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Silicon Reports:
October 2009.
                             NanoMarkets was one of the first firms to recognize and analyze the potential for silicon and we
                             published reports on these topics in 2007. As result we have considerable understanding of what
                             makes this business tick. As with all NanoMarkets reports these include an eight-year forecast of
                             revenues and a discussion of the product/market strategies of the leading firms active in this space.

                             Opportunities for Printed Silicon: 2009 to 2016
    NanoMarkets is the       Printing silicon means either using inkjet, traditional printing techniques or transfer printing to
     leading provider of     create electronic devices and photovoltaic subsystems with silicon derived materials. The concept
   industry analysis and     of printed silicon has been around for a while but has grown in prominence in the last two or three
  market and technology      years as organic electronics has not spread as rapidly as once expected. Printing silicon holds out the
                             promise of combining the proven performance advantages of silicon with the low-cost manufacturing
    research services for
                             promised by printing. And while the focus is on printed silicon, many of the printing techniques being
  companies competing        suggested could be extended to other traditional semiconductor materials.
     for or interested in
   thin-film, organic and     Printed electronics is now much more eclectic than ever about the materials that it uses. This report
    printable electronics    explains where printed silicon fits into the entire functional printing picture, how it competes with
                             other materials, and which applications it is best suited for. This report is essential reading for product
related markets. Since its
                             managers, marketing executive and business development personnel in the printed electronics
 inception, NanoMarkets      industry, as well as materials and inks firms looking for new opportunities, and, of course, printing
   has published several     equipment manufacturers.
       highly regarded
                             Nano-146 Printed $2,495 Advanced $2,795               Group $3,295       Enterprise $3,795
comprehensive research
   reports on a range of
     photovoltaic topics.    Opportunities for NanoSilicon: 2009 to 2016
                             Nanocrystalline silicon materials have long been seen as having significant advantages in both the
  Our client roster is a     electronics and solar industry because of their relatively high electron mobility, absorption qualities
who’s who of companies       and stability as well as the ease with which they can be deposited. These materials seem to be well
 in specialty chemicals,     positioned to provide some short-term performance improvements that could easily translate into
  materials, electronics     new business revenues. For example, they may enable the currently low-efficiency thin-film silicon
     applications and        technology to strike back with higher performance. Nanocrystalline silicon also offers an easily
                             implemented way to improve performance and scalability of computer memories without derailing
     manufacturing.          the silicon-based status quo.

                             Beyond that lies a promise of other opportunities, not just for nanocrystalline silicon but also for
                             silicon nanomaterials and nanostructures, especially quantum dots. In addition to solar and memory
                             applications, other areas in which these advanced materials have potential include thin-film
                             transistors, lighting, and computing.

                             Nano-140 Printed $2,495 Advanced $2,795               Group $3,295       Enterprise $3,795
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                             NanoMarkets is currently offering a Silicon package that includes both reports for a special price.

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                                                For details, including a Table of Contents and report
                                                      excerpt, click on the title of each report.
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