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									       Requesting a Six Box / Nine Box Analysis is as easy as 1-2-3-4

 Just click on the buttons below to tell us who you are, what you need, when you need
it, how you want the input sheet and report to look, whom to review, and we will do the
                 rest. Don't forget to save your work from time to time!

  When you have completed the design, SAVE the spreadsheet and send it to us at
SIXBOX.NINEBOX.REQUEST@PEOPLEGRAPHS.COM and we will return your custom
                         designed input form to you.

s easy as 1-2-3-4

 you need, when you need
 review, and we will do the
me to time!

heet and send it to us at
we will return your custom
                Individual's   Individual's   Individual's   Individual's
SubGroup Name    First Name     Last Name      Unique ID      Comments
Parameters                                       Value
Job Name                                         Sales Group July 2008
Company Name                                     International Widgets
Contact Person                                   John Doe
Contact Person Phone Number                      987/555-1212
Contact Person eMail Address           
When was input submitted
When is PPT input form due to client             Today+3
When are PPTs due back from reviewers            Today+17
When is consolidated report due to client        Today+20
eMail of person to receive consolidated report
Input Sheet Template File Name
Input Sheet Title                                Sales Group July 2008
Maximum Bubbles Per Page                         100
Sort Bubbles By                                  Subgroup and Last Name
Separate Input Pages By SubGroup                 No
Horizontal Axis Label                            Potential
Vertical Axis Label                              Performance
X Grid at 10&90                                  No
X Grid at 20&80                                  No
X Grid at 25&75                                  No
X Grid at 30&70                                  No
X Grid at 33&67                                  No
X Grid at 35&65                                  No
X Grid at 40&60                                  No
X Grid at 50                                     Yes
Y Grid at 10&90                                  No
Y Grid at 20&80                                  No
Y Grid at 25&75                                  Yes
Y Grid at 30&70                                  No
Y Grid at 33&67                                  No
Y Grid at 35&65                                  No
Y Grid at 40&60                                  No
Y Grid at 50                                     No
Instructions Location                            Top Of Input Sheet
Instructions Text                                Place on the grid the ovals for individuals you know. Do not
                                                 modify the names in the ovals or add new ovals. To
                                                 indicate that you supervise an individual, use the Format
                                                 Menu Item to change an oval’s color.
Expected Number of Reviewers                     10
Additional Instructions to PeopleGraphs          What else do we need to know about this job?
Presentation Title                               Sales Group January 2008
Sort By Subgroups                                Yes
Include Subgroups in Table of Contents           Yes
Display Reviewer ID                              No
Include Group Summary Pages                      No
Include Total Summary Pages                      No
Enable Gold Star Functionality                   Yes
Enable Exporting of Consolidated Ratings         Yes
Special Report Instructions
Input Form Version                               1
SubGroup Names
Not Applicable

                 Enable Input Form

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