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					                                                               My Rewards

                   Welcome To My Rewards
                        your gateway to fantastic
                                   everyday savings…
                   With over 20,000 merchants and offers for you to choose from,
                   My Rewards offers members savings and convenient access
                   to every day items such as shopping, dining, entertainment,
                   insurance, home loans, auto services, travel, holidays, adrenalin
                   adventures and so much more. There is something for everyone.

                   ■ It’s unique…
                   You are part of a unique membership saving service that offers
                   members access via the Internet, Internet coupons, show-and-
                   save cards, 1300 telephone access plus printed coupons.

                   ■ Keep in touch
                   Register online and you will receive ongoing communication of
                   what’s new, and what’s changed… because it’s all happening at
                   My Rewards…

                   Enjoy the savings from the   My Rewards Team.


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       My Rewards                                                            Contents Index
 Contents Index                                                              My Rewards Summary
       My Phone Connection Rewards                                       4
        Access savings on a range of services using your telephone.
       My Rewards Online                                               6
        Log on to the member only website to access over 20,000 deals.
       My Rewards Coupons                                                8
        Tear out show and save coupons.
       Frequently Asked Questions                                        9
       Terms and Conditions                                             10
        Tell us about the benefits you would like to see included.

 ■     My Travel and Accommodation                                      11
        Savings on travel packages, hotels tours and more.

 ■     My Leisure and Entertainment                                     25
        Book tickets to events, theme parks and cinema deals.

 ■     My Shopping                                                      29
        Shop online and save on everyday items.

 ■     My Health and Lifestyle                                          39
        Save on spas, skin care products, fitness centres and more.

 ■     My Fuel Discounts                                                43
        Savings on fuel when you shop at participating merchants.
       Coupons Index                                                    45

       ■     My Dining and Fast Food Coupons

       ■     My Leisure and Entertainment Coupons

       ■     My Health and Lifestyle Coupons

       ■     My Shopping Coupons


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       My Rewards
 My Telephone Connections                                                     Telephone Connections Index
 ■ Booking and purchasing over the phone
 The Telephone Connection offers you easy access to a vast array of           Ext.   Establishment                                                                                                        Page
 services through one single telephone number.                                1      My Rewards Travel ................................................................................................. 12
                                                                              2      My Rewards Cruises .............................................................................................. 18
                         Whenever you see this phone symbol,                  3      Leisure World Holidays ........................................................................................... 23
                         call the 00 telephone number on                    4      VIP Lounge ............................................................................................................. 17
                         your membership card, listen carefully
                                                                              5      Car Hire................................................................................................................... 13
                         and follow the prompts.
                                                                              6      Theme Park Tickets................................................................................................ 27
                                                                              6      Cinema Tickets....................................................................................................... 26
 Then select one of the services indicated and you will be connected
                                                                              7      Shows and Preferential Seating.............................................................................. 26
 to that My Rewards merchant and you can speak directly to the
                                                                              8      Home Shopping ..................................................................................................... 32
 relevant specialist. Remember, it is important to quote the offer
                                                                              9      Magazines .............................................................................................................. 30
 reference number nominated for the service that interests you or that
 you are a My Rewards member. It’s that easy!                                 01     Wine ....................................................................................................................... 35
                                                                              02     Computers.............................................................................................................. 34

 Accessing Phone Services                                                     03
                                                                                     Floral and Gifts........................................................................................................ 32
                                                                                     Insurance and Investments..................................................................................... 37
                                                                              00     Customer Service ..................................................................................................... 4
 1.     Look for the phone connection symbol in this member directory
        for more information on benefits that can be accessed over the

 2.     Call the 1300 number on your member card.

 3.     You will be asked for your member number shown on your card.
        If your number contains a letter prefix it isn’t necessary to enter
        in the letter prefix. So if your member number is ‘MR12345’ just
        enter in ‘12345’ to gain access.

 4.     Once you enter in your member number you will be presented
        with a menu of options. Listen to the options and follow the

 5.     You will then be transferred to a My Rewards merchant.

 If you get stuck or if you would like more information select the
 Customer Service option on the menu.

 Note: Only active members will be able to access the Telephone
 Connection services so please ensure you have your member number
 handy when you call.


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       My Rewards
 My Internet Connections                                                     Search Online
 ■ Do-it-yourself online booking & purchasing                                ■ Check out the offers now…
 You can access fantastic My Rewards services and savings online. View       Once you have your member number and password enter in your
 and book apartment and resort accommodation on the Gold Coast or            details in the login section to access the member only area of the site.
 choose from 1000’s of other hotels and resorts worldwide. Buy books,
 magazines, CD’s, gift vouchers and more. Book a concert or show for         Once you are in the member only area, you can search for benefits
 that special night out. There is something for everyone online… and there   available in your area. The keyword search option allows you to
 are always new offers being added.                                          search for establishments by name so if you are after a specific
                                                                             merchant then type their trading name in the keyword search area.
                         Whenever you see this computer                      The category search option allows you to select the category and
                         symbol in this directory, simply                    your suburb or post code to find offers in your area. If you are
                         go to the web site shown on your                    travelling interstate you can also search for offers in the area you will
                         membership card, then select the                    be visiting.
                         My Rewards option.

 Register Now
 ■ First time registration…
 If it is your first time to the site and you do not have a password then
 click on ‘first time login’. Register your details and you will then have
 access to the member only area of the site:

 Step         You will be prompted for your member number. It is
               important to include the letter prefix in your member
               number as shown on your member card.

                                                                             ■ Internet Connections
                                                                             There are over 20,000 offers available online so make sure to read the
                                                                             terms and conditions for each offer. Categories include:

                                                                             Category ...................................................................................................Summary

                                                                             My Travel / Accommodation.....................................Book Domestic and International travel

                                                                             My Dining.....................................................Download dining coupons from 850+ locations
 Step         Select a password and enter other contact details. You        My Fast Food .......................................................................... Download fast food coupons
               should also register for e-news to keep you up to date with
                                                                             My Health and Beauty ...................................................................Purchase products online
               the latest special offers and new merchants.
                                                                             My Home .......................................................................... Goods and services for the home
 Step         We confirm all your details via your email address. Should
                                                                             My Leisure ........................................................ Book tickets, download coupons and more
               you experience any difficulties while setting up, please
               contact Customer Service. Call 1300 368 846 and select        My Shopping ....................................................................... Online merchants and coupons
               the customer service option.                                  My Auto ...............................................................................Car servicing and fuel discounts


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       My Rewards
 My Rewards Coupons                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions
 ■ Present and save discounts                                                            Q: How do I get access to the services?
 This directory contains coupons that can be presented at participating                  A: As it is a “members only” service you will need a current membership
 merchants. You don’t need to carry the directory with you. Just remove                     number to access both the Internet service and the phone based
 the coupon and surrender this to the merchant when you dine or make a                      services.
 purchase.                                                                               Q: How do I access the phone-based services?
                                                                                         A: It’s so easy... All you need to do is call the number on the back of your
 Coupons may not be traded or resold and are not transferable. Make                         membership card and input your current membership number for validation
 sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of the coupon before                      when requested. Once your membership is accepted, simply follow the
 use and present the coupon before you pay unless otherwise stated.                         prompts and you can go to the service consultant of your choice.
                                                                                         Q: What if my membership number doesn’t work?
                                                                                         A: Don’t worry! Simply select the customer service option and one of our
                                                                                            customer service consultants will offer you assistance.
                                                                                         Q: How do I access the My Rewards web site?
                                                                                         A: It’s simple, go to the web site address shown on your membership
                                                                                            card, or www.myrewards.com.au . Once in that site, select the My
                                                                                            Rewards option and the My Rewards site will appear.
                                                                                         Q: For the Internet site, do I need a password to accompany the
                                                                                            membership number?
                                                                                         A: On your first visit you will be asked to set up your own password. It’s
                                                                                            easy and only takes a minute and you won’t need to do it again.
                                                                                         Q: How do I use the coupons in this booklet?
                                                                                         A: Simply select the coupon you wish to use, remove it from the book and
                                                                                            present it at the applicable merchant. But always remember to read the
 ■ Coupon validity                                                                          terms and conditions of the offer properly.
 All coupons are valid until 31 December 2007 unless indicated otherwise.                Q: What if a merchant does not accept the coupon or my
 For the My Dining coupons some merchants will not accept the coupon                        My Rewards show and save card?
 on public holidays, Valentines Day and Mothers Day. If you book for                     A: If that happens to you, don’t worry. Simply send the receipts from that
 these days mention that you have a My Rewards coupon to ensure your                        merchant to: Reply Paid 622 (no stamp required) Carnegie Vic 3163.
 coupon will be accepted before dining.                                                     We will then send you a cheque for the amount of the savings
                                                                                            you should have received. So you won’t miss out.
 My Rewards coupons are exclusive and may not be combined with any                       Q: What if I run out of coupons for my favourite merchant?
 other promotions or third-party discounts.                                              A: No problems, simply go the web site shown on your card, select the My
                                                                                            Rewards option. For most offers you can put the merchant name,
                                                                                            locate the offer and then print yourself a coupon right there and then.
                                                                                            Instant coupons!
                                                                                         Q: How can I keep up to date with any merchant changes or
                         My Rewards Offer Guarantee                                         special offers?
          In the unlikely event that a merchant does not honour the offer as shown in    A: All you need to do is register for our e-news and we will send you
          this book and the member has met all the current conditions* My Rewards           regular updates via e-mail.
               will refund the amount equivalent to the saving to the member would       Q: I just can’t work out what I should do with the phone or Internet?
            have received. To receive your refund, simply send a copy of your bill to    A: Call the benefits hotline shown on 1300 368 846 and select the
            the address below. A refund cheque will be forwarded to you or a credit
                                                                                            customer service option. One of our trained consultants will be happy to
             transaction will be applied to the credit card you paid the account with.
                                    See Terms and Conditions.                               assist you.
                            My Rewards, PO Box  Carnegie                          Q: What is the ‘rack rate’ for hotels and other providers?
                                                                                         A: The rack rate is the establishments maximum non-published rate that all
                                                                                            rates are discounted from. Discounts apply to rack rates unless
                                                                                            otherwise specified.

                                                                                                                 Contact My Rewards
                                                                                                                  Phone: 1300 368 846
                                                                                                               Email: info@myrewards.com.au

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      Terms and Conditions
 .    Definitions in this Agreement
 1.1 ‘We’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ means The Rewards Factory Limited ACN 095 009 742, (TRF)
     the operators of the My Rewards program.
 1.2 ‘Card’ means the My Rewards program membership card provided on behalf of the
     TRF client.
 1.3 ‘Voucher’ means the My Rewards program membership voucher provided by TRF on
     behalf of our client via the membership booklet or internet site.
 1.4 ‘You’ and ‘your’ means the member that is the person with a current membership
 1.5 ‘The Services’ and ‘Benefits’ means the My Rewards program benefits provided by
 .    Acceptance
 2.1 Use of the services by you constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions,
     which shall govern use of the card/voucher and the provision of the service.
 2.2 The Card remains the property of TRF and shall be returned to us promptly upon your
     request in accordance with this Agreement.
 .    The Services
 3.1 The Card entitles you to use the My Rewards program services and you agree that
     you will use the services only for your own benefit or for the benefit of your immediate
 3.2 The merchant reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the offer
     without out notice. *To access up-to-the minute offer details refer to the
     www.myrewards.com.au web site. If you are unsure call the My Rewards hotline on
     your membership card and select the customer service option.
 .    Third Parties
 4.1 It is a condition of the membership that you consent to providing information about
     yourself to any outside party contracted by us to provide benefits to you. All outside
     parties have signed confidentiality agreements with us in relation to the provision of
     client information.
 4.2 TRF will not be liable for any mistake, failure or negligent action on the part of any
     external party contracted with us to provide benefits.
 4.3 Members agree to enter into any arrangement with a supplier at their own risk.
 4.4 Third party suppliers reserve the right to change, modify or cancel any offers without
 .    Termination
 5.1 You may terminate your membership at any time by giving written notice to us and
     returning the card.

                                                                                                My Travel and Accommodation
                                                                                                My Travel & Accommodation
 5.2 We may terminate your membership at any time by giving written notice to you.
 5.3 Termination will not affect obligations incurred before the termination.
 .    Notice
 6.1 Any notice to be given in writing to us should be addressed to:
     My Rewards, PO Box 622, Carnegie VIC 3163.
 6.2 Any notice to be given to you will be sent by prepaid post addressed to you at the last
     address notified by you to us.

                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                           membership card and follow the prompts.

                           To access this offer search on

                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                           membership card and follow the prompts or search
                           on www.myrewards.com.au.


front_section.indd 10-11                                                                                             29/09/2006 9:54:50 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 My Rewards Travel                                                                  Car Hire Connection
 Taking that dream trip or holiday has never been                                   Your Car Hire Connection, through the international
 easier or more affordable with the My Rewards                                      supplier AVIS, offers you up to 0% off the rack                        SAVE UP TO
 Travel Connection.                                                                 rate or % off the best deal of the day,                                   30%
                                                                                    depending on which is the best offer*. So you can
 Via our fabulous Travel Connection, you will have                                  be assured of a great price.
 access to experienced consultants who can
 give valuable assistance on all your travel needs.                                 The AVIS booking system will calculate the best
 You will also receive excellent savings with                                       deal. To receive your members only pricing you
 guaranteed minimum discounts such as.                                              must quote AWD P00 when making your
                                                                                    booking. Plus in the rear of this directory there are
 International airfares      up to          6% discount                             more savings coupons, which in most cases can
 Holiday packages            up to          8% discount                             be used in conjunction with your booking.
 Cruises                     up to          8% discount                             Redeem these coupons when picking up your vehicle.
 Escorted tours              up to          9% discount                             *Does not apply to commercial vehicles and certain block out periods.
 Travel insurance            up to          15% discount
                                                                                                          To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
 The My Rewards Travel Connection will help                                                               membership card and follow the prompts or search
 you with your itinerary and all the other things                                                         on www.myrewards.com.au.
 we sometimes overlook when booking a holiday
 such as your travel insurance needs, foreign
 exchange, visas and security updates.

                                                                                    Medina Executive Apartments
                                                                                    Medina offers the modern traveller Apartment Space,
                                                                                    Hotel Service & the renowned Medina Style. The                           SAVE 50%
                                                                                    difference is lifestyle – not just a room but also your
                                                                                    own private apartment, a place to work or entertain,
                                                                                    space for the family & a great place to relax. Choose
                                                                                    from Medina’s many great locations across Australia.
                                                                                    My Rewards members receive a saving of 0%
                        To access this offer call the 1300 number on your           off rack rates on a minimum two-night stay, valid
                        membership card and follow the prompts or search
                                                                                    Friday, Saturday or Sunday Nights only. Subject to
                        on www.myrewards.com.au.

 AIG Travel Insurance                                                               SyDNEy
                                                                                                            North Ryde
 My Rewards is offering a fantastic deal on travel                                  Crows Nest              Surry Hills              Canberra
 insurance giving you more to spend at your                               SAVE UP   Darling Harbour         BRISBANE                 Kingston
 next holiday destination with savings of up to                           TO 40%*   Darlington              MELBOuRNE
 0%*. Discount received when purchased                                             Double Bay              St Kilda
 through My Rewards link to AIG Australia.                                          Haymarket               South Yarra
 *Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. See website for terms.
                                                                                       To receive your “members only” saving you must
                      To access this offer call the 1300
                                                                                    identify yourself as a My Rewards member at the time
                      number on your membership card                                of reservation and upon check in. Please present your
                      and follow the prompts or search on                                   current membership card to reception.
                      www.myrewards.com.au.                                                     Call 00 00  for bookings.

front_section.indd 12-13                                                                                                                                    29/09/2006 9:54:54 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 Federal Group Tasmania                                                      HotelClub
 Discover the total Tasmania experience by staying                           HotelClub is a world-leading online accommodation
 with Federal Group, Tasmania. There’s a warm              SAVE UP TO        specialist offering great service and discounted hotel   SAVE UP TO
 welcome waiting for you at Wrest Point, Hobart;              40%            rates.                                                      60%
 Country Club Tasmania and Country Club Villas,
                                                                             HotelClub offers highly competitive rates and
 Launceston; Freycinet Lodge, Coles Bay; Cradle
                                                                             last-minute deals with over 21,000 hotels in
 Mountain Chateau, Cradle Mountain and Strahan
                                                                             109 countries worldwide. From budget to
 Village, Gordon River Cruises and West Coast
                                                                             boutique, luxury and apartments, HotelClub has
 Wilderness Railway, Strahan.
                                                                             all your accommodation needs covered.
 My Rewards members receive up to 0%*
 off rack rate for accommodation: Wrest Point, Country Club                  HotelClub has a worldwide network, comprising of offices in key cities in
 Tasmania, Country Club Villas, Cradle Mountain Chateau, Strahan             Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia.
 Village, Freycinet Lodge. (Discount is 20% during peak times. See website
 for details)

 0% off rack rate for experiences: Gordon River Cruises, West
 Coast Wilderness Railway. Use the coupon in the rear of this book for
 this offer.
 To receive your ‘members only’ saving you must identify yourself as a       RatesToGo
 My Rewards member at the time of booking and present your current           For last minute access to hotel rooms up to 3
 membership card to reception at check-in. To make a reservation             weeks in advance visit RatesToGo.com. Members
 please call 1800 420 555.                                                   receive;

                                                                             •    Competitive hotel room rates
                                                                             •    More than 12,000 hotels in over 60 countries worldwide
                                                                             •    Low rates guarantee

                                                                                      To access this offer search on

 Majestic Hotels                                                             Hostel World
  At Majestic Hotels we provide both hotel and                               Hostel World Booking Service…
  apartment-style accommodation that will surpass          SAVE UP TO        travel on a budget                                         SAVE $15
  your expectations.                                          50%
                                                                             You can now book, online at over 5000 hostels
  Our stylishly appointed suites and studios are                             around the world. As a My Rewards member
  designed to suit varying travelling needs – ranging                        you automatically receive gold membership
  from corporate and group travel to individual tourists                     status, saving you a $15 dollar joining fee.
  and family holiday makers.                                                 You also pay no booking fees on any bookings
                                                                             made online. You can now book your
  My Rewards members receive 0% off the rack rate from the                  accommodation ahead of time, and then travel
  following apartments:                                                      knowing you have somewhere to sleep when
  •   Majestic Oasis Apartments – Port Augusta                               you arrive.
  •   Majestic Tynte Street Apartments – North Adelaide
  •   Majestic Old Lion Apartments – North Adelaide                                  To access this offer search on
  •   Majestic Roof Garden Hotel – Adelaide                                          www.myrewards.com.au.
  Must present coupon printed off the website.

                  To access this offer search on

front_section.indd 14-15                                                                                                               29/09/2006 9:55:18 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 Metro Hotels & Apartments                                                 The Snow Travel Company
 Metro Hotels & Apartment offer fully serviced 3 to                        Save up to 15% on accommodation when
 4 star properties; some offering full hotel services    SAVE UP TO                                                                   SAVE UP TO
                                                                           booking a package through the Snow Travel
 including restaurants, meeting rooms and facilities.       50%            Company                                                       15%
 The Apartments provide stylish self-contained
 accommodation ideal for the corporate traveller                           From accommodation, lift passes, lessons,
 and those seeking a quality product with limited                          ski hire, car hire, transfers, meals and even
 hotel facilities. Metro Hotels are more central,                          flights, the Snow Travel Company have got it
 great                                                                     all covered. They’ve kept it simple too with a
 ambience - and you can stay in or go out!                                 lowest price guarantee.
                                                                           As a member you also receive 10% off a range
 My Rewards members receive 0% off the rack rate. Not available
                                                                           of accommodation throughout the Australian
 in conjunction with any other offer.
                                                                           ski resorts. With deals such as kids stay free
 To receive your “members only”                                            with certain accommodation, discounted lifts,
 saving you must identify yourself as                                      lessons and hire, free meals, bar tabs etc.
 a My Rewards member at the time of                                        There’s a whole lot of extra savings on top of
 reservation and upon check in.                                            your 10% discount. Plus, book early and you
                                                                           are entitled to early-bird savings on lifts and
 • Metro Tower Mill on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane                           lessons of up to 10%!
 • Metro Hotel Sydney Central, Sydney                                      Alternatively, contact The Snow Travel Company on 1300 660 690
 • Metro Hotel on Pitt, Sydney                                             and quote “My Rewards Member” to receive your discount.
 • Metro Apartments on Sussex, Sydney                                              To access this offer search on www.myrewards.com.au. When
 • Metro Inn Edgecliff, Sydney                                                    booking on-line, don’t forget to put “My Rewards Member” in the
 • Metro Inn Ryde, Sydney                                                                      Contents Box to receive your discount.
 • Metro Inn Miranda, Sydney
 • Metro Apartments on Bank Place, Melbourne
 • Metro Hotel on Canning, Perth
                                                                           VIP Lounge
 • Metro Inn Albany, Albany WA                                             Worldwide accommodation has never been
                                                                           better priced or better positioned. My Rewards             SAVE UP TO
 • Metro Hotel & Apartments Gladstone, Gladstone
                                                                           members have access to savings of up to 60%                   60%
 Reservations: 00 00                                                 on a comprehensive range of hotels and resort
                                             To access this offer search
                                             on www.myrewards.com.au.      apartments.
                                                                           Enjoy your stay at one of the beautiful resorts in
                                                                           the following popular destinations.
 VIP Lounge Holiday Vouchers                                                       To take advantage of these incredible offers you
                                                                                     must book direct by calling the My Rewards
 Pre purchase and save heaps !                                                               Hotline on 1300 368 846 or
 RCI Global offers My Rewards members the                                                 visiting www.myrewards.com.au.
 opportunity to pre purchase 7 night accommodation         VOUCHERS        • Queensland Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads,
 vouchers from only $599*. The vouchers                                      Cairns, Caloundra, Magnetic Island, Main Beach,
 provide access over 1100 resorts in 50                                      Mooloolaba, Noosa Heads, , Palm Cove, Port
 countries around the globe including Gold                                   Douglas, Port Hinchinbrook, Surfers Paradise,
 Coast, Sunshine Coast, North QLD, Pacific,                                  Whitsundays.
 Asia, North America, Europe and more!
                                                                           • NSW: Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Kingscliff, Port
 •      VIP Traveller $ - 7 Nights Accommodation in a studio to 1         Stephens, Blue Mountains.
        Bedroom apartment - (over 1000 Resorts)                            • VIC: Lorne, Mornington Peninsula, Mildura,
 •      VIP Traveller Plus $ - 7 Nights Accommodation in a Studio
                                                                           • TAS: Launceston, Hobart
        to 3 Bedroom apartment - (over 1300 Resorts)
 •      VIP Traveller Elite $ - 7 Nights Accommodation in a Studio      • NZ: Queenstown, Martinborough, Bay of Islands,
        to 1 Bedroom apartment - (over 1500 Resorts)                       • WORLDWIDE: Hawaii, Fiji, Bali, Las Vegas,
                                                                             Florida, Spain, Greece, Caribbean plus more.
                 To access this offer search on

front_section.indd 16-17                                                                                                              29/09/2006 9:55:25 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 My Rewards Cruises
 Cruising...it’s fun...it’s sociable. It’s                                    SAVE UP TO
 all-inclusive. Just add water!
 There is nothing like a cruise vacation
 and especially nothing like a cruise
 vacation with up to 45% discount for
 My Rewards members.

 Where do they go?…
 With over 150 vessels visiting nearly
 2,000 ports in the Caribbean, Mexico,
 South Pacific, Asia, Europe and Alaska
 you will find a variety of itineraries to fit
 any budget, destination and travelling
 preference. Plus you will find a world
 of fascinating discoveries at the end of
 the gangway. Your all-inclusive cruise
 vacation is packed with a wealth of options for shopping, adventure,
 sightseeing, exploring, entertainment, sporting activities and more.

 How to get onboard?
 Log into www.myrewards.com.au and select the cruise option or
 search for ‘cruises’. You will be able see the ship, the offers and the
 destinations all in one place. Its all on the website.
 *Offers vary from supplier to supplier and trip to trip. See website for all details.

                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                           membership card and follow the prompts or search
                           on www.myrewards.com.au.

                                                                                           See www.myrewards.com.au for even more offers

front_section.indd 18-19                                                                                                               29/09/2006 9:55:31 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 Golden Chain Motor Inns                                                                  Quest Serviced Apartments
 My Rewards members receive a 0% discount off                                                         “Quest Serviced Apartments
 published rates at every location indicated below. Golden         SAVE 10%                            Everywhere you want to be“.                        SAVE 10%
 Chain Motor Inns have over 200, 3 to 4.5 star rated
 establishments Australia wide. There is accommodation to                                   To make a booking, simply call 1800 334 033 and
 suit every budget or requirement.                                                        quote ”My Rewards” to receive your saving. Subject to
     To make a booking, simply call 1800 023 966 and                                                          availability.
         quote “my rewards” to receive your saving.
              www.goldenchainmotels.com.au                                                  My Rewards members receive a 0% discount off
                                                                                              published rates at locations indicated below.
                                                                                          ACT                   Quest Waterfront     Quest on Dorcas
       ACT                   Queanbeyan           SA               COuNTRy
                                                                                          Quest Canberra        VIC                  Street
       Canberra/Braddon      Singleton            ADELAIDE         Aireys Inlet
                             Tamworth                                                     NSW                   Quest Alphington     Quest on
                                                  Elizabeth        Apollo Bay
       NSW                                                                                Quest Cronulla        Quest Ballarat       Drummond              River
                             Taree/Cundletown     Glenelg          Ararat
       SyDNEy                                                                             Beach                 Mews                 Quest on Flinders     Quest on James
       Artarmon              Tenterfield          North Adelaide   Bairnsdale
                                                                                          Quest Grande          Quest Beaumont       Lane                  Quest on Rheola
       Chullora              Tocumwal                              Ballarat
                                                  Pooraka                                 Esplanade             Kew                  Quest on Lygon        Quest Subiaco
       Enfield               Tumut                                 Ballarat
                                                  COuNTRy                                 Quest Newcastle       Quest Bendigo        Quest on Phillip      Quest West End
       Glebe                 Tuncurry/Forster                      Beechworth
                                                                                          Quest on Dixon        Quest Brighton       Island                Quest Yelverton
       Parramatta            Tweed Heads/         Bordertown       Benalla
                                                                                          Quest Rosehill        Quest Carlton        Quest on Redan        Kalgoorlie
       Penrith                Coolangatta         Burra            Bendigo
                                                                                          Quest Tamworth        Clocktower           Quest on St. Kilda    FIJI
       Richmond              Wagga Wagga          Ceduna           Bendigo/Eaglehawk
                                                                                          Quest Wagga           Quest Caroline       Road                  Quest Suva
       Sutherland            Yass                 Clare            Bendigo/Golden
                                                                                          Wagga (Oct 05)        South Yarra          Quest on William      NZ
       Wahroonga                                  Coober Pedy       Square
                             NT                                                           Quest Wollongong      Quest Dandenong      Quest Royal           Quest Auckland
       COuNTRy               Alice Springs        Goolwa                                  NT                    Quest Docklands      Gardens               Quest Boulcott
       Albury                                                       Kangaroo Flat
                             Tennant Creek        Hahndorf                                Quest Darwin          (Sep 05)             Quest South           Quest Christchurch
       Armidale                                                    Bright
                                                  Kadina                                  QLD                   Quest Fairfax        Melbourne             Quest Invercargill
                             QLD                                   Camperdown
                                                  McLaren Vale                            Quest Ascot           House                Quest South Yarra     (Jan 06)
       Batemans Bay          BRISBANE                              Cobram
                                                  Mannum                                  Quest Bridgewater     Quest Flemington     Mews                  Quest Newmarket
       Bathurst              Brisbane City                         Daylesford District
                                                  Mt Gambier                              Quest Caloundra       Quest Frankston      Quest Southbank       Quest on Eden
       Berrima               Ascot                                 Donald
                                                  Murray Bridge                           Quest on Story        Quest Geelong        Quest St. Kilda       Quest on Johnston
       Blue Mountains/       Carseldine                            Echuca
                                                                                          Bridge                (Sep 05)             Bayside               Quest on Queen
          Blackheath         Cleveland            Naracoorte       Euroa
                                                                                          Quest River Park      Quest Hero           Quest                 Quest on Mount
       Broken Hill           Greenslopes          Penola           Geelong/Grovedale
                                                                                          Central               Quest Jolimont       Warrnambool           Quest on Nelson
       Casino                Hamilton             Peterborough     Geelong/Waurn Ponds                                                                     Quest on The
                                                                                          Quest Townsville      Quest Kew            Quest Williamstown
       Cessnock              Mt Gravatt           Port Lincoln     Gisborne                                                                                Terrace
                                                                                          SA                    Quest Kimberley      Quest Williamstown
       Coffs Harbour         South Brisbane       Renmark          Halls Gap              Quest Mansions        St Kilda             North                 Quest on Willis
       Cootamundra           Springwood           Robe             Hamilton               Quest on King         Quest Knox           Quest Windsor         Quest Parnell
       Cowra                 Toowong              Victor Harbor    Horsham                                                                                 Quest Ponsonby
                                                                                          William               Quest Mont Albert    WA
       Deniliquin                                                  Lakes Entrance
                             COuNTRy              Whyalla                                 Quest on Sturt        Quest Narre Warren   Quest Arlington       Quest Sirocco
                                                                   Lavers Hill            Quest on Wakefield    Quest on Barkly      Quest Bunbury         Quest St Pauls
                             Airlie Beach
       Forbes                                     TASMANIA         Maldon                 TAS                   Quest on Bourke      Quest Harbour         Quest Taupo
       Gilgandra             Ayr
                                                  HOBART           Maryborough            Quest Savoy           Quest on Chapel      Village               Quest Wellington
       Glen Innes                                 Hobart City      Marysville
       Gosford               Bundaberg                                                    Hobart                Quest on             Quest Mandurah
                                                  Montagu Bay      Mildura                Quest Trinity House   Doncaster Road       Quest Margaret
       Goulburn              Cairns
       Grafton               Cairns/Woree         COuNTRy          Ocean Grove
                             Charters Towers
                                                                                          Travel Magazines
       Gundagai                                   Burnie           Orbost
       Gunnedah              Gold Coast/          Launceston       Phillip Island/Cowes
       Hay                      Broadbeach        Queenstown       Phillip Island/
       Holbrook              Gold Coast/
       Inverell                 Runaway Bay
                                                  Strahan           San Remo              My Rewards members receive a 0% discount
                                                  Swansea          Portland
       Junee                 Goondiwindi                                                  on subscriptions to a range of leading travel                    SAVE 10%
       Kempsey               Gympie               VICTORIA         Rosebud                magazines.
       Lismore               Hervey Bay/Pialba    MELBOuRNE
       Merimbula                                                   Seymour
                             Hervey Bay/Torquay   Melbourne City   Shepparton             To subscribe and receive your “member
       Moama/Echuca          Longreach            Abbotsford       Swan Hill
       Mollymook/Ulladulla   Mackay               Beaconsfield
                                                                                          only” saving, simply go to the web site
       Molong                                                      Torquay
                             Maryborough          Brunswick        Wangaratta             shown on your member card or to
                             Miles                Chadstone        Warrnambool            www.myrewards.com.au, select the
                             Mitchell             Essendon         Wodonga
                             Rockhampton                                                  My Rewards iSubscribe option and you
       Murwillumbah                               Fawkner          Yarragon
       Nambucca Heads        Roma
                                                  Frankston        Yarram                 are only a few clicks away from enjoying
       Narrabri              St George                                                    all the benefits of subscribing plus your
                             Sunshine Coast/      Greensborough    WA
       Newcastle/Belmont      Kawana Waters       Keilor           PERTH                  membership discount.
                             Sunshine Coast/      Lilydale         West Perth
       Ocean Shores             Maroochydore      Oakleigh         COuNTRy
       Orange                Toowoomba            Parkville        Albany
       Parkes                Townsville           Richmond         Bunbury
       Port Macquarie        Warwick              St Kilda         Busselton


front_section.indd 20-21                                                                                                                                  29/09/2006 9:55:34 AM
      My Travel and Accommodation
 Choice Hotels
 Members receive 0% off Standard Rack Rates. Choice
 Hotels have over 300 establishments Australia-wide with
 something to suit everyone. You will find Choice Hotel            SAVE 10%
 accommodation in the following areas:
         To make a booking, simply call
         13 2400 and quote ‘’ to
             receive your saving.
                                                                                  Valid for bookings over $600 only.
       ACT                     QLD                         VIC                    See Terms and conditions below.
       Canberra                Airlie Beach                Apollo Bay

       NSW                     Brisbane                    Bairnsdale
       Albury                  Bundaberg                   Ballarat
       Armidale                Cairns                      Benalla
       Ballina                 Gladstone                   Bendigo
       Batemans Bay            Gold Coast                  Echuca
       Blackheath              Goondiwindi                 Foster
       Broken Hill             Hervey Bay                  Geelong
       Cessnock                Mackay                      Hamilton
       Coffs Harbour           Maryborough                 Horsham
       Dubbo                   Mermaid Beach               Lakes Entrance
       Forbes                  Mission Beach               Lorne
       Gold Coast              Mooloolaba/Sunshine         Melbourne
       Gosford                 Coast                       Mildura
       Goulburn                Port Douglas                Moe/Newborough

       Grafton                 Rockhampton                 Morwell                Valid for bookings over $1200 only.
                               Roma                        Nhill                  See Terms and conditions below.
                               Toowoomba                   Port Fairy

                               Townsville                  Portland
                               Warwick                     Rosebud
       Lake Maquarie
                               SA                          Sale
       Lane Cove
                               Adelaide                    Seymour
                               Barmera                     Shepparton
                               Coober Pedy                 Stawell
                               Kangaroo Island             Swan Hill
       Narrabri                Kingston
       Newcastle               Mt Gambier
       Nowra                   Naracoorte
       Orange                  Port Augusta
       Parkes                  Port Pirie
                                                           Yarra Glen
       Port Macquarie          Victor Harbor
                                                           Broome                 Valid for bookings over $1800 only.
       Singleton                                           Bunbury                See Terms and conditions below.
       Sydney                  Burnie
       Tamworth                Devonport
                                                           Geraldton              Terms and conditions:
       Taree                   Georgetown
                                                           Halls Creek            • When you are ready to make a booking contact Leisure World Holidays on 1300 780 428 • To qualify
       Tenterfield             Hobart
                                                           Kalgoorlie             for the discount shown, you must quote. MY REWARDS SPECIAL OFFER • All bookings made with
       Wagga Wagga             Launceston                                         this coupon are done so at applicable call centre rates. • This coupon is redeemable with Leisure World
       Wollongong              Port Arthur                                        Holidays call centre only • Limit of one coupon per booking • This coupon is valid until 31/12/06 • The
                                                           Margaret River         expiry date relates to booking date, not travel date • This coupon is wholly redeemable with one transaction.
       Yamba                   Richmond
                                                           Monkey Mia/Shark Bay   Any unused balance of the coupon will not be refunded or credited • Holidays are subject to availability
       NT                      Swansea                                            and to the terms and conditions of the relevant tour operator. The promoter, its agents or distributors
                                                                                  have no liability in relation to the holiday • Leisure World Holidays terms and conditions will apply to
       Darwin                                              Perth                                 See this coupon • This coupon may not be used in even more any other
                                                                                  bookings made with www.myrewards.com.au/be for conjunction with offers promotional                    
                                                                                  offer • Leisure World Holidays does not take any responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen coupons
                                                                                • Leisure World Holidays Pty Ltd. Licence 2TA 4518 ABN 47 073 717 709.                          LWH061056

front_section.indd 22-23                                                                                                                                             29/09/2006 9:55:37 AM
       My Travel and Accommodation
 Best Western Australia
 My Rewards members receive 0% discount off Rack Rates.
 Best Western Australia offers an extensive range of over 260, 3.5
 to 5 STAR motels, hotels, apartments and resorts at the following
                                                                            SAVE 10%
 Australia wide locations.
       To receive a minimum 0% discount on
  accommodation members must call the booking line
 on 131 779 and quote ‘My Rewards’. All bookings are
                subject to availability.

 ACT                       Scone                   SA                       Lorne
 Ainslie                   Singleton               Adelaide                 Maryborough
 Deakin                    Sydney                  Adelaide (North)         Melbourne
 Dickson                   Tamworth                Ceduna                   Melbourne
 Kingston                  Taree                   Glenelg                  Mildura
 Narrabundah                                       Goolwa                   Mill Park
 NSW                                               Kingston                 Mitcham
                           Tea Gardens
 Albury                                            Mount Gambier            Mornigton
                           Tooleybuc                                        Noble Park
 Albury                                            Murray Bridge
                           Toukley (Gorokan)                                Phillip Island
 Albury                                            Port Noarlunga
                           Tumut                   Prospect                 Port Campbell
                           Ulladulla / Mollymook   Renmark                  Port Fairy
 Ashfield                  Wagga Wagga             Robe                     Portland
 Ballinaa                  Wollongong South        Victor Harbor            Preston
 Bass Hill                 Yamba                   Whyalla Norrie           Reservoir
                           Young                                            Sale
 Batemans Bay                                      TAS                      Seymour
 Bathurst                  NT                      Bicheno
 Bega                                                                       Shepparton
                           Alice Springs           Burnie
 Broken Hill                                                                South Melbourne
                           Darwin                  Burnie (Somerset)
 Cessnock                                                                   St Kilda
                           Katherine               Deloraine
 Coffs Harbour                                                              Stawell
 Cooma                     QLD                                              Swan Hill
 Coonabarabran             Airlie Beach                                     Taylors Lakes
                                                   Hobart (Battery Point)
 Corowa                                                                     Traralgon
                           Airlie Beach            Launceston
 Cowra                                                                      Tullamarine
                           Airlie Beach            Poatina
 Dubbo                                                                      Wangaratta
                           Brisbane                Queenstown
 Eden                                                                       Warragul
                           Bundaberg               Ross                     Warrnambool
 Forster                                           Scamander
 Gosford                   Cairns                                           Werribee
                           Dalby                   Ulverstone               Wheelers Hill
 Goulburn                                          Port Arthur
 Grafton (South)           Eight Mile Plains                                Williamstown
 Griffith                  Gin Gin                 VIC                      Wodonga
 Gunnedah                  Gladstone               Apollo Bay               WA

                                                                                                  My Leisure & Entertainment
 Inverell                  Gold Coast              Bairnsdale               Albany
 Katoomba                                          Ballarat                 Broome
 Kempsey                                           Beaumaris                Bunbury
                           Gold Coast (Burleigh
 Kiama                                             Beechworth               Carnarvon
                            Heads)                 Benalla
 Lidcombe                                                                   Cervantes
                           Gold Coast (Labrador)   Bendigo                  Dunsborough
 Lithgow                   Goondiwindi             Box Hill                 Esperance
 Liverpool                 Goondiwindi             Bright                   Exmouth
 Maitland (East)           Hervey Bay (Pialba)     Camperdown               Geraldton
 Merimbula                 Ingham                  Carlton                  Halls Creek
 Mittagong                 Mackay                  Carlton North            Kalbarri
 Moree                     Mackay (North)          Echuca                   Kalgoorlie
 Mudgee                    Mount Isa               Fairfield                Karratha
 Nambucca Heads            Nambour                 Flinders                 Kununurra
 Newcastle                                         Frankston                Margaret River
                           Port Douglas
 Nowra                                             Geelong                  Norseman
                           Rockhampton             Halls Gap
 Orange                                                                     Pemberton
 Parkes                    Rockhampton (North)     Hamilton                 Perth
 Parramatta                Roma                    Horsham                  Perth (Belmont)
 Port Macquarie            Toowoomba               Lakes Entrance           Perth (Northbridge)
 Potts Point               Townsville              Laverton                 Port Hedland
 Queanbeyan                Warwick                 Lilydale                 Yanchep


front_section.indd 24-25                                                                                                29/09/2006 9:55:40 AM
      My Leisure & Entertainment
 ShowBiz Box Office                                                             Red Balloon Days
 The ShowBiz connection offers you access to a huge                             RedBalloonDays promotes more than 750 unique,
 variety of events and entertainment offerings in over 17       EVENTS          fun and extraordinary things to do around Australia     SAVE 5%
 countries worldwide. A range of entertainment options,                         & NZ. With such broad appeal for a variety of tastes
 tickets to major events and concerts and other packages                        RedBalloon is the region’s leading marketer of
 will be available to you through the Box Office.                               experiences.
                                                                                RedBalloon now delivers more than 10,000 exciting,
 Tickets are normally available to members before
                                                                                fun and inspirational days out a year.
 public sales, so you can truly enjoy the benefits
 and convenience. You can also register your                                    My Rewards members receive a % discount
 interest for any upcoming “rumoured” shows.                                    on everything ranging from:
 Members can access:                                                            –   Chocolate Tasting      – Helicopter Rides
                                                                                –   Ballooning             – Canoe Rides
 •   Quality seating for events around Australia
                                                                                –   Yacht Rides            – Romantic Getaways
 •   Preferential seating to Australian events                                  –   Bushwalking            – 4WD Adventures
 •   Waitlist facilities for preferential reserve tickets                       –   Seaplanes              – Wine Appreciation
 •   Stay-and-See packages                                                      –   Driving Courses        – Horse Riding
 •   Regular newsletter updates                                                 –   Outdoor Adventures     – Pamper Packages
                                                                                –   Cooking Courses and many more.
                            To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                            membership card and follow the prompts or search    We are always adding to the range, so it is worth keeping an eye on the
                            on www.myrewards.com.au. There is something         new experiences section.
                            for everyone, everyday!

 Cinema Tickets
 Through the cinema ticket booking service you can
                                                             SAVE UP TO
 pre-purchase movie ticket vouchers for Australia’s
                                                                                Theme Park Tickets
 leading cinema chains at discounted rates.
                                                                                The Theme Park Ticket service offers you substantial
 Payment is by credit card only and we do our best to fulfil orders as          savings of up to % on tickets for Australia’s        SAVE UP TO
 soon as possible. See the website for terms and conditions                     most popular theme parks.                                 15%
                                                                                Tickets can be ordered via the internet or by phone
                                                                                and will be delivered direct to your nominated
                                                                                address. Allow a minimum of 5 working days for
                                                                                delivery when paid by credit card. Order them
                                                                                online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                           membership card and follow the prompts or search
                           on www.myrewards.com.au. Minimum purchase of 5
                           tickets applies.


front_section.indd 26-27                                                                                                               29/09/2006 9:55:44 AM
      My Leisure & Entertainment
 Leisure Magazines
 My Rewards members receive a 0% discount on
 subscriptions to a range of leading leisure and               SAVE 10%
 entertainment magazines.
 To subscribe and receive your “member only” saving,
 simply go to the web site shown on your member
 card or to www.myrewards.com.au, select the My
 Rewards iSubscribe option and
 you are only a few clicks away
 from enjoying all the benefits
 of subscribing plus your
 membership discount.

 Leisure Coupons
 Check out the coupon section of this directory to search for coupons
 with hundreds of dollars in savings on popular attractions and leisure
 activities across Australia. If you run out of coupons you can also visit the
 website to print off coupons for most offers.

                                                                                 My Shopping


front_section.indd 28-29                                                                       29/09/2006 9:55:55 AM
      My Shopping
 iSubscribe Magazines                                                          Barefoot Maternity
 Through the My Rewards iSubscribe service                                     Barefoot Maternity Wear Australia, offers
 members receive a 0% discount on                                             maternity clothes that look & feel fabulous!            SAVE 20%
                                                              SAVE 10%
 subscriptions to over ,0 magazine                                          Our stylish range of Australian made maternity
 and newspaper titles.                                                         clothing fashions can be worn from very early
                                                                               pregnancy through to full term and again after
 There are also regular specials offering up to                                giving birth.
 40% savings and free gifts on popular titles.
                                                                               Members receive an exclusive discount
 To subscribe and receive your “member only” saving, simply go to the          of 0% off all items excluding already
 web site shown on your member card or to www.myrewards.com.au,                discounted items on sales and sample pages.
 select the My Rewards iSubscribe option and you are only a few clicks
 away from enjoying all the benefits of subscribing plus your membership               To access this offer search on
 discount.                                                                             www.myrewards.com.au.

                                                                               Coffee Hit
                                                                               Coffee Hit is the brain child of a group of caffeine
                                                                               addicts who were looking for great coffee that          SAVE 10%
                                                                               was easily accessible. Finding this fantastic coffee
                                                                               proved to be difficult.
                                                                               Travelling to boutique roasters was a bit of a
                                                                               hassle and coffee from the supermarket was
                                                                               expensive and not quite up to scratch. So Coffee
                                                                               Hit was born, giving members a 0% discount
                                                                               on Coffee and Equipment tems.

                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on your
                           membership card and follow the prompts or search
                           on www.myrewards.com.au.

 Save 0% off one model in each brand from
 e-sunnies. Authentic designer sunglasses at great            SAVE 20%
 prices. Over 35 designer brands including Dolce
 and Gabbana, Ray Ban and more.
 Huge product range and access to next
 European season sunglasses. Thirty days refund                                        To access this offer search on
 policy and free shipping on all orders with an                                        www.myrewards.com.au.
 Australian delivery address!

                                             To access this offer search on


front_section.indd 30-31                                                                                                              29/09/2006 9:56:05 AM
      My Shopping
 My Rewards Home Shopping                                                     Gr Toys
 The My Rewards Shopping Connection                                           If you are looking for beautiful, quality toys with a
 offers “members only” access to                           MEMBER             developmental or educational focus, then check             SAVE 15%
 information and pricing on over 000                     ONLY DEALS          us out! You will be excited by our diverse range!
 electrical items, everything from plasma                                     And as a bonus all our gr8 toys have been hand
 televisions to toasters and all at lower than                                selected and profiled by an experienced early
 retail prices.                                                               childhood teacher.
 Once you have found the item you are looking
 to purchase, take a note of the model number
 and call the Shopping Connection. You can also
                                                                              My Rewards members receive 15% off toys.
                                                                              To receive your discount please enter the               Gr Toys
                                                                              Promotional Code: myrewards. Not valid in
 shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.                                   conjunction with any other offer.
                 To access this offer call the 1300
                                                                                      To access this offer search on
                 number on your membership card
                 and follow the prompts or search
                 on www.myrewards.com.au.

                                          * Phone orders attract a $10 fee.

 My Rewards Flowers & Gifts
 As a member you can save on all your floral and
 gift purchases through the My Rewards Flower &           SAVE UP TO
 Gift service. Savings include:                              15%
 •      Savings of up to 15% on orders placed
        through the website.
 •      Savings of 10% on orders placed over the phone.
                                                                              Organised Kaos  Kids
 To receive your members only offers you must quote ‘My Rewards’
 at the time of placing your order and credit card processing fees may        Organised Kaos 4 Kids offers a wide range of
 apply.                                                                       toys including Wooden Toys, Educational Toys,               SAVE 10%
                                                                              Baby Toys, Imaginative Play Toys and more.
                           To access this offer call the 1300 number on
                           your membership card and follow the prompts        My Rewards members receive % off all
                           or search on www.myrewards.com.au.                 items. To receive your discount please enter
                                                                              ‘myrewards’ at the checkout in the ‘Redeem
                                                                              Code’ area. 15% will automatically be deducted.
                                                                              Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

                                                                                        To access this offer search on


front_section.indd 32-33                                                                                                                29/09/2006 9:56:22 AM
      My Shopping
 My Computer Connection                                                 Wine Connection
 My Computer Connection provides simple                                 The Wine Connection offers members access to
 solutions for members to access affordable, high        MEMBER ONLY    great wines and expert advice. you can access       WINE DEALS
 quality home computer and Internet packages.               DEALS       fabulous mixed dozens at super special
                                                                        prices, specialist dozens and more.
                       To access this offer call the 1300
                       number on your membership card                   Register online and receive regular offers. Visit
                       and follow the prompts or search on              the member only section of the website for more
                       www.myrewards.com.au.                            details.
                                                                                        To access this offer call the 1300 number on
 If you are a first time computer buyer we have
                                                                                        your membership card and follow the prompts
 great value beginners packages with everything
                                                                                        or search on www.myrewards.com.au.
 you need to get started, including access to the
 Internet. For the more technology
 savvy, we offer everything
 from PCs with hyper threading
 capabilities to PDA’s, MP3’s and
 a range of accessories to suit
 your needs. Learn, shop, surf and
 play from the comfort of your own

 Rainbow Designs
 Rainbow Designs offers the Quirky Gift Alternative
 to Flowers and Hampers!                                     SAVE 10%
 My Rewards members receive 0% off the
 funky gift packs from Rainbow Designs.
                                                                        Vouchers & Gift Cards
 To receive your discount enter ‘myrewards10’
 in the discount code area. Not valid in                                Save on groceries, electrical items, petrol and
                                                                        more! As a member you can purchase vouchers         SAVE UP TO
 conjunction with any other offer.
                                                                        and receive special member only discounts              10%
                                                                        of between % to 0%.

 Amazing Toys                                                           Access savings from stores you know and love including Just Jeans,
                                                                        Sportsgirl, Sanity, Coles and Dick Smith Electronics, Woolworths,
 Amazing Toys offers the best quality educational                       Safeway and more.
 toys to enhance a child’s imagination, creativity and       SAVE 10%   Please note: Delivery fees, method and times vary depending on the
 developmental skills. Many items have won industry                     product ordered. Payment is by credit card only. We do our best to
 awards around the world. Receive 0% off all                           fulfil orders as soon as possible.
 items purchased online.
                                                                                 To access this offer search on www.myrewards.com.au.
 The extensive product range includes: Brio,                                     You can then download an order from. See the member
 Little Tikes, Step2, Erurotrikes, Ravensburger,                                 website for offer terms and conditions.
 Galt and Plan Toys. Children’s furniture and
 unusual wooden toys are also available.

                  To access this offer search on


front_section.indd 34-35                                                                                                    29/09/2006 9:56:29 AM
      My Shopping
 Fragrance Shop                                                        Edward Stripe
 The My Rewards Fragrance Shop offers members                          Edward Stripe are shirt makers in the famous
 huge savings on all their favourite fragrances.     SAVE UP TO        Jermyn Street, London tradition. Renowned
                                                                                                                                 SAVE 25%
 Save up to 0% on the latest designer                  50%            for its distinguished cut and use of fine high
 women’s and men’s fragrances.                                         quality fabrics. Edward Stripe brings
                                                                       handmade English business shirts quality
 The range includes Christian Dior, Dolce and                          at an affordable price to Australia! Business,
 Gabbana, Elizabeth Arden, Fendi, and many                             casual and other formal occasions.
 more. Order online and have them delivered to                         My Rewards members receive a %
 you door.                                                             discount on purchases. Not valid in
                                                                       conjunction with any other offer. Not available on discounted items.
           To access this offer search on

                                                                                  To access this offer search on

                                                                       My Books
                                                                       You can access 1000’s of books on a huge range of
                                                                       subjects, all at excellent prices through our new
                                                                       book-buying club.
                                                                                                                                 SAVE $6.50
 Tesora Gifts                                                          As a special rate members receive free delivery
 Looking for the gift with something special, then                     saving of $.0 on each order over
 this is the place to go. You will find everything                     $0!
                                                     SAVE 10%
 from garden items to corporate gifts. Tesora
 has something for everyone and My Rewards
 members receive 0% off all purchases*.                                       To access this offer search
                                                                               on www.myrewards.com.au.
 *See web site for specific terms and conditions
 that apply to this offer.

 Latest Buy                                                            My Insurance Connecton
 LatestBuy has a wide range of unique and                              If you are looking for insurance, either for yourself,
 innovative gifts to suit everyone from kids to                        your family or your business call the insurance          SAVE UP TO
                                                      SAVE 15%
 grown-ups alike.                                                      connection. All My Rewards members get expert               15%
                                                                       advice and substantial savings of up to 15% off
 Retailing the latest products sourced from                            of premiums.
 around the world, whether you’re looking for
 a functional gadget for the outdoors through                          General Insurance
 to something eye-catching for your home,                              • Home and Contents, Car, Travel and more.
 you’ll find it at LatestBuy.                                          Business Insurance
 My Rewards members receive a % discount on purchases.               • Partnership, Key Person, Buy Sell
 To redeem your My Rewards discount, simply use the following code     Personal Insurance
 upon checkout: S-LATESTMYREWARDS. See website for terms and           • Life, Trauma, sickness & accident and income protection
                                      To access this offer search on                To access this offer call the 1300 number on
                                      www.myrewards.com.au.                         your membership card and follow the prompts.

front_section.indd 36-37                                                                                                        29/09/2006 9:56:35 AM
      My Shopping
 RSPCA Pet Insurance
 Reduce your vet bill by up to 0%
                                                              $20 Gift
 Like any member of your family your pet can                  Voucher
 unfortunately and unexpectedly become ill or
 suffer an accident. Even expenses for annual
 routine care like vaccinations, teeth cleaning
 and flea, tick and worm control can come a
 quite a shock.
 Imagine knowing your pet can be treated, but
 that it will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. With RSPCA Pet
 Insurance you needn’t worry as we may be able to assist with the
 cost of the very best veterinary treatment, which your pet deserves.
 My Rewards members will recieve a $20 retail savings voucher with
 each new policy. See website for terms and conditions.

           To access this offer search on

 Shopping Coupons
 Check out the coupon section of this directory to search for coupons
 with hundreds of dollars in savings on popular retail outlets across
 Australia. If you run out of coupons you can also visit the website to print
 off coupons for most offers.

                                                                                My Health & Lifestyle


front_section.indd 38-39                                                                                29/09/2006 9:56:42 AM
      My Health & Lifestyle
 Merringtons Optometrists                                            Beauty Secrets
 For 107 years, Merringtons has taken care of over                   Anti-Aging wrinkle creams, vitamins,
 9 million pairs of Australian eyes, and university       SAVE 20%   supplements and weight loss programs                                       SAVE 15%
 trained optometrists are always on hand to ensure                   for inner health and wellbeing. Plus,
 that we can deliver the best optical care.                          beautifiers, enhancers & gift packs to
                                                                     bring out the body beautiful in you!
 My Rewards members receive 20% off complete
                                                                     Products suitable for both Men &
 prescription glasses. No further discounts apply.
                                                                     Women, brand names include Skin
 Available only at time of ordering when you
                                                                     Doctors, Naturopathica, Kamouflage,
 present a voucher from this member directory.
                                                                     Mayerling, Ginvera Green Tea,
 Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
                                                                     Bio-Essence, Biomedica Youth Activator and others…

                                                                                     To access this offer search on
Absolutely Gorgous                                                                   www.myrewards.com.au
Discover natural radiance and flawless skin, all at
the click of a button… and save 10%! Absolutely                      Members receive a % discount off RRP on all products. See
                                                          SAVE 10%   the website for booking information and terms and conditions.
Gorgeous has you covered from head to toe...
In the online beauty boutique you will discover a
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      My Health & Lifestyle
 Bad Backs
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                                                                               My Fuel Discounts


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                  My Fuel Discounts
             easyfuel Card
             Now there’s a better way to save money on petrol,
             LPG or diesel... the easyfuel card. It’s not a credit          FUEL
             card and there are no fees or charges. The easyfuel         DISCOUNTS
             card simply saves you more at the pump.

             Easy to use
             Collecting easyfuel discounts is easy. Simply present
             your easyfuel card when you make a purchase
             at a participating outlet and your discount is
             automatically stored on the card’s memory chip...
             no messy vouchers, no stamps and no receipts to
             save. Claiming your discount is just as easy. Simply present your card
             at any participating fuel outlet.

             How it all adds up
             Easyfuel fuel discounts soon add up...
             just by doing your normal shopping you could quickly earn enough
             discount to fill your tank with up to 50 litres of fuel, for next to nothing!
             Simply spend the advertised minimum amount at participating
             merchants and the fuel discount offered is electronically stored on
             your easyfuel card’s memory chip, ready for you to use.
             The total value of your discounts is automatically added as you shop.
             It’s that easy!

               This example shows how quickly                     per litre discount
               your discounts can add up!
               Spent $30 in a supermarket...                                received 6c
               Spent $15 in a video store...                                received 2c
               Spent $20 in a butcher...                                    received 3c
               Spent $25 in a café...                                       received 3c
               Total per litre discount at the pump...                          c
               Total spends and discounts shown above are examples only.

             The easyfuel card is already welcome in many retail, service and
             fuel outlets including supermarkets, cafés, home wares and clothing
             stores. Look for the easyfuel sign...it’s your guarantee of cheaper fuel.
             New places to use the easyfuel card are being added all the time, so
             watch your local paper or visit our website for the latest details.

             How to join
                        Joining is easy too! Search for ‘fuel’ in the member only
                        website and you will be linked to the online registration form
                        for joining up to easyfuel.


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