WLC Script for booking people into Challenge

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					             WLC Script for booking people into Challenge
Be really upbeat and fun. Remember these people are wanting some form of
hope from you and we want to differentiate ourselves from the other clubs
they may have been to in the past. So be welcoming and friendly, so they feel
you’re a person they trust and would want to work with on their weight loss
goals. And that the WLC is a place they would like to come to – sell yourself.

OK, well my name is xxxxxx and I’m a Personal Weight Loss Coach. The
Challenge is taking place at xxxxxxxxxxxx – do you know it? Great

It’s a 12 week course. We’ll be covering a different nutrition subject each
week, so you learn some really useful information about weight management.
We wanted to put it into a really fun type of environment, so we’re running it as
a community challenge. You get the opportunity to win cash prizes at the end
of the challenge and we’ll be giving away weekly prizes and rewards.

Are you currently on a weight loss plan you’re happy with?

We work with a health and nutrition company called Herbalife. We can offer
you a nutrition weight loss plan if you’re interested.

If Yes: You take 3 vitamins, 2 meal replacement shakes or bars and 1 healthy
meal per day. We’ll be doing some sampling throughout the course, so you
can try the products if you’re interested.
There’s no obligation to use Herbalife products, you are very welcome to join
the challenge and use another weight loss plan.

The £39 covers the entire 12 weeks and part of this goes towards admin fees.
The rest goes into the prize pot. You will also be assigned your own weight
loss coach, so they can follow up and make sure you’re getting the best

How much weight are you interested in losing?

Great – does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Great.

We only have limited spaces available and they are filling up. So what we’re
doing is taking pre-registration and pre-payment to guarantee your space. I
can take a debit or credit card or, if you prefer, we can arrange a time for me to
pop round to pick up cash or cheque – which do you prefer?

Ok great (either arrange time to pop round and get address details)

or if they’re opting for card details do this.....Do you have a pen and paper?

Great – here’s my details (your name, address and obviously contact numbers
are on flyer) Get their name, address, postcode and contact numbers and then
take card payment.

OK, lovely – I’ll be sending you a receipt and registration form in the post –
Please can you make sure you bring the registration form with you on xxxxx
Just a final question. Do you have any friends who would be interested in
joining you, so that you can support one another? OK great, well if they
register too, we’ll give you a free gift on the night. So ask them to give me a
call as soon as they can.

Lovely – well I look forward to meeting you on xxxx

If they’re not sure about paying for Challenge, explain you run the 1st week as
an the “Orientation Week” where you invite everyone interested to come
along and have a chat and get more information.

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