Consult21 Network Structure Working Group
DATE:     Monday, 10 April 2006, 10.00 to 13:00
LOCATION: Showcase, BT Centre, Newgate St, London, EC1A 7AJ

10:00 Introductions                                                               Chris Evans
10.05 Change of co-chair                                                          Chris Evans
10.10 Issues arising from Steering Board                                          Tim Wright (BT)
       From the notes of the SG on 15 March: Governance of Network Structure Working Group – the
       implication that the group can reject/accept Industry SORs was discussed and is not correct. The slides
       will be modified to show this.

10.15 NICC TSG                                                                    Paul Rosbotham (C&W)
       Report back from recent meetings
       Requirements for next release
10.40 Issues arising from the Network Design Event                                Tim Wright (BT)
       An opportunity to provide feedback on the event and to action issues arising.

11.10 DSL Forum Working Text 101                                                  Gavin Young (Bulldog)
       Presentation of WT-101 and the options therein. Industry wants to understand the options chosen by BT
       for 21CN for backhaul transport

11.40 Break
11.50 Planning rules for next gen interconnects
       Review of Annex A to the contract as a basis for stimulating thoughts on the issues to be addressed.
       This is 59 pages of material, but in brief the contents are publication of network information, location of
       interconnect points, routeing principles, interconnect link architecture, capacity provision, traffic
       forecasts, capacity profiles/ACOs, capacity orders & testing, capacity order timescales, numbering,
       technical review meetings, switch testing, transmission & signalling, performance standards, operations
       and services.

12.30 Review of actions                                                           Chris Evans
12.55 Review of meeting                                                           Chris Evans
13.00 Close / Lunch

This meeting is suitable for people with an engineering background, including NGN standards experts,
and network engineers with a responsibility for developing network planning and dimensioning rules
If you would like attend, then please register your attendance by email no later
than 6 April 2006 to
Please note it is imperative that you register your attendance. Non registration may mean that you will
not be admitted on the day, if the numbers exceed Health & Safety Requirements.

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