Reciprocity Agreements, Volume 53, Number 10 by bdi90998


									                       Reciprocity Agreements

Africa                                                                  South African Mathematical Society
                                                                        Address for mail: School of Mathematics, Witwatersrand
                                                                        University, Private Bag 3, Wits 2050, South Africa;
Egyptian Mathematical Society (ETMS)                                    email:;
Apply to: Prof. M. H. Fahmy, Department of Mathematics,       
Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Nasr City 11884,                                  u
                                                                        Apply to: Erwin Br¨ning, School of Mathematical Sci-
Cairo, Egypt; email:; http:                    ences, Kwazulu-Natal University, Private Bag X54001,
//                                                     Durban 4000, South Africa.
Dues: U.S. $15, payable to Egyptian Mathematical Society,               Dues: R210.00 (Two hundred ten rands), payable to the
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar                 South African Mathematical Society (SAMS), c/o Prof.
University, Nasr City 11884, Cairo, Egypt.                                      u
                                                                        Erwin Br¨ning (Treasurer) at the above address.
Privileges: Receive a 60% discount on the prices of ETMS                Privileges: The right to receive at no additional cost: the
publications, a 50% discount on the publication charge                  Notices of the SAMS; reduced fees at SAMS meetings.
per printed page in ETMS Journal, and reduced charge
                                                                        Officers: Nigel Bishop (President), Themba Dube (Vice-
for participating at ETMS conferences.
                                                                        President), Erwin Br¨ning (Treasurer), Clint Van Alten
Officers: A.-S. F. Obada (President), E. H. Doha (Vice-                  (Secretary).
President), F. F. Ghaleb (Treasurer), M. H. Fahmy (Secre-

                                                                        The Americas
Nigerian Mathematical Society
Apply to: Dr. Franic I. Njoku (Secretary), Nigerian Math-               Canadian Mathematical Society
ematical Society, Department of Mathematics, University                 Apply to: Liliane Sousa, Canadian Mathematical Society,
of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria or Professor Reuben O. Ayeni,               577 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Ladoke                      K1N 6N5; email:; http://www.
Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria;         
                                                                        Dues: 50% off applicable rate, payable in U.S. funds to
Dues: U.S. $60, payable to S. S. Okoya (Treasurer), Dept.               the Canadian Mathematical Society.
of Maths., Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun
                                                                        Privileges: CMS Notes, access to members section on
State, Nigeria.
                                                                        website; reductions on all CMS periodicals, publications,
Privileges: Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society                and meeting registration.
at the price normally charged to individual members.
                                                                        Officers: Thomas Salisbury (President); Jason Brown,
Officers: Reuben O. Ayeni (President), M. O. Osilike                                                               e
                                                                        M. Ram Murty, Edwin Perkins, Bruno R´millard (Vice-
(Vice-President), S. S. Okoya (Treasurer), F. I. Njoku                  Presidents); David Rodgers (Treasurer); Graham P. Wright
(Secretary).                                                            (Executive Director/Secretary).

The American Mathematical Society has “reciprocity agreements” with a   the terms of reciprocity agreements are given on the following pages.
number of mathematical organizations around the world. A current list   Members of these organizations who join the AMS as reciprocity members
appears here.                                                           enjoy all the privileges available to ordinary members of the Society. AMS
These reciprocity agreements provide for reduced dues for members of    dues for reciprocity members are $76 for 2006 and $78 for 2007. Each
these organizations who choose to join the AMS and who reside outside   organization was asked to review and update its listing in the spring. An
of the U.S. and Canada. Reciprocally, members of the AMS who reside     asterisk (∗) after the name of an organization indicates that no response
in the U.S. or Canada may join these organizations at a reduced rate.   to this request had been received when the November Notices went to
Summaries of the privileges available to AMS members who join under     press.

NOVEMBER 2006                                              NOTICES OF THE AMS                                                              1241
Reciprocity Agreements

Sociedad Colombiana de Matem´ticas*                                                    a
                                                             Sociedad Uruguaya de Matem´tica y
Address for mail: Apartado Aereo 2521, Bogot´, Colom-
                                            a                     ıstica (SUME)*
bia; email:;           Address for mail: J. Herrera y Reissig 565, CC 30, CP
Apply to: Carlos H. Montenegro E., Apartado Aereo 2521,                             ıa,
                                                             11300, Fac. de Ingenier´ IMERL, Montevideo, Uruguay;
Bogot´, Colombia.
     a                                                       email:
Dues: U.S. $27, payable to Sociedad Colombiana de                           e
                                                             Apply to: Jos´ L. Vieitez (Presidente de SUME), at the
       a                                                     above address.
Privileges: Subscription to one of the publications          Dues: U.S. $100, payable to Jorge Blanco at the above
of the Society (Revista Colombiana de Matem´ticas or
                                                  a          address.
Lecturas Matematicas), discounts for participation in        Privileges: Receive PMU series and Predat series free.
Society activities, and e-mail in the domain.                  e
                                                             Officers: Jos´ L. Vieitez (President), Jorge Blanco (Vice-
Officers: Carlos H. Montenegro E. (President), Jose           President), Gonzalo Perera (Treasurer), F. Pelaez (Secre-
Ricardo Arteaga (Vice-President).                            tary).

Sociedad de Matem´tica de Chile*                                                          a
                                                             Sociedade Brasileira de Matem´tica*
Apply to: Sociedad de Matem´tica de Chile, Mar´    ıa        Apply to: Fernanda Job, Diretoria da SBM, Estrada Dona
Luisa Santander 0363, Providencia, Santiago, Chile;                                     a
                                                             Castorina–110, Jardim Botˆnico, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil,
email:;             22460-320; email:
socmat/.                                                     Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Sociedade Brasileira de
Dues: U.S. $50, payable to Sociedad de Matem´tica de                a
                                                             Matem´tica (contact: Telma Teixeira) at above address.
Chile.                                                                               e                 a
                                                             Privileges: Revista Mat´matica Universit´ria (RMU) (two
Privileges: Receive Gaceta de la Sociedad de Matem´tica,     issues per year); other publications can be purchased at
Notas de la Sociedad de Matem´tica de Chile.                 a 25% discount.
                                         ıctor Cort´s
Officers: Rolando Rebolledo (President), V´         e                                              e
                                                             Officers: Suely Druck (President), C´sar Camacho (Vice-
(Vice-President), Hern´n Burgos (Treasurer), Rodrigo         President), Carlos Frederico B. Palmeira (Treasurer), Elon
Bam´n and Sergio Plaza (Secretaries).                        Lages Lima (Secretary).

              a              u
Sociedad Matem´tica de la Rep´blica                                                       a
                                                             Sociedade Brasileira de Matem´tica
Dominicana*                                                  Aplicada e Computacional
                     ıguez, Sociedad Matem´tica de la
Apply to: Isidro Rodr´                     a                 Address for mail: SBMAC/ICMC, Caixa Postal 668,
Rep´blica Dominicana, Apartado 797-2, Santo Domingo,                                a
                                                             Av. do Trabalhador S˜o Carlense, 400, 13560-970 S˜o    a
Rep´blica Dominicana.                                        Carlos – SP, Brazil; email: http://
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Amado Reyes at the above
address.                                                     Dues: U.S. $30, payable to Sociedade Brasileira de
Privileges: Right to receive Notimat (bimonthly newslet-            a
                                                             Matem´tica Aplicada e Computacional.
ter) and Revista Matem´tica Dominicana (twice a year).       Privileges: SBMAC Bulletin and SBMAC Notices.
Officers: Isidro Rodr´iguez (President), Mariana Morales      Officers: Jose Alberto Cuminato (President), Geraldo
(Vice-President), Amado Reyes (Treasurer), Eliseo Cabrera    Nunes da Silva and Felipe Feres Pereira (Vice-Presidents),
(Secretary).                                                 Edson Wendland (Treasurer), Jose Ramundo Coelho
                                                             (Secretary-General), Sandra Augusta Santos and Joao
                                                             Batista da Paz Carvalho (Secretaries).
Sociedad Matem´tica Mexicana*
Apply to: Olivia Lazcano, Apartado Postal 70-450,
M´xico, D.F. 04510, M´xico; email:;
 e                   e                                                                    a
                                                             Sociedade Paranaense de Matem´tica*                                      Apply to: C. Pereira da Silva, Sociedade Paranaense de
Dues: U.S. $25, payable to Sociedad Matem´tica Mexi-
                                             a                       a
                                                             Matem´tica, Caixa Postal 1261, 80001-970, Curitiba-PR,
cana.                                                        Brasil.
Privileges: To be a regular member paying half of            Dues: U.S. $12, payable to Sociedade Paranaense de
the regular fee for persons living outside of Mexico.                a
Newsletter, Bulletin of the Mexican Mathematical Society,    Privileges: Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Mate-
         a            a
or Miscel´nea Matem´tica.                                      a
                                                             m´tica (two issues per year), Monografias da Sociedade
Officers: Emilio Lluis-Puebla (President), Carlos Sig-                             a
                                                             Paranaense de Matem´tica.
noret (Vice-President), Eugenio Garnica (Treasurer), Pablo   Officers: C. Pereira da Silva (President), R. J. B. De Sam-
Padilla (General Secretary), Isidro Romero (Secretary),      paio (Vice-President), E. Andretta (Treasurer), A. Moser
Lino Res´ndiz and Silvia Morelos (Vocal).                    (Secretary).

1242                                              NOTICES OF THE AMS                            VOLUME 53, NUMBER 10
                                                                                             Reciprocity Agreements

   o       a
Uni´n Matem´tica Argentina*                                    email:; http://www.geocities.
Apply to: Alejandro Neme, IMASL, Ave. Ejercito de los          com/indianmathsociety/.
Andes 950, 5700 San Luis, Argentina; email: uma@unsl.          Dues: U.S. $20, payable to Indian Mathematical Society,;                        at the above address.
Dues: U.S. $40, payable to Alejandro Neme.                     Privileges: Complimentary copy of the The Mathematics
Privileges: Free subscription to Noticiero UMA and one         Student.
                           o          a
of either Revista de la Uni´n Matem´tica Argentina or          Officers: I. B. S. Passi (President), S. P. Arya (Treasurer),
                  o         a
Revista de Educaci´n Matem´tica.                               M. K. Singal (Administrative Secretary), N. K. Thakare
Officers: Felipe Z´ (President), Jorge Solomin (Vice-
                   o                                           (Academic Secretary), V. M. Shah (General Secretary).
President), Alejandro Neme (Treasurer), Hugo Alvarez
                                                               Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS)*
                                                               Apply to: Indonesian Mathematical Society, c/o Dr. Edy
                                                               Tri Baskoro (Vice President), Department of Mathematics,
Asia                                                           Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Jalan Ganesa 10 Ban-
                                                               dung, Indonesia; email:;
Allahabad Mathematical Society                       
Apply to: Dr. (Mrs.) Mona Khare, Secretary, Al-                Dues: $10, payable to Dr. Lina Aryati (Treasurer),
lahabad Mathematical Society, 10 C. S. P. Singh                Department of Mathematics, University of Gadjah Mada
Marg, Allahabad-211001, Uttar Pradesh, India; email:           (UGM), Sekip Utara, Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia.; email:;              Privileges: The right to present papers at meetings of                                   the Society; the right to receive complementary issues of
Dues: U.S. $30 for annual members, payable to Allahabad        the Newsletter of The IndoMS (3 per year); reduced price
Mathematical Society at the above address.                     for any publications; reduced registration at conferences
Privileges: All members receive a copy of the Bulletin         sponsored by The IndoMS.
of the Allahabad Mathematical Society (free). In addition,     Officers: Sri Wahyuni (President), Abdur Rahman As’ari,
members can purchase other publications of the Society         M.Pd, M.A., Edy Tri Baskoro (Vice-Presidents), Lina Aryati
at a discount of 50% for their personal use. Members           (Treasurer), Ch. Rini Indrati (Secretary).
of the American Mathematical Society receive a 50%
discount on the annual membership fee.
Officers: P. Srivastava (President), S. P. Singh and S. L.
                                                               Korean Mathematical Society*
Singh (Vice-Presidents), Shalini Srivastava (Treasurer),       Apply to: Korean Mathematical Society, Korea Sci-
Mona Khare (Secretary).                                        ence and Technology Center 202, 635-4 Yeoksam-dong,
                                                               Kangnam-ku, Seoul 135-703, Korea; email: kms@kms.or.
Calcutta Mathematical Society*                                 Dues: U.S. $40, payable to Korean Mathematical Society.
Apply to: M. R. Adhikari, Secretary, Calcutta Mathemati-
                                                               Privileges: Members will receive six volumes of Journal
cal Society, AE-374, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Calcutta 700
                                                               of the KMS and four volumes of Bulletin of the KMS.
064, India; telephone: 2337-8882; telex: 021-5380 BID IN;
Fax: (0091) 33-23376290; email:          Officers: Kyung Chan Min (President), June Bok Lee
                                                               (Vice-President), Soon Yeong Chung (Treasurer), Jung Suk
Dues: U.S. $40, payable to Secretary, Calcutta Mathemat-
                                                               Chung (Secretary).
ical Society, at the above address.
Privileges: Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society;
News Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society; Re-        Mathematical Society of Japan
view Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society; library,   Apply to: Akiko Hasegawa, Secretary, Mathematical So-
seminars/symposia, summer school, winter school, con-          ciety of Japan, 34-8, Taito 1 chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-
ferences, etc.                                                 0016, Japan;
Officers: S. N. Ghosh (President), A. P. Baisnab, A.
                                                               Dues: Category I: 9,000 yen; Category II: 10,800 yen,
Chakrabarty, S. Kumaresan, P. Muldowney, and H. M.
                                                               payable to Mathematical Society of Japan at the above
Srivastava (Vice-Presidents), U. C. De (Treasurer), M. R.
Adhikari (Secretary), H. P. Mazumdar (Editorial Secretary).
                                                               Privileges: Category I: Journal of the Mathematical
                                                               Society of Japan, Sugaku-Tsusin (2 issues); Category II:
Indian Mathematical Society                                    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, Sugaku (in
Apply to: Dr. (Miss) S. P. Arya, Treasurer, Depart-            Japanese), Sugaku-Tsushin (4 issues).
ment of Mathematics, Maitreyi College, Bapu Dham               Officers: Sadayoshi Kojima (President), Liang Zhang
Complex, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi-110021, India;               (Treasurer), Akiko Hasegawa (Secretary).

NOVEMBER 2006                                      NOTICES OF THE AMS                                                1243
Reciprocity Agreements

Mathematical Society of the Philippines                      Officers: S. R. Pant (President), D. D. Regmi (Vice-
Address for mail: Mathematical Society of the Philip-        President), B. L. Vaidya (Treasurer), Y. P. Koirala (Secre-
pines, Department of Mathematics, University of the          tary).
Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101;
email:;     http://www.          Persatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia*
                                                             Address for mail: Pusat Pengajian Sains Matematik,
Apply to: Jumela Sarmiento, Mathematics Department,          Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor,
Ateneo de Manila University, P.O. Box 154, Manila,           Malaysia; email:; http://
Dues: U.S. $7, payable to Mathematical Society of the        Apply to: Dr. Maslina at the above address.
                                                             Dues: U.S. $7.50, payable to Bendahari, PERSAMA, at the
Privileges: Publications of the Mathematical Society of      above address.
the Philippines; discount on conference fees.                Privileges: Warkah Berita PERSAMA (two issues per
Officers: Fidel Nemenzo (President), Jumela Sarmiento         year), Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Society (two
(Vice-President), Marian Roque (Treasurer), Yvette Lim       issues per year), Menemui Matematik (two issues per
(Secretary).                                                 year).
                                                             Officers: Mohd Salmi Md Noorani (President), Husna
                                                             Hassan and Arsmah Ibrahim (Vice-Presidents), Wan
Mathematical Society of the Republic                         Rosmanira Ismail (Treasurer), Maslina Darus (Secretary).
of China
Apply to: c/o Department of Mathematics, National
                                                             Punjab Mathematical Society*
Taiwan University, #1, Roosevelt Road Section 4, Taipei
106, Taiwan; email:; http://tms.         Address for mail: Department of Mathematics, Uni-                                             versity of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore,
                                                             Pakistan; email:
Dues: U.S. $45, payable to Mathematical Society of the
Republic of China at the above address.                      Apply to: Zia ul Haq, Secretary, Punjab Mathematical
                                                             Society, Department of Maths., University of the Punjab,
Privileges: One-year free subscription to the Taiwanese      Lahore, Pakistan.
Journal of Mathematics.
                                                             Dues: U.S. $30 for life membership, payable to Umar
Officers: Fang-Bo Yeh (President), Ko-Wei Lih (Vice-          Farooq Qureshi, Treasurer, P.M.S.
President), Tai-Chia Lin (Treasurer), Jung-Kai Chen (Sec-
                                                             Officers: G. Mustafa Habibullah (President), Zia Ullah
                                                             Randhawa and Munir Ahmad Ch. (Vice-Presidents), Umar
                                                             Farooq Qureshi (Treasurer), Nawazish Ali Shah (Secre-
Mongolian Mathematical Society
Apply to: A. Galtbayar, Mongolian Mathematical Society,
P. O. Box 187, Post Office 46A, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;        Ramanujan Mathematical Society*
email:                                  Apply to: Professor V. Thangaraj, Secretary, Ramanujan
Dues: U.S. $20, payable to A. Galtbayar at the above         Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University
address.                                                     of Madras, Chennai-600005, India; email: riasm@md3.
Privileges: Right to receive the Mongolian Mathematical
Journal for free and to publish in the MMJ .                 Dues: U.S. $20 (annual), U.S. $200 (life), payable to
                                                             Professor V. Thangaraj at the above address.
Officers: A. Mekei (President), B. Battsengel (Vice-
                                                             Privileges: Complimentary copy of the Journal of the
President), A. Galtbayar and D. Purevsuren (Secretaries).
                                                             Ramanujan Mathematical Society.
                                                             Officers: Phoolan Prasad (President), S. Sri Bala (Vice-
Nepal Mathematical Society*                                  President), P. Paulraja (Treasurer), V. Thangaraj (Secre-
Apply to: Y. P. Koirala, Secretary, Nepal Mathematical So-
ciety, Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University,
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal; email:         Singapore Mathematical Society
np.                                                          Address for mail: Secretary, Singapore Mathematical
Dues: U.S. $20, payable to B. L. Vaidya (Treasurer) at the   Society, c/o Department of Mathematics, National Uni-
above address.                                               versity of Singapore, 2 Science Drive 2, Singapore
Privileges: All privileges enjoyed by an ordinary mem-       117543, Singapore; email:;
ber, which includes purchasing NMS publications and
participation in seminars at concessional rates.             Apply to: Chan Lai Chee at the above address.

1244                                              NOTICES OF THE AMS                            VOLUME 53, NUMBER 10
                                                                                          Reciprocity Agreements

Dues: 10 Singapore dollars, payable to Singapore Mathe-      Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 313, Bucharest 060042,
matical Society at the above address.                        Romania; fax: (4021) 318.10.01; email: udriste@mathem.
Privileges: Complimentary copy of Mathematical Medley,;
the Society’s official magazine, and discounts on the         Dues: U.S. $30 (except persons of countries with financial
Society’s publications and activities.                       difficulties, U.S. $10), payable to the Balkan Society of
Officers: Peter Pang Yu Hin (President), Zhu Chengbo          Geometers at the above address.
(Vice-President), Yang Yue (Treasurer), Victor Tan (Secre-   Privileges: Participation in meetings and all other
tary).                                                       privileges enjoyed by an ordinary member, discounts (at
                                                             least 10%) on the prices of BSG publications.
                                                             Officers: Constantin Udriste (President), Mihai Anas-
Southeast Asian Mathematical Society                         tasiei, Gabriel Pripoaie, Vladimir Balan (Vice-Presidents),
Address for mail: c/o Department of Mathematics,             Constantin Udriste (Treasurer), Vasile Iftode (Secretary).
Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
10330, Thailand; email:; http:
//                                     Belgian Mathematical Society
Apply to: Prof. Wanida Hemakul at the above address.         Apply to: Jan van Casteren, Secretary, University of
                                                             Antwerp, Department of Mathematics, Middelheimlaan
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Kritsana Neammanee at the
                                                             1, 2020 Antwerp, Belgium; email:; http:
above address.
Privileges: SEAMS newsletter.
                                                             Dues: 17 euros, payable to Belgian Mathematical Society,
Officers: Wanida Hemakul (President), Rosihan Ali             at the above address. Account number: 000-0641030-54
and Sri Wahyuni (Vice-Presidents), Kritsana Neamma-          (IBAN : BE 42 0000 6410 3054, BIC : BPOTBEB1), Campus
nee (Treasurer), Imchit Termwuttipong (Secretary).           Plaine, CP 218/01, Bld. du Triomphe, B-1050 Brussels.
                                                             Privileges: Membership includes a subscription to Bul-
Vijnana Parishad of India*                                   letin of the Belgian Mathematical Society—Simon Stevin;
Apply to: R. C. Singh Chandel, Secretary, Vijnana
Parishad of India, D. V. Postgraduate College, Orai-                         e
                                                             Officers: Cath´rine Finet (President), Stefaan Caenepeel
285001, U.P., India; email:            (Vice-President), Guy Van Steen (Treasurer), Jan van
                                                             Casteren (Secretary).
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Vijnana Parishad of India,
D. V. Postgraduate College, Orai-285001, U.P., India.
              n¯ a
Privileges: J˜an¯bha (an interdisciplinary mathematical      Berliner Mathematische Gesellschaft E. V.
journal currently published once a year); back volumes       Apply to: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Begehr, I. Math. Inst.,
available at 25% discount.                                                  a
                                                             Freie Universit¨t Berlin, Arnimallee 3, D-14195 Berlin,
Officers: V. P. Saxena (President), S. L. Singh, G. C.        Germany; email:; http://
Sharma, and N. D. Samadhia (Vice-Presidents), R. C. Singh
Chandel (Secretary-Treasurer), H. M. Srivastava (Foreign                                           o
                                                             Dues: 10 euros, payable to Prof. Dr. J¨rg Schmid-Kikuchi
Secretary).                                                  at the above address. IBAN : DE80 1002 00002530 873
                                                             400, BIC : BEBEDEBBXXX.
                                                             Privileges: Sitzungsberichte der BMG at reduced rate.
Europe                                                       Officers: Rudolf Baierl (President), Gerhard Preuss (Vice-
                                                             President), J¨rg Schmid-Kikuchi (Treasurer), Heinrich
                                                             Begehr (Secretary).
Azerbaijan Mathematical Society*
Apply to: A. Ali Novruzov, Department of Mechanics and
Mathematics, Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan,        Croatian Mathematical Society
370145.                                                      Apply to: Dr. Renata Svedrec, Secretary, HMD, Depart-
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Azerbaijan Mathematical                                       c
                                                             ment of Mathematics, Bijeniˇka 30, 10000 Zagreb, Croa-
Society.                                                     tia; email:;
Privileges: All privileges of ordinary members plus 50%
discount on all AzMS publications.                                                                     c
                                                             Dues: U.S. $10, payable to HMD, Zagrebaˇka banka d.d.
                                                             Zagreb, 2500-03688780–IBAN: HR442360000-1101630202.
Officers: O. A. Veliev (President), F. A. Abdullaev
(Treasurer), V. A. Gasimov (Secretary).                      Privileges: Vjesnik HMD (in Croatian) and one of five
                                                             journals edited by CMS free of charge. All publications
                                                             of the CMS and all fees reduced by at least 25%.
Balkan Society of Geometers                                                           sc                          c
                                                             Officers: Miljenko Maru˘i´ (President), Ivica Gusi´ and
Apply to: Prof. Dr. Constantin Udriste, Treasurer,                        c                               c
                                                             Petar Miadini´ (Vice-Presidents), Ilko Brneti´ (Treasurer),
Department of Mathematics, University Politechnica of        Renata Svedrec (Secretary).

NOVEMBER 2006                                     NOTICES OF THE AMS                                              1245
Reciprocity Agreements

Cyprus Mathematical Society*                                              u
                                                             Officers: G¨nter M. Ziegler (President), Wolfgang L¨cku
Apply to: Gregory Makrides, 36 Stasinou Street, Suite                           u                        u      o
                                                             (Vice-President), J¨rg Kramer (Treasurer), G¨nter T¨rner
102, Strovolos 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus; email: cms@cms.        (Secretary).
Dues: U.S. $20, payable to Cyprus Mathematical Society       Edinburgh Mathematical Society
at the above address.
                                                             Apply to: Dr. A. D. Gilbert, Honorary Secretary,
Privileges: Receive the annual periodical Mathematiko        Edinburgh Mathematical Society, James Clerk Maxwell
VEMA in Greek. Invitations to conferences organized in       Building, King’s Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh
Cyprus and the Annual Summer Math School organized           EH9 3JZ, Scotland; email:;
in Cyprus at the end of June.                      
Officers: Gregory Makrides (President), Athanasios            Dues: U.S. $16 (£8 sterling) without Society’s proceed-
Gagatsis (Vice-President), Antreas Philippou (Treasurer),    ings, U.S. $44 (£22 sterling) with Society’s proceedings,
Savvas Antoniou (Secretary).                                 payable to the Honorary Secretary, as above.
                                                             Privileges: The Society’s proceedings are available at a
Dansk Matematisk Forening (Danish                            concessionary rate; see above.
Mathematical Society)*                                       Officers: C. M. Campbell (President), R. J. Archbold (Vice-
Address for mail: Department of Mathematical Sciences,       President), M. A. Youngson (Treasurer), A. D. Gilbert and
University of Aarhus, Ny Munkegade, Building 530, DK-        T. H. Lenagan (Secretaries).
8000 Aarhus, Denmark; email:;                              European Mathematical Society
Apply to: Please use the electronic form on the home
                                                             Apply to: Riitta Ulmanen, Department of Mathematics
page at
                                                             and Statistics, P.O. Box 68, F1-00014 University of
Dues: DKr. 155, payable to Søren Eilers, Treasurer,          Helsinki, Finland.
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Copenhagen, Univer-
                                                             Dues: 40 euros, payable to the European Mathematical
sitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.
                                                             Society at the above address.
Privileges: Mathematica Scandinavica (700 DKr. per
                                                             Privileges: All privileges of a normal individual EMS
year), Nord. Mat. Tidss. (Normat) (305 SEK per year).
(Members of the American Mathematical Society do
not have to join Dansk Matematisk Forening to obtain         Officers: John Kingman (President), Luc Lemaire and
the journals. Subscription orders should be sent di-         Pavel Exner (Vice-Presidents), Olli Martio (Treasurer),
rectly to the journals: Normat, Universitetsforlaget, Avd.   Helge Holden (Secretary)
for tidsskrifter, Postbox 2959 Tøyen, Oslo 6, Norway;
Mathematica Scandinavica, Matematisk Institut, Aarhus                      u
                                                             Gesellschaft f¨r Angewandte Mathematik
Universitet, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.) Members of the
American Mathematical Society who join the Danish
                                                             und Mechanik e.V. (GAMM)*
Mathematical Society as reciprocity members will receive                                              u       o
                                                             Address for mail: V. Ulbricht, Institut f¨r Festk¨rper-
the newsletter Matilde.                                                                    a
                                                             mechanik, Technische Universit¨t Dresden, 01062 Dres-
                                                             den, Germany; email:;
Officers: Johan P. Hansen (President), Jan Philip Solovej
(Vice-President), Søren Eilers (Treasurer), Jan Philip
Solovej (Secretary).                                                                         a
                                                             Apply to: R. Kienzler, Universit¨t Bremen, Fachbereich
                                                             Produktionstechnik, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen,
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung e.V.                       Dues: 51 euros, payable to A. Frommer, Bergische
(DMV)                                                                  a
                                                             Universit¨t Wuppertal, Fachbereich C–Mathematik, 42097
Apply to: Mrs. Roswitha Jahnke, DMV-Gesch¨ftsstelle,         Wuppertal, Germany.
c/o WIAS, Mohrenstr. 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany;              Privileges: Regular publications of GAMM and participa-
email:; http://www.mathematik.            tion in scientific meetings at a reduced rate.
                                                             Officers: R. Jeltsch (President), F. Pfeiffer (Vice-President),
Dues: 23 euros, payable to Deutsche Mathematiker-            A. Frommer (Treasurer), V. Ulbricht (Secretary), R. Kien-
Vereinigung e.V. Volksbank Freiburg, Konto: 6955002,         zler (Vice-Secretary).
BLZ: 680 900 00, IBAN: DE 66 6809 0000 0006 9550 02,
Privileges: Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-        Glasgow Mathematical Association*
Vereinigung and one of three publications: Jahres-           Apply to: Frances Goldman, Treasurer, Glasgow Math-
bericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung, 22           ematical Association, Department of Mathematics, Uni-
euros; Math. Semesterberichte, 22 euros; Journal f¨r
                                                  u          versity of Glasgow, 15 University Gardens, Glasgow G12
Mathematik-Didaktik, 19.50 euros.                            8QW, Scotland; email:

1246                                              NOTICES OF THE AMS                              VOLUME 53, NUMBER 10
                                                                                           Reciprocity Agreements

Dues: £7, payable to Glasgow Mathematical Association,         outside Hungary) suggested fee is 1/8 of 1 percent of
at the above address.                                          the member’s net income, payable to Kereskedelmi ES
Privileges: Glasgow Mathematical Journal at reduced            Hitelbank P.T., Account Number 10200830-32310243.
rate (£45).                                                    Sponsoring members pay at least U.S. $180 or equivalent
                                                               per year.
Officers: A. Craw (President), F. Goldman (Treasurer),
P. Moon (Secretary).                                           Privileges: Upon request, Matematikai Lapok (twice
                                                                          o e
                                                               a year), K¨z´piskolai Matematikai Lapok (monthly). If
                                                               sufficient interest is expressed, a bulletin in English
Hellenic (Greek) Mathematical Society*                         will be available. In addition, the JBMS is negotiating
Apply to: Hellenic Mathematical Society, 34, Panepis-          to obtain discounts for its reciprocity and sponsoring
timiou Street, 106 79 Athens, Greece; email: info@hms.         members on several serial publications and periodicals
gr;                                        appearing in Hungary. Contact the JBMS secretary for
Dues: U.S. $20 payable to Hellenic Mathematical Society        more information regarding this and other privileges of
at the above address.                                          membership.
Privileges: The Bulletin of HMS, News-Bulletin (En-                                                             a
                                                               Officers: Gyula Katona (President), Cecilia Kulcs´r (Ex-
imerosi), discounts that are available to all members.                              o
                                                               ecutive Director), Gy¨rgy Lippner (Treasurer), Andr´s a
Officers: Nikolaos Alexandris (President), George                                                     a
                                                               Recski (Secretary General), Tibor Jord´n (Vice Secretary
Dimakos and Dionysios Anapolitanos (Vice-Presidents),          General).
Evaggelos Eustathiou (Treasurer), Ioannis Tyrlis (Secre-
                                                               Jednota ˇesk´ch matematik˚ a fyzik˚
                                                                        c   y           u        u
Icelandic Mathematical Society*                                (Union of Czech Mathematicians and
Address for mail: Icelandic Mathematical Society, Raun-
visindastofnun Haskolans, Dunhaga 3, IS-107 Reyk-                                      ıl,
                                                               Apply to: Jan Kratochv´ Union of Czech Mathematicians
javik, Iceland; email:; http://                            ˇ a
                                                               and Physicists, Zitn´ 25, 117 10 Praha 1, Czech Republic;                                              email:;
Apply to: Dr. Kristj¨n Jonasson at the above address.          Dues: U.S. $20, payable to Jan Obdrˇ´lek at the above
Dues: U.S. $12, payable to Dr. Hersir Sigurgeirsson at the     address.
above address.                                                 Privileges: (i) A discount of 20% in the conference
Privileges: Reduced subscription rate on Mathematica           fees for conferences, symposia, summer schools, and
Scandinavia and Nordisk matematisk Tidskrift (Normat);                                                           ˇ
                                                               similar events organized (or coorganized) by the JCMF;
subscription orders should be sent directly to the             (ii) newsletter.
journals.                                                      Officers: ˇtefan Zajac (President), Eduard Fuchs and
Officers: Kristj¨n Jonasson (President), Hersir Sigurgeirs-     Oldˇich Lepil (Vice-Presidents), Jan Obdrˇ´lek (Trea-
                                                                  r                                     za
son (Treasurer), Fjola Run Bj¨rnsd´ttir (Secretary).
                             o    o                                         ˇ
                                                               surer), Petr Repa (Secretary).

Irish Mathematical Society
                                                               Jednota slovensk´ch matematikov a fyzikov
Apply to: David Wraith, Treasurer, Irish Mathematical
Society, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co.         (JSMF) (Union of Slovak Mathematicians and
Kildare, Ireland; email:; http://         Physicists)*                                     Address for mail: Secretary of JSMF, FMFI UK Pavilon
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to David Wraith at the above                      a
                                                               F1, Mlynsk´ dolina, 842 48 Bratislava, Slovak Republic;
address.                                                       email: JSMF@CENTER.FMPH.UNIBA.SK; http://www.uniba.
Privileges: Free copy of the Bulletin of the Irish Mathe-      sk/~jsmf.
matical Society (two times per year), free registration at                          s     c a                     a
                                                               Apply to: Hilda Draˇkoviˇov´, FMFI UK, KATC, Mlynsk´
IMS annual conference (September).                             dolina, 842 48 Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Officers: M. O’Reilly (President), R. Higgs (Vice-President),                                           a
                                                               Dues: U.S. $20, payable to Slovensk´ sporitel’ˇa,  n
D. Wraith (Treasurer), A. O’Shea (Secretary).                  Z´hradnicka 93, 8000 Bratislava, Slovak Republic; ˇ.u.:
                                                                a                                                c
                                                               101848-019/0900 ICO: 178705.
J´nos Bolyai Mathematical Society                              Privileges: A discount of 20% in conference fees for
Apply to: Cecilia Kulcs´r, Executive Director, J´nos Bolyai
                       a                        a              conferences, symposia, summer schools, and similar
Mathematical Society, F¨ utca 68, H-1027 Budapest,
                          o                                    events organized by the JSMF.
Hungary; email:                                                                             s    c a
                                                               Officers: Victor Bezak (President), Hilda Draˇkoviˇov´
Dues: Are voluntary but should minimally cover duplica-                                      c
                                                               (Vice-President), Edmund Dobroˇka (Treasurer), Imrich
tion and mailing costs; for reciprocity members (residing      Morva (Secretary).

NOVEMBER 2006                                      NOTICES OF THE AMS                                             1247
Reciprocity Agreements

Koninklijk Wiskundig Genootschap*                             ¨
                                                              Osterreichische Mathematische
Apply to: Herman te Riele, CWI, P. O. Box 94079, 1090 GB      Gesellschaft (OMG)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands; email: Herman.te.Riele@                                                    u
                                                              Apply to: Robert F. Tichy, Institut f¨r Mathematik,;                                                   a
                                                              Technische Universit¨t Graz, Steyrergasse 30, A-8010
Dues: 50 euros.                                               Graz, Austria; email:; http://www.
Privileges: Free periodical Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde.
                                                              Dues: 20 euros, payable to OMG, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8,
Officers: J. van Mill (President), H. W. Broer (Vice-          A-1040 Wien, Bank Austria-Creditanstalt, IBAN: AT 83
President), S. A. J. Dekkers (Treasurer), H. J. J. te Riele   12000229 10389200, BIC: BKAUATWW.
                                                              Privileges: Internationale Mathematische Nachrichten
                                                              (IMN), reduction of fees at our congresses and meetings.
London Mathematical Society                                   Officers: Robert F. Tichy (President), Walter Schacher-
                                                              mayer (Vice-President), Helmut Pottmann (Treasurer),
Address for mail: London Mathematical Society,                Michael Oberguggenberger (Secretary).
De Morgan House, 57–58 Russell Square, London
WC1B 4HS, United Kingdom; email:;                                        Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne
Apply to: Miss Susan M. Oakes at the address above.           Apply to: President of Polish Mathematical Society, ul.
                                                              ´niadeckich 8, 00-956 Warszawa, Poland; email: zgptm@
Dues: U.S. $36 payable to London Mathematical Society
at the above address.
                                                              Dues: U.S. $20, payable to Polskie Towarzystwo Matem-
Privileges: LMS Newsletter; reduced rates for the Bulletin,   atyczne, ul. ˇniadeckich 8, 00-956 Warszawa, Poland,
Journal, and Proceedings of the LMS; Nonlinearity; Journal    KREDYT BANK S.A., IBAN: PL 98 1500 1777 1217 7008
of Applied Probability; LMS Lecture Notes; LMS Student        4349 0000, BIC: KRDBPL.
Texts; LMS Monographs. (Please write to the LMS for
complete details.)                                            Privileges: Participation in scientific conferences orga-
                                                              nized by the Polish Mathematical Society and in its
Officers: J. F. Toland (President), M. R. Bridson and F. A.    scientific sessions; in addition, members receive one of
Rogers (Vice-Presidents), N. M. J. Woodhouse (Treasurer),     the following four series of the publication Annales Soci-
P. R. Cooper (Executive Secretary).                           etatis Mathematicae Polonae: Commentationes Mathemat-
                                                              icae in congress languages, Wiadomo´ci Matematyczne
                                                              (Mathematical News) in Polish, Matematyka Stosowana.
Mathematical Society of Serbia*                               Matematyka dla Społevzenstwa (Applied Mathematics) in
Apply to: Mathematical Society of Serbia, Knez Mihailova      Polish and congress languages, Dydaktyka Matematyki
35/IV, p.p. 791, 11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia.                  (Didactics of Mathematics) in Polish.
Dues: U.S. $12, payable to Beobanka A. D. (Swift Code:        Officers: Stefan Jackowski (President), Bogusław Hajduk
BEOBYUBG) Acct. No. 733782, Mathematical Society of           and Paweł Walczak (Vice-Presidents), Krystyna Jaworska
Serbia (Dru´tvo Matematiˇara Srbije) Acct. No. 718000-
           s             c                                    (Treasurer), Maciej Czarnecki (Secretary).
Privileges: Matematiˇki Vesnik, Teaching Mathematics.
                    c                                                            a         n
                                                              Real Sociedad Matem´tica Espa˜ola
Officers: Rade Doroslovaˇki (President), Pavle Mladen-
                           c                                  Apply to: Patricio Cifuentes, Facultad de Matemati-
oviˇ (Vice-President), Milica Babi´ (Treasurer), Mirjana
   c                              c                           cas, Despacho 525, Universidad Complutense de Ma-
Djori´ (Secretary).
     c                                                        drid, 28040 Madrid, Spain; email:;
                                                              Dues: 23,50 euros, payable to Real Sociedad Matem´tica
Norsk Matematisk Forening (Norwegian                               n
                                                              Espa˜ola at the above address.
Mathematical Society)*                                                                                          a
                                                              Privileges: La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matem´tica
Apply to: Øyvind Solberg, Norsk Matematisk Forening,               n
                                                              Espa˜ ola (paper and Web access); Matematicas en Breve
Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, No-7491,           (newsletter).
Trondhi, Norway; email:; http://             Officers: Carlos Andradas (President), Olga Gil and En-                                            ıas
                                                              rique Mac´ (Vice-Presidents), Enrique Artal (Treasurer),
Dues: NOK 100, payable to Øyvind Solberg at the above         Patricio Cifuentes (Secretary).
Privileges: All regular membership privileges, including                         n            a
                                                              SEMA, Sociedad Espa˜ola de Matem´tica
the monthly newsletter Infomat.                               Aplicada
Officers: Kristian Seip (President), Audun Holme (Vice-        Apply to: Carlos Castro (Secretary), Despacho 520,
President), Øyvind Solberg (Treasurer and Secretary).         Facultad de Matematicas, Universidad Complutense,

1248                                               NOTICES OF THE AMS                            VOLUME 53, NUMBER 10
                                                                                            Reciprocity Agreements

28040 Madrid, Spain; email:; http://www.                        S    ¸e
                                                              Societatea de ¸tiint Matematice din .                                                     a
Dues: 15 euros, payable to SEMA at the above address.         Apply to: Mircea Trifu, Secretary, Str. Academiei, NR.
Privileges: Information concerning applied mathematics                                     ¸    o
                                                              14, Sector 1, 010014, Bucuresti, Rˆmania; email: office@
in Spain through Bolet´ de la SEMA, reduced inscription
                        ın                          ;
fee for activities sponsored by SEMA.                                                                  S    ¸e
                                                              Dues: U.S. $15, payable to Societatea de ¸tiint Matemat-
Officers: Juan Ignacio Montijano (President), Mikel                         a
                                                              ice din Romˆnia, Account R008 RCNCB 0076 0043 5732
Lezaun (Vice-President), Maria Pilar Laburta (Treasurer),                                 a      a
                                                              0002, at Banca Comercial´ Romˆnia, Filiala Sector 5,
Carlos Castro (Secretary).                                           ¸        a
                                                              Bucuresti, Romˆnia.
                                                              Privileges: A free subscription to one of the Society’s
                                                              journals. Exempt from taxes for participation in the
Sociedade Portuguesa de Matem´tica*                           annual meetings of the Society.
Apply to: Diogo Gomes, Sociedade Portuguesa de Mate-          Officers: Dorin Popescu (President), Mircea Becheanu
 a                u
m´tica, Av. da Rep´blica 37/4, 1050-187 Lisboa, Portugal;                                  ¸u
                                                              (Vice-President), Cristina Lut (Treasurer), Mircea Trifu
email:;                         (Secretary).
Dues: 32 euros; reciprocity members and students
16 euros, payable to the Sociedade Portuguesa de                  e e     e
                                                              Soci´t´ Math´matique de France*
Matem´tica, at the address above.
                                                                                ee       e
                                                              Apply to: Soci´t´ Math´matique de France, Attn. Claire
Privileges: Each member receives the following pub-                                              e
                                                              Ropartz, Institut Henri Poincar´, 11 Rue Pierre et Marie
lication of our Society free of charge: Boletim da            Curie, 75231 Paris cedex 05, France; email: smf@dma.
Sociedade Portuguesa de Matem´tica (2 issues per year).;
Additionally, members may subscribe to the following
                                                              Dues: U.S. $48, payable to the American Mathematical
publications at reduced rates: Portugaliae Mathematica
                                                              Society or SMF.
(4 issues, 55.50 euros) and Gazeta de Matem´tica (2
issues, 6.50 euros).                                                                         e
                                                              Privileges: Officiel des Math´matiques, U.S. $43; Bulletin,
                                                              U.S. $159; Memoires, U.S. $125; Bulletin and M´moires, U.S.
Officers: Nuno Crato (President), Diogo Gomes (Vice-
                                                                         e                                      e
                                                              $284; Ast´risque, U.S. $500; Histoire des Math´matiques,
President), Ver´nica Quitalo (Treasurer), Ana Paula Dias
                                                              U.S. $76; Panoramas et Synth`ses, U.S. $65.
and Ercilia Sousa (Secretaries).
                                                              Officers: Marie-Francoise Roy (President); J. Wolfmann,
                                                              L. Di Vizio, J.-P. Allouche, and G. Chass´ (Vice-Presidents);
Societat Catalana de Matem`tiques*
                          a                                   M. Bellec (Treasurer); M. Chardin (Secretary).
Address for mail: C/ Carme 47, 08001, Barcelona, Spain;
email:;                   e e     e
                                                              Soci´t´ Math´matique du Luxembourg
Apply to: Secretary, Catalan Mathematical Society, at the                                   ee        e
                                                              Apply to: Norbert Poncin, Soci´t´ Math´matique du Lux-
address above.                                                                  e
                                                              embourg, Universit´ du Luxembourg, Campus Limperts-
Dues: 16 euros, payable to the Societat Catalana de                                      ıencerie, L-1511 Luxembourg,
                                                              berg, 162A, Avenue de la Fa¨
      a                                                       Luxembourg; email:
Privileges: Butllet´ de la Societat Catalana de Matem`-
                   ı                                 a                                          ee        e
                                                              Dues: 20 euros, payable to Soci´t´ Math´matique du
tiques (two times per year) plus SCM/Notices (two times       Luxembourg at the above address.
per year).                                                    Privileges: Discount on membership dues (same percent
Officers: Carles Casacuberta Verg´s (President), Josep
                                   e                          as for AMS); information concerning activities of the SML.
Gran´ Manileu (Vice-President), J. Carles Art´s (Trea-
     e                                       e                Officers: Norbert Poncin (President), Guy Kass (Vice-
surer), Josep M. Font (Secretary).                            President), Jean Schiltz (Treasurer), Martin Schlichen-
                                                              maier (Secretary).

Societatea Matematicienilor din Romania*
                                                                  e e     e
                                                              Soci´t´ Math´matique Suisse*
Apply to: Horia I. Ene, Calea Grivitei 21, P. O. Box 1-764,
70700 Bucharest, Romania.                                     Apply to: Swiss Mathematical Society, Department of
                                                              Mathematics, University of Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg,
Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Societatea Matematicienilor        Switzerland; email:;
din Romania at the address above.                   
Privileges: Reduced rates for participation in scientific      Dues: 50 CHF or 34 EUR if residing in Switzerland, 25
conferences organized by SMR, Bulletin Math´matiques          CHF or 17 EUR if residing outside Switzerland, payable by
(four times per year) free.                                   check to SMS, Louise Wolf, Department of Mathematics,
Officers: Horia I. Ene (President), Nicolae Popa (Vice-        University of Fribourg, Perolles, Chemin du Musee 23,
President), Serban Barcanescu (Treasurer), Radu Purice        CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland or by bank transfer to
(Secretary).                                                  “Credit Suisse (Switzerland) SPH 30.265’892/0”.

NOVEMBER 2006                                      NOTICES OF THE AMS                                                1249
Reciprocity Agreements

Privileges: Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici (reduced         Dues: 15 euros, payable to Jari Taskinen, Treasurer, at
price), information concerning activities of SMS.              the above address.
Officers: Peter Buser (President), Norbert Hungerbuehler        Privileges: Arkhimedes (six issues per year) and Eukleides
(Vice-President), Viktor Schroeder (Secretary-Treasurer).      (newsletter), Mathematica Scandinavica at reduced price.
                                                               Officers: Mats Gyllenberg (President), Marjatta N¨¨t¨nen
                                                                                                                  aa a
                                                               (Vice-President), Jari Taskinen (Treasurer), ˚ sa Hirvonen
     e e          e             e
Soci´t´ de Math´matiques Appliqu´es
et Industrielles (SMAI)*
                 ee             e
Apply to: Soci´t´ de Math´matiques Appliqu´es et     e
Industrielles (SMAI), Institut Henri Poincar´, 11 rue Pierre
                                            e                  Svenska Matematikersamfundet
et Marie Curie, 75231 Paris cedex 05, France; email:                               ¨      a      o
                                                               Address for mail: Olle H¨ggstr¨m, Department of;                    Mathematics, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-412
Dues: 40 euros, payable to Soci´t´ de Math´matiques
                                   ee         e                96 Gothenburg, Sweden; email: olleh@math.chalmers.
Appliqu´es et Industrielles at the above address.
        e                                                      se;
Privileges: Free subscription to the Society’s bulletin,       Apply to: Milagros Izquierdo, Department of Mathemat-
Matapli (three issues per year).                                        o                               o
                                                               ics, Link¨ping University, SE-581 83 Link¨ping, Sweden.
Officers: Y. Maday (President), J. Istas, P. Lascal, and        Dues: 100 Swedish crowns, payable to Milagros Izquierdo
M. Thera (Vice-Presidents), A. Prignet (Treasurer), M. J.      at above address.
Esteban (Secretary).                                           Privileges: Mathematica Scandinavia and Nordisk Mat-
                                                               ematisk Tidskrift at reduced rate. Newsletter about the
                                                               activities and meetings of the Society.
Society of Associations of Mathematicians                                 ¨     a     o
                                                               Officers: Olle H¨ggstr¨m (President), Nils Dencker (Vice-
and Computer Scientists of Macedonia*                          President), Milagros Izquierdo (Treasurer), Johan Johas-
Apply to: Boro Piperevski, President SAMCSM, Pirinska          son (Secretary).
B.B., 91000 Skopje, Macedonia.
Dues: $5, payable to SDMI na MAKEDONIA, acct. 40120-
678-10217, Pirinska B.B., 91000 Skopje, Macedonia.
                                                               Ukrainian Mathematical Society*
                                                               Apply to: A. S. Serdyuk, Institute of Mathematics, Na-
Privileges: Receiving the Bulletin of SAMCSM and taking
                                                               tional Academy of Sciences, Ukraine, Tereschenkivskaja
part in SAMCSM activities.
                                                               str., 3, 01601 Kyiv-4, Ukraine; email:
Officers: Boro Piperevski (President), Borko Ilievski (Vice-
                                                               Dues: U.S. $30, payable to N. A. Nazarenko at the above
                    s                               c
President), Kosta Mi˘evski (Treasurer), Vasile Mar˘evski
                                                               Privileges: All privileges of a normal individual UMS
Society of Mathematicians, Physicists, and                     Officers: A. M. Samoilenko (President), M. L. Gorbachuk
Astronomers of Slovenia                                        (Vice-President), N. A. Nazarenko (Treasurer), A. S.
Address for mail: DMFA, P.P. 2964, 1000 Ljubl-                 Serdyuk (Secretary).
jana, Slovenia; email:;
                                                               Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians*
Apply to: Toma˘ Pisanski at the above address.
                                                               Apply to: Sava Ivanov Grozdev, Secretary, Union of
Dues: SKB Banka D. D., Ajdovscina 4, SWIFT (BIC):              Bulgarian Mathematicians, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Block
SKBASI2X, IBAN: SI56 0310 0100 0018 78                         8, BG-1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Privileges: Subscription to Obzornik za matematiko in          Dues: 20 USD, payable to Union of Bulgarian Mathe-
fiziko (surface mail).                                          maticians, Account #1100366612, BULBANK AD Central
Officers: Zvonko Trontelj (President), Nada Razpet              office, code 62196214.
                               c                       sc
(Vice-President), Andreja Jakliˇ (Treasurer), Janez Kruˇiˇ     Privileges: The right to attend all events organized by
(Secretary).                                                   the UBM at reduced rate and to present papers at them,
                                                               the right to attend other events in Bulgaria at a reduced
                                                               rate, and the right to purchase all UMB editions at a
Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys (Finnish
                                                               reduced rate.
Mathematical Society)
                                                               Officers: St. Dodunekov (President), I. Tonov, O. Mushkarov,
Address for mail: Department of Mathematics and                R. Nikolaev (Vice Presidents).
                                   a     o
Statistics, P. O. Box 68 (Gustaf H¨llstr¨min katu 2b),
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland; email: smy@www.;                 Unione Matematica Italiana
~smy/english/.                                                 Apply to: Giuseppe Anichini, Segreteria dell’Unione
Apply to: Asa Hirvonen, Secretary, at the above address.       Matematica Italiana, Dipartimento di Matematica, Piazza

1250                                               NOTICES OF THE AMS                             VOLUME 53, NUMBER 10
                                                                                               Reciprocity Agreements

Porta S. Donato, 5, 40126 Bologna, Italy; email: umi@dm.        Saris, Nur edden Rabei, Mohammad El-Atrash, Taha Abu;                              Kaf, Saber Elaydi (Members).
Dues: 50 euros, payable to Unione Matematica Italiana.
Privileges: Free Notiziario dell’UMI (monthly), Bollettino      Saudi Association for Mathematical
dell’UMI, Ser. A (three issues a year), and membership          Sciences*
list. 20 euros only for subscriptions to Bollettino dell’UMI,
                                                                Apply to: M. A. Alabdullatif, President, King Saud
Ser. B (three issues per year).
                                                                University, College of Science, P. O. Box 2455, Riyadh
Officers: Franco Brezzi (President), Graziano Gentili            11451, Saudi Arabia.
(Vice-President), Barbara Lazzari (Treasurer), Giuseppe
                                                                Dues: U.S. $30, payable to Saudi Association for Mathe-
Anichini (Secretary).
                                                                matical Sciences at the above address.
                                                                Privileges: Reduction in membership fee from U.S. $40
                                                                to U.S. $30; proceedings of conferences, symposia, and
Middle East                                                     seminars arranged by the Association.
                                                                Officers: M. A. Alabdullatif (President), A. Alshihah
Iranian Mathematical Society*                                   (Vice-President), M. A. Aseerj (Treasurer), M. S. Qutaifan
Apply to: M. Shokouhi, Iranian Mathematical Society, P.O.       (Secretary).
Box 13145-418, Tehran, Iran; email:;
Dues: Students: U.S. $15; Others: U.S. $30, payable to
Iranian Mathematical Society at the above address.
                                                                South Pacific
Privileges: Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society        Australian Mathematical Society Inc.
(two issues per year in English), Farhang va Andisheh           Address for mail: Department of Mathematics, Univer-
Riazi (two issues per year in Persian), Khabarnameh and         sity of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland 4072, Australia;
Gozaresh (8 issues per year in Persian), and reduced            email:; http://www.austms.
rate for participation in the conferences and seminars
organized by IMS.
                                                                Apply to: The Business Manager, Australian Mathe-
Officers: Ebadollah S. Mahmoodian (President), A. Iran-          matical Society, Department of Mathematics, Australian
manesh (Treasurer).                                             National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia.
                                                                Dues: $AUD 48 (in 2006), payable to the Australian
Israel Mathematical Union (IMU)*                                Mathematical Society, c/o The Business Manager, at the
Address for mail: Israel Mathematical Union, Depart-            above address.
ment of Mathematics, Technion, 32000 Haifa, Israel;             Privileges: Complimentary issues of The Gazette (five
email:;                    issues in 2006), Journal AustMS–Pure Mathematics and
Apply to: Eli Aljadeff, Secretary, at the above address.        Statistics ($AUD 58), ANZIAM Journal ($AUD 51), Bulletin
                                                                of AustMS ($AUD 55). Reduced price for volumes in
Dues: U.S. $15, payable to Uri Elias, at the above address.
                                                                Lecture Series and reduced registration at conferences
Privileges: Participation in meetings and all other             sponsored by AustMS.
privileges enjoyed by an ordinary member.
                                                                Officers: P. G. Hall (President); N. Joshi and P. G.
Officers: Allan Pinkus (President), Uri Elias (Treasurer),       Taylor (Vice-Presidents); M. G. Cowling (Immediate Past
Eli Aljadeff (Secretary).                                       President); A. Howe (Treasurer); E. J. Billington (Secretary).

Palestinian Society for Mathematical                            New Zealand Mathematical Society
Sciences*                                                       Apply to: New Zealand Mathematical Society, c/o Dr.
Address for mail: Mathematics Department, Birzeit               Winston Sweatman (NZMS Secretary), Institute of Infor-
University, P. O. Box 14, West Bank, Palestine.                 mation and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University at
Apply to: Fawzi Yagoub, Department of Mathematics and           Albany, Private Bag 102 904, North Shore Mail Centre,
Computer Science, SUNY College at Fredonia, Fredonia,           Auckland, New Zealand; email:
NY 14063.                                                       nz;
Dues: U.S. $30, payable to Fawzi Yagoub; see address            Dues: $18 payable to Dr. John Shanks, Department of
above.                                                          Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago, P.O. Box
Privileges: Free issues of the PSMS Newsletter, 50%             56, Dunedin, New Zealand.
reduction on all PSMS conference fees, 50% reduction on         Privileges: Newsletter of the NZMS (three per year).
all PSMS publications.                                          Officers: Gaven Martin (President), Mick Roberts (Vice-
Officers: Mohammad Al-Amleh (President); Mohammad                President), Tammy Smith (Treasurer), Winston Sweatman
Saleh, Tahseen Mughrabi (Vice-Presidents); Raghib Abu           (Secretary).

NOVEMBER 2006                                       NOTICES OF THE AMS                                                  1251

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