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                       New Connections User Guide

Congratulations on subscribing to New Connections, the monthly subscription service
from Thomson Local that secures you details of all the new businesses starting up
and relocating in the areas of your choice, ahead of your competition.

Receiving and using your data
Every month your data will be emailed to you as an Excel spreadsheet on the fifth
working day.

To get the most benefit for your business from your New Connections data is very
important that you contact your data as soon as you receive it, either via direct mail
or telemarketing.

Sample data record
For each record you will receive the following information:

      Name
      Address including postcode
      Telephone number and fax number
      Heading
      Last Verified Contact
      New, Relocated, New Owner or New Branch details
      Senior Decision Maker
      Number of Employees
      Premise Type
      Date moved into premises

Telephone Preference Service
All your New Connections data records are screened against the Telephone
Preference Service (TPS) and the Fax Preference Services (FPS).

Mail Merging
Don't worry if you're having trouble with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word. We've
produced this helpful user guide to help you produce your direct mail campaigns with

Click here to access the guide online:

And if you need help with creating labels for your envelopes click here:

Frequently asked questions
How can I get my New Connections data quicker?
No-one gets the information before anybody else and email is the quickest delivery
method available.

How should I filter my New Connections data?
Cherry pick your prime prospects using industry and premises type and number of
employees to identify your best opportunities.

Why are there two contact names provided in the data?
There are two contact names provided with the data. Ensure you address any
correspondence to the “Senior Decision Maker” rather than the “Last Verified
Contract" who is just the person who our verified the information as correct.

What do N, R, O, and B mean on the New Connections spreadsheet?
The column headed N, R, O and B on the New Connections spreadsheet tells you who
you are calling:

      N = New
      R = Relocated
      O = New Owner
      B = New Branch

Check who you are calling using this column and adapt your call accordingly.

Should I send the same information to all the contacts in my New
Connections data?
Use the information you have to personalise your approach e.g. ”our company
specialises in newly relocated companies/brand new business start-ups/deals with a
number of businesses in your industry sector...”

A personalised approach will help maximise your success.

Is New Connections data worth re-using?
Yes. Ensure you diarise to follow up any leads where perhaps the "Senior Decision
Maker" is away or unavailable. Other companies often don’t and they miss
out. What's more you have the opportunity to use the data as many times
throughout the year as you wish and we highly recommend regular follow-up to
maximise your success.

Auto-mail your New Connections data
To ensure you’re making the most of your New Connections data, why not try our
monthly automated mailing service.

We’ve designed it especially to help you contact all your New Connections leads
every month. What’s more, most of our customers find that not only can we save
them time; we can print and fulfil their mailings cheaper than they can.

Prices start from as little as 53p plus VAT per letter. When you take into
consideration your time, postage, paper and printing costs, can you do it as cheaply?

Plus you can benefit from high volume discounts – so the more you mail the cheaper
it becomes!

With B2B Direct Mail, our easy mail shot service; we can mail all your New
Connections data on the 5th working day of the month.

So by the time you would normally just be starting to use your data, your prospects
could be contacting you.

The process is so simple:
    1. Contact your Account Manager
    2. Design and approve your letter to our easy template
    3. Wait for your mail to drop!

So why not give our New Connections mailing service a try and see how much time
and money it could save you.

Other ways to grow your business
Business Search PRO
Choose Business Search PRO, an award winning online database of over 2 million
business contacts, for targeted direct mail and telemarketing business data lists.

Fastest Growing Companies
To focus your efforts on successful companies who are likely to have money to
spend, you need Fastest Growing Companies data. Only companies with an increase
in turnover of 10-500% are included.

Email Marketing
For instant, measurable results use Email Marketing to get your message in front of
key decision makers. Choose from over 500,000 opt-in, verified email addresses.

Web Builder
You need a website to make your internet advertising work harder. Thomson Local
can now build you a custom website to your exact specifications.

Direct Marketing advice
How to write a good sales letter
The sales letter is your company’s introduction – and we all know how important first
impressions are. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your first contact
with your potential new customer.

Click for the full article:

Top Telesales Tips
Whether you start out by mailing your New Connections prospects or not, you will
need to follow up with a telephone call. The following are a few tips on using the
telephone to gain quality appointments. The key to success is to generate enough
interest from a potential customer to be able to get that appointment to sell your
product or service.

Click for the full article:

Creative letters and brochures
Whilst a covering letter will introduce the key benefits of your offering, you might
want to consider producing a brochure or leaflet to help you get all your key

messages across in a memorable way. A brochure or leaflet is your chance to give a
more detailed account of what your company can provide.

Click for the full article:

If you need help with your New Connections data, simply give us a call on 0800 33
88 66 and ask to speak to your Account Manager.

They are always happy to help with plenty of direct marketing tips and advice to help
you get the most return from your data.

Account Managers are available during business hours - Monday to Friday, 9.00am to

Thomson Local
Direct Marketing Services
296 Farnborough Road
GU14 7TB


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