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The microprocessor training system should consist of an 8086 16 bit microprocessor
trainer with a comprehensive range of accessories.

The unit should be capable of being operated as a target board system for teaching
students first principles through to programming, interfacing and control techniques.

A set should include each of the following:

• 8086 Intel Training Board.

1.   8086 CPU.
2.   Full address decoding to allow for off-board memory expansion.
3.   External processor bus expansion.
4.   Dual 16-bit (8255) programmable I/O ports.
5.   Programmable interrupt controller (8259A).
6.   7 levels of prioritised interrupts.
7.   3 channel programmable counter/timer (8253).
8.   Fully buffered programmable serial port (USART 8251A).
9.   16Kbyte EPROM expandable to 64Kbyte on board.
     Monitor program provides following features:
     a. Help - lists all monitor commands.
     b. Line assembler.
     c. Dissassembler.
     d. Examine/alter any register.
     e. Examine/alter memory.
     f. Full specified memory area.
     g. Set breakpoint.
     h. Single step.
     i. Trace.
     j. Upload Intel (extended) hex.
     k. Printer on/off.
     l. Download Intel (extended) hex.
     m. Test command (for ROM, RAM, baud rate and console mode).

10. 16Kbyte RAM expandable to 64Kbyte on board.
11. Non-maskable interrupt provided by on-board push button switch or from external
12. Hardware reset.
13. Standard I/O connections compatible with other products.
14. 9V 1A power supply included.
15. Sturdy book-style case.
16. Documentation - a. Technical reference and Training Manual.
                     b. Monitor Source Code.
                     C. Circuit diagrams.
• Training Course Manuals.

These manuals should comprise of two experiment and two answer books. The
course should give students practical experience of the 8086 microprocessor, as well
as associated peripheral chips. The course should be used in conjunction with the
8086 Intel training system and consists of a series of graded experiments for students.
The course should cover subject areas such as: program development techniques, 8
and 16 bit microprocessors, design methodology and solutions to engineering

• Applications Board.

This board should be designed to teach a wide variety of control experiments.
Circuits provided must include:

1. Eight digital switches.
2. Temperature sensor.
3. Optical speed/position sensor.
4. Light sensor.
5. Potentiometer.
6. External analogue input.
7. DC motor.
8. Eight LED’s.
9. Bargraph.
10. Heater.
11. Analogue output.

This board should include a power supply adapter, user’s manual, and an experiment
manual with eighteen easy to use programs specifically for use with the
microprocessor board. The manual must also contain sixteen questions with fully
worked answers.

• Bus Expansion Module.

Contains forty 4mm sockets for expansion via a 40pin DIL header and ribbon cable.

PC Based Host Software.

Host software should be supplied to communicate with the training board and provide
the many facilities available to a development system.

PC Based 8086 Absolute Cross Assembler.

Package must contain an absolute macro cross assembler, an editor/workbench
environment, a terminal emulator, and on-line help utility specific to the 8086

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