STEP-BY-STEP IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE

** These 4 steps should be driven by: the school champion / workshop attendee or other interested staff member **
                                      Step                                                 Good For Kids resources provided
1. Workshop                                                                           o Summary PowerPoint                                              Term 4, 2008
      Attend the Good for Kids Physical Activity workshop                                - presents key physical activity issues and an overview of
                                 OR                                                      the Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! program. Includes
                                                                                         presenter notes, designed to be delivered in 30-60
      Staff who don't attend workshop can access a summary                               minutes
      PowerPoint online                                                        

2. Raise awareness / share knowledge                                                  o Summary PowerPoint (see above)                                  Term 4, 2008
       Raise awareness among school community.                                                                                                          ASAP following
      e.g. Share workshop learnings or PowerPoint summary at staff meeting,                                                                             workshop
      committee meeting, P&C / P&F meeting, staff development day etc

       Introduce staff to the Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! program                    o Summary PowerPoint (see above)                                  Term 4, 2008
                                                                                      o Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! fact sheets

      Send information to parents                                                     o A series of 10 newsletter articles*                             Term 1, 2009
      e.g. via school newsletter articles and parent brochure                            Insert into your school newsletter as appropriate:
                                                                                         e.g. 1 each week during the term that you launch the
                                                                                         project, OR 2-3 each term throughout 2009
                                                                                      o A physical activity brochure for parents*
                                                                                         - outlines key physical activity issues and the Get Skilled,
                                                                                         Get Active, Go! program

3. a) Develop your physical activity policy                                           o Physical Activity Policy template                               Early Term 1,
       Formalise your school's physical activity goals and the launch                    - please note: To be eligible for the Get Skilled, Get         2009
       of Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! in a policy document.                             Active, Go! program and incentives, there are 4 essential
                                                                                         components that your policy must have (See Registration
      - If possible, utilise an existing committee (e.g. student welfare) or form a      Form).
      specific physical activity committee to support your policy development.
      - If your school already has a physical activity policy (or if covered in
      another policy), you may choose to adapt or review that policy.
                                        Step                                               Good For Kids resources provided
3. b) Register for Get Skilled, Get Active, Go!                                       o Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! registration form Early Term 1,
       Fax your registration form and physical activity policy to the                                                                  2009.
       Good for Kids team.

4. Go!                                                                                o Good For Kids Physical Activity resource              Term 1, 2009
         Commence Go Time!                                                              folder insert* (Section 4 of your Good For Kids
         - Distribute Booster Resource Packs and pedometers to participating             resource folder)
         teachers. (Teachers to use Booster Packs as a source of energisers,
         active games, and FMS practice).                                             o Get Skilled, Get Active, Go! Incentives:
         - Use wall charts to record each day's physical activity
                                                                                      1. Pedometers: either
         Set date for 'Power Down' Challenge - __/ __ / _____                              - 1 for each participating teacher                 Term 2, 2009
         Record in school calendar and policy
                                                                                                               OR                             We suggest
                                                                                           - a class set for the school                       schools hold their
                                                                                      2. A Go Time! booster resource pack for all             challenge for a
         Commence 'Power Down' Challenge                                                                                                      week during June
                                                                                         participating teachers, including
         - Use teaching and learning activities provided as homework or
                                                                                           - wall charts,
         incorporate into classroom lessons as appropriate.
                                                                                           - energisers resources
         - Encourage families to participate in the ‘Power Down’ challenge and
                                                                                           - active games
         support their children to complete the self-monitoring activities on small
         screen recreation use. (see Step 2)                                          3. 'Power Down' packs** including:
                                                                                           - wristbands for all students
                                                                                           - teaching & learning resources
                                                                                           - SSR budgeting / monitoring activities
   * Good For Kids Physical Activity resource folder insert supplied Term 1, 2009. ** 'Power Down' packs available from Term 2, 2009

   Step 5: Keep Going!
   We know that some schools are already doing great things to support and promote physical activity. The Good For Kids Guiding Principles can assist
   schools to acknowledge the excellent programs they currently have in place, and plan for additional programs.

   The Good for Kids resource folder insert* will include information about going further, and will encourage schools to look for additional ways to
   promote physical activity through the school environment and the broader community.

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