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   Leading Producers of Animation in Europe and India To Combine Efforts In
         Developing New Animated TV Series, Feature Films and More

HYDERABAD, INDIA and PARIS, FRANCE, 27th June 2008 – DQ Entertainment
International (DQE), the internationally acclaimed and AIM listed animation
entertainment company, and MoonScoop Group, one of the leading worldwide brand
management and entertainment companies engaged in the production, distribution,
licensing, merchandising, marketing and distributing of animated creations, today
announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance. The alliance will capitalize on
the individual business networks and production expertise of both groups, and provide
global operational leverage.

In the new partnership, DQE and MoonScoop aim to co-produce at least five TV series
and two feature films (animated and/or live action) for worldwide distribution, with
estimated global costs of over $100 million. They expect to release at least one TV series
or film each year of the agreement, which runs through 2012. One or more of the co-
productions will also potentially feature Indian mythology and characters which are
becoming increasingly popular with audiences worldwide. Finally, the companies will
also focus on new media business development, following in the footsteps of
MoonScoop‟s successful launches of the kid-oriented VOD and Broadband channels
Kabillion (in the US) and Taffy Kids (in Europe).

MoonScoop/DQ Alliance
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The new strategic partnership was initially discussed as MoonScoop and DQE began
working together on the new animated TV series “Casper‟s Scare School,” scheduled for
2009 and co-produced with Classic Media. The two companies also worked together
successfully on “The Fantastic Four” animated series based on the famous superheroes
from Marvel. The MoonScoop Group‟s Mike Young Productions, based in the US and
Wales also has a rich history with DQE, working together on the hit animated series
“ToddWorld” and the upcoming “Twisted Whiskers,” a co-production with American

“DQ Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing and most-respected animation studios in
the world and this strategic agreement will allow each of us to nurture our upcoming
projects to ensure their success in today‟s highly competitive marketplace,” explains
Christophe di Sabatino, co-Executive Chairman of The MoonScoop Group. “We look
forward to working with them on a variety of projects.”

“DQ Entertainment has been a driving force in the huge growth of the Indian animation
industry,” added Nicolas Atlan, co-CEO of The MoonScoop Group. “They also have
some phenomenal stories that need to be told and we‟re perfectly positioned to help them
bring this interesting new content to a worldwide audience.”

Tapaas Chakravarti Chairman & CEO of DQE Group said “This is a magnificent
strategic and functional partnership. Moonscoop and DQE have been associated together
in the past for production of „The Fantastic Four‟ and we are now co-producing and
licensing the iconic „Casper‟s Scare School.‟ There are compelling synergies in working
together and we will jointly produce world class television productions and feature films,
including those with Indian Mythology and stories. I am extremely pleased to extend our
relationship with Moonscoop Group, one of the largest in this domain, to the next level of

“The entertainment industry is becoming more globalized and it is imperative to our
future growth that we develop strategic partnerships with key companies such as DQ
Entertainment,” said Laurent Billion, COO Europe of The MoonScoop Group. ”Each of
our companies brings something unique to this agreement which will ultimately benefit
not only our companies, but our broadcast and licensing partners, as well as the viewers
of our content worldwide.”
MoonScoop/DQ Alliance
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Sanjay Choudhary, Head of Group Corporate Finance for DQE said “I am extremely
buoyant with this strategic association. We will be able to leverage the strength of both
the companies with sharper focus and momentum. There are tremendous commercial
synergies and value addition to both the groups. This arrangement synchronizes perfectly
with our growth plans at DQE.”

Media Contacts:
Marc Grossmann, The MoonScoop Group - USA
+1 (818) 227-8966 or

Marion Randon, The MoonScoop Group - France
+33 (0) 1 53 35 90 90 or

Sumedha Saraogi, DQ Entertainment
+91 40 2355 3726/27 or

Gautam Seth, DQ Entertainment
+91 40 2355 3726/27 or

About MoonScoop Group

The MoonScoop Group is a leading worldwide production, distribution, brand
management and entertainment company, focused on producing original projects and
building brands with international appeal and longevity. Christophe and Benoit di
Sabatino serve as co-executive chairmen of the group. The Group consists of some of the
finest worldwide animation producers: MoonScoop Productions of France and Mike
Young Productions in the USA; two highly-regarded production studios: LuxAnimation
of Luxembourg and Antefilms Studio of France; Taffy Entertainment, a leading
worldwide distribution and licensing company; and MoonScoop Digital Media, one of
the newest and most technologically-advanced broadcast companies. Together, they
combine many of the most successful programs and best-loved animated creations in the
global television market. Its combined distribution catalogue includes over 3,000 half-
hours of programming and over 100 titles, airing in more than 160 territories worldwide.
Its key properties include “Code Lyoko,” “Fantastic Four,” “Titeuf” (Tootuff), “Pet
Alien,” “Mix Master,” “Dr. Dog,” “Hero:108,” “Funky Cops,” “Invisible Man,” and
“Casper.” Established with the merger of France Animation and Antefilms Production
and the acquisition of Mike Young Productions, MoonScoop Group now employs over
300 people worldwide.
About DQE:
DQ Entertainment (DQE) is the leading producers of Animation for Feature Film, TV
Series, Home Video, Games Art and Visual Effects (VFX) for global TV series, Feature
Films, DTH Videos, including online, mobile and Next-Gen Console Game Art and
in-game animation.

The Group‟s client base spans across various continents and includes large production
companies like Walt Disney Television Animation - USA, Nickelodeon Animation
Studios Inc. - USA, Electronic Arts – UK, Canada, Method Films – France, Marvel -
USA, American Greetings - USA, NBC-Universal - USA, BBC - UK, Mattel - USA,
Take 2Interactive - USA and others.

DQE aims to provide broad based Entertainment Content Offerings based on market
demand. DQE has entered into Co-production & licensing of main stream Bollywood
Live Action Feature Films in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc and
PNC Ltd for the Movie "Meerabai Not Out". Several animated feature films and
Television series are in development besides a large ongoing order book.

DQE is listed on the AIM market of London Stock Exchange and the group's production
facilities are based out of India & in Manila, Philippines while the creative & sales
offices are located in USA, France & Japan. DQE's largest facilities in India are in
Hyderabad spread over 10 locations while the other facilities are Kolkata, Chennai &
Mumbai with the manpower over 3400+ and adding over 1000 shortly, making it the
largest group in this domain.

DQE's expertise in quality planning & strong production management has earned a DNV
ISO 9001 certification, by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Netherlands.

DQE's productions have won several recognition & awards which include several
nominations at Emmy (for “ToddWorld,” “Curious George” (Season 1), “Post Card from
Busters,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” an Emmy Award for "Tutenstein", BAF Award
for “Delta State,” “Chose Your Own Adventure,” “Skyland,” Cartoons at Bay , Italy for
“Skyland” and “Pet Pals,” Redemptive Film Festival USA for “Donkey Ollie.” The
group‟s business management practices have also been recognized and being awarded
Asia's Top 100 Private Best Managed Companies by Red Herring USA, Deloitte Asia
Pacific Fast Growing Companies for 2006 and 2007.


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