Make a Perfect Synchro Bun by sdfsb346f


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									                              Make a Perfect Synchro Bun
                             Brush the hair into a ponytail just
                             above the ears.

                             Twist the pony tail.

                             Wrap the hair round the centre
                             into a bun (if the hair is very thin
                             or short use a bun ring to make
                             the bun).

                             Pin the hair.

                             Add a hair net and pin again.

1. Make up the gelatine as per the instructions but only use ½ the quantity of hot water. Most
   swimmers need 1-2 sachets of gelatine to properly hold the hair in place. It should be the
   consistency of a thick sauce or like glue If the gel is too thin it will run down the girl’s necks which
   cause quite a mess and dry gel on the neck which is very uncomfortable.
2. Wrap the towel around neck and paint the gel all around the head and bun. Pay extra attention to
   the sides, front of the head (fringe) and the base of the head (top of the neckline). If gel runs down
   the neck the easiest way to remove it is to wipe it with the damp towel.
3. The gelatine will wash out with shampoo.

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