Details of new Cabinet Member portfolios

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					                   Details of new Cabinet Member portfolios

Subsequent to the recent local elections, held on the 5 May 2005, the Cabinet of
Essex County Council has been revised. This has involved the restructuring of
several of the Cabinet Portfolios, and the appointment of new Cabinet Members.
The following is the resulting shape of the new Cabinet:

     Cabinet Portfolio           Portfolio Holder                Deputy
Leader                     Lord Hanningfield           Cllr Susan Flack
Finance and Property       Cllr David Finch            Cllr Anthony Jackson
Planning, Environment      Cllr Peter Martin           Cllr Roger Walters
and Culture                                            Cllr Jeremy Lucas
Highways and               Cllr Rodney Bass            Cllr Nigel Edey
Adult Social Care          Cllr Sarah Candy            Cllr Simon Walsh
Children and Families      Cllr Tracey Chapman         Cllr John Schofield
Education; Leisure and     Cllr Stephen Castle         Cllr Anthony Hedley
Thames Gateway
Community Services         Cllr Iris Pummell           Cllr Mark Howard
Localism                   Cllr John Jowers            Cllr Ray Gooding
Central Services           Cllr Norman Hume            Cllr John Aldridge

Schools will notice that Cllr Stephen Castle has been appointed as the new
Cabinet Member with responsibility for Education.

A member of the County Council since 2001, Cllr Castle has previously held the
position of Cabinet Member for Strategic Coordination and Stakeholder Liaison.
As a Member of the board of the East of England Development Agency, Stephen
knows how important a skilled and educated population is in order to promote the
economic well being of the region. In his other role as board member at the
Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership, he is also well aware of the need to
increase educational attainment across the county, as well as the need to take
advantage of the regeneration potential of a schools place in the community.
Together with Councillor Tracey Chapman, Cabinet Member for Children and
Families, Stephen Castle is committed to ensuring services are joined up with
our partners to enable every child to achieve their best, no matter their
circumstances. He believes that a child’s education is paramount, and that
Essex should continue to be at the cutting edge of innovation in education. A
major factor in this for Stephen Castle is the role of the school and it’s
relationship with the community it serves. He is a keen supporter of the
extended schools agenda, and is working closely with Tracey Chapman on the
roll out of Children’s Centres across the county.
                            New ministerial team at DfES

Following the General election, also held on the 5 May 2005, the DfES has had
it’s own ministerial shake up. Although we are sure you aware of the new
responsibilities, below is a brief summary of those changes

     Jacqui Smith - Minister of State for Schools and 14-19 Learners
         Jacqui Smith takes an overview of all schools strategy, with a particular
         focus on: transforming secondary schools; behaviour; 14-19 learners;
         school funding and capital; remodelling the school workforce; the
         secondary school curriculum; and raising standards across the board.
       Beverley Hughes - Minister of State for Children, Young People and
         Beverley Hughes takes an overview of all policies for children, young
         people and families, including overall responsibility for new legislation in
         this area. She works closely with colleagues across government to
         ensure that these issues are taken forward in a co-ordinated and joined-
         up way.
       Bill Rammell - Minister of State for Higher Education and Skills
         Bill Rammell takes an overview of HE, FE, adult skills, the LSC and
         lifelong learning ensuring the overall coherence of all post-19 policy. He
         will take a direct lead on higher education issues and the reform of
         further education including the Foster Review, on which Phil Hope will
         support him. He will also lead on the LSC, its budget and operational
       Lord Andrew Adonis - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for
         Has a particular focus on primary schools, the school curriculum
         (supporting Jacqui Smith) and SEN/disability and the delivery of the
         Academies programme and London Challenge.
       Maria Eagle - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children,
         Young People and Families
         Maria Eagle will be responsible for family policy, young people and
         safeguarding children.
       Phil Hope - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Higher
         Education and Skills
         Phil Hope has a specific focus on adult skills. He will also support Bill
         Rammell on the reform of further education and the Foster Review.

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