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									Tell me more about            the Placement
Development Network.
                                                       For more information on the
The Placement Development Network has
                                                     Placement Development Network
evolved since 2002 and is now benefitting
from further strategic investment due to its                   please visit:
proven success in Greater Manchester. It has
been developed by NHS North West and is   
now working in partnership with NHS Bolton.

The Network aims to provide sufficient, high
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quality learning in practice opportunities to
meet the education and training requirements
for all healthcare learners across the North               Ann Amor
West region. It also aims to broaden practice      Network Communication Lead
experience for learners to equip them to
meet the new challenges of 21 st century
                                                          Tel 01204 462459
                                                          Mob 07552 164308
Why is the expansion of the Placement
                                                        Lynne Butterworth
                                                                                          An Information
Development Network necessary?
                                                         Network Officer                      Leaflet
The number of learners enrolling on
healthcare programmes in the North West has
risen dramatically. This growth is set to
                                                         Tel 01204 462460
continue in order to meet future workforce
requirements.     When coupled        with    an
anticipated retiring workforce of nearly 25%,
the emergence of new roles, and the continual
                                                     This leaflet has been produced by
reconfiguration of health care teams, there is
insufficient capacity and inconsistent quality
                                                   The North West Placement Development
of available learning in practice opportunities.
What is the role of the PDM?                    Are PDMs        involved in the Self             Are PDMs responsible          for   deciding
                                                Assessment        (Educational Audit)            capacity figures?
PDMs are funded by NHS North West,              process?
working in partnership with NHS Bolton and                                                       The capacity of each placement is dependent
are based in one of three locality teams. The   No, however PDMs support the new areas to        on a number of variables, e.g. number of
PDM role is a strategic, developmental role,    achieve a successful first audit before          Mentors, nature of service, staff numbers
working beyond traditional boundaries, that     handing it over to the PEF for further           per shift, total number of learners etc. The
addresses the challenges of placement           support. New placements will be developed by     PEFs are required to monitor, maintain and
capacity, equity, consistency and quality       the PDMs in order to ensure the learning         increase mentor numbers. The final decision
across all healthcare professions. PDMs also    environment is suitable and that maximum         regarding capacity is made in partnership.
aim to improve and widen the breadth of         support is given to achieve this goal.           PDMs will also implement a “fair share
learner experience.                                                                              formula” ensuring equity across all areas.
                                                Do PDMs provide on-going support to
How is this different from the role of          learners in practice environments?               Are the PDMs responsible for managing
the Practice Education Facilitator?                                                              disciplinary issues of learners?
                                                Placements generally will receive on-going
The PEF is based in a local Trust or PCT,       support from the PEFs and the placement          No. The clinical area and the HEI manage
working in partnership with the Higher          manager. However staff will be encouraged to     student disciplinary issues jointly. However,
Education Institutions (HEIs), and is           utilise the existing mentorship systems set up   the PDMs may be informed if capacity is
responsible for the quality of the learning     in their own area to provide basic support.      implicated or compromised.
environment, the maintenance and increase of    Both NHS and non-NHS areas will be
mentor numbers. Their remit is also to          supported by a named PEF.                        How will the Placement Development
develop inter-professional learning across                                                       Network communicate with the vast
professions and to support practice areas,      Do PDMs work across the entire North             range of new and existing partners?
both NHS and non-NHS.                           West area?
                                                                                                 Information will be available on the new
Do PDMs or PEFs allocate Learners to            PDMs are based in one of three geographical      website which will develop over time. A new
placements?                                     areas and each team holds responsibility for     communication strategy will evolve with a
                                                specific healthcare professions along with a     calculated system of reports being
No. The allocation of learners is an HEI        portfolio of nursing and midwifery, working      disseminated. New partnerships with
responsibility at the University. The PDMs      with them to maintain and develop capacity.      appropriate forums will be developed. The
develop new placement areas to expand the       However all teams will maintain close links      Placement Leads and Communication Lead will
existing placement circuit.                     with each other.                                 remain key to Network success.

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