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  •   20% off Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness - page 9
  •   30% off The Business Coaching Handbook - page 18                            Robert McNeilly has a general medical background and
  •   20% off The Weight, Hypnotherapy and You Weight Reduction                   for more than 25 years has been in private practice using
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  • 20% off Understanding Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns                     and internationally which are available in a face to face or
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  • 20% off Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents
    - page 9
                                                                                  ‘Rob McNeilly studied with Milton H. Erickson MD and is
  All this and an article by Muriel Prince Warren, on page 6,                     one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of Ericksonian
  an extract from The Business Coaching Handbook by Curly                         methods in Australia. His teaching is clear, entertaining and
  Martin on page 18, and profile of author and trainer Terence                    edifying’. Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director The Milton H. Erickson
                                                                                  Foundation, Inc.’
  Watts on page 10.
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2 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                    Sale ends 30.4.07
                                                           Learning Solutions in Hypnosis
Learning Solutions in Hypnosis
Healing Sexual Abuse
Rob creates a mood of expectancy by creating a story in which he elicits what is missing for his client. Hypnosis is fostered in a respectful and
light manner and the client’s experience of acting is utilised in order to create an event where her feelings of helplessness are re-enacted. In so
doing she imagines, as an observer, what the perpetrator “suffers”, and she experiences “victory” as the beginning of her regaining authority and
dignity. Residual ambivalence leads to additional issues which are addressed and the resolution is solid and complete. £19.99 21215
Healing Trauma
Rob works with a client who lost her mother at the age of seven. Rob utilises the client’s enjoyment of walking on the beach to form a metaphor
for the opportunity to reconnect with this traumatic experience. In a light and respectful hypnotic conversation, photos and incidents with her
mother are brought to life in richly textured imagined experiences and these are linked with an expectancy of future benefits after the resolution
of the trauma. £19.99 21211
Hypnosis in Relationships
Rob utilises a couple’s pleasure of walking together to form a metaphor that assists them with their problem of tidiness around the house. The
couple demonstrate their ability to go into hypnosis in a coordinated way, and light-heartedly enjoy sharing their different recollections. The validity
of their individual’s experience is acknowledged as well as the fostering of their shared experience. Finally utilising many of their everyday activities
connects them readily with their individual and shared resolution, which is projected into the future to further consolidate their learning. £19.99
Hypnosis with Kids
In these three sessions, fighting twin boys, a bedwetting boy, and a girl who is soiling her pants and has a dog phobia are each engaged in focused
absorbed conversations without formal hypnotic methods. Rob facilitates an easy and natural reconnection with their individual abilities which
are then usefully brought into the experience of generating solutions that are uniquely relevant to their problems. £19.99 21213
Lifting Depression
Rob explores a client’s experience of her depression is explored and gently and respectfully invites her into an experience of focussed
absorption. Hypnotic arm levitation is encouraged as a physical metaphor, and as her arm lifts, the client visibly connects with a lift in her mood
and expectations. Throughout the session, her words, experiences and concerns are observed, utilised, and validated to create a solid and richly
textured connection with her solution. Finally her experience is connected with her future anticipations. £19.99 21214
Weight Management
Rob works with a woman who has been battling her weight for 25 years. He acknowledges this struggle and the idea of finding an easy, peaceful
way of changing is seeded. The client’s enjoyable experiences of gardening are used to generate an easy method of weight control, and her
enjoyment of painting generates a visual image to give direction and solidness to her weight loss. Peaceful acceptance of her present situation is
affirmed as a basis for natural, effortless changes towards a realistic outcome. £19.99 21216

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                            10% Off! Insight! Your Personal                      10% Off! Figuring Out People:
                            Coaching Kit                                         Reading People using Meta-
                            Insight! Cards are a tremendous resource for         Programs: Second Edition
                            those times when something is niggling you, and      Bob G Bodenhamer & L Michael Hall
                            the answer seems just out of your grasp. Or
                                                                                 The first edition of Figuring Out People (1997) set
                            when you have an issue to explore, and you
                                                                                 the standard in NLP as an encyclopedia approach to
                            don’t want to share it with anyone. Knowing
                                                                                 understanding all of the perceptual filters or meta-
                            that everyone has their own answers within,
                                                                                 programs that we use in processing information.
                            the questions on the 100 Insight! Cards can
                                                                                 What’s new in this completely revised second edition
                            take you to those unexpected parts of your
                                                                                 of Figuring Out People? An entire chapter on the
                            mind, where your natural wisdom resides. You
                                                                                 meta-state source of meta-programs. A new template
                            can direct your exploration to find out how
                                                                                 with ten new meta-programs giving a total of 60 for
                            the situation arose, or reveal what is really
                                                                                 the whole book. A chapter relating meta-programs to
                            happening now, or figure how it might evolve.
                                                                                 their place in the Matrix Model. Several new change
                            Tap in to the best technology of top coaches
                            and therapists, in the privacy of your own mind,
                            and gain those truths which only you can unfold.     Paperback 360 pages Was £25.50
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                            Card set
                            Was £14.99 NOW £13.49 22343                          20% Off! Winning the Inner Game:
                                                                                 Mastering the Inner Game For Peak
                            30% Off! Mastering Blocking
                                                                                 L Michael Hall
                            and Stuttering
                                                                                 Discover how ‘The Inner Game’ operates and how
                            Bob G Bodenhamer                                     to successfully play it and you’ll have the outer game
                            Have you ever wondered why most people who           of peak performance in the palm of your hand. Fail to
                            block and stutter do not stammer every time          do that and you’ll keep buying more self-development
                            they speak? Indeed, most people who stammer          books trying to understand the Game of Life yet
                            are consistently fluent in certain contexts. When    missing the leverage point. ‘The Inner Game’ opens
                            by themselves, speaking to a pet or speaking to      up all of the multiple layers of frames that make
                            a person with whom they are comfortable they         up our belief systems and reveals the Matrix. It is
                            speak fluently. This has been a puzzle for people    in the construct of the Matrix that we create the
                            who stammer and for speech pathologists for          inner game, its rules and governing frames of life.
                            many years. Now the puzzle has finally been          Experiencing these dimensions of mind and emotion,
                            solved by this outstanding new book which            time and space, meaning and performance will enable
                            details a completely new approach to treating        you to master your Matrix.
                            this debilitating condition. Bob Bodenhamer          Paperback 234 pages Was £19.99
                            explains that this phenomenon results from the
                                                                                 NOW £15.99 22319
                            thinking (cognition) of the stammerer as he or
                            she associates speaking with the rising panic of
                            blocking. This book both explains the structure of   20% Off! Games Great Lovers Play:
                            blocking and provides the tools for gaining more
                                                                                 Mastering The Game of Love
                            Hardback 208 pages Was £25.00                        L Michael Hall
                            NOW £17.50 18455                                     This book touches on all the facets that affect love,
                                                                                 communicating, bonding, conflicting, caring, pleasuring
                                                                                 and forgiving. By exploring your mental and emotional
                                                                                 frames of mind you will be able to powerfully enhance
                                                                                 your loving and concentrate on improving your
 Hypnotherapists! Now you can attend the two-day...                              relationship. Based on the revolutionary Frame Games

                 Smoking Cessation
                                                                                 model, this practical book will help you transform
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                  Mastery Seminar
                                                                                 performance in your outer game of Love.
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in your own home with the brand-new Home Study Version David Botsford            NOW £17.20 18208
 A complete course in professional smoking cessation, incorporating
 8 DVDs with menus, 3 audio CDs, a CD-Rom and 300+ pages of text
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 - Full transcripts and explanations of above, plus detailed scripts and notes   Winning the Game of Being Slim
 - How to promote your one-to-one smoking cessation practice at low cost         and Fit
 - How to sell and run group and corporate smoking cessation events              L Michael Hall
 - Full materials for your individual, group and corporate practice
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                           20% Off! NLP for Business &                                      HALF PRICE – 50% Off! The
                           Personal Success                                                 Structure of Personality: Modelling
                           Jamie Smart                                                      “Personality” Using NLP and Neuro-
                           This amusing and informative CD set is a live                    Semantics
                           recording of a 2-day NLP training with NLP trainer               L Michael Hall & Bob G Bodenhamer,
                           and author Jamie Smart. The set carries a warning that           Richard Bolstad
                           it is ‘hazardous to limiting beliefs, excess seriousness
                           and worry’. It contains all the usual stuff you would            “A major step in creating a cognitive map using
                           expect to be covered on an NLP training: Attitude;               Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to
                           Setting clear goals and directions; Rapport, and how             understand the relationship between a person’s thinking
                           to: build powerful states: change difficult relationships;       and his or her personality development.” Jim Walsh MA,
                           shut off internal dialogue, and much more. I enjoyed             Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified School Psychologist,
                           it immensely because of its entertaining style, the              Certified Neuro-Semantics & Neuro-Linguistics Trainer.
                           historical context that Janie adds and the way he                Hardback 496 pages Was £35.00
                           communicates the use of the techniques. It is really             NOW £17.50 14906
                           excellent value.
                           6 CD Set Was £66.99 NOW £53.59 19755                             10% Off! Conversational Reframing
                                                                                            Phillip Rockliff
Two more fantastic card packs from Salad, creators of the best-selling Ericksonian
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                              20% Off! Metaphors in Mind:
                              Transformation Through Symbolic
                              James Lawley & Penny Tompkins
                              This book is the result of an extensive modelling
                              project of one of the world’s most innovative
                              therapists, David Grove. It contains the theory of
                              metaphor and self-organising systems; a section on
                              how to model Metaphor Landscapes; a five-stage
                              therapeutic process; and three client transcripts.
                              Metaphors in Mind is the definitive guide to using
                              Clean Language with client-generated metaphors and
                              symbols to facilitate personal transformation. An
                              essential sourcebook for many years to come. Highly
                              Paperback 333 pages Was £17.95
                              NOW £14.36 14735
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                  Muriel Prince Warren
                  This is an extract from Muriel’s full article on Talking to the Amygdala available on our website

                    David Barlow of the Boston Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders claimed in a Newsweek magazine article
                    (Cowley, 2003) that it is actually possible to talk with the amygdala, a key component of the brain that deals with
                    emotions like fear. Since this idea was consistent with the basic tenets of hypnosis, it intrigued me. Although talking
       to the amygdala is an abstract concept, in hypnosis I believe that when a person is in a hypnotic trance, the amygdala is
       relaxed and therefore not giving signals to the pituitary or adrenal glands to go into a fight, flight, or freeze response and
       flood the body with stress hormones. This gives the immune system a chance to build up and allows the body to begin to
       heal itself. That is why I believe hypnosis heals people. It is that simple: under hypnosis, the amygdala shuts down the rapid
       alert system, the stress hormones become nonnative, and the body’s inherent wisdom system goes to work all by itself. All the
       hypnotherapist need do is to help the patient to relax the amygdala and the brain actually signals the body to relax, and thus the
       relaxed body begins to heal itself. Hypnosis is a way to access the untapped power of the mind and alter brain functions. In this
       state of intense relaxation and concentration, the mind is able to focus on positive suggestions that can be carried out at a future
       time. These subliminal messages are surprisingly powerful.

       Let me clarify what I mean when I say “talking to the                  (3) Talking to the amygdala (warning: this is an abstract
       amygdala.” Obviously, I do not mean to imply that the                      concept and should not be taken literally), in which
       amygdala is capable of speech. What I am saying is that                    the therapist uses metaphors and ego strengthening
       the amygdala acts as if it is receptive to messages from the               suggestions to facilitate healing intuitively. I sometimes
       unconscious mind, whether it is the patient’s or the therapist’s.          suggest that patients can marvel at the metamorphosis that
       Only scientific research can prove or disprove this hypothesis.            took place overnight, like trees that are barren in winter
       If it is true, we can regard the amygdala as                                                  and flourish in spring. I tell them that
       the gateway to the unconscious and hypnosis              … the amygdala acts as if            they know that their pure subconscious
       will have a powerful, new technique. The                it is receptive to messages – which is active day and night – can
       procedure is no different in principle from           from the unconscious mind, repair, rejuvenate, and regenerate,
       any hypnosis session, and consists of five            whether it is the patient’s or creating new energy and letting one’s
       discrete steps:                                                the therapist’s …              own intuition send healing energy to
                                                                                                     the part of the body that needs it most.
       (1) Set-up, in which the subject is reassured of his/her control           You may be amazed or surprised where it sends it first but
            and offered the choices of staring at a spot on the ceiling,          your unconscious mind will know what is best for you,
            opening or closing their eyes, etc. I often tell them that I          better than I do. My voice will disappear while the back
            don’t want them to go into a trance too fast or too slow.             of your mind – your pure subconscious – does the work
            It is all up to the patient. This reinforces their sense of           for you now. When you are ready to continue, you can
            control.                                                              let me know by wiggling your finger. This is known as
                                                                                  ‘ideo-motor’ signalling. Even though the patient may not
       (2) Induction, direct or indirect using parallel process                   have consciously heard what I said, his or her unconscious
            narratives to reinforce the realization of the power of               mind heard me suggest or call on the patient’s unconscious
            the brain, in which the patient enters the trance state               mind to solve the problem.
            and goes to a deeper and deeper level. An example of
            parallel process narrative might be Erickson’s famous             (4) Post-hypnotic suggestion, in which the patient is
            story in which a horse wandered into his family’s yard                reassured that he/she will awake feeling physically well
            when Erickson was a young man. The animal had no                      and refreshed with no ill effects from the trance. I often
            identifying marks (Rosen, 1982) but Erickson offered to               give them a post-hypnotic trigger, in the form of words
            return the horse to its owners. Rosen explains: In order to           or simple actions that serve as anchors to help them stay
            accomplish this, he simply mounted the horse, led it to the           calm so the healing can continue. An example might be
            road, and let the horse decide which way he wanted to go.             the words “easy control.” Another anchor would be to put
            He intervened only when the horse left the road to graze              their pointer finger and thumb together anytime during the
            or wander in to a field. When the horse finally arrived at            day they feel the need to calm down.
            the yard of a neighbour several miles down the road, the
            neighbour asked Erickson, “How did you know that that             (5) Return, in which the patient is brought gradually to full
            horse came from here and was our horse?” Erickson said,               alertness. Then we discuss their experience and how it felt.
            “I didn’t know – but the horse knew. All I did was keep
            him on the road” (pp. 46–7). The analogy is obvious. Like         References:
            the horse who knew his way home without intervention,
                                                                              Barlow, D. (2002). Anxiety and its disorders: The nature and
            the unconscious mind knows instinctively how to solve
                                                                              treatment of anxiety and panic. NY: Guilford
            the problem.
                                                                              Cowley, G. (2003, February 24). Our Bodies, Our Fears. News-
                                                                              week, 42-49.
                                                                              Rosen, Sidney (1982). My Voice Will Go With You. London:
                                                                              WW Norton

6 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                Sale ends 30.4.07
                20% Off Psychotherapy with                            10% Off! Trancework (3rd edition)
                Adolescents and Their Families                        Michael D Yapko
                Muriel Prince Warren                                  This Third Edition of this very popular work which has
                This outstanding work is a comprehensive manual       formed the basis of many people’s understanding of
                designed to help therapists develop behavioural       hypnosis in therapy. The author has carried out a complete
                treatment plans for virtually every adolescent        revision of the text to reflect changes in thinking over the
                client. The book covers all of the major diagnostic   last decade and has added two new chapters as well as
                categories of DSM-IV, effectively translating         adding a considerable amount of new material to others.
                the traditional psychiatric approach to mental        This is truly an excellent work which we fully endorse.
                disorders into behavioral terms readily understood    Highly recommended to all starting in Ericksonian hypnosis.
                by managed care case managers.                        Hardback 624 pages Was £28.99
                Paperback 448 pages £25.00 NOW                        NOW £26.09 17920
                £20.00 19392
                                                                      20% Off! Essentials Of Hypnosis
                                                                      Michael D Yapko
                20% Off From Trauma to                                From the best-selling author of Trancework, this exceedingly
                Transformation                                        clear, concise and comprehensive guide will acquaint you
                                                                      with a dynamic, diverse and constantly evolving field, one
                Muriel Prince Warren DSW ACSW                         which offers superb therapeutic tools widely applicable in
                This book centers on the innovative application       many contexts. The book is an information-packed resource
                of hypnotherapy to help trauma victims “self-         for all who wish to explore this provocative discipline from
                actualize”, regain their lives, and move forward.     the beginner to the practicing mental health practitioner
                The famous “fight or flight” response to trauma is    in need of a refresher. A valuable feature of the book is the
                familiar to many, but few know that the “freeze”      comprehensive reference section at the end of each chapter.
                response is the most dangerous of the trio since      It also includes a chapter on false memory syndrome.
                it inhibits any reaction and leaves the victim        Paperback 224 pages Was £18.95
                immobile. It can lead directly to Post-traumatic      NOW £15.16 5274
                Stress Disorder. Also included is a brief survey of
                brain research and its implications.
                Paperback 296 pages Was £25.00                        10% Off! Training Trances:
                NOW £20.00 20405                                      Communicating On Multiple Levels
                                                                      John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn
                                                                      Possibly one of the best books on Ericksonian hypnosis
                                                                      of this decade. Derived from a series of workshops and
                                                                      presented in a similar format, it is packed full of information
                                                                      about carrying out trancework effectively in a simplistic
                                                                      and down to earth manner. Highly recommended.
                                                                      Paperback 264 pages Was £16.99
                                                                      NOW £15.29 8132

                                                                      20% Off! Healing The Divided Self:
                                                                      Clinical And Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
                                                                      For Post-Traumatic and Dissociative Conditions
                                                                      Maggie Phillips & Claire Frederick
                                                                      Rich in case examples, this book provides a step-by-step
                                                                      guide to hypnotic techniques in the treatment of the entire
                                                                      spectrum of dissociative disorders. The authors synthesize
                                                                      traditional and Ericksonian styles of hypnosis in practical
                                                                      methods that work consistently within their four-stage
                                                                      model of treatment. Detailed instructions are given for
                                                                      utilising hypnotherapeutic techniques for all types of
                                                                      dissociative conditions.
                                                                      Hardback 371 pages Was £30.00
                                                                      NOW £24.00 6627

                                                                      10% Off! Handbook Of Hypnotic
                                                                      Suggestions And Metaphors
                                                                      D Corydon Hammond
                                                                      This long-term bestseller contains the single largest collection
                                                                      of hypnotic suggestions and metaphors ever compiled, with
                                                                      contributions from over 100 of the finest hypnotherapists
                                                                      in the world. An official publication of the American Society
                                                                      of Clinical Hypnosis, it tells us what experienced clinicians
                                                                      actually say to their patients during hypnotic work. This is not
                                                                      intended as a ‘cookbook’ of suggestions to be used routinely
                                                                      with various clinical populations but rather to provide
                                                                      clinicians with models from which they can develop their own
                                                                      styles and approaches. A truly immense work in every respect,
                                                                      to be savoured and referred to time and time again. Highly
                                                                      Hardback 624 pages Was £49.50
                                                                      NOW £44.55 66
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                    20% Off! Hypnotic Language: Its                                    10% Off! Finding True Magic:
                    Structure and Use                                                  Transpersonal Hypnosis and
                    John Burton & Bob G Bodenhamer                                     Hypnotherapy/NLP (2nd Edition)
                    Milton Erickson’s complex language patterns form                   Jack Elias
                    a major part of the most therapists’ work. This                    The primary training text for the Transpersonal
                    remarkable book develops the language further and                  Hypnotherapy/NLP Certification Program offered
                    includes comprehensive scripts and case studies. “Should           by the Institute of Therapeutic Learning. Appropriate
                    be part of every therapist’s tool chest.” Jeanie Phillips MA LPC   for laypeople seeking personal growth, as well as for
                    Hardback 304 pages Was £25.00                                      therapists and other professionals intent on advancing
                    NOW £20.00 14326                                                   their therapeutic skills.
                                                                                       Paperback 347 pages Was £21.50
                    20% Off! Understanding Advanced                                    NOW £19.35 21450
                    Hypnotic Language Patterns: A
                    Comprehensive Guide
                    John Burton                                                        10% Off! Hypnotherapy For
                    This latest work by John Burton provides more depth                Dummies
                    and elaborates on the concepts that comprise hypnotic              Mike Bryant & Peter Mabbutt
                    language. Hypnotic language seeks to expand the                    An easy-to-follow, reassuring and responsible guide
                    client’s awareness. The specific components within                 that shows how hypnotherapy can be used to identify
                    the awareness expanding include the cognitive and                  and overcome unhealthy modes of thinking, deal with
                    perceptual processes involved in meaning making. This              emotional issues, improve performance, and banish bad
                    perspective then allows the reader to clearly identify             habits. Whether you are seeing to overcome anxiety or
                    the specific awareness limitations of the client and               depression, improve your performance professionally
                    identify the specific cognitive perceptual ingredients             or personally, lose weight or beat an addiction,
                    that make up the client’s problem. Drawing on this                 hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want.
                    insight, the hypnotherapist can then construct hypnotic
                    language patterns that go right to the client’s issues,            Paperback 384 Was £14.99
                    invoking positive change. Numerous case examples are               NOW £13.49 21694
                    presented that include client assessments and dynamics,
                    selecting and constructing hypnotic language patterns
                    and applying the language patterns in therapy.
                                                                                       10% Off! Mind Game Magic: 59
                    Hardback 288 pages Was £25.00
                                                                                       Genuine Psychological Experiments
                    NOW £20.00 21831
                                                                                       To Entertain And Mystify Everyone
                                                                                       Igor Ledochowski
                    20% Off The Secrets of Hypnosis
                                                                                       Have fun while you learn about the fascinating power
                    Jamie Smart
                                                                                       of the human mind! A quick, easy and fascinating way
                    Another entertaining, informative and easy to listen to            to explore the power of your mind. Learn to develop
                    CD set from Jamie Smart, founder of Salad. The creator             your mental abilities to the point where you become
                    of the bestselling Ericksonian Language Pattern cards              happier and more successful in life. Discover how to
                    has produced a six CD set of a six hour Hypnosis                   achieve important goals, understand yourself and other
                    training. It is designed for people who want to learn              people better, overcome problems, and use your brain
                    hypnosis and put what they’ve learned into practice.               better. 59 cards.
                    It will be of particular interest to NLP enthusiasts,
                                                                                       Card set £19.95 NOW £17.95 22107
                    health professionals, coaches, trainers and influence
                    professionals. Basically this workshop is for people who
                    want to take their communication ability to a new level,
                    and start discovering the magic of what’s possible for             20% Off Pamela Gawler-Wright CDs!
                    human beings. It will also be of interest to those who             Were £13.99 NOW £11.19
                    have already learned hypnosis, but would like to go
                    deeper into the domain of Ericksonian Hypnosis and                 Described by Time Out magazine as ‘Fascinating, well
                    language patterns.                                                 produced and soothing’ these audio CDs brings you
                                                                                       two magical Hypnotherapy Processes from Pamela
                    Six CD set £113.98 NOW £91.18 22421
                                                                                       Gawler-Wright, a contemporary master of the ancient
                                                                                       art of hypnotic storytelling. This is a relaxed style of
                                                                                       hypnotherapy that encourages each individual to be in
                    20% Off! The Secrets of Self-                                      control of their own unique responses and guided by
                    Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of                                  the voice of the therapist with relaxing music, which
                                                                                       stimulates your natural brain state for healing and
                    Your Unconscious Mind                                              transformation, these CDs can be used again and again
                    Adam Eason                                                         to refresh and support you through the day.
                    A ground breaking, practical, step-by-step guide to
                    harnessing the power of your unconscious mind. Using               For Optimism And Self Fulfilment
                    a structured and unique methodology, this book shows
                    you: how absolutely anyone can enter hypnosis easily;              - Hypnotherapeutic Stories
                    how to be in control of the state of hypnosis, deepen              Was £13.99 NOW £11.19 17051
                    your experience of it and deliver powerful changes or
                    make updates in your life; all by yourself!
                    Paperback 264 pages Was £16.99                                     Con-Fidence
                    NOW £13.59 20979                                                   1. Introduction – The Structure of Confidence. 2. The
                                                                                       Samurai in the Teashop. 3. The Old Woman and the
                                                                                       Was £13.99 NOW £11.19 15099
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               20% Off! Hope and                                           20% Off! Self Hypnosis for Cosmic
               Resiliency: Understanding the                               Consciousness: Achieving Altered
               Psychotherapeutic Strategies of                             States, Mystical Experiences and
               Milton H. Erickson                                          Spiritual Enlightenment
               Dan Short PhD, Betty Alice Erickson MS                      Ronald Havens PhD
               LPC & Roxanna Erickson Klein RN PhD                         This book describes procedures designed to induce
               Milton H. Erickson is known as the father of modern         spiritual or mystical experiences and altered states of
               hypnosis and the source of inspiration for many             consciousness.These altered states of mind and body
               forms of family therapy and brief therapy (including        invariably confront us with the oneness, timelessness,
               the increasingly popular solution-focused therapy)          beauty, truth and perfection of ourselves and of the
               Erickson’s influence has reached far beyond the             universe. They offer an unbiased and expansive view of
               perimeters of any one country or culture. Much              the world that challenges and replaces our limited way of
               of the scientific and popular literature is beginning       knowing and perceiving. They connect us to each other
               to focus on the themes of “hope and resiliency”             and fill us with a deep appreciation of the fundamental
               – Erickson worked from a philosophical position that        forces of nature. Ultimately they convey an essential but
               is best explained using these two concepts. Although        inexpressible truth that removes all our anxiety or pain
               Erickson is most commonly examined through the              and leaves us with a feeling of freedom, contentment
               lens of hypnosis, this book takes a much broader            and inner peace. Even a brief taste of such a mystical or
               approach and defines several key components that            transcendental experience seems to change people in
               made him successful as a therapist. The fundamental         dramatically positive ways. One momentary immersion
               strategies described are relevant to all mental health      can change a person’s psychological and emotional
               care professionals, regardless of their theoretical         conditioning forever, perhaps even altering basic hormonal,
               orientation. The book is written by leaders and experts     neurological and biochemical states. Designed for the
               in the field of Ericksonian therapy. “This book is highly   therapist wishing to induce these states in their clients
               recommended as it provides the reader with some unique      or the individual seeking positive change, this timely book
               perspectives on Erickson’s work, his way of working, and    contains all you need to induce these states through the
               many practical ideas” - Rubin Battino MS                    power of hypnosis.
               Hardback 288 pages Was £25.00                               Paperback 292 pages Was £16.99
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               20% Off! The Weight, Hypnotherapy                           20% Off! Therapeutic Hypnosis with
               and YOU Weight Reduction                                    Children and Adolescents
               Program: An NLP and Hypnotherapy                            William Wester II, EdD and Laurence
               Practitioner’s Manual                                       Sugarman, MD
               Judith E. Pearson PhD                                       In this comprehensive volume, the editors have gathered
                                                                           together some of the most outstanding contributors in
               This book gives practitioners a complete, fully-scripted,   the field of pediatric medicine to examine the wide-
               ready-to-use weight reduction program that addresses        ranging applications and promise of the use of hypnosis
               the epidemic problem of obesity in adults. This book        with children and adolescents. In Part 1, the broad
               gives step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for         framework of hypnosis is presented. The concepts,
               managing, conducting and marketing a unique program         developmental considerations, approaches to induction,
               that can constitute a niche offering, or add a new,         hypnotic ability, hypnosis with families and ethical
               valuable and profitable service to an existing practice.    considerations are thoroughly reviewed. Parts 2 and 3
               The program is based on actual clinical experience and      focus on key psychological and medical applications of
               published research on the efficacy of hypnotherapy as       hypnosis. The medical section describes the integration
               a viable tool in weight management. The book includes       of hypnosis from acute care settings to the operating
               examples of office forms and marketing materials,           room. Throughout the book clinical vignettes help
               as well as a CD containing a Client Workbook with           the reader understand the hypnotic encounter, while
               take-home readings and assignments. This program            supportive evidence, strategies and caveats, provide
               will help your clients stay motivated and on-track with     insights. This volume will surely become one of the
               their nutrition and exercise plans, while working at an     most invaluable sources of practical clinical knowledge
               individual pace.                                            that will enrich the repertoire of all child health care
               Paperback + CD 192 pages Was £29.50                         providers. It will be consulted again and again by
               NOW £23.60 21830                                            readers who wish to bring hypnosis to their therapeutic
                                                                           encounters with children.
               20% Off! The Hypnotic Use of                                Hardback 500 pages Was £29.50
               Waking Dreams: Exploring Near-                              NOW £23.60 22150
               Death Experiences Without the
               Flatlines                                                                 10% Off! Harry The Hypno-
               Paul W. Schenk PsyD                                                       Potamus: Metaphorical
               People who undergo near-death experiences often                           Tales for the Treatment of
               have profound and life changing experiences. It is as if                  Children
               the whole of their life have been put into perspective                    Linda Thomson
               and they can see relationships, experiences, hopes and
                                                                                          A charming collection of metaphorical
               dreams in a completely new light. Clinical psychologist
                                                                                          tales that rely on hypnosis and other
               Paul W. Schenk shows you how you can help clients
                                                                                          relaxation techniques to deal with a
               experience some of the life changing benefits of a
                                                                           variety of problems faced by children of all ages. The 32
               near-death experience without the life-threatening
                                                                           illustrated stories feature animals in a zoo that master
               cardiovascular crisis. With full length annotated case
                                                                           their problems with the help of the zoo’s vet. Includes
               transcripts, you will learn how to do this and explore
                                                                           advice on how to use the stories in practice and how
               the many other things you can do with hypnotically
                                                                           they should be presented to children.
               facilitated waking dreams.
                                                                           Hardback 176 pages Was £25.00
               Paperback 149 pages Was £16.99
               NOW £13.59 21663                                            NOW £22.50 19390

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   Author profile:Terence Watts
                                       n 1989, a former dance          and following the acceptance of the publication of his first
                                       school      owner     had       two books, Rapid Cognitive Therapy and Warriors, Settlers
                                       developed a personality         and Nomads, he developed a training course and set up The
                                   programme he wanted to              Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (EICH). “It was instantly
                                   market, but with no relevant        popular”, enthused Terence. The training course was accredited
                                   psychology qualifications, he       by three of the main UK associations but his students wanted
                                   realised, to successfully get       more. They were happy to join the accrediting bodies but asked
                                   the programme to market,            Terence why there was not an association more directly linked
                                   he would need to gain some          to their school and their training.
                                   academic credibility. Terence
                                   investigated doing a home-          And so, in January 2000, APHP was born. There was nothing
                                   study psychology course and         complicated about it; just a simple set of ethical rules and a
                                   happened upon a newspaper           promise, that it would always remain non-political and always
                                   advert     that   proclaimed        provide professional support for its members when it was
   he could: “Earn a psychology degree at home! Easy study             needed. No brush-offs. No swearing. No ‘you-should-already-
   and internationally recognised qualifications!” It was not a        know-that’ type of response. And no profit either – which was
   psychology course at all, but a hypnotherapy course; it was         not difficult, since there was no membership fee at that time.
   not a degree either, but a diploma,                                                             You trained with EICH, passed your
   and it was not exactly international.                                                           exam and if you wanted it, you got
   Nonetheless, it ignited his interest in                                                         membership.
                                                                                                  “The first couple of years, I began
   “I have a peculiar aspect to my                                                                to promote it to other schools that
   personality,” admitted Terence, “which                                                         I knew set a high professional
   appears to forbid me to do anything                                                            standard in their work, both in the
   by halves, so a week later I enrolled                                                          UK and the USA and it gradually
   on another course, this time in Harley                                                         began to be respected as an honest
   Street, London, where I embarked on                                                            association. “This was rewarding
   one-to-one study with an individual                                                            recognition and one which inspired
   who looked as if he might have been                                                            me, even though I was spending
   friends with Esdaile himself, or                                                               an ever-increasing amount of time
   possibly even Mesmer,” he added. “It                                                           on administration, especially since
   was during this time I encountered a Conference Awards Night: Pictured is Terence there was now an APHP Journal to
   slight difficulty with a client. Nothing Watts, his wife Julie (left) and receiving the        be put together every few months.”
                                              awards is Birgit Hall, Principal of the Royal
   severe, just something where I felt that Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis which
   I would benefit from the guidance of a was awarded APHP School of the Year                     Another bold decision in APHP’s
   more experienced therapist. I knew the                                                         development was to stage an annual
   routine; if you encounter something you are not totally at ease conference. “We would get good presenters and put it on in
   with, call the headquarters of the school you trained with.”        a good venue. We would make it a show that people would
                                                                       really want to come to!” explains Terence. This was where the
   Eventually, after many attempts, somebody did call him back experience that Terence and his wife Julie had of previously
   but when he outlined the problem, the trainer swore at him running a school of dancing came into play; they both knew
   and said he should already know the answer to that, and hung how to organise events. They flew in carefully selected
   up. Something stirred deep in Terence’s mind, fuelled by the speakers from the USA, managed to persuade some of the best
   disappointment in his own mentors. This disappointment speakers in the UK to present, and the show was staged at the
   was to eventually lead to Terence setting up what is now the end of October 2003.
   Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy,
                                          one of the fastest We attended the recent fourth annual conference which played
                                          growing organisations host to the likes of Wendi Friesen, Roy Hunter and Jack Elias
                                          in the profession.           from the USA, along with David Uri and Kevin Flynn from the
                                                                       UK and was attended by members from all of the association’s
                                          Within two years, he international offices as far a field as USA, Hong Kong, Germany
                                          was seeing 25 clients a and Italy – and one soon to be established in the Middle East.
                                          week, writing articles, The conference showcased a number of recent outstanding
                                          while      acquiring    a new hypnotherapy titles including Terence’s most recent
                                          reputation as somebody book, Hypnosis: Advanced Techniques of Hypnotherapy &
                                          to call if help or advice Hypnoanalysis.
                                          was needed. By 1999
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10 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                 Sale ends 30.4.07
                                 20% Off! Rapid Cognitive Therapy:                                                                                20% Off! Hypnosis: Advanced
                                 The Professional Therapists Guide To                                                                             Techniques of Hypnotherapy &
                                 Rapid Change Work                                                                                                Hypnoanalysis
                                 Georges Philips & Terence Watts                                                                                  Terence Watts
                                 As the title suggests, this book presents a brief                                                                Full of new techniques and concepts, this book will help
                                 psychotherapeutic approach to working with clients.                                                              professional hypnotherapists at all levels to find a new
                                 Nearly all the techniques here can be used as adjuncts                                                           standard of excellence. It includes The Invisible Therapist;
                                 to conventional behaviourist and analytical approaches                                                           Personality-related therapy; Archetypal Parts Imagery;
                                 to therapy including NLP and Gestalt work. As well as                                                            Effective Working with Emetophobia;Virtual World:
                                 describing the art of RCT, the authors have provided                                                             Obsession or Phobia?; Working with Sexual Difficulties.
                                 the therapist with the means to get started quickly by                                                           Paperback 371 pages Was £33.99
                                 outlining the structures for the first few sessions as well
                                                                                                                                                  NOW £27.19 20870
                                 as giving full scripts for analytical and non-analytical work
                                                                                                                       20% Off! Hypnosense - Dawn - Music for the
                                 with the client.
                                 Hardback 272 pages Was £20.00
                                                                                                                       Consulting Room
                                 NOW £16.00 12930
                                                                                                                       An excellent CD for use in the consulting room. Can only be used in the
                                                                                                                       consulting room as background music as the CD is not copyright free. 70 mins.
                                 20% Off! Warriors, Settlers &
                                                                                                                       Was £25.00 NOW £20.00 19522
                                 Nomads: Discovering Who We Are
                                 And What We Can Be                                                                    Terence has produced some delightful relaxing music on CD which is copyright-free so
                                                                                                                       can be used by therapists both as background music and for compiling their own tapes.
                                 Terence Watts
                                                                                                                       Accreditation on such recordings would be appreciated but is not essential.
                                 Warriors, Settlers & Nomads reveals the determinants
                                 at the core of our characters - those very skills and                                 All CDs are £25.00 now reduced to £20.00
                                 psychological attitudes that we have inherited from our                               Cascade
                                 ancestors. Teaching us how we have all retained features                              A relaxing piece with carefully unstructured measures that
                                 of three ancient tribes - the Warriors, the Settlers, and                             make it ideal for general background music and the perfect
                                 the Nomads - this book guides us through revealing                                    accompaniment to the spoken voice. 45 minutes 16251
                                 personality tests and detailed descriptions of each tribe
                                 trait, allowing us to identify our specific type - the basic                          Tranquillity
                                 mould from which we are produced - and to appreciate                                  Gentle and soothing. 60 minutes 16252
                                 the wisdoms and strengths that up to now have lain
                                 dormant inside us. A fascinating and revelatory read.                                 Dreams
                                 Paperback 240 pages Was £12.99                                                        A softly undulating piece with a gently muted piano accompanying
                                 NOW £10.39 14323                                                                      flowing strings and harmonies. 72 minutes 16253

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                                                                                                                            to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety
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want…rapidly & permanently.                               of his home study programmes, or attend one of his                Full License status. Training is delivered using accelerated learning
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    Spring Sale Top Titles
   1                                                                   6                                                                   11
                         The POWER Process: An                                               Meaning: A Play based on the                                         Amazing Life of Ormond
                         NLP Approach to Writing                                             Life of Victor E. Frankl                                             McGill
                         Dixie Elise Hickman & Sid                                           Rubin Battino MS                                                     Ormond McGill
                                                                                             This book is a play about the life and                               Ormond McGill has hypnotised
                          Distilling the essence of what makes a                             work of psychiatrist and neurologist,                                audiences all over the world with his
                          writer successful, The POWER Process                               Viktor E. Frankl, the founder of                                     exciting stage shows. Here is the story
                          applies the NLP model to writing in all                            Logotherapy, the third Viennese school                               of his life and some of the secrets
                          forms. This invaluable aid and reference                           of psychiatry which is concerned with                                of his success. “… fun-reading and
                          guide will revolutionise and energise                              helping people find meaning in their lives.                          additionally a resource of little-known
                          your approaches to writing. “The                                                                                                        information for magicians and hypnotists.”
                          authors have pioneered new ground …                       Paperback 128 pages Was £9.99
                                                                     Now £4.99 16223                                                       Dr. Dwight F. Damon, President, National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc
  excellent, readable and practical”. L. Michael Hall PhD
                                                                                                                                           Paperback 448 pages Was £29.50 Now £12.99
  Paperback 256 pages Was £12.99 Now £5.99                                                                                                 20040
  10520                                                                7
   2                                                                                          Practising Safe Hypnosis:                    12
                                                                                              A Risk Management Guide
                         First Steps to a Physical                                            Roger Hambleton                                                      Parents First: Parents and
                         Basis of Concentration                                                                                                                    Children Learning Together
                                                                                              This unique book comprehensively
                         Roy Anderson                                                                                                                              Garry Burnett & Kay Jarvis
                                                                                              explores the damage that can be
                        Poor concentration in children can                                    caused by the misapplication of                                     Parents First is designed to improve
                        lead to conduct and learning and                                      hypnotic techniques in therapy,                                     your understanding of how children
                        behaviour problems. First Steps                                       laboratory, and stage performance                                   learn in order for you to help your
                        demonstrates how concentration and                                    settings. “a superbly comprehensive                                 child face the challenges of our
                        behaviour can be improved through a                                   book that should be required reading                                modern educational system. It clearly
                        revolutionary programme of physical                                   for anyone involved in the field of                                 explains some of the key current
                        exercises that are designed to suppress      hypnotherapy.” Peter Mabbutt FBSCH FBAMH, Director of Studies,                               research about how the human brain
                        primitive and postural reflexes that can     London College of Clinical Hypnosis                                   works and provides practical advice on how to apply that
 act as a barrier to concentration.                                                                                                        research to studying and learning at school.
                                                                     Hardback 224 pages Was £29.50 Now £7.99
 Paperback 160 pages Was £12.99 Now £4.99                            16705                                                                 Paperback 152 pages Was £9.99 Now £4.99
 13230                                                                                                                                     17513
   3                                                                                          States of Equilibrium
                                                                                                                                                                   58½ Ways to Improvise
                         The Power of Metaphor:                                               John Burton EdD
                                                                                                                                                                   in Training: Improvisation
                         Story Telling & Guided                                      This cutting-edge work represents
                                                                                                                                                                   Games and Activities for
                         Journeys for Teachers,                                      a major step forward in both
                                                                                                                                                                   Workshops, Courses and
                         Trainers and Therapists                                     our understanding of the human
                         Michael Berman & David                                      personality and our ability to attain                                         Team Meetings
                                                                                                                                                                   Paul Z Jackson
                         Brown                                                       a higher level of human development
                                                                                     by moving towards a state of mental                                            Whether you are running a training
                           Packed with original stories and
                                                                                     balance. “If you are a therapist, this is                                      session, workshop or a team meeting,
                           visualisations, this is a must-buy
                                                                                     a must read. Get States of Equilibrium!”                                       Paul Jackson’s varied collection of
                           resource for teachers, trainers and
                                                                                     L. Michael Hall PhD                                                            games and activities will help you
                           therapists who are looking for new
                                                                     Hardback 256 pages Was £25.00 Now £6.99                               create an environment of improvisation and experiment.
                           approaches to group work, or are
                                                                     16917                                                                 “…a ‘hands on’ book full of ideas to help trainers energise
 simply story-telling enthusiasts. “An essential part of our
                                                                                                                                           groups large and small.” Leslie Spiers, Managing Director, Proem
 professional development library and widely consulted”. Fiona
                                                                                                                                           Consulting Limited
 Balloch, Principal, Oxford House College, London
                                                                       9                                                                   Paperback 176 pages Was £18.99 Now £9.99
 Paperback 216 pages Was £12.99 Now £5.99
 13659                                                                                        Social Panoramas:
                                                                                              Changing the Unconscious
   4                                                                                                                                       14
                                                                                              Landscape with NLP and
                     Mozart for Accelerated                                                   Psychotherapy                                                        Understanding
                     Learning Audiotapes                                                      Lucas Derks                                                          Dissociative Disorders:
                     Roland Roberts                                                           Social Panoramas reveals the                                         A Guide for Family
                      Significant evidence has shown that                                     unconscious landscape of images and                                  Physicians and Health Care
                      certain types of music can help us attain                               people that surrounds each of us                                     Professionals
                      a state of relaxed alertness, known as                                  and guides us towards the successful                                 Marlene E Hunter MD
                      the ‘alpha state’. When classical music of                              recreation of our perspectives on
                                                                     others and ourselves. It offers coaches, therapists and                                      Understanding Dissociative Disorders
                      around 60 beats per minute is arranged                                                                                                      is for all physicians looking for ways
 and performed on a synthesizer, the results are even more           counsellors a wide range of new tools and methods to solve
                                                                     clients’ relationship issues with simplicity and precision                                   to understand the idiosyncrasies
 astounding. Roland Roberts has arranged two hours of                                                                                                             of dissociative patients – their
 particularly effective Baroque music and two hours of               Paperback 408 pages Was £18.99 Now £6.99                                                     problematic ways of responding to
 Mozart’s most ‘passive’ pieces specifically for the purpose of      17193                                                                 medication, strange laboratory results and multitude of
 accelerating your learning. 2 Audiotapes 120 mins                                                                                         physical and emotional symptoms. This book offers realistic,
 Was £19.99 Now £6.99 14511                                          10                                                                    practical answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask.
                                                                                             Performance Coaching: The                     Hardback 208 pages Was £20.00 Now £6.99
   5                                                                                         Handbook for Managers,                        17868
                                                                                             H.R. Professionals and
                        Games Business Experts
                                                                                             Coaches                                       15
                        Play: Winning at the Games                                           Angus McCleod
                        of Business                                                                                                                              Bliss: Coach Yourself to Feel
                        L. Michael Hall                                                       Fast, accessible and clearly                                       Great
                                                                                              written, Performance Coaching                                      Amanda Lowe
                         This revelatory insight into how                                     is comprehensive and rich in real
                         business experts become successful                                                                                                      At last! A direct, funny, engaging and
                                                                                              examples of real executives achieving
                         utilises NLP techniques that target                                                                                                     colourful book on a subject that is dear
                                                                                              real success in real-life situations. Even
                         behaviour to transform you into an                                                                                                      to all our hearts. Written in a down-to-
                                                                     experienced coaches can find key tips and tools that will
                         effective business player. “The best book                                                                                               earth, pragmatic, conversational style,
                                                                     enhance their performance.“ A practical book with wonderful
                         ever written about how to manage your                                                                                                   Bliss will make you laugh, make you
                                                                     tips, ideas and perspectives.” Kriss Akabusi MBE MA
 behavior to succeed in business.” David Wilson MBA.                                                                                                             think and open you up to experience
                                                                     Paperback 312 pages Was £18.99 Now £12.99                                                   bliss whenever and however you want.
 Hardback 304 pages Was £25.00 Now £7.99                             17330
 15612                                                                                                                                     Paperback 272 pages Was £9.99 Now £4.99

12 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                                                                  Sale ends 30.4.07
     biggest ever savings …
16                                                               20                                                                    25
                        The Trainer’s Toolkit:                                           Profiting from MI in the                                             Knowing Through
                        Bringing Brain-Friendly                                          Workplace                                                            Changing: The Evolution
                        Learning to Life                                                 Joyce Martin                                                         of Brief Strategic Therapy
                        Kimberley Hare & Larry                                                                                                                Giorgio Nardone & Claudette
                                                                                       “Until now, the theory of multiple
                        Reynolds                                                                                                                              Portelli
                                                                                       intelligences has been applied primarily
                        This practical resource provides                               in schools. Joyce Martin presents an                                    This book details the epistemology
                        a blueprint for a new generation                               original synthesis of the ways in which                                 and evolution of Brief Strategic
                        of Accelerated Learning methods,                               the theory applies to a range of roles                                  Therapy. It covers the most
                        offering a clear explanation of                                and situations at the workplace. Her                                    advanced therapeutic interventions
                        the theory behind Brain-Friendly                               book is comprehensive, thoughtful,                                      available for the treatment of
                        Learning from the inside out.You’ll                            and useful.” Howard Gardner, Hobbs                                      various psychological problems,
also discover a concise guide to Brain-Friendly training         Professor of Education and Cognition, Harvard Graduate                strategies designed by Prof. Nardone and his collaborators
design along with tools to help you create new training          School of Education                                                   at the Brief Strategic Centre in Arezzo, Italy. It further
events or make-over existing ones.
                                                                 Paperback 256 pages Was £18.99 Now £5.99                              emphasizes the importance of integrating research with
Paperback 224 pages Was £24.99 Now £14.99                        19381                                                                 everyday practice in order to continuously improve the
17906                                                                                                                                  field of psychotherapy.

                                                                  21                                                                   Hardback 240 pages Was £25.00 Now £12.99
                                                                                            Settling Your Child in
                       Psychodymanics and                                                   School: A Parent’s Guide
                       Psychotherapy of                                                     Michelle Wallis                            26
                       Pseudoseizures                                                       A comprehensive guide to help
                       Dalma Kalogjera-Sackellares                                          your child bridge the gap between                                    Imperfectly Natural
                       PhD                                                                  pre-school and school. Learn what                                    Woman: Getting Life
                       Based on fifteen years of
                                                                                            schools expect of children so your                                   Right the Natural Way
                       intensive clinical practice with
                                                                                            child can enjoy their first school                                   Janey Lee Grace
                       and investigations into the causes                                                                                                          Women are increasingly
                       and treatment of pseudoseizures,                                     Paperback 72 pages Was                                                 beginning to query just what
                       this book provides a classification                                  £6.99 Now £3.99 19389                                                  is in all the foods they eat and
                       scheme that permits the clinician                                                                                                           the substances they spread
to reduce complex clinical material to a few well-defined                                                                                                          on themselves as well as the
and coherent syndromes. The major theme of the work is           22                                                                                                chemicals they are using around
the influence of trauma in the genesis of pseudoseizures                                                                               the home. Now Janey Lee Grace, has gathered together a
along with treatment implications. Offers a psychodynamic                                Finding Square Holes:                         fantastic collection of alternative ways of making yourself
model drawn from three different schools of thought:                                     Discover Who You Are and                      beautiful, keeping your home clean and ensuring you stay
psychoanalytic theory, object-relations theory and self-                                 Find the Perfect Career                       healthy in the process. She claims to be no expert but, in
psychology.                                                                              Anita Houghton                                spite of this, is fast becoming known as Radio 2’s Holistic
Hardback 304 pages Was £35.00 Now £7.99                                                                                                Ambassador.
18138                                                                                  If you’re in a fix in your career, either
                                                                                       trying to decide what to do or                  Paperback 256 pages Was £12.99 Now £7.99
                                                                                       disgruntled with your current job,              20789

18                                                                                     this is the book for you. Starting with
                                                                                       the premise that you can’t achieve
                                                                                       happiness in anything if you don’t know         27
                                  Mapping Inner                                        what you want in life, the book uses an
                                  Space - 2nd                    engaging approach to take you on a journey of self-discovery.
                                                                                                                                                              Sex, Leadership
                                  Edition Learning                                                                                                            and Rock and Roll:
                                                                 Paperback 256 pages Was £9.99 Now £5.99
                                  and Teaching                                                                                                                Leadership Lessons from
                                  Visual Mapping                                                                                                              the Academy of Rock
                                  Nancy Margulies                                                                                                             Peter Cook
                                  with Nusa Maal                 23                                                                                           At last, a book that cuts through the
                                   Mind Mapping is an                                                                                                         jargon of leadership and personal
easy-to-learn, straightforward system for generating and                                 Thinking Sexy: Unlocking                                             development. Sex, Leadership and
organising any ideas. Using a central image, key words,                                  the Secrets of Sensual                                               Rock’n’Roll will inspire and provoke
colours, codes and symbols, the process is both fun and fast.                            Desire                                                               your thinking in areas such as:
This 2nd edition includes full colour maps, explores a range                             Amanda Lowe                                                          relationships, motivation, leadership
of mapping styles and takes a fresh look at the process                                                                                and high voltage performance. The unique approach comes
                                                                                        Thinking Sexy explores subconscious            from the juxtaposition of leading edge concepts with the
of learning. Of great value to teachers, trainers, business
                                                                                        and deep-seated attitudes and                  wisdom of rock music, served up in a quirky, challenging
professionals and anyone wanting to explore and spice up
                                                                                        defences that can prevent a woman              but intelligent way.
their creativity.
                                                                                        from enjoying her sex life to the full.
Paperback 160 pages Was £24.99 Now £12.99                                               This is not a prescriptive book but            Paperback 224 pages Was £12.99 Now £7.99
18430                                                            one which will help the reader to open her mind to more               21009
                                                                 opportunities which can enliven a flagging sex life or make
                                                                 her intimate moments even more exciting.
19                                                               Paperback 192 pages Was £8.99 Now £4.99
                                                                                                                                                              Advanced Skills and
                         Golf: Lower Your Score                                                                                                               Interventions in
                         with Mental Training                    24                                                                                           Therapeutic Counselling
                         Tom Saunders                                                                                                                         Gordon Emmerson PhD
                                                                                         Behind with the Mortgage
                          Golf: Lower Your Score With
                                                                                         and Living Off Plastic:                                               Advanced Skills and Interventions in
                          Mental Training is a powerful
                          strategy for learning, playing and                             Charge Up Your Life, Not                                              Therapeutic Counselling provides
                                                                                         Your Credit Card                                                      the reader with an overview of
                          enjoying golf. Discover how easy                                                                                                     important basic counselling skills,
                          it is to: Achieve active relaxation;                           Lynette Allen
                                                                                                                                                               a theoretical understanding of
                          Use mental imagery to learn and                                  When girls feel down or troubled,                                   the personality, advanced skills in
                          improve your game; Develop                                       a bit of retail therapy can provide a       counselling, and examples of applying the advanced skills
positive thoughts and behaviour patterns; Focus completely                                 temporary salve and give them a quick       for a number of different presenting concerns, such as
on the shot you are about to make; and Increase your                                       lift. Then, like a sugar surge, it’s back   depression, addictions, and relationship problems.
chances of having and then sustaining peak performance. This     to reality as the bills pile up. Using Lynette Allen’s short tips,
book will give you the tools to create peak performance in       which can be selected at random, women of any age can                 Paperback 272 pages Was £19.99 Now £9.99
golf and in other sports you play.                               discover alternative and more constructive ways of getting            21094
Paperback 202 pages Was £14.99 Now £8.99                         that high and holding on to it, permanently.
19379                                                            Paperback 256 pages Was £9.99 Now £3.99

  To order, call 01267 211880 or visit Please quote Changes 66 when ordering 13
   Counselling & Psychotherapy
                      40% Off! Metaphors for Living:                                              20% Off! Walking In Two Worlds:
                      Stories & Related Experiential                                              The Relational Self in Theory,
                      Exercises for Individual, Group &                                           Practice and Community
                      Family Growth                                                               Stephen Gilligan & Dvorah Simon
                      Jackie Gerstein                                                             “Steve Gilligan and Dvorah Simon have have put
                      This is a book of stories with related experiential                         together the leading edge theorists and practitioners
                      exercises that aid in intrapersonal and interpersonal                       of Self Relations, an artful blend of Milton Erickson,
                      growth and development. It covers the definition                            spirituality, Jungian work, and the best of depth-
                      of Metaphoric stories, the power of metaphors,                              oriented brief therapy approaches. The contributions
                      examines the structure of metaphor and provides                             are diverse, interesting and, in some cases, provocative.
                      guidelines of selecting proper metaphors and for                            Reading this book will help broaden and deepen your
                      safely using them. Metaphors for Living provides                            ability to connect with your most challenging clients
                      creative and tangible tools for seeing and resolving a                      so that you may help them change more rapidly and
                      wide range of life’s issues and challenges in a culturally                  effectively. It will touch your head and your heart”. Bill
                      sensitive, ethical, and heart-centred manner.                               O’Hanlon, author of Do One Thing Different.
                      Paperback 168 pages Was £27.99                                              Paperback 391 pages Was £31.99
                      NOW £16.79 18976                                                            NOW £25.59 18707

                      10% Off! Cognitive Behaviour
                      Therapy of DSM-IV-TR                                                        10% Off! Spirituality in Counselling
                      Personality Disorders                                                       and Psychotherapy
                      Len Sperry                                                                  Dennis Lines
                      Provides information on the advances in CBT and                             By exploring different perspectives on religion and
                      the treatment of personality disorders, including                           spirituality, this book provides therapists with the
                      Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy,                               grounding they need to introduce spiritually-centred
                      Cognitive Coping Therapy, Structured Intervention                           counselling into their practice. It describes the
                      Strategies, and Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System                        characteristics of spiritual counselling and covers
                      of Psychotherapy. This book also focuses on specific                        practical considerations. The book is illustrated
                      personality disorders.                                                      throughout with transcripts and case studies.
                      Hardback 224 pages Was £21.99                                               Paperback 232 Was £19.99
                      NOW £19.79 22221                                                            NOW £17.99 22307

                      40% Off! Better Than Ever: Time for                                         20% Off! Life Coaching: A Manual
                      Love and Sex                                                                for Helping Professionals
                      Bernie Zilbergeld Phd                                                       Dave Ellis
                      Better Than Ever is a new kind of book about love                           Dave Ellis, author of Falling Awake, has produced a
                      and sex. Targeted particularly at people in their later                     step-by-step practical guide to turning your natural
                      years, it looks at the pleasure that can still be gained                    people-helping skills into a profitable life coaching
                      from healthy sexual relationships whether all the                           business. Life coaching is not therapy, but many of the
                      appropriate bits are working or not! In Better Than                         qualities that therapists possess and the techniques
                      Ever Dr Zilbergeld explains the wondrous world of                           they use naturally lend themselves to a career in life
                      love and sex among men and women aged 45 to 87.                             coaching.
                      Paperback 328 pages Was £9.99                                               Paperback 256 pages Was £18.99
                      NOW £5.99 18448                                                             NOW £15.19 21181

                                                                                   The NLP Video Library
                                                                                   DVDS and Videotapes for sale

                                                                                   Crown Buildings, Bancyfelin,
                                                                                   Carmarthen SA33 5ND
                                                                                   Tel: 01267 211880 Fax: 01267 211882

                                                                                   NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD as well as on VIDEO!
                                                                                          MANY PRICES GREATLY REDUCED!
                                                                                    View the classic Richard Bandler at his best.
                                                                                   l	 Steve and Connirae Andreas, Robert Dilts,
                                                                                    Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson , Michael Yapko.

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14 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                        Sale ends 30.4.07
                        Counselling & Psychotherapy
                        40% Off! Eye Movement                                                             10% Off! A Therapist’s Guide to
                        Integration Therapy                                                               EMDR: Tools and Techniques for
                        Danie Beaulieu                                                                    Successful Treatment
                        Eye Movement Integration Therapy details one                                      Laurel Parnell
                        of the most of the most innovative and effective                                  A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR reviews the theoretical
                        new treatments available to psychotherapists                                      basis for EMDR and presents new information on
                        today, offering new hope to those who endure the                                  the neurobiology of trauma. It provides a detailed
                        debilitating after-effects of psychological trauma.                               explanation of the procedural steps along with helpful
                        Filled with case examples and informed by extensive                               suggestions and modifications. Areas essential to
                        experience teaching the technique, the book is                                    successful utilization of EMDR are emphasized. These
                        accessible to informed lay persons, as well as to                                 include: case conceptualization; preparation for EMDR
                        all readers with prior training in psychology. EMI is                             trauma processing, including resource development
                        astonishingly rapid in its effects, freeing clients from                          and installation; target development; methods for
                        the burden of unresolved memories of almost any                                   unblocking blocked processing, including the creative
                        form of trauma in just one to six treatment sessions.                             use of interweaves; and session closure. Case
                        “A splendid, coherent analysis.” M. E. Hunter, MD, FCFP(C)                        examples are used throughout to illustrate concepts.
                        “Danie Beaulieu is one of the most lively, innovative and                         The emphasis in this book is on clinical usefulness, not
                        intelligent teachers of psychotherapy that I have ever                            research. This book goes into the therapy room with
                        encountered. Eye Movement Integration Therapy is just                             clinicians who actually use EMDR, and shows readers
                        one of her many valuable contributions.” Jeffrey K. Zeig,                         how to do it in practice, not just in theory. In short,
                        PhD, Director,The Milton H. Erickson Foundation                                   this is the new, practical book on EMDR.
                        Hardback 400 pages Was £35.00 NOW                                                 Hardback 360 pages £23.00 NOW
                        £21.00 17512                                                                      £20.70 22338

                        10% Off! Cognitive Therapy with Children and Adolescents: A Casebook for Clinical
                        Practice Second Edition
                        Edited by Mark Reinscke, Frank Dattilio & Arthur Freeman
                        Presents supported interventions that have been adapted to meet the needs of children and adolescents and their families. Each chapter
                        of this volume reviews the literature on a specific clinical problem and presents a case example demonstrating the process of assessment
                        and treatment.
                        Paperback 476 pages Was £18.95
                        NOW £17.05 22220

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    The Power of the Mind Edition
      Essential articles you need to read,
      from truly inspirational top authors.
Challenging, stimulating and practical, these articles
        have the power to change lives!
   See Edition 11 - February 2007
           Articles by:                          The Magazine for:
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Self Help
                      10% Off! Breaking Murphy’s Law:                           20% Off! The World is Flat
                      How Optimists Get What They Want                          Thomas Friedman
                      from Life - and Pessimists Can Too                        The beginning of the twenty-first century will be
                      Suzanne Segerstrom                                        remembered, this book argues, not for military
                                                                                conflicts or political events, but for a whole age of
                      Presents a survey of the scientific data on optimism
                                                                                globalization, a ‘flattening’ of the world. It attempts to
                      (including the author’s award-winning research) to
                                                                                demystify the exciting, often bewildering, global scene
                      reveal that it’s not what you believe about the future
                                                                                unfolding before our eyes, one which we sense but
                      that matters, but what you do about it. This book aims
                                                                                barely yet understand.
                      to teach readers practical ways to appropriate the
                      habits and skills that optimists use to get what they     Paperback £9.99 Was NOW £7.99
                      want from life.                                           21626
                      Hardback 232 pages Was £14.95
                      NOW £13.45 22219
                                                                                10% Off! Feeling Good About the
                      20% Off! Introduction to Energy                           Way You Look
                      Psychology                                                Sabine Wilhelm
                      David Feinstein                                           Helps men and women with exaggerated concerns
                      This is a four-hour master class that teaches you         about their appearance break free from the mirror
                      how to begin using energy psychology to address           and get their lives back on track. Self-assessment
                      your own life issues and goals. Includes: Live            tools help readers understand their problems and
                      demonstrations of energy psychology sessions;             decide whether they should be evaluated for body
                      Instruction in the basic principles of energy             dysmorphic disorder (BDD).Various guidelines teach
                      psychology illustrated by a detailed PowerPoint           them to overcome discouraging thoughts
                      presentation; Instruction in basic energy psychology      Paperback 212 pages Was £10.50
                      methods that you can immediately apply to issued
                                                                                NOW £9.45 22184
                      in your life; An overview of possible neurological
                      mechanisms; A review of a major research study on
                      the efficacy of energy psychology; A survey of the        20% Off! More Than Men and
                      clinical indications and contra indications for the       Make-Up: A Woman’s Guide to Life
                      approach. An outstanding masterclass from one of the
                      masters of energy psychology. 2 DVDs.                     Seven Suphi
                      DVD Was £35.00 NOW £28.00 21010                           Are you constantly dieting or always repeating the
                                                                                same relationship mistakes? Are you struggling to
                                                                                cope with major life changes? We all want to get the
                      20% Off! Developing Spiritual                             most out of life but sometimes w need a little help
                      Intelligence: The Power of You                            to do so. `More than Men and Make-Up` is a simple
                                                                                structured programme to resolve challenges at
                      Altazar Rossiter                                          different stages of your life. Experienced coach, Seven
                      Considers not just what spiritual intelligence is,        Suphi, uses high-performance coaching techniques
                      but how to develop it. This book integrates the           to help you explore your inner self and your
                      spiritual dimension into our complex mental world.        relationships with those around you.
                      Demystifying spirituality, it explains the role of the    Paperback 360 pages Was £9.99
                      soul in our everyday world.
                                                                                NOW £7.99 22147
                      Paperback 240 pages Was £12.99
                      NOW £10.39 22138
                                                                                20% Off! 50 Psychology Classics
                                                                                Tom Butler-Bowdon
                      20% Off! Social Intelligence:                             We would all like to know the secrets of human
                      The New Science of Human                                  nature - who we are, how we think, and what we do.
                      Relationships                                             ‘50 Psychology Classics’ explores writings from such
                                                                                iconic figures as Freud, Adler, Jung, Skinner, James,
                      Daniel Goleman                                            Piaget and Pavlov, and also highlights the work of
                      Presents a synthesis of the findings in biology and       contemporary psychologists such as Howard Gardner,
                      brain science, which reveals that we are ‘wired to        Daniel Gilbert, and Martin Seligman. In addition, there
                      connect’, and also the surprisingly deep impact of        are fascinating insights from writers and thinkers like
                      our relationships on every aspect our lives. This book    Isabel Briggs, Eric Hoffer and William Styron. Also
                      states that we are designed for sociability, constantly   highlights the often surprising scientific work that has
                      engaged in a ‘neural ballet’ that connects us brain-to-   changed what we believe about ourselves and what
                      brain with those around us.                               makes people tick.
                      Hardback 416 pages Was £20.00                             Paperback 312 pages Was £12.99
                      NOW £16.00 22222                                          NOW £10.39 22368

                      20% Off! 1000 Common Delusions                            30% Off! The NLP Coach: A
                      and the Facts Behind Them                                 Comprehensive Guide to Personal
                      Christa Poppelmann                                        Well-being
                      Certain ‘facts’ are accepted as absolute truths; this     Wendy Jago & Ian McDermott
                      book debunks these persistent myths. From the             Combining NLP and coaching techniques, this is
                      stories of the ancient world to religion and sport,       a guide to personal transformation. User-friendly,
                      here are the real facts behind one thousand common        practical and full of case studies and examples.
                      fallacies that have long been assumed to be true.         Paperback 369 pages Was £14.99 NOW
                      Paperback 320 pages Was £12.95                            £10.49 16004
                      NOW £10.36 22324

16 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                       Sale ends 30.4.07
                        20% Off! Trance – Re-balancing Revitalizing
                        Min McLoughlin
                        Track 1 introduces Min McLoughlin; Track 2 – a personal message from Min; Track 3 is a relaxation exercise with background music
                        – The World’s In Between; Track 4 rounds off with Rebalancing and Revitalizing. Min has a soothing professional voice although her
                        timing seems slightly quick to enable her deep breathing instructions to be performed comfortably. MORE?
                        CD Was £9.99 NOW £7.99 18150

                        10% Off! Rest + Sleep: Soothing Meditations to help you Relax & Sleep
                        Can you remember what it was like to sleep as a child? Waking up completely refreshed and rested. Adults tend to get stuck in their
                        own particular way of getting to sleep; this CD will help you break these habits with a little help from imagination.
                        CD Was £9.99 NOW £8.99 22188

                        10% Off! Slimming Willpower: Believe in Yourself
                        Whether you’re following a diet plan or just watching your weight, these guided meditations will support you with all the
                        encouragement you need to achieve the weight you desire.
                        CD Was £9.99 NOW £8.99 22187

                        10% Off! Total Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Achieving Inner Peace
                        These easy-to-follow guided meditations involve beautifully crafted stories with music and natural sound effects. Each track will lead
                        you into a deep state of relaxation, where you can tap into the restoring power of meditation.
                        CD Was £9.99 NOW £8.99 22189

                        10% Off! Stress Relief: For a Clear and Calm Mind
                        These easy-to-follow guided meditations will calm your thoughts and release you from feelings of stress. By following a simple storyline
                        you are guided through a relaxing experience which will better prepare you for the demands of modern living.
                        CD Was £9.99 NOW £8.99 22190

                   Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies Limited
                                                     UKCP Accreditation Pathway
                              Are you interested in becoming a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist?
                              Are you interested in adding to your portfolio of skills as a therapist?
                                Would you like your CPD to be counted towards Accreditation?
 Awaken School (formerly Centre Training) is a Member Organisation of UKCP and currently provides training for students who
 are working towards UKCP accreditation.
 This 4 year academic pathway, in addition to your vocational supervision and client contact hours, will provide the necessary
 expertise to take your practice to the next level.
 Courses are available as stand alone or as a full pathway.

         ♦ Practitioner in NLP (Psychotherapy)
         ♦ Master Practitioner in NLP (Psychotherapy)
         ♦ Foundation in Clinical Hypnotherapy
         ♦ Intermediate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
         ♦ Advanced Patterns in Hypno-psychotherapy
 Students who may have already taken suitable training may be eligible for APL. Such requests are treated on a case by case basis.
 Please contact the office for further information.

                                                           MSc in Psychotherapy
                                             Are you interested in a MSc in Psychotherapy?
 Awaken School are teaming up with a University to develop a pathway to a MSc in psychotherapy.
 To express interest in the programme, please contact the office on the number below.
                                    Woodlands, Sneck Gate Lane, Newby, Middlesbrough, TS8 0AH
                                             Tel: 01642 310022, Mobile: 07929 170088

To order, call 01267 211880 or visit Please quote Changes 66 when ordering 17
   Curly Martin:                                                Be Your Own Business Coach
  The following is a simple and illuminating exercise from the new book by Curly Martin, bestselling author of
  The Life Coaching Handbook. It’s called PACE, which stands for Personality, Attitude, Commitment and Excellence.

   Decide right now on a time and place where you can be alone and quiet for as long as it takes, allowing
   at least half an hour. Focusing on yourself, rather than on your business, award yourself marks out of 10
   for each statement. If you disagree absolutely, your mark should be 1. If you agree totally, give yourself
   10. If you are unsure, then make an educated estimate between those two extremes.
   PErsonAlITy                                                  ExCEllEnCE
   ___ I am enthusiastic                                        ___ My original business idea was good
   ___ I have a positive attitude                               ___ My business today is pretty much as I envisaged it back then
   ___ I make friends easily                                    ___ I generally under-promise and over-deliver
   ___ I lead a well-ordered life                               ___ I believe there is always a better way
   ___ I am good at setting priorities                          ___ I honour my guarantees and promises
   ___ I usually see the best in others                         ___ Only the best is good enough for me
   ___ I am honest                                              ___ Only the best is good enough for my clients
   ___ I am ethical                                                        Maximum possible score 70.
   ___ I admit my mistakes                                      ___ Your score
   ___ I give reasons rather than excuses
                                                                Well done on completing this exercise. This indicates that you have a willingness
   ___ I value my abilities
                                                                to listen, to follow instructions, to work on yourself and your business and to tap
   ___ I am ready, willing and able to improve myself           into the undeniable unused potential in both. If you scored less than fifty per cent
   ___ I am not a moody person                                  of the maximum scores in each category, you have some serious realignment to
   ___ I have a good work/life balance                          do and you will find the book absolutely essential.
   ___ My word is my bond                                       Look at each individual statement that scored 5 or less and ask yourself: “Am I
   ___ I am fair                                                willing to change this to gain a higher score?” If the answer is ‘no’, then what are
                                                                your reasons for not wanting to change? If the answer is ‘yes’, this book will give
   ___ I give praise where it is due
                                                                you the tools, techniques and motivation to achieve this. Meanwhile, decide now
   ___ I walk my talk
                                                                on one single, simple positive step that you can take tomorrow in each category
              Maximum possible score 180.                       to raise those 5 or less scores. Every one of them!
   ___ Your score                                               As for the individual scores of 6 and above, do not be tempted to rest on your
   ATTITudE                                                     previous or current track record. Remember that ten years’ experience is
   ___ I am open to new ideas                                   worthless if it is just one year’s experience repeated ten times! There is still work
                                                                to be done to ensure you stay in the top ranking.
   ___ When something works well for me, I do more of the
       same                                                                                                     30% Off! The Business Coaching
   ___ When something isn’t working, I change it                                                                Handbook
   ___ I believe strongly in my own abilities                                                                   Curly Martin
   ___ I believe strongly in the abilities of others                                                            Reveals what business coaching IS, how to assess the
                                                                                                                shape of your business and what steps you need to put
   ___ When I have gaps in my knowledge I am not afraid to seek                                                 in place to grow a successful business. The book has been
       assistance                                                                                               compiled for business entrepreneurs who have recently
                                                                                                                achieved the first goal of getting the enterprise up and
   ___ I have an extensive network of contacts that can help when needed
                                                                                                                running or have been operating their own professional
   ___ I can resolve problems or disputes easily and amicably                                                   practice or business for a few years and now want to take
   ___ I can hold my ground when I am right, without upsetting others                                           it to the next level. Set in the same user-friendly format as
                                                                                                                The Life Coaching Handbook, this book guides the reader
   ___ I am prepared to do myself, whatever I ask someone else to do                                            through a step-by-step process to coaching. It is all about
   ___ I do it now and do not procrastinate                                                                     knowing where you are, where you are going and the
                                                                                                                actions that you will take to get there.
              Maximum possible score 110.
                                                                                                                Paperback 260 pages £16.99 NOW £11.89
   ___ Your score                                                                                               22353 Due March
                                                                            Also Available :
   CommITmEnT                                                                                                                                          30% Off! The
                                                                                                  30% Off! The Life
   ___ I am totally committed to my personal success                                              Coaching Handbook:                                   Life Coaching
                                                                                                  Everything You Need                                  Handbook
   ___ I am totally committed to the success of my business
                                                                                                  to be an Effective Life                              2 CD Audiobook
   ___ I am committed to supporting my staff                                                      Coach
                                                                                                                                                       Everything You
   ___ I am committed to the concept of constant improvement                                      Curly Martin                                         Need to be an
   ___ I pay my debts and dues on time and in full                                                 An invaluable guide for                             Effective Life
                                                                                                   professional life coaches,                          Coach
   ___ I keep appointments punctually                                                              NLP practitioners, Human
                                                                                                   Resources, training                                 Curly Martin
   ___ I always ‘go the extra mile’                                         professionals and counsellors. The essential read for                      with Janey Lee
   ___ I do whatever it takes                                               the would-be life coach. As you read this handbook                         Grace
                                                                            you will begin to think, feel and act like a coach.                        £19.99
              Maximum possible score 80.                                    Paperback 224 pages £16.99                                                 NOW £13.99
   ___ Your score                                                           NOW £11.89 15611                                                           19451

18 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                                        Sale ends 30.4.07
 Business, Training & Development
               20% Off! Essential Business                                                    10% Off! Human Relationship
               Coaching                                                                       Skills: Coaching and Self-Coaching
               Averil Leimon, Francois Moscovici &                                            (4th Edition)
               Gladeana McMahon                                                               Richard Nelson-Jones
               Offers an answer to the question of what makes a                               In this essential book, Richard Nelson-Jones takes a
               good business coach. This book includes interviews                             cognitive-behavioural approach to coaching people
               with both corporate sponsors and individual clients,                           in relationship skills. These skills are viewed as
               which provide an insight into what makes good                                  sequences of choices that people can make well or
               coaching in practice. It is intended for business                              poorly; covering a range of skill areas the book assists
               coaches as well as counsellors, psychotherapists,                              readers to make affirming rather than destructive
               human resource professionals and senior managers.                              choices in their relationships. It begins by addressing
               Paperback 174 pages Was £14.99                                                 the questions of “what are relationship skills?” and
               NOW £11.99 22162                                                               “what are coaching skills?” and follows with a series
                                                                                              of chapters which thoroughly detail and illuminate
                                                                                              various relationship skills including: listening and
                20% Off! Hot Tips for Speakers:                                               showing understanding; managing shyness; intimacy
                                                                                              and companionship; assertiveness and managing
                25 Surefire ways to Engage and                                                anger; and managing relationship problems and ending
                Captivate Any Group Audience                                                  relationships. Essential reading for lecturers, coaches
                Rob Abernathy & Mark Reardon                                                  and trainers as well as students and anyone who
                Being a veteran of over a thousand presentations at                           wishes to improve their relationship skills.
                Welcome Meetings overseas I have learned some                                 Paperback 280 pages Was £14.99
                of the skills of mastering an audience, by picking                            NOW £13.49 22336
                them up, calming them down, holding their attention,
                making them laugh and hammering home key points.
                However, I wish I had been given this book a decade                           20% Off! The Solutions Focus:
                ago because it is full of effective techniques to help                        Making Coaching and Change
                you engage and captivate any group or audience. Each                          S.I.M.P.L.E. (2nd Edition)
                tip is simply laid out with stab points and key quotes
                                                                                              Paul Z Jackson & Mark McKergow
                to reinforce the message and space on each page for
                metacognitive reflection, which helps each strategy                           Making coaching and change simple. A new and
                sink in and become second nature. This book is so                             updated second edition of this acclaimed first
                effective it is as engaging as the public speaker you will                    business book on the powerful, simple yet subtle
                become after reading it.                                                      solutions focussed approach to positive change in
                                                                                              people, teams and organisations.
                Paperback 107 pages Was £14.99
                                                                                              Paperback 240 pages Was £16.99
                NOW £11.99 17306
                                                                                              NOW £13.59 22330

                                                                              Anthony Robbins is regarded worldwide as the
                                                                                              NUMBER ONE
                                                                               personal development speaker, author and
                                                                                success coach. His clients have included
                                                                               Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi and C.E.O’s of
                                                                                               fortune 500.

                                                                              His live seminars have toured Europe with
                                                                             outstanding results during the past five years.
                                                                             No doubt you have followed some or all of his
                                                                                 success stories in the national press.

                                                                                    GET THIS AMAZING FREE BOOK
                                                                                   “NOTES FROM A FRIEND”
                                                                                                 from the

                                                                                     WORLDS NO.1
                                                                                    SUCCESS COACH
                                                                                              BY CALLING:

                                                                                   0161 234 0082
                                                                                        OR OUTSIDE UK DIAL
                                                                                        0044 0161 234 0082

To order, call 01267 211880 or visit Please quote Changes 66 when ordering 19
 Accelerated Learning
                    10% Off! ASK: How to Teach Learning to Learn in the Secondary School
                    Juliet Strang, Philip Masterton & Oliver Button
                    Why do teachers get so frustrated by their efforts to teach students new ideas and new skills? Because students lack the ability to learn for
                    themselves and so end up being dependent on their teachers.Villiers High is one of the first secondary schools in the country to have sought
                    to tackle this by introducing a fully developed curriculum designed so that students can learn how to learn. The results have been remarkable,
                    with year on year improvements in public examination results and an increased hunger to learn on part of the students. The result is ASK: How
                    to Teach Learning to Learn in the Secondary School, a serious exploration of the new science of learning. Full of tried and tested teaching and
                    learning strategies, this book will transform the way teachers see their subjects. All of the lesson ideas detailed in this book are easily applied
                    to any curriculum subject, and, if used across different subjects quickly become a transferable map that can help students make sense of
                    their learning and progress rapidly at secondary school. Whatever the subject, science, English, geography, learning, – or a combination – after
                    reading this book, teachers will never again think of themselves solely as a teacher of a subject, for they will also be teaching that essential
                    human skill – the capacity to learn.
                    Ages 11-18. Paperback 190 pages Was £24.99 NOW £22.49 22140

                    10% Off! The Big Book of Independent Thinking: Do things no one does or do things
                    everyone does in a way no one does
                    Edited by Ian Gilbert
                    This book is meant to be dipped into, with not every chapter being relevant for everybody all of the time. Some chapters are written with
                    the classroom practitioner very much in mind, others with the students in mind, others still with an eye on school leaders. That said, there is
                    something here for everyone so we encourage you to dip into it with a highlighter pen in one hand and a notebook in the others to capture
                    the main messages and ideas that resonate with you.
                    So, does the assembly you’re about to give, or that lesson on ‘forces’ you’re about to deliver or that staff meeting you’re about to lead or that
                    new intake parents evening you’re planning look like everyone else’s anywhere else? If so, then what about sitting down with your independent
                    thinking hat on and identifying how you can make it so that we couldn’t drop you into a totally different school on the other side of the
                    country without anyone noticing the difference. Have the confidence to be memorable – the world of education needs you to be great.
                    n   ‘Increasing Energy in the Classroom’ by David Keeling                    n   ‘The Creative Use of IT in the Classroom’ by Guy Shearer
                    n   ‘Music and the Mind’ by Nina Jackson                                     n   ‘How the Brian Works’ by Andrew Curran
                    n   ‘The Disciplined Approach’ by Jim Roberson                               n   ‘Living a Creative Life’ by Roy Leighton
                    n   ‘The Best is the Enemy of the Good’ by Matt Gray                         n   ‘Build the Emotionally Intelligent School’ by Michael Brearley
                    Paperback 192 pages Was £24.99 NOW £22.49 18449

                    10% Off! Personalising Learning in the Primary Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers
                    and School Leaders
                    Dr Elaine Wilmot
                    Personalising learning is seen as a powerful solution to reforming our current education system in order to meet individual learning needs and
                    thereby raise standards. Where current thinking has personalising learning in the secondary sector, the author argues that for personalising
                    learning to be successful, children must start making real choices about their learning from the earliest age and must be guided and coached
                    through their primary years. Personalising Learning in the Primary Classroom will
                    n Cover all aspects of teaching and learning in the primary school
                    n Challenge your thinking about how you teach
                    n Address individual needs and raise standards
                    n Encourage you and your school to put the learner at the heart of the educational agenda and support you in this challenge.
                    “Personalising Learning in the Primary Classroom is an important contribution to the growing literature on personalizing learning. Elaine Wilmot’s
                    book will support strategic planning and policy making, team planning, CPD activities and, most importantly, teachers’ work in the classroom.”
                    John West-Burnham
                    Ages 4-11. Paperback 192 pages Was £19.99 NOW £17.99 21666

                    30% Off! Discover Your Hidden Talents: The Essential Guide to Lifelong
                    Bill Lucas
                    Discover Your Hidden Talents opens up an exciting world of self-discovery and new opportunities. It shows how
                    you can overcome your personal barriers, master powerful learning skills and unlock the door to greater success
                    in work, study, sport – in fact every area of your life.
                    Paperback 319 pages £12.95 NOW £9.07 20015

                    20% Off! More Than a Test Score: Teens Talk About Being Gifted, Talented, or Otherwise
                    Robert A Shultz & James R Delisle
                    We often hear about gifted kids, but seldom from them. Drawing on the voices of thousands of gifted teenagers-kids from around the world
                    who responded to an online survey-this book is a real-life look at what being gifted means to teens today. What is giftedness all about? What’s
                    it like to be smarter than some of your friends? What about expectations, mistakes, getting along, gifted programs, and dull days at school?
                    Includes hundreds of quotes from teens aged 13-19, brief biographies, and activities. Essential reading for gifted teens and the adults who care
                    about them.
                    Paperback 152 pages £12.99 NOW £10.39 22207

20 Changes 66 - Spring Sale Edition 2007                                                                                                    Sale ends 30.4.07
                                                        Accelerated Learning
                   20% Off! Roland Roberts CDs
                   Recent experiments comparing rates of learning against varying background noises, including complete silence, show that certain types
                   of classical music are conducive to effective study. When classical music of around 60 beats per minute is re-arranged and performed by
                   a synthesiser, the results are even more effective. Used as background music when studying, ‘passive music’ helps to accelerate the pace
                   of learning in students with no extra effort. Contains 120 minutes of specially selected and arranged Baroque music.
                                        n Passive Music for Accelerated Learning: Increase your Brainpower
                                           without even Thinking
                                           2 CD set £19.99 NOW £15.99 13497
                                      n    Mozart for Accelerated Learning: Unleash Your Potential Through the
                                           Genius of Mozart
                                           2 CD set £19.99 NOW £15.99 14476

                    20% Off! Brain Building Games with Words                                                         20% Off! What Do You
                    and Numbers (Mostly)                                                                             Stand For? Character
                    Allen Bragdon & David Gamon PhD                                                                  Building Card Game
                    Neuroscientitsts now know that brain cells begin to deteriorate                                  Barbara A Lewis
                    naturally as soon as the young brain has matured, at about age 21.                               True Stories, inspiring quotations,
                    The trick to high job performance and a self-sufficient old age is                               thought provoking dilemmas, and
                    to slow down the loss of function by keeping the neurons you still                               activities help elementary school
                    have actively connected with each other. This book’s ingeniously                                 children build positive character traits
                    formatted, skill-graded exercises target the crucial brain circuits                              including caring, fairness, respect, and
                    that control: short- and long-term memory; executive planning;                                   responsibility. From the best-selling
                    the ability to learn faster; doing maths in your head and recalling                              author of “What Do You Stand For?
                    words and new names and faces. No matter what your age, these                                    For Teens
                    exercises can shape up your brain’s circuits so they will be there
                                                                                                                     Card set £12.95
                    for you whenever you need to perform.
                                                                                                                     NOW £10.36 22342
                    Paperback 220 pages Was £7.99 NOW £6.39
                                           For more great savings check out our website

                   Tom Silver Training
                   28th, 29th and 30th April 2007. Regents College, London
                                            Hands-on training and live demonstrations
                                            by Tom Silver USA Master Trainer
                                                Interactive and physical deep trance inductions
                                                Instant and unexpected induction training
                                                Emotional Replacement Therapy                      All this
                                                                                                            for only
                                                Effective early age and past life regression
                                                Instant removal of fears and phobias with ERT                             £970
                                                Rapid habit control methods
                                                EEG and scientific hypnosis training
         ver's                                  Visualisation, Affirmation and projection mind training
  Tom Sil unique
      s are                                     Physical deepening to produce deep trance states
method inently
  and em ful                                    Automatic unconscious re-programming method
                                                The hypnosis contract with your client

His techniques will simply transform the way you work with clients and give you a
mighty arsenal of methods that will massively enhance your effectiveness as a therapist.
Places at Tom Silver's 2007 UK Training at Regent's College are strictly limited. Make sure of your
place by calling the UK hotline 01277 203352 or log on and book online with
your Credit Card. Book and pay before 14th February and get 10% discount. Other benefits and incentives
include course manuals, free DVD players and Tom's training DVDs and a host of other Tom Silver products.

To order, call 01267 211880 or visit Please quote Changes 66 when ordering 21
 Pocket Book Bonanza!
                                   Each book in this ever popular series of Pocket Books provides specialist knowledge in a nutshell.
                                                 A full description of each title is on our website
                                   Normally priced at £6.99 each, you save £££s when you buy 5 for £30 or 10 for £50!
                                                                     n The Competencies Pocketbook                          n The Starting in Management Pocketbook
                                                                     Roger Mills                                            Patrick Forsyth
                                                                     Paperback 128 pages 21604 £6.99                        Paperback 104 pages 21615 £6.99
n The Icebreakers Pocketbook
Alan Evans & Paul Tizzard                                            n The Virtual Teams Pocketbook                         n The Training Evaluation Pocketbook
Paperback 121 pages 21475 £6.99                                      Ian Fleming                                            Paul Donovan & John Townsend
                                                                     Paperback 112 pages 21620 £6.99                        Paperback 96 pages 21587 £6.99
n The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook
Max A Eggert & Wendy Falzon                                          n The Career Transition Pocketbook                     n The Assertiveness Pocket Book
Paperback 112 pages 21585 £6.99                                      Keith Corbin                                           Max Eggert
                                                                     Paperback 128 pages 21603 £6.99                        Paperback 112 pages 14180 £6.99
n The Networking Pocketbook
Jon Warner                                                           The Communicator’s Pocketbook                          n The Openers and Closers Pocketbook
Paperback 104 pages 21611 £6.99                                      n Sean Misteil                                         Alan Evans and Paul Tizzard
                                                                     Paperback 112 pages 21582 £6.99                        Paperback 112 pages 21601 £6.99
n The Succeeding at Interviews Pocketbook
Peter English                                                        n The Presentations Pocketbook                         n The Influencing Pocketbook
Paperback 112 pages 21616 £6.99                                      John Townsend                                          Richard Storey
                                                                     Paperback 112 pages 21583 £6.99                        Paperback 112 pages 21608 £6.99
n The Diversity Pocketbook
Linbert Spencer                                                      n The Appraisals Pocketbook                            n The Leadership Pocketbook
Paperback 112 pages 21605 £6.99                                      Frank Scott-Lennon                                     Fiona Elsa Dent
                                                                     Paperback 104 pages 21602 £6.99                        Paperback 112 pages 21476 £6.99
n The Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook
Margaret Chapman                                                     n The Trainer’s Pocketbook                             n The Employment Law Pocketbook 2nd
Paperback 100 pages 17573 £6.99                                      John Townsend                                          Edition
                                                                     Paperback 128 pages 21618 £6.99                        Malcolm Martin & Tricia Jackson
n The Managing Recruitment Pocketbook                                                                                       Paperback 128 pages 22015 £6.99
Stewart Wright and John Sponton                                      n The Training Needs Analysis Pocketbook
Paperback 128 pages 21610 £6.99                                      Paul Donovan and John Townsend
                                                                     Paperback 112 pages 21619 £6.99

                Forthcoming Events                                                                     When you advertise your event in Changes you can also
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  VieVoLVe Business excellence with NLP: 6-8 Mar 07, 23-25 Apr 07, 22-24 May                           good price! Interested?
  07, 25-27 Jun 07 A three-day accelerated programme, incorporating the core principles and            To find out more about this or about how to advertise
                                                                                                       in Changes email
  applications of NLP in the business environment.The course is lead by Ian Ross (internationally
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  FRANk DANieLS ASSoCiATeS NLP Master Practitioner Training INLPTA
                                                                                                       PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE
  certified. Threefold emphasis: Modelling & Mastery; Personal Evolution and Transformation
  – through deep core belief and identity level change processes; Powerful Influencing Skills.
  Includes Words That Change Minds seminar. 21-day course over 6 modules starts 19 May in
  Nottingham. Details: 0845 226 9088
                                                                                                            Special                        ISSUE FOUR                                       SUMMER 2006

  FRANk DANieLS ASSoCiATeS ericksonian Language Patterns & Hypnosis                                          Offer
  Through in-depth immersion you could dramatically increase your skill to motivate, empower
  and influence more elegantly. Use these patterns formally e.g. as part of therapy, and                                                   Jumoké
  informally e.g. in meetings, coaching, teaching, training, parenting, sales, counselling, personal                                       Fashola
                                                                                                                                           Can NLP be
  development. In Nottingham 30 June/1 July and 14/15 July. Details tel: 0845 226 9088 email:                                              bad for you?
                                                                                                             for 4 issues                  Michael Neill
  VieVoLVe Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution: 10-12 July 2007                                                                 Talks about his
  Based on best practise elicited from the most effective negotiators in the world of commerce,                                            new book

  law and relationship therapy, this workshop is designed to enhance your competence in                                 Plus
  all forms of negotiations and conflict resolution - business and personal, short-term and                          a choice of           Dyslexia
  long-term. It includes techniques from the Harvard Negotiation Project, NLP, Emotional                                                   Can coaching help

                                                                                                                FREE GIFTS
                                                                                                                                           improve school work?
  Intelligence, and others. Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Contact Vievolve: 01491 577244                                                                          worth a minimum         Free DVD
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  NLP ACADeMy NLP Trainers Training & NLP Premier Practitioner 11 - 29                                                 of £14.95           used to cure a phobia

  July & 11 - 24 July 2007. The most unique Trainer Training and Practitioner event ever. Call                      see website for                     THE MAGAZINE FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
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  FRANk DANieLS ASSoCiATeS Words That Change Minds seminar plus
  LAB Profile Practitioner Certification Advanced Day With Frank Daniels in                             The first magazine to offer fresh and accessible editorial
  Nottingham Identify motivational triggers and work patterns and use your language to spark
  interest and enthusiasm. For anyone who needs to influence or predict behaviour, e.g. for             on personal development techniques to develop the
  Teambuilding,Training, Marketing, Consulting, Coaching, Counselling and more! 21-23 July + 24         individual and business. Regular columns include:
  July Details tel: 0845 226 9088 email:                              Training, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Interviews,
  VieVoLVe Leadership for the Future (NLP Business Practitioner): Autumn                                Profiles, Discussions, What’s New, Debate, Letters,
  2007: 3-5 Sep, 26-28 Sep, 22-24 Oct, 19-21 Nov, 5-6 Dec A Modular programme combining                 Book Reviews, Alternative Therapies and more.....
  the most successful business thinking with the most advanced personal development strategies
  and incorporating NLP Practitioner certification. Lead by Ian Ross with guest presenters.
  Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Contact Vievolve: 01491 577244                  Visit to subscribe now!                                                                                      For more details call: 0870 444 0790 or email

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