Step-By-Step Instructions by vasana


									                              Step-By-Step Instructions
                             Digital Graphics Lesson Plan

1. Use the digital camera as instructed in a previous lesson. Each person should take 2
    pictures of your assigned partner.
2. Open the program Roxio PhotoSuite 4. You will be using the instructions from the
    previous introduction to PhotoSuite 4.
3. Choose the image that you want to work with for this project. (It should be one of the
    two pictures your partner took of you.)
4. Rotate the picture. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise (or the position that has the image
    upright). Apply.
5. Crop the picture. Follow the cropping instructions. Crop all unnecessary background.
6. Save the picture in a new file. The file should be in a new folder titled Trip. Name the
    file your first name.
7. Apply two different effects to your picture. These may be fog, wind, or a combination of
    fog and wind. Observe how the colors are affected. Save each image in the Trip folder;
    name it selffog, selfwind, or selfcombo.
8. Crop the original image so that only your face is saved.
9. Choose a background from the Roxio PhotoSuite 4 program.
10. Insert your cropped face. Observe the effect of the colors.
11. Choose a full-length image with the cropped background.
12. Complete the online tutorial, lessons 1 - 6 at:
13. Use the program Adobe PhotoShop 7.0. Apply a sepia finish to the image. Save this file
    in the Trip folder; name it selfsepia.
14. Discuss the appearance and mood of the original image compared to the sepia finish
15. For bonus points, choose a picture of something that you hope to do while on your senior
    trip. Insert your choice of the cropped images to show yourself in this new location.
    Save this file in the Trip folder; name it selfdream.
16. Complete a document using a word processor. Compare and contrast (writing TEKS) the
    images that you created. Use the elements and principles of design as you write your
    comparison. Save the document in the Trip folder; name it compare.
17. You may see a website example at this address:

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