A Step by Step Guide to Secondary Transfer by vasana


									A Step by Step Guide
to Secondary Transfer
Visiting schools                                               that use the Council’s admission policy you must also
                                                               complete the Tower Hamlets supplementary form
The first thing that parents should do before reaching         available from Pupil Services. The supplementary form
a decision is try to visit as many secondary schools as        provides additional information that we require. Failure
possible. It is important to find out as much as you can       to complete this form may mean that your application
about the schools. The information given in this booklet       is given a lesser priority under the Council’s admission
is only a guide and it will be difficult to reach a decision   policy. This could therefore result in your child not being
until you have visited the schools and met the students        offered a place.
and staff. The visiting times for the schools can be found
on their individual pages.                                     Additional forms for Raine’s, Sir John Cass and
                                                               Bishop Challoner schools
The application procedure                                      All parents wishing to apply to Raine’s, Sir John Cass
                                                               or the Bishop Challoner Collegiate Schools will also need
Tower Hamlets and City of London Residents                     to complete a supplementary form which they must
By the end of September Tower Hamlets schools will             obtain and return direct to the schools. If parents do not
send the secondary transfer application pack to Tower          complete a supplementary form it may affect the
Hamlets parents. The application pack will contain:            outcome of the application.
• the common application form and guidance notes               If you live in Tower Hamlets or the City of London and
• notification of the child’s band (see page 12). Parents      have not received your application pack by 2nd October,
  will need to put this information on the application form    please contact Pupil Services on 020 7364 5006.
  when they complete it.
Tower Hamlets parents whose children attend primary
                                                               Completing the application form
schools outside Tower Hamlets and parents who live in          Parents may name up to six schools in ranked order on
the City of London will receive their application pack         the application form. If parents need help and advice with
direct from the Pupil Services Team.                           completing the Tower Hamlets form, they can ask for an
                                                               appointment with the headteacher of their child’s primary
If your child has a statement of special educational needs,    school or can contact Pupil Services for help. Forms
please read the information on page 5.                         should be returned to Tower Hamlets primary schools by
If your child is home educated or at an independent            Monday 16th October for forwarding to Pupil Services.
primary school you can request an application pack             Tower Hamlets parents whose children do not attend a
direct from the Pupil Services Team on 020 7364 5006.          Tower Hamlets primary school should send their form
                                                               direct to the Pupil Services Team ensuring it is received
Tower Hamlets residents applying to schools
                                                               before the closing date, see below.
outside Tower Hamlets
If you wish to apply to schools outside Tower Hamlets          Medical and social reasons
you must check with the local authority or schools             If there are any special medical or social reasons that
concerned as to whether you will need to complete              you wish to give in support of your application, you
any supplementary forms. You should read the schools’          should state this on the form. The reasons must be
admission policies, which are available from schools.          backed up in writing by a professional such as a doctor
It is also advisable to contact the local authority for a      or social worker and attached to the application form.
copy of the admissions brochure. It is your responsibility     Changing your “choices”
to provide all the information that a school needs.            If you want to change the schools that you are applying
Non-Tower Hamlets Residents                                    to in any way (your preferences or “choices”), you must
If you do not live in Tower Hamlets or the City of London      notify Pupil Services in writing, by Friday 20th October,
you cannot complete the Tower Hamlets application              the closing date.
form. You must obtain and complete a form from your            The closing date for applications
home borough, even if you are applying to Tower                Parents must ensure that their form has been received
Hamlets schools. The contact details for the boroughs          in Pupil Services, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent,
which neighbour Tower Hamlets are on page 45.                  London E14 2BG by 5.00pm on Friday 20th October.
If you are applying to any of the Tower Hamlets schools        The form can be faxed or brought to the office if parents

8 Moving to a Secondary School in Tower Hamlets 2007
are concerned that it might be late. If the form is faxed,       Pupils without an offer at a preferred school
keep the transmission report for proof and send the hard         Tower Hamlets LA is responsible for ensuring that every
copy by post without delay. The fax number for Pupil             child resident in its area has the offer of a school place.
Services is 020 7364 4311.                                       Parents of Tower Hamlets pupils who have not received
                                                                 an offer at a preferred school will be notified of schools
Late applications
                                                                 that still have places available, to which they can make
Applications received after 20th October 2006 may not
                                                                 further applications. These further applications together
be considered until the week beginning the 26th March
                                                                 with the applications received after the October closing
2007 after the decisions have been taken for those that
                                                                 date will be considered in late March/early April 2007
were received on time. However, if there is an unavoidable
                                                                 and parents will be notified of the outcome in or around
reason for your application being late e.g. your family has
                                                                 the second week of April 2007. For any pupils for whom
only just arrived in Tower Hamlets, we may make an
                                                                 a place cannot be offered at the school(s) applied for,
exception to this rule and, where possible, treat your
                                                                 a place will be reserved at the nearest Tower Hamlets
application as though it was received on time.
                                                                 School with an appropriate vacancy. Parents are advised
Notifying parents of the results of their applications           to accept this offer in case a place does not become
On 1st March 2007 Pupil Services will send parents a letter      available at one of their preferred schools. However, if one
notifying them of the highest ranked school that is able to      does, they can then withdraw from the allocated school.
offer a place. If an application for a higher ranked school is
unsuccessful, the letter will tell parents how they can appeal
against the decision to refuse a place. Lower ranked offers
will be cancelled or “withdrawn”. Parents may also receive
letters from voluntary aided schools explaining why the
application was refused or an offer of a place was not made.
Waiting lists
The names of pupils who are refused a place at any of the
Tower Hamlets schools that use the Council’s admission
policy will automatically be kept on the waiting list for the
school. For Raine’s, Sir John Cass and the Bishop Challoner
Collegiate RC schools parents should follow the advice in
the letter from the schools. Parents without the offer of a
school place can also contact Pupil Services and ask for
their child’s name to be placed on Waiting Lists for other
Tower Hamlets schools that they did not apply to originally.
The closing date for appeals against the refusal of places
in the Tower Hamlets schools that use the Council’s
admission policy is Thursday 22nd March 2007 Appeals
must be received in writing in Pupil Services, Mulberry
Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG by 5.00pm.
If you are appealing for Bishop Challoner, Raine’s,
Sir John Cass or a school in another borough, you
should check the deadline date, which might be
different, and send your appeal direct to the address
given in the refusal letter.
The letter that Pupil Services sends you with the results of
your applications on 1st March will remind you to contact
the school or the Local Authority immediately for an
appeal form if you are refused a place at a school in
another borough.

                                                                   Apply online at www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/schooladmissions 9

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