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									Programming (IT)
Semester 1

Requirements of entry: none

    To provide a firm foundation in skills and key concepts essential for programming
     in Java, which is the main language used in the MSc IT programme.
    To provide a thorough introduction to problem solving and Java programming,
     giving a basis for study in topics such as algorithms and data structures, object-
     oriented design, and human computer interaction.
    To develop skills, required for implementing solutions to well-specified
     programming problems, which could then be transferred to other programming

Intended learning outcomes
    Familiarity with the relevant programming environment.
    Understanding of simple programming using primitive data types and objects.
    Ability to implement simple algorithms using repetition and conditional
    Ability to develop well-structured programs in Java, employing suitable
      elementary algorithms and data structures as required.
    Ability to write maintainable, robust, reliable, and reusable code, together with
      concise and informative documentation.
    Understanding of the importance of testing programs thoroughly.

Summative assessment
Assessment Type               Weighting
Coursework (programming)      0.3
Project (programming)         0.35
Examination                   0.35

Course texts and required reading
Big Java, 3rd edition (paperback), by Cay S. Horstmann.           Wiley, 2007, ISBN

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