheatfield I

  1:00 PM Buffalo's Best        WNY Ford Dealers        1:00 PM L                      Ice maint.             1:00 PM L                      Ice maint.              1:00 PM Wolves                  Great Lakes Bldg Sys

  1:45 PM L                     Ice maint.              1:30 PM Red Fire               The Glaciers           1:30 PM Ice Hounds             Consumer's Beverage     1:45 PM L                       Ice maint.

  2:15 PM Rusty Blades          Maryvale Prep           2:15 PM Yankee Dogs            Moog Flyers            2:15 PM Buffalo Old Boys       Crickett                2:15 PM Thompsons               Willvale A's

  3:00 PM Loose Moose           Off in the Shower       3:00 PM The Legends            Team Buener            3:00 PM Cam's Crew             Team Fattey             3:00 PM Forever Twenty Seven    Lewiston Brickyard

  3:45 PM Fitzgeralds           Mustangs                3:45 PM Noresmen               New Era Cap            3:45 PM Syracuse               Danes                   3:45 PM KSLN                    Funnel Dogs

  4:30 PM Colter Bay            Pond Scum               4:30 PM Americans              Buffalo Blue           4:30 PM Team Robo              Ale House               4:30 PM Frozen Seamen           Metzger's Pub
Sunday Feb 28, 2010 Pond Schedule
Rink 1                                                                 Rink 2                                              Rink 3                                                                  Rink 4
  7:15 AM Pink Panthers                         Wheatfield I             7:15 AM Angry Penguins        Fontana               7:15 AM Advantage Attackers                 Handful of Clams           7:15 AM New England Pirates    Wheatfield II

  8:00 AM P22 South                             Whalers                  8:00 AM Dangleberries         Ft Hell Fish          8:00 AM Gecko's                             Underdogs                  8:00 AM Jake's                 Gabels

  8:45 AM Texas Roadkill                        Green Machine            8:45 AM Jesters               Growlers              8:45 AM Icy Red South                       Cyclones                   8:45 AM Ice Road Puckers       Black Knights

  9:30 AM Great Lakes Bldg Sys                  Ice Hounds               9:30 AM K                     Ice maint.            9:30 AM K                                   Ice maint.                 9:30 AM WNY Ford Dealers       Red Fire

 10:15 AM K                                     Ice maint.              10:00 AM Consumer's Beverage   Wolves               10:00 AM Buffalo's Best                      The Glaciers              10:15 AM K                      Ice maint.

 10:45 AM Final                                 Intermediate Ov40       10:45 AM Final                 RECREATION Ov30      10:45 AM Final                               Women's                   10:45 AM Final                  RECREATION Ov40
 11:30 AM Team Robo                             Metzger's Pub           11:30 AM Ale House             Frozen Seamen        11:30 AM Americans                           Pond Scum                 11:30 AM Buffalo Blue           Colter Bay

 12:15 PM Loose Moose                           Team Buener             12:15 PM Off in the Shower     The Legends          12:15 PM Cam's Crew                          Forever Twenty Seven      12:15 PM Team Fattey            Lewiston Brickyard

  1:00 PM Inergex Icemen                        Vt Granite Stators       1:00 PM K                     Ice maint.            1:00 PM K                                   Ice maint.                 1:00 PM Icemen Red             South Buffalo (EA)

  1:45 PM K                                     Ice maint.               1:30 PM Rochester             Sunny L.A.            1:30 PM Cozumel Grill                       Charlie O'Brien's          1:45 PM K                      Ice maint.

  2:15 PM Team Fattey                           Forever Twenty Seven     2:15 PM Lewiston Brickyard    Cam's Crew            2:15 PM Loose Moose                         The Legends                2:15 PM Team Buener            Off in the Shower

  3:00 PM Cozumel Grill                         South Buffalo (EA)       3:00 PM Icemen Red            Charlie O'Brien's     3:00 PM Sunny L.A.                          Vt Granite Stators         3:00 PM Inergex Icemen         Rochester

  3:45 PM K                                     Ice maint.               3:45 PM K                     Ice maint.            3:45 PM K                                   Ice maint.                 3:45 PM K                      Ice maint.

  4:00 PM Final                                 ELITE                    4:15 PM Final                 Advanced TIER I       4:15 PM Final                               Advanced TIER II           4:15 PM Final                  Advanced TIER III

Rink 5                                                                 Rink 6                                              Rink 7                                                                  Rink 8
  7:30 AM Ice Rats            Lost but not forgotten                     7:30 AM Rink Rats             43lat79long           7:30 AM Buffalo DPW                         Integrated Controls        7:30 AM Buffalo Blue Devils Blues
  8:15 AM Labatt 50's         Double Runners                             8:15 AM LanTrax Media         Grey Fire             8:15 AM Bar Bill Bruins                     Ulrich's AC                8:15 AM Crist-Like          Ice Jag Dads

  9:00 AM Buffalo Old Boys    Willvale A's                               9:00 AM Crickett              Thompsons             9:00 AM Rusty Blades                        Moog Flyers                9:00 AM Maryvale Prep       Yankee Dogs

  9:45 AM Ft Trout            MMS                                        9:45 AM L                     Ice maint.            9:45 AM L                                   Ice maint.                 9:45 AM Thirsty Buffalo     Double Runners

 10:30 AM L                   Ice maint.                                10:15 AM Trout Deux            Installs             10:15 AM Polar Bears                         Pesci Pizza               10:30 AM L                   Ice maint.

 11:00 AM Final               Intermediate Ov30                         11:00 AM Final                 RECREATION Ov21      11:00 AM Final                               Novice Over 30            11:00 AM Final               Novice Over 21
 11:45 AM WGR550              Wilson Farm winner                        11:45 AM Wilson Farms          Icy North            11:45 AM Five Holes                          Coughlans Pub             11:45 AM Rural Metro         P22 North

 12:30 PM Fitzgeralds         New Era Cap                               12:30 PM Mustangs              Noresmen             12:30 PM Syracuse                            Funnel Dogs               12:30 PM Danes               KSLN

  1:15 PM Dave&Adam CardWorld Ice Time ProShop                           1:15 PM L                     Ice maint.            1:15 PM L                                   Ice maint.                 1:15 PM 103.3 The Edge      Glen Falls Bare Bones

  2:00 PM L                   Ice maint.                                 1:45 PM Polish Falcons        The Violators         1:45 PM Adirondack                          New Hampshire Mules        2:00 PM L                   Ice maint.

  2:30 PM Syracuse            KSLN                                       2:30 PM Danes                 Funnel Dogs           2:30 PM Fitzgeralds                         Noresmen                   2:30 PM Mustangs            New Era Cap

  3:15 PM Adirondack          Glen Falls Bare Bones                      3:15 PM New Hampshire Mules   103.3 The Edge        3:15 PM Ice Time ProShop                    The Violators              3:15 PM Dave&Adam CardWorld Polish Falcons
  4:00 PM L                   Ice maint.                                 4:00 PM L                     K                     4:00 PM L                                   Ice maint.                 4:00 PM L                   K

  4:30 PM Final               Advanced Ov 30                             4:30 PM K                     K                     4:30 PM Final                               Intermediate Ov21          4:30 PM K                   K

5:00-5:30 pm Closing Ceremonies

Divisions:                                                             14 divisions @ 8 teams each = 112 teams
                     Level:                     ELITE                                                                                          Level:                    ADVANCED Tier I                         Over 21
Group A: Cozumel Grill, Icemen Red, Charlie O'Brien's, South Buffalo (EA)                                                  Group A: Ice Time ProShop,Polish Falcons,Dave&Adam CardWorld, The Violators
Group B: Inergex Icemen, Sunny L.A., Vt Granite Stators, Rochester                                                         Group B: 103.3 The Edge, Adirondack, Glen Falls Bare Bones Hockey, New Hamp Mules
                     Level:                     ADVANCED Tier II                    Over 21                                                    Level:                    ADVANCED Tier III                       Over 21
Group A: Loose Moose, Off in the Shower, The Legends, Team Buener                                                          Group A : Fitzgeralds, New Era Cap, Noresmen, Mustangs
Group B: Cam's Crew, Team Fattey, Lewiston Brickyard, Forever Twenty Seven                                                 Group B : Danes, Syracuse , KSLN, Funnel Dogs
                     Level:                     ADVANCED                            Over 30                                                    Level:                    Intermediate                            Over 40
Group A : Americans, Colter Bay, Pond Scum, Buffalo Blue                                                                   Group A - Rusty Blades, Yankee Dogs, Maryvale Prep, Moog Flyers
Group B : Metzger's Pub, Team Robo, Ale House, Frozen Seamen                                                               Group B : Buffalo Old Boys, Thompsons, Crickett, Willvale A's
                     Level:                     INTERMEDIATE                        Over 30                                                    Level:                    INTERMEDIATE                            Over 21
Group A: Double Runners, Thirsty Buffalo, Pesci Pizza, Polar Bears                                                         Group A : Five Holes, Rural Metro, P22 North, Coughlans Pub
Group B : Fighting Trout, Trout Deux, Installs, MMS                                                                        Group B : Icy North, WGR550, Wilson Farm, Wilson Farm winner
                     Level:                     RECREATIONAL                        Over 40                                                    Level:                    RECREATIONAL                            Over 30
Group A - Ice Jag Dads, Bar Bill Bruins, Crist-Like, Ulrich's AC                                                           Group A: Buffalo DPW, Blues, Integrated Controls, Buffalo Blue Devils
Group B - Double Runners, Grey Fire, LanTrax Media, Labatt 50's                                                            Group B : Rink Rats, Ice Rats, Lost but no Forgotten, 43lat79long
                     Level:                     RECREATIONAL                        Over 21                                                    Level:                    NOVICE                                  Over 30
Group A : Buffalo's Best, Ice Hounds, Ford Dealers, Red Fire                                                               Group A : Icy Red South, Black Knights, Cyclones, Ice Road Puckers
Group B : The Glaciers, Wolves, Great Lakes Bldg Sys, Consumer's Beverage                                                  Group B : Growlers, Texas Roadkill, Jesters, Green Machine
                     Level:                     NOVICE                              Over 21                                                    Level:                    Womens
Group A: Jake's, Underdogs, Gecko's, Gabels                                                                                Group A - Advantage Attackers, New England Pirates, Handful of Clams, Wheatfield II
Group B: Whalers, Dangleberries, P22 South, Ft Hell Fish                                                                   Group B - Wheatfield I, Fontana, Pink Panthers, Angry Penguins

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