New Crystal Reports Training by bdi90998


									New Crystal Reports Training

  Training for Both Developers and
         Non-Technical Staff
Crystal Reports Team
   Team Members
   Goals
       Standard Reports
       Customization/Tailoring to Local Needs
   Process
       Testing
       Posting for General Use
       Feedback

General Guidelines
   Designated “Report Runner”
   Crystal Reports Version XI, Service Pack
   Driver: CR Oracle ODBC 4.20
   Download from or
   How to set up the driver
   What to name it
Report Selection
   Where:
   Preview without running: pdf sample
   Report description:
       Version
       Modification dates and changes made
       Updates to parameter lists of values
       Parameters used
       Key report elements
       Estimated speeds
       Contact info for report developer
   Understanding the report

Running the Reports
   Opening the report and refreshing

Running the Reports
   Logging on and selecting the driver;
    which password

Running the Reports

Running the Reports

Running the Reports
   Parameter selection
       What is a parameter?
       Choosing from a dropdown list of values
       Entering a custom value
       Choosing a date from the calendar
       Entering custom dates in specific format
       Choosing ―None‖ or ―All‖
       Entering a keyword of your choice

        While the report is running…
   Accessing the database/watching records being read
       Checking the task manager (control, alt, delete)
            ―Not Responding‖ – Don’t despair! This doesn’t mean the report isn’t
            Nor does it mean that it will take a long time—some reports do most of
             their work on the server, before you see any records being read locally.
       When there are subreports, use arrow keys to go to last page or
        click on save to force all subreports to process

   Ending the report early
       If in accessing database mode->control/alt/delete->end task
       If in reading records mode->stop processing->save/close

   Running reports in the background or running multiple reports
Report speed
   Depends upon:
       Report design
       Volume of data
       Network traffic
       Parameter selections:
            One selection is faster than multiple selections for
             a specific parameter (one program, one office)
            Summary reports are generally faster than detail

Locking the Report
   Making the report
    prevents anyone
    from making
   With a report open,
    go to File, Report
    Options and check
    the Read-only box
Saving Reports with Data
   To save a report
    with data, go to
    file->check ―save
    data with report‖
   Next time report
    is opened, data
    from previous run
    will appear

Report Dates

   Print Date/Time: Today’s Date
    and/or Time
   Data Date/Time: Date and/or
    Time the data was pulled from
    the database

Customizing the Report View
   Magnifying the display
       100% vs 150%

The Group Tree
Using the group tree
      •To navigate within the report
      •As a summary of report contents
      •Eliminating the group tree

Suppressing the report
   Suppressing the
    report description
    (after memorizing!)
   Viewing the report
    description in design
    mode, if suppressed.

Report Distribution

Report Distribution
   Export to PDF
   Export to Excel
       Reports are not specifically designed
        for export to Excel, although they
        may export okay
       Let us know if there are specific
        reports where you want this capacity
        in order to manipulate data

Report Accuracy
   Data is always yesterday's data
   Most data is archived after 18 months
       Don’t run reports for previous fiscal year after
        January 1
   Changing the report or report name
       Please don't change the report description page
       Request tailoring from report developer
   Unexpected Results
       Check your parameter selections
       Understand what the report is designed to do or not
       Contact the developer

Report versions
   Updated report design
       Indicated by letter at end of file name
   Updated parameter list of values
       Indicated by number at end of file name

   Feedback, please!
       Please contact the developer identified on
        the report description page

Report Requests and
Report Contributions
   Please submit report requests to the
    team for consideration
   If you have a report you think might be
    useful to others statewide, please
    submit for consideration, also
   Submit to: Linda Bass
    ( and Mike Doak

       New Reports: Preview
1.    Workshop Sign-In Sheet
2.    Scheduled Event Attendance Summaries
3.    General Program Report
4.    Career Center-Specific Program Report
5.    Caseload – Program Report
6.    Termination Status – Programs and Case
7.    Veterans Caseload Report
8.    Employers
9.    Service by Community
10.   EAS Enrollments by Local Office - Cleanup Report


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