2010 Monmouth Surf Travel Softball by malj


									                                                                  Tinton Falls Girls Softball League

                           2010 Monmouth Surf Travel Softball
                           The Monmouth Surf is a fast pitch softball program offered by Tinton Falls
                           Girls Softball League (TFGSL), Inc. The program includes girls’ competitive
                           Amateur Softball Association (ASA) teams dedicated to developing and
                           improving the softball and leadership skills of young athletes. Many of our
                           athletes have dreams to play high school and college softball and we want to
                           give our girls every opportunity to fulfill those dreams. Our overall goal is to
                           raise the level of competitive softball in the area.

Following the successful creation of the 2009 10U Monmouth Surf team, for the 2010 season, and to
continue to offer playing opportunities, we are fielding 10U and 12U travel teams. This is in addition to
the Spring Recreation program for 8U to 14U players being offered by TFGSL.
For the 10U and 12U travel teams this year we anticipate a spring season which will include 2 games
per Sunday (beginning the 1st of April through the 31st of May), a summer season of at least 3-4
tournaments on weekends, and a fall season which will include 2 games per Saturday (beginning the 1st
of September through the 31st of October). This is for the young athlete that loves to play softball.
Players: 13 players per team
        Age 10 or under as of December 31st 2009 for the 10U team.
         Age 12 or under as of December 31st 2009 for the 12U team.
         Anticipated fee per child will be approximately $300.00 (exact amount to be determined
          once all costs are tabulated). Fees include:
                Spring and Fall League Fee.
                Summer Tournament Fees.
                Batting cages/Gym rentals/Indoor Practice Rental.
                Additional charge for uniform upon making the team.
Tryouts/evaluations: Saturday November 14th and November 21st at Ocean Sports Academy.
         10U: 3:00-4:30
         12U: 4:30-6:00
Please email mtmlane@comcast.net if your child is interested in playing/trying out for the Monmouth
Surf travel teams and for additional information.
The Monmouth Surf will be led by Mike Lane, Joe Coppola, Chris Russo and Stacey Gordon. These
individuals have extensive experience in baseball and softball and have been involved in TFGSL
recreation and travel programs and/or other softball travel programs in various capacities and sports
over the past several years.

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