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									                                           Mass Combat Cheat Sheet
Units                                                                       Complementary Unit Formations
All units are either complementary units or solo units.                     Complementary units are also organized into Formations, which
                                                                            require a minimum Drill:
Complementary Units
                                                                            Unordered (Drill 0):
     This is any Magnitude 1+ unit.                                            Apply the lower of Drill or Magnitude as an external penalty
     Requires a commander, otherwise is considered a mob.                      when the unit commander or special characters are targeted in
     May have Magnitude x 2 special characters.                                an Unordered unit.
     Magic that targets multiple characters must be capable of                 A unit can be forced into Unordered if directed attacks reduce
     affecting a # of individuals = the unit’s Magnitude to affect the         relays below unit minimum (resulting in –2 Drill).
     entire unit.                                                              +2 difficulty on rout checks.
                                                                               Unmounted Speed = average Dex x 30.
Complementary Unit Stats
                                                                            Skirmish (Drill 1):
All Complementary Units have the following stats:
                                                                                2x shield and cover bonuses
                                                                                 +3 DV vs ranged attacks.
Magnitude: By default, the size of a force of extras. Heroic mortals
are worth 2 extras. For any other force, divide average HL by 3                 Enemy units making CC attack vs a unit that is in Skirmish
(round down) to determine per-soldier value for determining                     Formation double Magnitude to determine attack bonus.
Magnitude. Magnitude applies action bonuses/penalties based on                  Enemy units in Close Formation making a CC vs a unit that is in
relative size to other units (max +/-3). Magnitude must be 1 higher             Skirmish Formation triple Magnitude to determine attack bonus.
than target unit to envelop it. Any Magnitude 3+ unit must have 1               +2 difficulty on rout checks.
relay special character per Magnitude dot. A complementary unit’s               Unmounted Speed = average Dex x 100.
special character capacity is 2x Magnitude. Magic that targets
multiple characters must be capable of affecting a # of individuals =       Relaxed (Drill 1):
the unit’s Magnitude to affect the entire unit.                                 2x shield and cover bonuses vs. ranged attacks.
                                                                                Unmounted Speed = average Dex x 70.
Drill: Used to determine Endurance, maximum Formation type,
during disengagement, to recover Endurance during a rally, protects         Close (Drill 2):
special characters from targeted attacks, and is figured into rout              2x CC Rating.
checks (usually as Magnitude – Drill). Reduced by –2 if the unit                2x shield and cover bonus vs CC attacks.
doesn’t have enough relays. 0-5.                                                Enemy units making a ranged attack vs a unit that is in Close
                                                                                Formation double Magnitude to determine attack bonus.
Endurance: How many points of exhaustion can be taken before the                –2 difficulty on rout checks.
force is fatigued, and is at –2 penalty to all actions. Drill + average         Unmounted Speed = average Dex x 40.
Stamina. Subtract unit’s average armor Fatigue value if the members
have not rested for several hours before battle.                              Magnitude            Members (extras)    Equivalent
                                                                              0                    1                   Solo
Might: Magical or supernatural enhancements to a force. Usually               1                    2-10                Fang
max 3. Added to unit commander’s attack roll as automatic                     2                    11-75               Scale(s)
successes. Might is added to the commander’s Essence to determine             3                    76-150              Talon
if particular effects can target the unit and/or help defend against          4                    151-300             Wing
                                                                              5                    301-650             Dragon
hostile Charms.                                                               6                    651-1,250           --
                                                                              7                    1,251-2,500         --
CC/Ranged Rating: (average Dex + average Ability + weapon                     8                    2,501-5,000         Legion
Accuracy if all the same weapon)/2, rounded down. Added to unit               9                    5,001-10,000        First Age Legion
commander’s attack roll as automatic successes. Add ½ CC Rating to
unit commander’s PDV.                                                         Non-extras are worth a number of extras = average HL/3
                                                                              Each Magnitude above 9 doubles maximum member size.
CC/Ranged Damage: (average Str + weapon Damage)/3, rounded
down. Added to damage roll.
                                                                              Drill     Description          Example
Armor: (Average full lethal soak of troops)/3                                 0         Undrilled            Solo units, mobs, throngs, rabble,
                                                                                                             warbands, thugs in uniforms
Morale: lower of either (unit’s average Valor) or (mount’s Valor) or          1         Barely Disciplined   Poor village militia, poor quality
                                                                                                             troops, gendarmes
(commander’s Valor). Units with “perfect” Morale automatically                2         Disciplined          Good militia, mediocre troops,
pass any Morale check and are at -2 difficulty to Exhaustion roll.                                           Lintha pirates, Imperial peltasts
                                                                              3         Crisp                Excellent militia, good troops,
                                                                                                             Imperial medium foot
                                                                              4         Crack                Excellent troops, Imperial heavy
                                                                                                             foot, Immaculate monks
                                                                              5         Flawless             Superb troops, tiger warriors, brass
                                                                                                             legionnaires, etc.

                        Mass Combat Cheat Sheet v1.2 • p.1 of 5 • 5/29/2006 • Assembled by Paul Beakley (
Solo Units and Special Characters:                                                Spirits using Principle of Motion gain a pool of extra actions
                                                                                  equal to the average WP of the unit.
     A Solo Unit is any Magnitude 0 unit, representing a single
     character. This may be a free-floating character on the field, or a
     special character attached to a larger unit (only for the purposes     Special Characters: A complementary unit may have up to
     of making extra attacks).                                              Magnitude x 2 special characters, freely selected as heroes, sorcerers
     Only has Endurance (Stamina + Resistance) as an additional             and relays. Unit Commander does not count against this limitation.
     stat. Other Mass Combat stats = 0                                      All special characters in a unit always survive until the unit loses its
     Solo Units are never in a Formation.                                   last dot of Magnitude, at which point they sacrifice their lives to
     Unmounted Speed = Dex x 100.                                           protect the Unit Commander.
     Magic that targets a single character must target a special                  Hero: Characters capable of assuming command if the Unit
     character in the unit or a solo unit.                                        Commander dies, or if the unit splits into smaller groups. Hero
                                                                                  may attack other units in CC as if he were a Solo Unit. Heroes
Unit Commander: One per unit; not considered a special character.                 can apply their Melee or Martial Arts dots to the unit instead of
Either a PC, an ally (under the PC’s control), a named NPC, or an                 the unit commander’s, limited by the commander’s War dots.
extra. Archery, Dodge, Martial Arts, Melee and Thrown are capped                  Sorcerer: Commands ranged attacks. Use the Sorcerer’s
by the commander’s War dots. Unit Commander’s Essence is                          Archery or Thrown skill instead of the Unit Commander’s
increased by the unit’s Might to defend against magic or to determine             (capped by Unit Commander’s War). Sorcerers can also make
if particular effects can target the unit. The unit’s Magnitude is                independent ranged attacks as if he were a Solo Unit. Sorcerer
reduced based on the Unit Commander’s HLs. Units led by extras                    can cast any spell he knows as a (5/-2) action, but can’t help his
only get 3 HL per dot of Magnitude.                                               unit or act again until the unit synchronizes with the Sorcerer’s
                                                                                  tick. Cannot assume command or lead troops to break away into
Unit Commander’s Anima Effects:                                                   new units.
Note that these are only my best guess – there is no canonical                    Relay: Units of Magnitude 3+ require one relay special
interpretation of how these powers are to be used. Consider this                  character per dot. Units with inadequate relays are at –2 Drill.
section a house rule.
     Dawn caste’s unit gain +2DV versus units whose Morale equals
     or is less than the Dawn’s Essence. Trigger rout check against
     any mortal unit, difficulty +1.
     Zenith caste’s unit gains additional lethal and bashing soak
     equal to Essence vs all creatures of darkness. Add Essence to
     minimum dice rolled for any attack vs creatures of darkness
     (usually 2x Essence).
     Twilight anima applies only to the character, not his unit.
     Night caste’s anima applies only to the character, not his unit.
     Eclipse caste’s anima applies only to the character, not his unit.
     Spirits, demons and Fair Folk will not attack the Eclipse’s unit
                                                                              Might      Unit Composition
     without just cause.
                                                                              0          No supernatural abilities; strictly mortal troops
     DB Animas apply only to the unit commander, unless the entire            1          God-blooded, trained thaumaturges, young Dragon
     force is comprised of DB warriors with the same elemental                           Kings, average ghosts, Mountain Folk warriors
     aspect.                                                                  2          Younger Terrestrial Exalted, non-combative First Circle
     Lunar Animas apply only to the unit commander, unless the                           demons, weak gods and elementals, ghost warriors,
     entire force is comprised of Lunars of the same lunar caste.                        young Fair Folk nobles, elite Mountain Folk warriors
     Journey Sidereals triple charge distances for the unit.                  3          Older Terrestrial or younger Terrestrials with numerous
                                                                                         Charms for enhancing one another; Immaculate monks;
     Serenity Sidereals apply anima only to selves.                                      young Celestial Exalted; combative First Circle demons;
     Battle Sidereals reduce damage of all attacks by one level,                         lesser combative deities; veteran nemissaries or war
     applied after damage is rolled.                                                     ghosts; experienced Fair Folk nobles
     Secrets Sidereals make unit immune to mental attacks from                4          Experienced Celestial Exalted or very old Terrestrial
     opponents with equal or lower Essence, and add +Essence to                          Exalted, Immaculate Masters, Second Circle demons,
     MDV against all other opponents.                                                    Dragon King elders, warlike divinities
                                                                              5          Lesser elemental dragons, elder Celestial Exalted
     Endings Sidereals increase damage done by unit by one health                        (Essence 6+)
     level, added after damage is rolled.
     Dusk caste adds +2DV to units whose target unit’s Morale                 Bonuses Equipment
     equals or is less than the Dawn’s Essence. Trigger rout check            +1      Thaumaturgical talismans and alchemical potions
     against any mortal unit, difficulty 1.                                   +2      Basic magical armor and weapons, powerful
     Midnight caste grants unit +1 damage die against living target                   thaumaturgical artifacts (gunzosha armor)
                                                                              +3      Essence-discharge weapons, magical power armor
     units. Unit can heal Magnitude losses with a Rally action if any
                                                                                      (warstriders, dragon armor)
     mortal unit has lost Magnitude dots this battle.                         +4      Powerful First Age artifacts, divine weapons
     Daybreak caste’s anima applies only to character, not unit.
     Day caste anima applies only to character, not unit.
     Moonshadow caste anima applies only to character, not unit.

                        Mass Combat Cheat Sheet v1.2 • p.2 of 5 • 5/29/2006 • Assembled by Paul Beakley (
                                                                             Disengage (0/-0): Complementary unit engaged with another
Order of Battle                                                              complementary unit may disengage as an automatic reflexive action.
                                                                             First make successful roll of ([Wits + War + Drill] – Magnitude) vs
Join War                                                                     difficulty of (opposing unit’s Drill + 3). Disengaging triggers a rout
([Wits + War] – Magnitude) to determine complementary unit’s
activation. (Wits + Awareness) to determine solo unit’s activation.
                                                                             Turn (3/-1): Complementary units may reflexively turn less than 90
                                                                             degrees on any long tick on which they take another standard action.
Ambush: Roll to conceal a unit is ([Dex + Stealth] – Magnitude),
                                                                             Turning more than 90 degrees requires the commander roll
resisted by target unit commander or special character’s (Perception
                                                                             (Charisma + War) vs difficulty (Magnitude-Drill, minimum 1). Any
+ Awareness).
                                                                             unit being attacked from directly behind is considered to be under an
                                                                             unexpected attack: Dodge and Parry DV is 0, but cover can improve
Actions                                                                      the value.
Move (0/None): May be taken in addition to any other action at no
speed cost or DV penalty. Foot units move at (Formation modifier) x          Split Unit (3/-1): Each resulting unit requires a hero to lead it.
(normal movement – average Mobility penalty of armor). Mounted               Calculate new Magnitudes of resulting units; parent loses 1 dot of
units move at their normal speed regardless of Formation (see chart).        Magnitude even if the breakaway group is small enough that the loss
Open terrain confers up to 25% cover and no move penalty. Difficult          does not constitute a full point of Magnitude loss. A new unit lacking
terrain confers up to 50% cover and horses move at half-speed;               adequate relays can only assume an Unordered Formation and
chariots, wagons, and mounts larger than horses cannot move through          triggers a rout check for goth the original and new unit: (Charisma +
difficult terrain. Extreme terrain cuts infantry move in half, and           War) of commander or best relay vs difficulty of (Magnitude – Drill,
anything larger cannot pass. For a unit to receive benefits of flight        minimum 1, +2 if original unit was engaged at the time of the split).
(i.e. target unit must wait until tick on which flying unit strikes to
strike back with melee attack; ranged attacks are normal), all               Merge Units (3/-1): Only one of the units merging must take this
members of the unit must be able to fly.                                     action. Each commander must make reflexive (Charisma + War) vs
                                                                             difficulty (their unit’s Magnitude – Drill, minimum 1). If either fails,
Aim (3/-1): +1 die per tick, max 3 ticks. –1 DV continues through            the merge fails and the failing unit hesitates. If successful, calculate
attack on which Aim is used. Aborting aim does not refresh DV.               new Magnitude and determine new unit commander. Special
                                                                             characters in excess of the new unit’s capacity must become solo
Charge (3/-2): Mounted units double speed for duration of action.            units.
Foot units move at (Formation modifier) x (Dex +6 – average
Mobility penalty of armor). Solo units can charge without a roll.            Convert Special Character to Solo Unit (0/-0): Automatic, reflexive
Complementary units must not be in an Unordered Formation, and               on any tick; cannot be resisted.
the commander must roll (Charisma + War) at difficulty (Magnitude
– Drill, minimum 1). The Endurance of any unit (solo or                      Exchange/Receive Special Characters (3/-1): Each commander must
complementary) immediately decreases by the average fatigue value            make reflexive (Charisma + War) vs difficulty 1. No penalty for
of the unit’s armor.                                                         failure. Solo unit does not need to make War roll. Cannot exceed
                                                                             unit’s special character capacity.
Guard (3/None): Per normal guard. May abort to any action other
than Guard or Aim at any time, but this new action does not refresh          Signal Units (3/-0): Unit commander communicates with # of other
DV. Guard cannot be part of a Flurry.                                        units = # of relays in the commander’s unit.

Inactive (5/Special): Use only if the unit (usually a solo unit) is          Rally (4/-1): Unit commander rolls (Charisma + [War or
rendered inactive.                                                           Performance]) vs difficulty (unit’s Magnitude – Drill, difficulty 1).
                                                                             Relay can stand in for this. Various results:
Join War (various/-0): Speed = (highest Join War roll at beginning                Organization: Promote one rank and file to become a relay.
of battle) – (Join War roll, per above). Roll on any tick. After ticks            Cannot exceed unit’s special character capacity (Magnitude x
have passed, unit takes first action.                                             2).
                                                                                  Numbers: Draw scattered allies under the commander’s banner.
Change Formation (5/-1): Commander rolls (Charisma + War) vs                      Only possible if an allied unit (or itself!) lost a dot of Magnitude
difficulty (Magnitude-Drill, minimum 1) + (1 if attacked since last               earlier in this battle. Can be vetoed if no reinforcements are
action, 2 if currently engaged) to change Formation. Unit must have               available.
sufficient Drill to assume the new Formation. Any relay with a higher             Second Wind: Restore Endurance points = Drill (minimum 1),
(Charisma + War) may use that instead. If under missile fire,                     cannot increase Endurance above the unit’s Magnitude.
commander may immediately give Change Formation order to
assume Skirmish on the tick after first incoming attack, but this            Flurry (varies/varies): Unit can only attack one other unit with an
triggers a rout check at increased difficulty for the new Formation          action, even during a flurry. Rate is based on the unit commander’s
(+2 for Skirmish).                                                           weapon.

                         Mass Combat Cheat Sheet v1.2 • p.3 of 5 • 5/29/2006 • Assembled by Paul Beakley (
Activate Charm/Combo/Power: Simple charm speeds converted to                 attack after the first). Target commander gets +1/2 his unit’s CC
long ticks. May use any reflexive charm during any tick regardless of        Rating to PDV. Units in Skirmish Formation gain +3 DV vs Ranged
what Charms were used prior to this tick or recently. Supplemental           Attacks. Roll dice granted by stunts, charms, etc. and add to DV.
and Extra Action charms can also be added to any action as normal.
Unit commander may cast a spell of any circle as a (5/-2) action; a          6) Defense Reroll: As normal (usually as a result of Charms)
sorcerer special character may also cast a spell, which does not tie up
the entire unit’s action (but does require the sorcerer take his own         7) Calculate Raw Damage: Calculate based on unit commander’s
Speed 5 action – may take special character out of sync with rest of         damage. Add unit’s CC or Ranged Damage to damage. Minimum
unit; must Guard until unit catches up). Spells that affect enemy units      damage is based on the unit’s Magnitude, not the unit commander’s
trigger a rout check. All scene-long effects last for the duration of the    Essence.
                                                                             8) Apply Hardness and Soak, Roll Damage: Apply unit commander’s
Attack (varies/-1): Speed equals speed of the unit commander’s               armor. Add unit’s Armor to unit commander’s bashing, lethal and
weapon. Follow standard breakdown for the unit and any special               agg soak.
characters (not the commander) attacking as Solo Units:
                                                                             9) Counterattacks: Perform any counterattacks granted by charms.
1) Declaration of Attack: state that you’re attacking, and what charms
will be used (except reroll effects). Note if attack cannot be dodged        10) Apply Results: Unit takes damage on a health track equal to the
or parried. Describe stunt.                                                  unit commander’s Health Levels. At Incapacitated, the health track is
                                                                             reset and the unit’s Magnitude is reduced by 1. Losing a Magnitude
2) Defender Declares Response: Choose best of PDV or DDV.                    triggers a rout check.
Declare use of defensive charms (except reroll effects). Defender
adds ½ unit’s CC Rating to PDV. Describe stunt.                              11) Exhaustion: Each living unit (not undead or automata) in the
                                                                             attack makes a reflexive (Charisma + War) roll vs difficulty 1 +:
3) Attack Roll: Make standard attack roll, capping the unit leader’s
Abilities by his War dots. Add automatic successes:                               Unit’s Morale 3+: -1
     + Unit’s CC or Ranged Rating (capped by commander’s War)                     Perfect Morale: -2 (via Heroism Encouraging Presence)
           2x CC Rating if unit in Close Formation.                               Unit is engaged with enemy unit: +2
     + Unit’s Might                                                               Unit charged as last action: +1
     + Difference in Magnitudes (max +/-3), modified for Formation:               Hot/snowy: +1
           2x vs Skirmish in CC                                                   Desert/blizzard: +2
           3x for Close vs Skirmish in CC
                                                                                  Extreme temps: +3
           2x vs Close in Ranged
                                                                             (Minimum difficulty 1)
Special attack options:
    Enveloping: -2 successes, and attacker’s Magnitude must be 1             Failure results in losing an Endurance point. Units with 0 Endurance
    higher than target’s. Trapped units are at +3 difficulty to              are at –2 on all actions.
    Disengage. Larger unit is at +1 difficulty to Disengage.
    Ranged attacks: Every volley consumes 3 rounds. Most
    mounted units have enough ammo for 4 attacks; most
    fortified/prepared units have enough ammo for 7 attacks. Range
    increment based on unit’s weapons, not commander’s weapons.                       Shield and Cover DV Bonuses
    Sorcerers use their own weapon’s stats when attacking as a solo
    unit.                                                                      Type                          CC        Ranged
    Attacking commanders and special characters: Penalty equals ½              Buckler                       +1        None
    target’s Drill or Magnitude, rounded up (use the lower of the              Target Shield                 +1        +1
    two if unit is Unordered). May be done with ranged attacks only            Tower Shield                  +1        +2
    if unengaged, or else attacker’s unit must have engaged the                25% Cover (Open)              --        +1
    victim’s unit on a previous long tick. Victim may defend                   50% Cover (Difficult)         +1        +2
    normally. Sorcerers double the Magnitude of their unit when                75% Cover (Extreme)           +1        +3
    determining external penalty.                                              90% Cover (Fortification)     +2        +4
    Initiate Duel: Commander or hero may call out target unit’s
    commander or hero. Can force a duel by challenger making                   Formation           DV Bonus Modification
    standard attack roll without unit bonuses as a called shot.                Unordered           no change
    Participants revert to fast ticks. Long tick count resumes at end          Skirmish            x2 all shield/cover bonuses
    of battle.                                                                 Relaxed             x2 all shield/cover bonuses vs Ranged only
                                                                               Close               x2 all shield/cover bonuses vs CC only
4) Attack Reroll: As normal (usually as a result of Charms)

5) Subtract External Penalties/Apply Special Defenses: Apply target
unit commander’s DDV or PDV, increased for terrain and cover
(modified by Formation), and reduced for onslaught penalty (-1 per

                         Mass Combat Cheat Sheet v1.2 • p.4 of 5 • 5/29/2006 • Assembled by Paul Beakley (
Hesitation and Rout
On any rout check, roll unit’s Morale vs difficulty 1, modified for
conditions that triggered rout check as well as the unit’s Formation:

     Suffering Magnitude loss from damage: +0
     Receiving the first ranged attack since the unit’s last action: +0
     Receiving a ranged attack from flame or Essence weapons: +1
     Being the subject of a Spell: +1 per Circle
     Becoming engaged with an enemy unit that is superior or led by
     a supernatural being: +1 (+2 vs Dawn unit commander)
     Becoming engaged with an enemy unit that is overwhelmingly
     superior or comprised entirely of supernatural beings: +2
     Successful disengagement from enemy unit: +1

    Unordered: +2
    Skirmish: +2
    Relaxed: +0
    Close: -2

Modify Morale dice pool by (Magnitude – Drill, max +/-3).

On failed roll, unit cannot move until next action and loses 1 dot of
Magnitude for every success by which the roll failed (health track is
reset to full when this happens). Any special characters in excess of
the unit’s new special character capacity must either be expelled or
fall back into rank and file.

After a battle in which a unit lost one or more Magnitude dots, check
to see if special characters attached to that unit died. Roll the special
character’s (Wits + WP) vs difficulty (largest # of Magnitude dots
lost in a single attack). On a failure, the special character died. On a
botch, the special character lived but was maimed.

Surviving special characters must repeat the (Wits + WP) roll, this
time vs difficulty (total Magnitude dots lost in the battle). On a
failure, roll one die; result = # of unsoakable lethal health levels taken
in the battle (which may be sufficient to kill the character anyway).
Mortals check for infection.

Healing and Recruitment
Units that spend a period of well supplied rest can recruit
reinforcements, healing lost dots of Magnitude. Healing a single dot
takes days = (current Magnitude +1). A unit that recovers its first dot
this way also regains full health.

                         Mass Combat Cheat Sheet v1.2 • p.5 of 5 • 5/29/2006 • Assembled by Paul Beakley (
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