Basecamp Cheat Sheet by tamir13


									                             Basecamp Cheat Sheet

Login through e-mail you have received inviting you to participate in a project
OR use this URL:

Dashboard: Left side of the screen shows announcements, late milestones, due
in 14 days, & latest activity. Right side shows the projects you have been given
access to. When you select the anything that is underlined in blue you will be
taken to that project, to-do, milestone, etc.

To-dos & Milestones will show the to-dos and milestones for all projects you have
been given access to by the administrator. Time is not a function we are
currently utilizing.

When selecting a project on the right side you will be taken to a project
overview screen. You will have seven tabs at the top of the screen. To the right
of the screen will be a list of people who have been given access to this project

Module 2: Tool 2. 5                                        Module 2 Handout 8
and when they have last logged in. You will also have a “dashboard” & “choose
a project” link at the top left of screen.

You will notice that you also have below the project overview “add message”,
“add to-do list”, “add milestones”, and “add file” in red. Either selecting the tab
or these links will take you to the same location.

Messages: This will allow you to post a message. When doing so you have
access to attach files to the message and associate message with a milestone
as well as selecting who you would like to notify by mail.

To-dos (what leads up to a Milestone): Allows you to reorder lists, set up new to-
do lists and check off when these to-dos are completed. You can view the to-
dos by who they are assigned to. Only people assigned to the to-do are able to
check it as completed.

Milestones (deadline given): Allows you to create a new milestone for a project.
You can view what is late, upcoming, and completed. These items are color
coated and show on the calendar at the right of the screen. When setting up a
milestone you can choose who is responsible and whether you want an e-mail
sent to them to remind them. When editing already created milestones you
have the option to “shift subsequent milestones”.

Writeboards: These are like a whiteboard. You are creating thoughts and
documenting them. This is not a document yet just brainstorming. When
creating a writeboard you title the writeboard and then add the information you
would like to appear. Then there is an option to add a comment to the
writeboard. You have options to view the different versions on the right of
screen. Export into word or HTML or you can flag items. Latest version is on the
left. When you are comparing versions anything in green is new in this version
and anything in grey was struck out in the earlier version.

Time: We are not utilizing at this time. Keeps track of time spent on projects.

Files: This is where you can upload files that you would like to share with others
participants. The file can be downloaded by selecting the file name. Once
changes are made and file is saved members can upload the new version.
Each time you upload a new version the newest version is larger and on top.

Select “help” upper right corner of screen and you can walk through tutorials.

Module 2: Tool 2. 5                                           Module 2 Handout 9

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